Log in to any social media platform and you will see the biggest controversy Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir You must have seen many posts and tweets You saw the aggression but what is the real reason behind this? First of all, watch this video in this video, Virat Kohli after the match have opened his Instagram account will show you He was shaking hands with Navin Ul Haq and he got a heart attack He was in a hot mood till now, what do you think is the reason behind this?

You can tell me in the comment section Here you can see Navin Ul Haq showed aggression To Virat Kohli Virat Kohli has not played so many matches But he showed aggression BCCI has imposed a penalty of 50% of the match fee on Navin Ul Haq Because it was a level 1 aggression And it was against IPL code of conduct And Gautam Gambhir Who is the mentor of Lucknow Super giants

And Virat Kohli has been penalized of 100% of the match fee You can understand that he has been penalized Now you see felt that Virat Kohli has made him famous Why did he make him famous? Today he is clearly writing He is posting on his Instagram You can see 1,95,000 likes on his post And he is writing Don’t be afraid, don’t do gym Play spin in pace when you want But comments are off When comments were off Comments were off in the second post Comments were off in this post also

So, you see the post Comments are on And you will see only hot comments And people are saying that he fought with the king And people are saying many things in favor of Kohli, you can see all these controversies But yes, after this controversy He has to turn off his comments Because maybe Entire India is speaking against him But it is not that Kohli is against the players of Afghanistan You are watching Rashid Khan’s bowling He is bowling very well He is playing with Gujarat Titans But you see Kohli plays well with the players of Afghanistan

So, it is not that Now let’s see Now you see Avers Khan’s video And he is celebrating after the match See Gautama’s reaction Gautam is very serious Very serious for Lucknow Super giants The helmet he threw on the ground According to merit is a disrespect of the game don’t know what you think But what happened from here When the match won On 10th of April, last month There was a match Which was with Lucknow Super giants vs Royal Challengers Bangalore And who won in this match Lucknow won in this match Even after the win of Lucknow

The supporters of Bangalore Were shouting the name of Virat Kohli there in the stadium Gautam Gambhir was making the fans quiet You must have seen He was making them quiet Now this was in the mind of Virat Kilian here Avers Khan’s aggression was also there So in this match Virat Kohli was aggressive from the start Which was played on 1st May Now in this match There was a match in Lucknow Which was played with 126 runs And still he won

And after winning You must have seen this video Virat Kohli was talking to Kyle Mayer Who is an all-rounder Who is playing for Lucknow But Gautam Nadeer came and took him And after that The aggression started again And after that Music But this aggression Was not only after the match Before the match in the 17th over This joke started The umpire also made them sideman Lakh was batting And Virat Kohli was aggressive at that time But let’s talk about before that What happened in the 4th over When Virat Kohli took the catch in the 4th over Whose catch he took?

He took Krunal Pandya’s catch What did he do there? He showed his finger It’s a matter of 4th over In 2016When Gautam Nadeer played With Kolkata Knight Rider she fought with Virat Kohli was also in the reds But this is not the fight of 2016He had the same fight in 2013So this aggression Is of 2023But for 10 years They have been together

After the match Virat Kohli posted a post on Instagram You can read Whatever you hear Is just an opinion Not the truth And what you see is also a perspective Not the truth Virat Kohli wants to tell There is a lot that you are not seeing But there are many supporters here Who support Gautam Gambhir

They say that he has won the world cup twice There are many people who support Virat Kohli They say that after winning Virat Kohli lifted Sachin Tendulkar on his shoulders But Gautam Gambhir did not do that So everyone has their own opinion But I personally believe that Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir Are both big players And you can see that Sachin Tendulkar Is also breaking many records

So such a big cricketer Who has so much fame Despite that If he will mess with small players Or show aggression like this Then maybe it should not be shown And Gautam Gambhir is already a mentor What the mentor has to do Is to channelize the energy of other people Stop people from fighting And if you will fight yourself Then that is also not right But what do you think whose fault is it? Who is right here? Who is wrong? You can also give your opinion in the comments Finally, I personally believe that If you want to show aggression in reality

Then don’t show it with your words Don’t show it with your hands Show it with your actions Flint off said it But he showed his aggression With his batting He hit 6 sixes on 6 balls And he also set a world record From here, a sportsman can be seen If he is getting angry Then he will show it with his batting So it is possible Next time you several Kohli playing Avesh Khan Or Naveen Ul Hasan we can see aggression in sports .