Middle Class से Ultra Rich Class में आने के Steps | Earn Money

The concept of middle-class dynamics in India is a crucial aspect of financial understanding and personal growth, especially for someone like Rahul. Presently, around 52% of India’s population falls into the middle-class category, defined as individuals earning between 6 to 18 lakhs annually. To delve into this classification, it’s essential to comprehend the distinctions between […]

Technical Analysis for Beginners in Stock Market | Share Market Techniques

Trading in the stock market is distinct from investing, as it focuses on short-term gains rather than long-term stability. While investing involves holding stocks with the expectation of future growth and dividends, trading centers on buying and selling stocks rapidly. Various trading methods exist, including intraday, option trading, and swing trading. This discussion will primarily […]

5 Financial Lessons from Covid | How to be Real Rich | #FinancialFreedom Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic indeed caught the world off guard, revealing vulnerabilities in our preparedness, financial resilience, and healthcare systems. The widespread devastation caused by the virus and its subsequent waves led to unprecedented challenges. Lockdowns became a necessary measure to curb the virus’s spread, resulting in job losses and business closures that few could have […]