Go First Airlines Bankruptcy | Share Market

You hear in the news that Go First will celebrate Diwali. What has happened with Go First that it has filed for bankruptcy in NCLT? Many people are getting worried; passengers are getting worried because no flight will take off on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of Go First. Now if the flight will not […]

Breakout & Breakdown Trading Explained | Share Market

The biggest benefit of moving forward step by step is that whatever you are going to learn today and whatever you learned yesterday, it is all going in sequence. So yesterday you understood the price action. Today we are going to learn about breakout and breakdown. How do they happen? How do we trade them? […]

Option Trading Strategies | Big Money in Big Events | Share Market

What does big event mean? Like the budget is coming, now you all know that every year February1st means on the first working day of February, you see that the budget is announced. India’s budget means every company will be affected by that budget. Every company that is earning money, doing business, will be affected […]