Well, now many people are going to have a problem with this Blog. Now I will tell you, you must have read it behind. What are the latest scams going on in the share market? We are going to talk about them one by one. Now, first of all, I will tell you about today’s incident. I opened Instagram and the notification you are seeing is that it came on my Instagram. It came on Instagram that your v has been removed.

Now I am wondering which Blog has been removed. So I saw below that there is a Blog which I had uploaded a few days ago. There were very good views, shares, people were commenting on it. But that Blog was removed and Instagram said that it was removed due to community guidelines.

You listen to this Blog yourself, then we will talk further. First of all, look at these ads. Do you trade in the stock market and are you worried about losses? Are you a beginner trader and are you afraid of trading? So please join.

I have got the scheme of the rich. Money double in 25 days. Where you are given by the NSC registered team by doing a deep analysis. Though Nifty and Bank Nifty calls with proper entry stop loss target and safe exit. Up to 95% accuracy.

Here you get Nifty, Equity, Bank Nifty, Commodity, Options. Look, my main purpose is that retail investors should not be harmed. If you join any telegram group, follow someone’s advisory, then ask this question. Is it semi-registered or not? You cannot give advice by being NSC registered.

It is illegal. Secondly, when you go into these groups, you will see that their main purpose is to take money from retail investors and sell memberships. So stay aware. Now you must have heard what was the problem. The problem was that there are such ads on Instagram and Facebook. And there are a lot of ads going on that you join free telegram groups.

Now when you join those free telegram groups, you basically become goat. You went inside, they got your details, they found out that you have joined the group. Now they will call you, they will insist you to take their paid membership, paid services.

Okay, there is no problem here. The problem is that the people who are giving the advisory, you don’t know them. Who is giving? You have given money to the actors and made them say anything. Basically, you must have seen in the share market, any big company has a lot of money.

You will see the name of big companies, there is no need to take the name here. But it does not promote any actor from Bollywood stars to celebrities. There are reasons to not do it because these are guidelines. These are guidelines from the exchange that you cannot call any star and influence for your brand. What is happening here is that it is not the fault of Bollywood stars because they do not know everything.

But people take advantage of the fact that they do not know and call those who should not be called. What was called? That it is free, join a free group. But what is happening inside, these Bollywood celebrities do not even know.

Because they are concerned with two things, how much time will you take from us and how much money will you give us. Now do whatever you want to do in the ad. But ultimately, the loss of retailers is what happens.

If you buy a wrong product on the advice of a Bollywood star or a sportsman. You have spent 5, 10, 20 thousand rupees somewhere. That will be your one-time loss. What happens is that when you follow someone’s advisory tips, this is a circle view. Someone joins a telegram group; you get a tip on telegram.

Someone said, buy this option of Bank Nifty. You bought the option of Bank Nifty. Let’s assume that it is beneficial. It is not that there will be a loss every time. Let’s assume that it is beneficial. Now you have taken advantage of it. You have spent 10,000 rupees. Now the next time you said that its advisory is good. You have spent 100,000 rupees. Now you did not have it or you may have the same savings.

You have spent the entire 100,000 rupees. I say it is beneficial again. 100,000 rupees has doubled. You have become 200,000 rupees. Now you will have so much confidence that you will spend a lot of money. And let’s assume that you have lost for the third time. And you have lost 100,000 rupees. 100,000 rupees are left. Now you will say, it’s okay. Wherever I was, I am there. But you will not agree until you make this money zero.

You tell me genuinely. Look, I have no enmity with anyone. You must have seen that we do not say anything wrong for anyone on this channel. What should I do? You are watching everything. What is right and what is wrong. You have your own senses. You should know that we are making these Blogs. Tell me genuinely how many people are getting benefit by joining telegram groups. You have the data in front of you.

Most people have a loss in training. And you have read this everywhere. But even after that, what do you think? I will make a lot of money. There is a lot of money in the market. What is the problem these days? What are you seeing everywhere? Have you seen Arshad Mehta’s web series? Scam 1992. There is a lot of money in the share market.

This money will quench the thirst of the whole of India. The share market is such a deep well that it can quench the thirst of the whole country. And I want to dive into this well. I want to go deep. And you think I will earn money from heretics will become the king of the share market?

Sir, if it was so easy to make money, then everyone would have become a millionaire. It is not so easy. It is not as easy as it looks. Not everyone is making money. And if everyone, suppose these tips are so powerful that the person is giving on telegram. Tell me one thing, if there is so much magic in his tip, then the power of compounding comes to everyone. I say that person will not have much money. He has a lot of brains.

He is not semi-registered. I told you that if a semi-registered professional is there, you can take action on him by listening to his advisory. So what is the reason? The advisors who do wrong, they are blacklisted. He takes action on them. Now the semi-registered advisors, all their things are being watched by the semi-registered.

So you know there is someone sitting there. You can report him. If a semi-registered advisor has done wrong with you, you can go and report the semi-registered. So you have something there. Now you don’t know who is giving advice heretic was giving you an example. Suppose there is a very good advisory of telegram groups.

Suppose he doesn’t have money. He must have only 10,000 rupees. He must have 10,000. He can do 20,000 for 10,000. You will think about what will happen with 20,000. Compounding will be 40 for 20.80 for 40.1,60,000 for 80.3,20,000 for 3.6,40,000 for 6. In this way, 12,00,000 will be made.

If it becomes 24,00,000, then it will become a millionaire. If his advisory is so good. He is saying that he will give 5 to 10 tips every day. There will be profit in everything. If there is so much profit, then you don’t need to do anything else. Somewhere there will be loss, somewhere there will be profit. Overall, this person will become a billionaire.

What is the need to do this? The problem comes here. Because people want quick money. They want to become a millionaire overnight. They want to double the money. I will tell you this thing clearly. You take the name of any big influencer. I am surprised to see it myself. That on my name, so many fake telegram channels are made.

Our team regularly reports them. Deletes them and then becomes new. This means It has become like a bug. Finish them and they are increasing. You can check for yourself. We have verified channel on telegram. We have never posted a single tip. We do not give any advisory. You understand my point. You have to understand two things here.

You pick up telegram, you pick up Instagram, you pick up Facebook, you pick up our YouTube. Everywhere we talk about Teaching you. You take the right decisions yourself. You are going to catch fish, learn to catch fish. We never give you fish. I never tell you to invest in this share. Or you take the call of bank nifty. Or tell me the strategy.

We explain you the overall system. Our job is to give education. After that, you have to take the decision. What is the best in this? You know what you did right and what you did wrong. You do not blame anyone. The second thing is what we promote.

We are clearly in that. Now I will go ahead one by one. I am telling you one thing. This telegram group scene.

So my job is to give you clarity. I have no fight with anyone. I am not against any celebrity. I am just telling you what is right for you. What is wrong, you put your mind to yourself. If you think it is good to follow these groups. Then you do item job is to tell you that this is not right. This is happening in the market.

Now what else is happening. Let’s understand this. Next There are many influencers in the market. And I will tell you that all the big influencers. We have daily paid promotions. You can’t think. How many paid promotions will come. Regularly promotions come. Promote this, promote this. There is no harm in promoting.

As long as we know that This will be beneficial to people. You will get some value from this. If you feel by promoting something. That yes, you need to know about this. We will tell you. But now I will tell you what are the promotions. We have. Offers come. Recently a group of companies’ shares are sinking very fast.

So I will not take much name. Nor will I talk about it’s what happened there. It’s not just about meal the big influencers have Offers came. About this, they give a script. That you say this positive. Just say positive. And you tell me how much money you want. Means it’s like a blank check. You say how much money you want. And we will give you money. Here are two things. Either we take money. Or we see that your benefit is loss.

What do you think we should do? Most influencers Talk about your benefit. Say that there is nothing like that. Everything is good. And they say only a few good things. People think. But there are some people who take money and then You people will not even know. But ultimately, what is the problem is that what is wrong, what is not ethical, do not do it. Here, see there are some things that are not harmful in promoting.

Suppose you want to start investing, so we promoted the teammate account. If you want to start investing, then there is nothing wrong in it. But if I told you that there is a telegram group of someone, he gives you 10 bank nifty calls a day, he gives you 5 nifty calls and your money will double in it.

Suppose by promoting this thing, I know that you are at a loss, then why should I do it. We will earn money today or tomorrow. Someone will have more and someone will have less. This will be the difference.

Butte point is that ultimately what is the point. Today we have the public, you people trusts. Whatever we say, there will be some action. But after the action, you people will benefit or lose. It is important to think. Ultimately, you have understood that there are a lot of promotions. You have to think what is right for you, what is wrong.

Influencers will also put a tag of paid promotion. Despite that, it may be that something is not right for you. Take your decision by thinking about it. Okay, let’s talk about it. Finally, you will see more ads that penny stocks are also selling on the internet.

Now what happens is that the ads that are coming on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, their system is not able to verify everything. Now if you see any ad of penny stock, this share has increased so much in such a short time, then you feel that this share is increasing so much, invest money in it.

But you do not do analysis omit yourself. The ads that are selling here, you can also lose here. You have to do analysis on it. You will see such a stock that it is only of 2 rupees and there it will be said that it will be of 200 rupees and you will think that my money will be 100times, I will invest money. Recently you must have seen a Bollywood actor in the pump and dump scheme.

So what is pump and dump? Today we are telling you to buy this share and that share is already in my Demit account. For example, this is ashore of 2 rupees. I have already taken it in 1 rupee and I said buy it, it will be of200 rupees. If not 200, it will be of 20 rupees and you have invested a lot of money. You have invested, but on your investment, it became 4 times of 2, but now you will not sell it because I told you that it will go up to 20.

Here I sold it and it came directly to 1 rupee from 4. You have lost, sir. All these things are running in the market very fast. So now I have talked about three scams. One is penny stock whose ads you have seen. Second, paid promotions of such things that are not good for you at all, especially of telegram groups and some shares.

Keep in mind about these things and as I told you that the ad of telegram groups that you are seeing, celebrities are promoting, recently it has become too much. I am seeing that many celebrities have been involved and there is not a single company’s thing. Idol not know who is doing it. There will be many such telegram groups that are running now. Till the time their ad is running, they will earn a lot of money. Then they will do something with some other name.