I will in fact open my YT studio and explain everything with clarification because you will not be able to find a video on the internet with so much clarity that each concept will be crystal-clear. If you want to start your YouTube channel in part-time, then you should know that before starting any business, we need to understand that what is the income potential in it. If we want to become a YouTuber, we want to become a content creator, then what is the scope in it? How much money will come? Well, today you will understand everything in detail.

You need to understand some things here. Before go ahead, everyone you listen to on YouTube, they work in different niches. My niches are finance and business. There will be many people who do logging, some are in cooking, some are in music, some make infotainment content, some make comedy content. So the niches of content creators are very different and it is very important for you to understand this because what I will show you, I can tell you my own, but I can definitely explain to you that the niche in which you want to go, how much income potential is there, you will have to calculate it first and if you calculate it, it is better for you.

Ultimately, what is the motive of YouTube? Whatever we are doing, we get money from it and one more thing I will give you clarification here. Before I show you any numbers, keep one thing in mind. If any YouTuber is earning good money, is earning money continuously, then it is necessary to work continuously to earn money. So many people say that YouTube is a passive source of income. Definitely, it is a passive source of income, but here full-time effort is required.

Like a person goes to work, he works every day. I am telling you genuinely that we have to work like that. We have to do research on content. We have to find the latest topics for you and then we create videos on those topics. So different YouTubers are working in different niches, but how they earn money. Now I will show you a live example.

Here I turn on the screen recording of my phone so that you understand one thing and the things that you will understand, it will remain in your mind for a lifetime and you will make money. You can go to my channel; you can go yourself. The most viewed videos you will see will come in front of you. Here you are seeing a lot of videos. The first video is about Uncord. Uncord has put an ad on it. So I have a little less revenue on it. I will tell you that there are 13 million views.

You will say that the views are too much, but will tell you that this is the only video on which their areas. There are no ads on any other video. So I will show you the revenue of this ad video. So there are 13 million views on this ad. So I do not have any special benefit from its I will tell you here. If you go here, 13.4 million views, but if I go a little further, then I have earned only 3,65,000 rupees from this video. So there is no significance to show it because you will not get any organic data from here.

Now let’s go back little and understand things one by one. Now you see here, I have made a video on technical analysis. Pay attention, that first video was of 5 minutes. Now the video you will see below, 44 minutes,50 minutes, 43 minutes, 21 minutes, I have seen it on my channel because as a teacher teach you. So if I explain to you in detail, then people watch most of my videos even if they are long. For new creators, I am giving you a little warning from the beginning.

If you are going to make a lot of content, then it may happen that people get bored and leave it in the middle. Views will not come because of that. These views have come because watch time has come. So now we have to discuss one thing after showing everything. I write here watch time. So watch time is very important and I am telling you, I am making a video in the example. I know that this video will have a good watch time because there is suspense now.

I have not told you about the videos ahead. I have not shown you the revenue, so you will see it in the future. Simply I am using the logic. Because of this logic, I will get some revenue from this video. So how will it come, how much will it come, let’s understand from now. See this second video is technical analysis. Now this video of technical analysis has 6.8 million views.

I go to analytics here. Now we will do a little further. I have also got 2,24,000 subscribers from this. Means people liked this video, they subscribed. After this, the revenue is 18 lakhs, 1.8 million. So if we calculate little for you, we are talking about 18 lakhs of revenue. 1,2,3,4,5 divided by 64 lakh views. 1,2,3,4,5. So you can see that I have got 0.28 rupees for 1 view. We understand according to 100 views or we understand according to 1000 views. I multiply by 1000.So if you see here, I have got 281 rupees for 1000 views.

281 rupees for 1000 views. What will we call this video if we have made 281 for 1000 views, we call it RPM, revenue per mile. Now we are going to learn about revenue per mile and cost per mile in this video. Welcome back to the YT studio. Now in this video, why have we come, I will tell you now. Now its revenue is completely different. I am taking you for understanding in one video. See how much contrast you will see. I made a video here, sex before marriage.

Now sex before marriage is right or wrong, it is a social topic. Now it is a social topic, but what came in the topic is sex. Because of sex, it also got views. You will say that the views are very good, 3.9 million, but now I will show you the revenue. So much contrast, I go to analytics. Now you see here I have gained 43,000 subscribers from this. People liked the video, but anyways, 163,000 only from this video, where I showed the video before, 18 lakhs, Isai if there are half views, then it would have been above 9 lakh rupees, but here163,000 rupees have been made.

So if we calculate it, 163,000 and once we see the exact number of views, it was 3.9anyway, 3.9 means there are 39 lakh views here, 39, 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 0.04 rupees per view, if you multiply by 1000, then 41 rupees. On one video, RPM is281, at one place 41, means you are seeing the difference here. Here you are seeing that there is a lot of difference, there is a lot of difference.

Why is this difference coming and why am I trying to explain everything to you, you will understand because you are going to choose this video? I will warn you first, I will guide you first that what you need to do so that you get the highest revenue. Let’s take one more example, I come to another video here.

This is a video on normal financial education, 6.4 million, now you see here, here we go, there are 6.4 million views, we have got 183,000subscribers from this and8,58,000 rupees have come, so we will calculate it, 8,58,000divided by our exact number of views, 6.4 million, 64 lakhs, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, multiply by 1000,so here 134, at one place you saw 281, keep in mind, at one place you saw 41, on the video of financial education, we have seen 1000 views, 134 rupees only, now here it is not only,

I will tell you why it is not only, I will give clarification of all things, now am just trying to explain to you, so it was on technical analysis, it was on topic related to social life and thesis about financial education, now one more trading and after this I will take crypto, it is necessary to give an example of it,

now let’s see the video of option trading, there will be good views and along with good views, I will get good revenue, I am telling you first without seeing, I go to analytics, now you will see here, there are 56 lakh views,1,85,000 subscribers have gained, 24 lakh rupees have come, 24lakh rupees have come, see how many views are there, 5.6 million, so 24, 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 56, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0.42into, now you see, I have got 428 rupees of 1000 views, you are seeing drastic changes, in one place there are only 1000 views, this was the video on trading, option trading, here 218 of 1000 views,

there 141, there 134, 428, now we will move forward, I want to take topic of crypto, because you will understand, we come on crypto video, I have made a video on which millions of views will have gone, alright, so here game of bitcoin is a video example, see the video is of 38 minutes, so my video is a little long, no problem, there should be information, so here we move forward,

let’s see what we have got of 32 lakh views, we have got 750,000, 750,000, this is 750,000, divided by our exact number of views, 3.2means 32 lakh, 32, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we have taken this into 100,sorry into 1000, 234,so on the video of crypto, on 1000 views, 234, let’s take one more crypto, why am I taking so many Qs, you will understand the significance of it immediately.

Let’s take another video of crypto, this is the video of crypto, trading on crypto, analytics, that was on normal bitcoin and this is on crypto trading, so I will give you the clarification of this too. We have received revenue on this, we have 32,000 subscribers,18 lakh views, we have 633,000 divided by 18 lakhs,1, 2, 3, 4, 5 into 1000, 351, now you have enough data, showing up to here was enough, now you have enough data to analyze, now we are going to learn,

now see why I have shown you all this, you see, on different topics, we create videos, the purpose of the videos is that you get information, you get value, now why was it necessary to understand all these videos, you have to see from this angle,

I am going on understanding that you have become a creator or you are thinking of becoming, you want to become a YouTuber, you have to understand that before moving forward in any field, how much money will come, if I make a video, it gets 1000, 2000, 5000 views, then how much money will I get from it, this has to be understood,

so here I will first remove the watch time for now, we will discuss watch time in a little while, we have to understand the number-one niche, in which niche I make content, this is highly important, highly important, if I make vlogs, I am telling you, you will see in vlogs, the RPM you will get, the revenue per mile you will get, you will get less than 100,generally, if you ask any other YouTuber, the big YouTubers can tell you that on logging, because see the ad will be in the same way, you think in this way,

here you are thinking according to the content creator, on one side, you think that you are a businessman, you run a company, the segment in which your company will work, you will find the same type of YouTuber, suppose you make protein, then no supplement of protein ad will run on my channel, it will not work because I do not make fitness content, this is a different thing, I have started getting fit, see the shirt is getting loose, I will tell you about it, I am not getting time to go to the tailor, so I will buy new shirts, we are getting some money, we will make it,

so what Aim trying to explain to you, that I do not create fitness content, that’s why fitness ads will not come on my channel, there will be no supplement, there will be no protein, but if there is a YouTuber on fitness, then the man who is selling supplements, on whom will he put the ad, he will put the ad on fitness videos, so if your niche is specific there, so you will get that type of ads, you will have to find your genre, in which genre, in which niche you are going to create content,

now suppose if you create content in food, you make a food channel, then there are many ads for food, there are different ads for food, on which can Tomato put and, on food, you were watching something delicious, Tomato showed an ad, you ordered it, it is a long way to make it, people find it difficult to make it, so here these different types of businessmen will put ads on different types of niches, now let’s understand here, the sex topic, sex before marriage, why did I get 41 rpm on it, when if we talk about crypto trading, there was a 351, then why is this,

why are there such drastic changes, this was of crypto trading, I guess this was it, I calculated in front of you, and here in option trading we have got 428,so it is more on highest trading, so why did this happen, because you think if the topic is sex before marriage, then who will put the ad, there the relevant ads will be seen according to that, so here the rpm is drastically low,

because the businessman or the advertiser will not put an adorn this topic, so there is a difference because of every topic, and you see, one thing you have to keep in mind, if you Selecta niche, then you have to excel in that niche, money is enough in everything, now we are discussing only revenue, ads, and the revenue that has come,

I have only got 55%, generate we have almost doubled it, because45% would have kept YouTube, you know, so now what I am trying to explain to you, that if you Select a niche, suppose I made a video on trading, so you know that cryptocurrency is becoming very popular at today’s rate, the companies with cryptocurrency have a lot of funding and a lot of money,

so because they have lot of money, they are putting ads, they need users, because they are putting ads, what is happening by putting ads, if you make videos on crypto, you are a crypto influencer, so what is going to happen, ads will be good on your videos and you will get a good rpm, now it is possible that a crypto influencer is watching this video, he will say that my rpm is a little less than this, now I will tell you what can be the reason for this,

when your subscribers start increasing, you become popular, so what are the owners of the company going to do directly, they are going to do this, do one thing, put an ad on Pushcart Raj Thakur’s channel, so it is not necessary that they put a keyword of trading, they can also put a keyword on Pushcart Raj Shakur, so on my channel, their ads will start appearing, they know that PushKar makes content on finance and business, so the audience we need is with Pushkar’s the ad I will put will be relevant to him,

so he put my name directly, because he put my name, now whatever his budget is, let’s say his budget is 1 crore, so it is possible that 5% 10% ads are running on my channel, because ads are running on my channel, so his 55% I know that45% YouTube will take,

so I am telling you the example, my RPM can increase because as your name becomes a brand in the market, what will happen, the brands, advertisers, companies will run ads on your name directly, people can write directly that run ads on BBK’s channel, why run because the name has become very big, you understand,

now here you have to understand one more thing, you have understood the niche, I have told you about different niches, I also make some travel content, but there my RPM is very low, I told you that the logging channel is around 100, so it is less than 100, what is the reason for being less than 100, because on vlogs, according to the ad advertiser, it is not necessary that the topic on which he has to put the ad, if your name has increased, then the ad can be put on the name, so this was the number one concept that you had to understand, that was the niche,

now let’s understand the second concept, you have to understand one thing here, brother understand this, a person is watching a video, this is our number 2, so I will keep it away, a person is watching the video, there are two things here, he clicked the video, played it, so as soon as you play it, the view is counted, but if the length of the video is more than8 minutes, then multiple ads are put on it, I do not put multiple ads on my side,

YouTube automatically puts whatever it wants, we do not do this that we put separate ads in between, it automatically does where it feels that the ad should be placed. Most of my content is above 8 minutes, because it is above 8minutes, multiple ads are put here, and what is the benefit of multiple ads, the view is counted, but when you talk about CPM,CPM is playback based,

so here you have to understand what is the meaning of playback based, playback based means how many times the ad has been run, so my view is counted once, but if the ad has been run 3 times in that view, then the money that comes from it, we will understand it according to CPM, so RPM means simple, you can do it on social blade, you all know social blade.com,

so you can write the name of any YouTuber, copy the link of his channel, and there you can see how many views are coming on his video monthly, let’s say a creator has 50 million views, so 50 million views means 5 crore views are coming, now you know the average, you know the RPM, so calculate it directly from RPM, so if you think that on his channel, you think that 100 or 200rupees RPM is coming, then you can multiply and see how much money is coming from it, some people think that he is a YouTuber,

but here I am telling you that I am not a big creator, there are many big creators in the market, who are earning crores of rupees only from AdSense, and when you ask them, if you ask them that the income from AdSense, what is the percentage of your total income, they will say that it is only 5-10%, means you are earning in crores, that is also 5-10%,because now we have discussed only one aspect of monetization, which is AdSense revenue, the creator earns in many ways, we have not talked about the rest,

so let’s understand further, because I have to explain some points to you quickly, so here told you that if your video is longer than 8 minutes, then you can get the benefit of multiple ads, now the second thing here, see what is the most important thing, now people here,

this is our third point, people tell you that the thumbnail is more important, the title is more important, many things they will say that this is important, I tell you that according to my experience, watch time is the most important, nothing is more important than this, if your video is watched completely, then it will get views, how did my 40-50 minute video get views, because it is being watched completely, see in songs, in millions, in billions, there are views, because people listen to the whole song, but there the RPM can be reduced, I have no idea about the RPM,

see what does not come, I will say it clearly, I do not know, so you will have to ask the owner of T-series, how much money is coming, but you can put an estimation and comment on it, that how much revenue does T-series get monthly from YouTube, your homework will be done, and people will open their eyes a little, then you will understand, so here watch time is highly important, if you make a big video and watch time is not coming on it, then the content that you are making,

you are making it in any niche, getting in the content. If you are doing comedy, then if people are enjoying it continuously, then watch from strait does not matter. The difference is that how much value is to end. If people are not enjoying, then leave it in the middle and if you leave it in the middle, then the views will fall. So it is very important to get fun, understand, and get value. If you are getting value from this video, you will be watching it.

If you do not get value, then you will leave it in the middle. So as a content creator, an important thing has been fed that do not let the watch time fall. If the watch time falls, then how will multiple ads run? If the watch time falls, then YouTube will not recommend. The algorithmic also saved according to the watch time. So watch time is highly important.

After this, I will tell you one last thing, which you can say, you can follow this small strategy that is I call it TTT. You can call it 3T. What is 3T? Number1 title, second thumbnail and the father of these two, tags. Many people put videos, but forget to put tags. Or put 2-4 tags. There is a limit of 500 words. Tags have to be used. Now you have to think how to quickly get tags in a minute. How will you get SEO-friendly tags? I will teach youths. This is our strategy. It is fixed that we have to teach you this.

Now you understand here. Keywords are in the title. How will the ad run? How do you know that there is a video on Bitcoin, there is a video on crypto, there is a video on Vlog, there is a video on fitness? If you make a video on fashion, then why did Amazon put an ad, why did Flipkart put and when you do not know that the video is on this topic. Thetis known by the title.

The keywords of the title are very important. It is very important. I am repeating again; it is very important. And these keywords should match the tags. The tags should be relevant. It is not like that, leave the title and leave the tags. But how to put tags, and how to select, will take a little time to teach. Then thumbnail, because for whom is the thumbnail important? This is for ads, for SEO.

The thumbnail is important fora user because people in3 seconds, less than that, now the attention span has become even less. Let’s make an image that I want to see the video or not. People are scrolling on YouTube. They make an imagery looking at the thumbnail. I want to see the video or not. So if people want to see the video, then the thumbnail should be such that the attentions grabbed in 3 seconds that I have to see. If he did not see, then he went away.

Then there are millions of videos, someone else will see. Why will anyone see you? So the thumbnail should be catchy and this is an art. I just told you to work on it. I hope you got value from this blog and the answers you wanted to learn that how much money does YouTube give for one view. I told you that it depends on different niches and the factors that I have tried to tell you.