Well, it is said that first impression is the last impression. You can’t change your first impression. But I say that you can always create a new impression. Well, this blog is going to be useful for many people who want to create an excellent first impression. And there are many people who have already created their first impression.

But it may not be that much better. You can always create a new impression. Remember this and that’s why this blog is going to be very useful for many people. You have been commenting for a long time that you need a blog on personal development. And let me tell you that what am going to tell you in this blog, you will also create good impression.

In fact, if you do not understand the points that I will tell you, then your impression can bead and it may be happening. Subconsciously you did not know what you were doing wrong, what you will do right. So today I will tell you a lot of such things from my personal experience. In fact, I will tell you.

I am going to tell you11 such points on which you can start working from today and you are going to create an excellent first impression. In fact, a new impression. Now your impression falls on any person. What do you think the person in front of you starts judging you for how long.? You enter room or enter office.

So what do you think, in how many seconds your impression starts being created. Let me tell you 3 seconds. In 3 seconds, the person in front of you starts judging you. As soon as he sees you, your impression starts being created in his mind. And then there are some factors here that play an overall role to make a good impression on you. And that is first of all your looks and dressing.

How you look matters lot. If it feels like you have woken up from sleep, your hair is messy, then it is not a good impression. Dressing does not mean that you wear expensive clothes, how expensive accessories you carry, it does not make a difference. It makes a difference how your overall sense of dressing is. After this, definitely your confidence level, then fitness matters lot.

If you are fit, then it is always a good impression. After this, your body language, what you say, along with that, what you are trying to communicate with your body through your hands, through your facial expressions, it matters a lot. And after that, as it is written, communication skills, how you are talking and how you behave overall.

So today in this blog, we are going to talk more about this behavioral aspect, which psychologically triggers and makes you enter into the good books of the other person. Now, the things will tell you one by one, it is going to be a lot of fun. Maybe you have heard no before. You will love it Let’s start with the very first point and that is, whenever you are in a group, do not show off your knowledge.

Many people have this weakness, this deficiency that they sit in the middle of four people. If they get good in anything or learn something new, then they start talking about it. They do not worry that the other person does not have interest in this. For example, you have learned lot about the stock market, learned about trading. Now you’re sitting in your family circle, no one is interested in there.

There is no interest intruding in the stock market, you are talking about good things. You feel that you are talking very good, you are talking about the good of the other person, but what will happen with this, the other person gets sense because this is very clear. The less water, the more it feels good. The well that is deep, there is not so much noise.

What does it mean to say that your knowledge is so deep that you do not need to show off? In fact, when you meeting the circle of four people, you become an active listener. I say this clearly; you should give advice only when asked. Many people in India start giving free advice.

The other person is telling something. You give advice and you feel that you are helping the other person, but I tell you one thing. My mentor told me that if you are good at something, never do it for free. In fact, I say this thing in this way that if the other person is not asking, asking, asking, it does not matter to me that I tell the other person.

Here I am writing a blog for a topic. It is my duty to guide you 100%. I tell you what know, but if you meet main person, then I will be more interested to know about you. Rather, I tell you some of my things. Why? Because the rules here are not just telling you, I apply it personally and it will help you to create a good personality and here comes the second point.

The second point is very important. This is the story of every house. What do people do generally? If someone has to say something bad, they say it in front of everyone. They do not see that there are four people standing. If you have to find out someone’s shortcomings, you have to point out, it starts from school.

When the teacher scolds, then what does shed? She scolds in front of the whole class. Now what happens from there, when you insulting front of people, the other person becomes more embarrassed and your impression is spoiled. If you are doing this, then you should not do it. In fact, if you are a teacher, you have to explain to a student, explain to him alone.

Tell him privately, give him feedback on how he can improve. If you insult in front of four people, you cannot come in the good books of that person and this is not only for the teacher, it is also for the boss. The boss is finding out the shortcomings of his employee and scolding in front of four people.

It is wrong. Call him in the cabin and give him a chance to improve. Now if you act like this, you will always be in the good books of people. But if you ever want to appreciate praise, then do it in front of people.

If you are taking the example of a teacher, you scolded a child, I say if you gave him feedback privately and this time he improved, then in front of the whole class, for that child, whether you clap or appreciate, in fact, if you are the boss and you explained something to an employee and he did well this time, then you do it in the middle of four people.

What will happen with this is that you will always be in good books. So I took an example of a teacher, boss, it is valid everywhere. If you call a servant in the house, then if you are explaining something to him, then explain it to him privately and if you are praising him, then do it in front of the whole house.

You will understand that you will feel the difference immediately. After this, if you are talking to someone or someone is talking to you, in both scenarios, someone is talking-to you, you are looking at your phone, it is very rude.

It is not good at all. You are talking to someone; someone is talking to you. Suppose I taken example for you. You are saying something to me. I am looking at my phone. You will not like it. If you are talking to someone and someone is looking at the phone, you will say to him, look at me once, listen to me. What do people say these days? I listen with my ears.

You say, I am listening. Now how does the person’s impression get created who says this? We don’t like it at all. And similarly, if you are doing this, someone else is talking and you are looking at your phone, you are not paying attention to the other person, then it is very rude and it will not create a good impression.

Let’s move forward. Here, the point is written, I am telling you all the things that are practical and these practical things over the years have understood. I am telling you today, you will get a lot of value from one blog and over time you will understand that it will help you to create good impression in the actual.

See if you have put on glasses like this, which are transparent, then if you talk to anyone, then eye contact will be created. If there is a shade or color in your glasses that does not create eye contact, which is especially in sunglasses, then you talk to anyone, you have put on sunglasses, take them off and then talk.

Whenever you are here, it was transparent, it doesn’t matter actually because eye contact is being perfect now, but if I put on Raven’s sunglasses and make a blog from you, then you will not like it because eye contact is not being made.

It is very important to make eye contact. Eye contact is not made with people. Understand this from the beginning because it is psychological. If you have seen the previous movies, then when any person used to go in front of the king, then he could not talk with his eyes together. He had to take things with his eyes down.

Looking in the eyes means being on the same level. If you talk to someone wearing sunglasses, then what are you trying to show him psychologically that you are small and am big.

There is a psychological reason behind everything. Our conditioning has been done for thousands of years. So it is important to explain all these psychological aspects to you.

If you talk to someone, eye contact is created, then the other person feels awing-win situation. You feel that it is on the same level, itis like me and if you try, you will see how Bollywood stars or big company CEOs, when they talk to their employee’s orphans, they talk wearing glasses. There will be a superiority complex and do not let us bring this complex because now we know this thing.

So if you want to create a good impression, talk to anyone, especially if he is older than you, always talk with sunglasses down. Then wear it again when your conversation is over. I think you’re liking as of now.

Let’s move forward. After this, this is very important. You must have heard that have seen the previous movies that the girl is going to meet the boy, you are going tithe restaurant, then be sure to note how he is talking to the waiter,

how he is calling the waiter because actually your true self, how is your true personality, it is known by this that how do you talk to people who are one level down from you. If you are talking-to a worker, then respect him too.

Many people talk about how you already know it, so I don’t need to say anything, but if you are going 100% there Isa worker who is working there, his circumstances are different, but you have to respect him because you are good.

So the next point is that if someone gives you their phone and shows something in it, especially nowadays it happens many times that a boy is showing message to a friend of his.

Now he gave the phone to see the message, now the person in front of him does what he wants and immediately scrolls it. Showed WhatsApp, read a message on WhatsApp, if this has ever happened to you, then comment and tell because it happens with many people.

You showed message to your friend and he scrolled it and showed it. Just think that a friend gave his other friend a mobile phone and said, look, your sister-in-laws upset. The friend in front reads the message and scrolls it and says, okay, it didn’t seem like this until yesterday, now you can fight.

Now what happened here is that you entered someone’s private life. After trying to tell the other person, because his messages can be private, anything can happen. You spoiled your impression. What do you think, the person in front of you will never give his phone again? No, it happens in the case of photos.

A person is showing you a photograph, telling you about his memory. Now what people generally do is that they swipe right and left. They come to the other photo, open the gallery and sit. Now if you do this and by chance you have done this, then what happens is that you are entering the other person’s private life again and he does not relate to the other person.

If he wants to show, he will show you, but you do not have to sneaking the other person’s phone. If you do, you will spoil your impression and if someone has ever done this to you, then as I said, comment and tell because many people do this. After that, this is very important if you go to a restaurant with someone, you go to eat, he pays the bill, next time you have to pay the bill. It goes without saying.

It is not that the other person pays the bill every time, then it is a very good thing. You have to pay the bill. This also happens many times. Nowadays it has started happening among girls. No, no, we are equal, I will give half the bill. The half bill does not look good that I will give half, we will do split, we will do counting, you pay, you will pay, it will create far better impression.

If you feel so, then you pay, do not give the opposite persona chance. In fact, I do it myself. I tell you how if I go somewhere for lunch or dinner with someone, then what do I try if I have my family with me, my brother, then I tell my brother that he has to pay, he has a card, he goes and pays, the check does not come on the table.

Do not give the need to bring the check and if the check comes, it is a gesture that you have to pay, if someone calls you, you will say that he will pay, but no, you always have to say to the waiter that bring the check, you have to say and when the check comes, you have to pay, if there are etiquettes in the other person, if he calls, he will pay, but that is okay.

That is not in our mind. What is in our mind is that if you are going to a place where you feel it could be expensive, then do not go, otherwise you have to keep so much that if you have to pay the bill, then you have to pay, you have today and it won’t make any difference for you. I hope you are understanding what I am saying and this point is not only for restaurants.

Let’s assume that you were going home from college, you took a taxi, took Ola, Uber, your friend paid, next time you will pay and it is everywhere. Your friend paid, next time you have to pay. This is a very good thing. If you create your impression in this way, the other person will always relish your friendship. There are many such people.

If you have money, then they are with you until you have money. When the money runs out, then they will not be with you. If this has happened to anyone, then Tellme. Let’s go to the next point. If someone has called you fora treat, for lunch, for dinner, for a birthday party, then it is a good manner that you never order an expensive dish.

Generally, people do this that if someone else has called, then the most expensive thing in the menu, even if it is not to eat, they will order and order more of it because the other person has to pay, but this is a very wrong thing. If you want to create a good impression, then you will have to understand the other person as well.

There is no such expensive point that what did he do, so you have to understand that if someone has called you, then you do not have to order expensive things. You can order less expensive things or you can order whatever you like on the other person.

I will share, I will have, so if you say this way, you will create a good impression, but do not do this that someone has called and you think that the other person’s money is going to be spent, what about me. This is not a good point.

I hope you are understanding next. If you have taken anything from someone, the first thing is that in today’s date, this system of loan has started a lot, so people take money and never return it.

If you have ever taken a loan from anyone or have taken it a while ago, return it immediately. Return it as soon as possible and it is not just for money. I have written anything. If you have taken anything from someone, return it with interest and especially in business relations, there are very good things.

I try to explain to you. If someone’s payment had come to you or you have to give someone’s payment or you have borrowed money, you were borrowing 5 lakhs, you said that I will give it back in 10 days, I will give it back in a month.

It is a great impression that if you give it with interest, the other person may refuse to take an interest, but your intention should be clear.

If you have taken 5 lakhs from someone, for example, in the business of 5 lakhs, you took 5 lakhs, when you will give it back, you will not give 5 lakhs, you will give 5 lakhs 5000. 5000 may be sad in the starting that why am I giving, but what do you think if you did this, then next time if you asked that person for help, will he do it or not?

He will do it by moving forward. He will never refuse you for money and when said for anything, now you are in college, you have taken something from someone, I said with interest, so next time do something better for him. If you take a pen, then interest can also be a thank you.

You took the pen, go and return it very well with both hands, not like this, not like this. If you borrowed a pen from someone, then go and return it. Thank you so very much. Can you see this with both hands? You sometimes give money to someone, so I believe that and it does a very good job in my life that money is an energy.

Moneys energy, is a power. When you give money to someone, give it with blessings and I am telling you that when it comes to you, it will come with blessings. You can try this. So if you have borrowed money from someone, give it back immediately and I will tell you to give it with interest.

When I wrote anything, you borrowed bike from your friend, you need a bike for a day. When you return the bike, what is the interest? You return the tank of his car by filling it. You return the car after cleaning it. You took the car, you wash the car and return it. What do you think, will you get it next time or not? These are basic things.

You took a cloth from someone, maybe you took blazer or you needed something that you did not have. Next time you dry clean it. These are very basic things, but the impression is made and the friendship that is created, it is very lasting.

So the last two points, if you are going to a place where there is a door and there are people behind you, then it is a great impression that you keep the door open. Whether the boy or girl behind it, it does not matter that you will open it for girls.

If someone is behind you, if you are entering, you have opened the door, it can be of mall, it can be of a restaurant, it can be of a gym.

Someone is coming behind you, hold the door for a second. What difference does it make? But it makes a difference that you go to good books for the person in front of you. All these things, all the factors are psychological.

You may not even think about them in daily life, but you do it and see. Then you will know what is the difference coming. Anyone is coming behind you, wherever you are going, you just opened the door for yourself to enter. After opening the door, you can hold the door and let the other person come and after that you feel and do not make the other person feel.

It is very important that if you do anything for anyone, do not feel. People keep counting. At that time, I did this for you, then I did this, then I did this. Do good, put it in the river. These are very small things.

If you have done something big for someone, forget it, move on. You will understand things over time. Finally, this is A very basic thing, but itis very important. Many people do not do this. I have written here that whatever you use, keep it in the manner again.

Let’s start with the chair. You go to a restaurant, you got an office. When you pull back to use the chair, you must have seen that sometimes the sound comes. The sound should not come. Try to reduce the sound. When you use it, you earn from the room because people around you can be disturbed.

Get up from the chair, you will see people get up in the restaurant and leave. The chairs the same. After using it, put the chair back in its place. You are going to the office for an interview. You sit on the chair, people stand up and leave.

You put the chair as it was. Similarly, we talked about the chair. You go to the gym. If you go to the gym, you use the dumbbell. So after using it, put it back where you picked it up. You can do this for anything and in fact in your house too. So how do you keep your house, your bedroom matters a lot.

So keep things in their place. It will look clean and it will look good and the impression will be good. Now these were some basic things that you can implement in your life from today and you can see the result.

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Now in this, whether you want to focus on English, whether you want to create such an aura that wherever you go, people like you or as we were talking about dressing sense in the starting, you want to boost your confidence level.

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