Today’s blog is on the extraordinary event in which Sharique Samsudheen’s gave an inspiring speech in Delhi. As an NIT Jamshedpur graduate, entrepreneur, and celebrated YouTuber with a Marriott channel boasting over a million subscribers, his achievements are truly remarkable.

It was a historic moment when Sharique, in his first-ever public forum speech in Hindi, showcased his efforts to connect with the audience. He even went the extra mile by creating three Hindi blogs in the morning, adding a personal touch to his presentation.

During his engaging talk, he spoke highly of Mr. Subash Ismail, a respected trainer, who undoubtedly left a lasting impression. As the audience pondered the question of why they wanted to become traders, Sharique skillfully guided them to the core motivation – financial success.

He eloquently expressed how trading could pave the path to financial freedom and the desire to become self-made. Sharique also emphasized the influence of high ROI traders like Subhashish, whose success stories ignite excitement and motivation.

Through Sharique’s words, the audience envisioned themselves becoming traders, inspired by the promise of wealth and prosperity. It’s evident that the pursuit of financial gains drives their ambition.

In this captivating and eye-opening session, Sharique Samsudheen urged the audience to introspect and find clarity in their trading aspirations. As he emphasized the allure of high ROI traders, he also shed light on the often-overlooked low ROI percentage traders, whose achievements might lack glamour but are equally valuable.

He urged the attendees to determine the amount of money required to attain happiness and emphasized that this approach applies not just to trading but also to choosing careers, businesses, or any life path. By seeking the easiest and most fulfilling route to financial freedom, individuals can create a fulfilling life.

Using a compelling example of starting a business, Sharique demonstrated how different trading styles cater to diverse aspirations. While some might prefer a high-risk, high-return approach akin to the first business option, others might opt for a safer, more reliable path with steady income, akin to the second business option.

Throughout his talk, Sharique’s message resonated strongly – clarity of purpose is the key to success in any venture, especially trading. As he concluded, he urged the audience to ponder their true desires and assess which trading style aligns best with their personal goals and risk tolerance.

In a world where the allure of high returns often overshadows the importance of steady and sustainable growth, Sharique’s perspective on low ROI percentage traders challenged traditional notions. By promoting self-awareness and a clear sense of purpose, he invited the audience to embark on a journey of trading that aligns harmoniously with their life’s objectives.

In this thought-provoking session, Sharique Samsudheen implored the audience to reflect on their trading goals and motivations. He emphasized that trading is a highly personal and subjective endeavor, driven by the desire to make one’s life better through financial success.

Highlighting the competitive nature of trading in India, he discouraged the mindset of comparing earnings with others and instead encouraged participants to focus on their own journey and aspirations. He emphasized that the true competition lies within oneself and that the pursuit of happiness should guide one’s trading choices.

To facilitate this self-awareness, he urged attendees to engage in introspection after the session. He asked them to consider whether they prefer a high-risk, high-return trading style or a safer, low ROI approach, tailored to their lifestyle and goals.

With this in mind, Sharique unveiled a trading strategy that aligns with the low ROI, steady growth approach. This nifty weekly positional option selling strategy targets a 1% profit per week, amounting to a 4% monthly and 50% yearly return on investment. He clarified that the strategy involves selling out-of-the-money options in the form of iron condors with predefined stop losses, ensuring a 1-1 risk-reward ratio.

He expressed that this approach might seem straightforward and even boring to some, but its effectiveness lies in its simplicity and consistency. He shared his own success story, attaining a 50% ROI using this very strategy over the past year.

With an impressive win rate of 80-85%, this strategy offers a steady and reliable income stream. When profitable, the gains will be one multiplier, while losses will be one multiplier, yielding a balanced risk-reward ratio.

Throughout his talk, he stressed the importance of understanding one’s financial goals and choosing a trading style that aligns harmoniously with these aspirations. Rather than chasing after others’ achievements, the focus should be on personal growth and happiness.

He introduced an iron condor strategy for option selling, focusing on statistical and mathematical principles rather than technical analysis. This directionless approach involved selling deep out-of-the-money call and put options and hedging by buying calls and puts, creating a balanced iron condor position.

The essence of the strategy revolved around strike selection, which was a crucial decision in the trade. He urged traders to consider where Nifty would not reach by expiry. By answering this question, traders could identify the ideal strikes to sell. For example, if Nifty was at 17,531, the strikes to sell would be around 18,500 for calls and 16,000 for puts.

To enhance the trade’s profitability, he advised buying call and put options 150 to 200 points away from the sold strikes, not for hedging purposes but to leverage margin benefits and increase the overall return on investment (ROI) percentage.

Additionally, Sharique emphasized the importance of generating at least a 1% ROI in each trade. To achieve this, he suggested using a strategy builder like Ostra to analyze potential trades and ensure the selected strikes offered the desired ROI.

While the strategy was presented as a straightforward mathematical approach, he acknowledged that traders with advanced technical analysis skills could potentially achieve higher ROIs of 70-90% by incorporating additional insights into their decision-making.

Sharique tells that the strategy’s simplicity did not diminish its effectiveness. By adhering to the statistical and mathematical edge, traders could consistently achieve 30-50% ROI every year with minimal effort and without the need for intricate technical analysis.

He explained that the iron condor involves selling deep out-of-the-money call and put options and buying hedging options 200 points away from the sold strikes. The goal is to capitalize on the premium difference between the sell and buy options, which is the actual profit in an iron condor trade.

By carefully selecting the strike prices, traders can aim for a 1% return on investment (ROI) in each trade. Sharique showcased an example where Nifty’s expected range was between 18,250 and 16,800, and the calculated ROI for the iron condor strategy was 1.09%.

He stressed that this approach might not be glamorous or exciting, but it is a reliable and low-risk method to consistently generate profits. He highlighted that trading does not always have to be about the thrill of big gains. Instead, it can be seen as a skill to master, providing steady and sustainable returns over time.

While the strategy may not appeal to everyone, Sharique encouraged traders to approach it as a means of honing their trading skills. Consistently achieving a 4% monthly return with minimal risk can establish credibility and attract potential investors who would be eager to partner with a skilled trader.

He emphasized the importance of setting stop-loss levels effectively to minimize potential losses while maximizing the probability of success.

To calculate the stop-loss for the put side, he instructed participants to observe the premium difference between the put sell and put buy options. The stop-loss would trigger when this premium difference reached 20, resulting in a three-fold loss from the maximum profit of the trade. This approach ensured that stop-loss levels were set far enough to minimize the likelihood of getting hit prematurely, while also providing a cushion against potential adverse market movements.

Sharique highlighted that traders should not rely on automatic stop-loss settings, but instead be vigilant and set manual alerts. This allowed them to closely monitor the market and respond promptly if the premium difference approached the stop-loss level.

Addressing concerns about potential gap-down scenarios, he acknowledged that they posed a challenge to the strategy. However, he reminded traders that such risks were an inherent part of trading, and no strategy was entirely immune to unexpected market movements. Nonetheless, he emphasized that managing risk by setting appropriate stop-loss levels was key to navigating volatile situations and preserving capital.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of keeping stop-loss levels well-calibrated to strike a balance between minimizing losses and allowing room for market fluctuations. By maintaining a prudent approach, traders could remain confident and disciplined in executing the iron condor strategy.

By calculating the percentage trade on each side, participants understood that both the call and put sides offered a 0.5% return on total capital in favorable scenarios.

Sharique emphasized that this approach might appear dull and passive, but it ensured a steady and reliable income. Even if the market moved unfavorably and the stop-loss was hit on either side, the loss was limited to 1.5% of the total capital.

Traders recognized the significance of maintaining discipline and adhering to the iron condor strategy, as its statistical nature allowed for an impressive win rate. With an estimated 75% success rate, achieving a 1% profit in 75% of trades was well within reach.

He highlighted that traders aiming for a 30-40% annual return with minimal risk would already surpass the majority of traders who experienced losses. By mastering this approach, traders would stand among the top performers in the industry, providing opportunities to attract investors and build a successful trading career.

He introduced the iron condor strategy as a low-risk, high-probability method that can generate consistent profits with minimal effort.

Sharique debunked the notion that successful trading requires complex strategies and extensive analysis. He advocated for focusing on a single strategy and giving it sufficient time to prove its effectiveness. By sticking to a well-defined plan, traders can avoid the trap of constantly searching for the next big thing.

He further emphasized the need to have patience and discipline in trading. Traders should not expect immediate results and should be willing to give their chosen strategy at least six months to show its potential.

The iron condor strategy, as presented by Sharique, stood out as a straightforward yet effective method to generate consistent profits. By selling out-of-the-money call and put options and utilizing hedges, traders can achieve a 1% weekly return with a high probability of success.

Sharique also shared his personal trading philosophy, which is to keep the minimum time in trade. He believes in entering trades on Wednesday and exiting on Thursday, minimizing exposure to market fluctuations.

Overall, Sharique’s session shed light on the importance of adopting a simple and disciplined approach to trading. He left the audience with the conviction that success in trading lies in mastering a single strategy and staying committed to it for the long term. Traders who follow this path can expect to attain financial independence and thrive in the competitive world of trading.

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