When I say 5EMA, many people must be knowing that 5EMA will work along with the price. What setup will be available in it? Correct? So what happens is, If I ask you a question, the price is around 5EMA. Do you know why? Because in the last 5 candles, we will have the same time frame. It won’t be difficult for you.

We have to see it in the 5-minute time frame. I will tell you the concept in the setup. So why does this work? First thing, it follows the price. Maximum candle touches 5EMA.But there is a time when the price goes up or down.

That means there is a deviation in the price and indicator. So there are two things. Either the indicator will come to the price or the price will go to the indicator. In both the cases, we will have a mean reversion and a stretch where we can get money. Imagine, an indicator was running like this and a candle is made here.

That means either it will go there or it will go down as a negative. Price will come down to follow the mean because its ratio is like this. It will run along with the candle. So we are going to trade in this deviation. This is our concept. Now I will tell you the setup in detail. Everyone write in the copy and paste because this will be very useful to you. How does the screen clear? Now we will see the time frame.

We will have a 5-minute timeframe for selling. For selling, you can sort CE, future and you can buy Perform these three things, your time frame will be the same. I hope you understood this point. We will do selling. Whether it is CE, future or PE, the timeframe will be 5 minutes. This is your strategy to short. Both are there. But for selling, we will use 5 minutes and for buying, 15 minutes. So for now, we learn the selling concept.

In 5 minutes, we will plan for selling. We will talk about both. How to buy and how to sell. But for selling, 5 minutes. So it’s been 5 minutes. As the concept name is 5 PM, we have to put it in 5 P.m. have to put a normal candlestick pattern. These two things are clear. After that, how will the entry be? The entry will be simple. The color doesn’t matter. The candle should be closed above 5 minutes and the same candle should not be touched.

That means the previous candle should not be touched for 5 minutes. This is my condition. The color of the candle can be green or red. It doesn’t matter. But it should be closed above 5 PM and the same candle should not be touched. When you see the graph, you will understand. Write the rule. The candle should be closed above 5 minutes.

That means the low should not be touched. The candle that does not touch the low will be an alert candle. It’s not a confirmation. It’s an alert candle. If this low breaks, we will trade. Going forward, imagine there are two conditions. Either another candle is made above and there is no break in the low. If there is another candle above, that means it is again an alert candle.

Because the low of this candle has not been touched yet. So this is also an alert candle. If we follow the same, from where it breaks, we will take the trade. The same candle high will be our Slit will be the last swing or the same candle high will be our SL. And our entry is done. According to the stop loss, your minimum target is 1 is to 3.

I am not even telling 1 is to 2. Your target will be minimum1 is to 3. Because we are talking about trend change. If you follow this candle like this, you can never miss a 90% or more trend reversal. Like today, there was a reversal in the upper market. It was not missed. Yesterday, there was a rally of 1000 points.

All these will never be missed. These are the setups. So this is the rule of entry. Now we go to the charts. It will be easy for people to understand. Watch as much as you want. Make notes. You will understand the whole concept. Let’s repeat it again. First, we put it in this. This is the average. This is the simple moving average.

I do it in this. And as I said the average period is 5. So I plotted it heretic change the color of this a little. You can do this easily in your Demit account, whichever is with your broker. So you can see the exponential moving average in the indicators. Correct. So I am changing the color so that you can see it on the screen. I am making it black.

So this is the only condition. So I have plotted 5 EMA here. The line you see here is the line of 5 EMA.As we were talking, the candle should be closed on it. And the same candle should not be low-touching 5 Pain this case, it is a 5-minute chart.

You can see 5 EMA here. We are lucky. If we see the first candle, it has given a closing on 5 EMA. But it is low-touching. That means it is not our alert candle. If we see the second candle, it has given a closing on 5 EMA.And its low is not touching 5 EMA. This is our alert candle.

I am saying alert candle because as I was saying, a candle is made on 5 EMA and it is not low-touching. But chances are the next candle is also made and its low is not touching. We have to go to the next candle because we are seeing the price deviation. We are getting a good entry and the market is going up. We will follow it.

If you see here, near the top, is the low of this candle touching 5 EMA? The answer is no. Has it closed above 5 Pays, it has closed. And this is our alert candle for now. Correct? If you hold it, another candle would have been made above. So our alert candle is low. Because our alert candle is being made until the low is not broken.

That means this alert candle is made. The time it will break the candle, we will immediately take a trade. Correct? In this case, our entry will be somewhere around this candle.1, 2, 3, 4. Entry on the fourth candle. The low of the third candle, we will keep as an entry price. Our SL will be here. Higher than the previous candle. Correct.

That means the day high will be our SL on the same day. Day high. Day high in the sense, swing. What will happen? Generally, if we have got something here, we cannot keep the day high Slowed can keep the high SL of the same alert candle. Correct? 

If you hold this, the bank gift is 30-40 rupees SL, then we can keep. If we are getting SL of 10 rupees, then we will see the nearest, we can keep the minimum of 30-40 rupees Sloe in this case, it happened here.

And the minimum you have to see is the target of 1 is to 3.Your SL here, entry here, SL here. Its 1 is to 3 is somewhere around this level. But it has been found 1 is to 4 or 5 and it is still continuing, it is going sideways. Correct? This is one trade. I hope you understood this point. Now I am telling you what is your accuracy.

If nothing is there, then accuracy is 60-70%. Why I am not saying much, let’s imagine it is 55% or 50% also. It is still very good because the minimum risk to reward you have to maintain 1 is to 3. Minimum. If it is big, then it is found. Because whenever the trend has to change, you get it.

And after this, if you see on today’s date, SL is a little hit. Because my SL design is that even if I take the market frequently, but I need a bigger target. So that I can stay in the market. If you see here, this was a trade which was profitable. Imagine it is missed. After that we will find a little more. And if you see here, all the candles are touching here.

Here we got 1 candle where it is not touching. If you see the same, candle to candle, 1 is to 1 profit is also found here, according to scalping. But we need minimum 1 is to 3. So here 1 SL is found. And you cannot compare this SL and this profit.

This is almost a small candle of 10 or 20 rupees. After that, if we go further, you have found 1 SL at this level. And here 1 is to 2 is also found. So on today’s date, 3 trades are found. Almost 1 is to 2. On today’s date, you got 3 trades here.

2 of the 3 trades were profitable. And 1 SL was found, which is very fine. But you will never miss the trend of the downside. Because what happens, whenever the trend is given in the downside, imagine how the trend works.

The market goes down; a pullback comes from somewhere. Whenever the pullback comes, it will reverse, you will get entry here’s this is the concept, trend will not be missed by the selling side. And the traders who miss the selling side, they do not earn a lot of money. Because in selling, there is a very fast move. Correct.

So for that, we will not miss the selling market in this concept. I hope this point is clear to you. I am clear and people have understood the concept of selling. We can move towards buying. There is only one point, SL hits frequently. If you have any doubt, you can ask. Keep this point in mind. But you are looking at the target.

Don’t worry about it. But if you are sorting something at all-time high or high, then it is a different profit. This trend is always around the high of the market. Imagine the market is going up and the trend is changing from the top. Here it is giving you a trade. Definitely. Whenever you want to capture high, you will get this point.

And if you capture high, then the profits are huge. The name is good. Roller coaster trend. You can say. It is becoming a roller coaster. Correct. So, let’s do one thing. The buying setup is the same for 15 minutes. Let’s talk about buying. Let’s talk about it. Let’s go.

So, let me change the time frame first. I want to tell you that the market was a strong rally yesterday. Why am I telling you? Because you should understand the concept of both sides. First thing, if we see where we got the trade, it is around 5PM.We got a trade heredity is a purely SL trade. Because we got a trade hereafter that, we didn’t get a trade here.

We got a trade at this level. It is a SL. But if you notice one point, SL is a single candle. It is a 30-40 rupee Slowed didn’t get a trade here. We got a trade somewhere around here. And according to this, we got 1 is to 3. It is around 600 to 300.

300 points. And here we have given 30-40 rupees. Now, in the trend, because the market went to 1200-1500 points, still we have a profit in the trade. Correct. So, we have to write a rule. But you have to go out on Slowed have to go out on SL.

Because what is happening is that the price is going up. We are waiting for the trend change. If you don’t take out the SL here, then the profit will be stuck heredity is useless. So, we will keep re-entering. And how many times we have to re-enter? Not more than 3 times a day. Because our rickshaw board is 3 times.

So, this is it. If 3 SLs are sold in a day, then you close it. Next day. If 3 SLs are sold, then you will get a big profit next day. Why? Because today the market has gone up continuously.SL is sold. Today or tomorrow it will go around. If this trend goes around 50%, 10%, 20%, still you are going to sell at the top. In a little price deviation.

So, profits are huge. This is our setup for selling in 5-minute charts. Now we go to the buying setup in 15 minutes. Let’s change the time here.15 minutes. Correct. Now you must be thinking that you missed the buying market of yesterday. Don’t worry about it.

There are all things. Because what is the buying market generally? The buying market is a little slow. Everyone knows this. It is slow. There is volatility. For this, I have changed the time frame and kept it 15 minutes. The concept remains the same. There are some changes. The time frame will be 15 minutes.

The AMA will be in 5 Pain what you have to do is, like its closing was going up. In 5 PM, you have to close it below the candle. It is running in 5 M.Th. candle should be closed below it. And its high should not be touched in 5 PM. That’s the rule. Its high should not be touched above 5 minute AMA. Closing should be below it.

What was happening on the selling side? It was closing above and its low was not being touched. Here, the high should not be touched. And the closing should be below it. In this case, you can see that the first 15-minute candle of yesterday is open below intuit is not touching high in 5 PM. That means it is an alert candle for us. Correct? Has it crossed the next candle? Yes, it has crossed.

It is an entry for us. You may be asking that the stop loss is very big.110% stop loss is big. So what you can do is, you can put a stop loss around the candle which has broken. Because, as I said, if the stop loss is 100-200 points, We have to bring it in 40-50 rupees because we have to earn profit of 100-200 rupees. Minimum.

Correct? I have understood this. If the candle is small, We will put a stop loss below it. And you can see the target. You have got the target continuously up to here. There is no second entry. And from here, from 40,600 to 41,400, It will be of 5800 points. Will we trail here or what? Because we have not talked about the SL yet. Correct.

Our minimum target is 1 is to 3. So after 3, we can book a partial profit and leave. We can leave or we can trail. But trail becomes a little subjective. Some people do parallel trail. If 1 is to 1 comes, we will bring it on cost. If 1 is to 2 comes, we will bring it on 1 is to 1. But what I do is, I take it candle wise. Like this market went up. It is breaking from here.

This much of candle is made green. Where should I take it? At least, if there is a price action of this kind, I should take it heretic understand. But when the trend is clear, why should I take it here? There is no point here. Where should I take it? Like we bought here today. And we got profit till here’s where should I take it? Correct.

So till the trend is going on, We have to follow. But you will learn this. Don’t worry about it. How will the profit come? If more, See, the first point is, we should get profit. Profit is coming. How will it come more? You will learn that. By trailing slowly. So we got 1 is to 3. You understand this point. Some people must be having doubts.

Sir, if our buying trade is executed, can we execute the sale? It completely depends on you. Because here you have to take 3 trades. Here 3 trades, so total 6 trades will be there. If you want to take this much, then you can do. But you don’t get this much trade. Don’t worry about it. You will hardly get 3 or 4 trades.

You can plan the buying side as well as the selling side. This is best for those people, who by default think of themselves as a buyer or a seller. That I want to buy in the market. So you won’t miss this. You have to sell; you won’t miss this.

You can play around a little. If you are using one quantity for buying, you can use two quantities for this. Because in selling, you get a little fast profit. That is interesting. So you can play around a little. But you get a good profit with both. In this previous case also, the market has not gone anywhere. But we have activated selling somewhere heredity went sideways in the whole day.

And if you see today, According to 15 minutes, Your trade has been executed somewhere here. Don’t you think? The market has reversed a little from here. At least it is above this. We have sold at the top, and bought at the bottom. What could be better than this? So this is very good for those people, who plan for big profits.

They wait a little when the setup is made. And for big profits. And if you use this for a month, then only you will come to know that Targets are very huge. It can be in stop loss too. One or two frequent hits. But you won’t even be afraid to pay 30-40 rupees for stop loss. So you have the same. If you want to buy an option, You can go to ATM here.

If you know how to properly manage the ASL, Then you can go to the ATM.Similar case of short also. If you want to sell the option, Then definitely, Imagine if you want to sell the option here, Then you can sell at 41,800 or at the money, Or slightly above the ATM. But the targets remain the same. If there is a future, Then we will sell in net to net.

So let’s go to another important point. Those who like to trade in stocks, This setup works very well there too. But you have to learn some nuggets. I will tell you in some important points. Because what happens is, There are only two indexes in which we trade. If there are many stocks in the stock, Then people go a little wrong. Because there is no liquidity in every stock. There is no intraday trade in every stock.

First thing, We have to take care of liquidity. Like Marti is made here. We will trade here. You got the turnaround here. You got the turnaround in 1 is to 2 or 1 is to 3.But what will work better than this? Keep one point in mind. New goes in stocks. Correct. Whenever news comes, Sometimes the market opens a gap up.

News comes and suddenly it goes up and comes down. Why does this happen? Because the news was not sustainable. Or people have already bought from the previous time. After the news comes, There is no opportunity for buying.

Here we buy a return. And then it gets stuck. Then you get a very good trade from here. That means, If you have got some news in the liquidity stock, And the gap has opened there. We can try it once or twice. If you have tried it once, If it didn’t work, then it’s okay.

But if it works, It will give you a killing money. You can get a big profit. If I show you an example, Because we can’t go back after 30 days. Why can’t we go? Because it has a limitation. You remember HDFC bank and HDFC. Almost 2-3 days ago, There was a news of it.

You will remember this. See the candle length. If you see in the daily candle, It has given you a big profit in positional. If you close it, It has become an alert candle. If you close it, If you trade below it, It has given you a big profit.

But the same thing has happened in intraday. Why has it happened in intraday? Because the price deviation is 100%.You must have sorted it at this level in intraday. So this money you cannot compare with 3 or 4 stop loss.

We will let it go. Because many people make mistakes. If you are saying that the market will crash today, You are correct. If not today, then tomorrow the market will crash. But what have we done? If the market will crash, Then it should come in my portfolio. I am giving small stop loss and following i.e. should catch the crash.

100%Because the money you can make in crash is very huge. Especially for the trader, not for the investor. Investors wait for long term rally. In short term, You cannot wait for this much money in selling. You cannot wait for this much money in buying. You have to do pure investing. But you should not miss this money.

What you did not miss here, You will get many examples here, Which give a very good profit. I hope you understood this point. If there is a news stock, And if there is no profit in the stock, If there is news, then it will go up. Then it will be dumped. Then it will run better. This point was an additional point.