So let’s try to understand what is basically chart of accuracy 2.0. Chart of accuracy 2.0 is basically the numbers of open interest, how open interest moves specifically. Many times we see in the market that the market is range bound at one placer it gets stuck around particular strike price, stops, cannot get out of it.

Or many times free fall or bull run is found in the market. How will we have its prediction on the option chain, we will know from this to see. Now before seeing this, let’s see the option chain again that in the option chain, I am basically talking about the numbers.

Till now what we were talking about was volume and open interest. Our audience must be thinking that there is no talk about open interest change, how does open interest change work and when does it work. Basically silently we have covered that open interest change. How did we cover it?

When I was talking about movements, if there is a move in open interest, then automatically open interest change will increase or decrease, something will happen. So now we are going to talk about open interest change in chart of accuracy 2.0, how it works. Suppose this is 59000open interest change, you can see here.

What does this change in Y mean? The open interest that was there yesterday, here in yesterday’s date, 59148 is more than that today. Herein minus means, the open interest that was here yesterday, what is 281 less than that today. This is open interest change. Means the change that comes in both of them, we see it together.

Whether you see this while changing, whether you see this, the thingies the same, it is not a different thing. Specifically, here the intraday is seen that how much extra is there today, new add-ons have been made or new people have come out, so it seems easier to see the change in Y. Now let’s talk about understanding basically that how will we recognize this. See there will be 3-4 things.

What will happen? Suppose if you catch a particular OI, 1,35,000, what can happen by seeing it? Either it remains completely stable, means it does not change, when slowly slowly1,35,000, 382, 832, whereat reached? It reached 1,36,000.

Then again 1,34,000 came, then138 went, then again135 came. So what is this number doing? It is increasing, decreasing, increasing, decreasing, but it is stable. So if we imagine its graph in our mind, think that it is making a graph, think that it is making a chart, then what kind of chart will be made? This will be stable chart; the line will go straight like this.

If we do imagination, then the line will go straight. If this number all of a sudden from 1,35,000, if it is going around135, then if this number is seen from 135 to 136, 137, 138, 140,150, 160, then imagine this graph, how will it be?

Then this graph, then this graph will increase like this. And if this number goes from 135 to 125, 115, 1,00,000, then what does it mean? It will decrease. This case, in which I make an arrow, this case will only be seen in open interest, not in volume. Volume always increases. Now you imagine that there are total three directions.

This open interest has the momentum to run in three directions. Either it runs stable, runs straight, or it starts increasing, or it starts decreasing. Now what happened after the market came? It got stuck, stuck, stopped.

Now what we have to see is which two strike prices are in the middle of the imaginary line. Now what we have to take care of from here? Which strike price is closer to the market? For example,512 market is running.

If the market is running at 512, then 512 is closer to 500 in comparison to 550. In comparison to 550, it is closer to 500. If it was 525, then itis in the middle. And if it was 527, 2830, then it is closer to 550. So we have to take care of who is closer to the market. We will pay attention to the open interest of both the call side and put side.

Now suppose that the market is closer to 500. On Friday, the market was closer to500. Now look at the open interest of this on the call side and its open interest on the put side. Look at the Y change. Both are the same. Look at these two. Now their 9scenarios can be created. Total 9 scenarios can be created. After9, the 10th will not be created. Total 9 will be created.

And these 9 scenarios are called the theory of chart of accuracy 2.0. Now let’s try to understand which are those9 scenarios that we have to see here. These 9 scenarios are 9 different scenarios. You can see 9 designs. These are9 different scenarios. So look at these 9 scenarios. The first design, I say directly in the picture, see the picture and according to the picture. In the first design, you can see that it is written here, reversal at resistance.

Reversal on resistance. Andon the other side, it is written, reversal at support. What resistance support are we talking about? We are not talking about the resistance support of the market. We are talking about that particular strike price that the market will move forward by breaking that strike price or not.

Or the market will go back by breaking that strike price or not. Now in the scenario of chart of accuracy 1.0, suppose you have imagined that this market is bearish and it is going to break from 18,500 to 18,300. But the market is stuck at 500. It is not falling down. It is not falling down. It is consolidated.

When willet fall? When will any scenario come from these scenarios? Let’s understand. In the first scenario, is reversal possible or not? This means that this is a scenario of market consolidation. Scenario of consolidation means that if it goes above the strike price, it will be reversed. If it goes down, it will be reversed.

How? When the call side’s open interest is shown here in green color and the put side’s open interest is shown here in red color. So when the open interest of the call sides also stables, it means that it is neither increasing nor decreasing. And the open interest of the put side is also stable, it is neither increasing nor decreasing.

In such a case, the market will be reversed from both sides. It means that it will continue to run consolidated. It will not break downer break out. It will keep rotating around the strike price. This is your scenario number1. I hope you understood this. Now let’s come to scenario number2. Scenario number2 directly says that the put side is stable. It means that the open interest of the put side is neither increasing nor decreasing.

The open interest of the put side is stable. But the open interest of the call side is written as heavily increasing. It is increasing. It is increasing in a forcible way. It means that the call is being written. In such case, the market will break its support. It means that it will break below the strike price.

And as soon as you get the chance, sell it. Sell it. Sell it. And if you are writing, then in the case of writing, because the market is going to fall, then you write the call with these writers. The one who is increasing, keep writing it. Keep writing it.

As long as it is increasing, you keep writing. This is scenario number 2, where there is a breakdown in the market. The market breaks down. And if your desired directions matching with 1.0, then you sell it immediately and you will get money.

Scenario number 3, where the call side is increasing heavily and the put side is decreasing heavily. Thecal side is increasing heavily and the put side is decreasing heavily. Here, the put side was still stable.

Here, the writers of put also ran away from there. Now, this Isa sign of a heavy fall that a very big fall is going to come in the market. I tell you my experience. This scenario is made many times at the top of the market.

And there the market is seen with so much clarity. With so much clarity that the market is going to break down very well. There is such a desire that means, puts much money as your canine this market because it is going to give a good return. Andin such cases, a great fall also comes. We should always keep our risk in mind. It is not that we have put all the money by selling the house.

We should put according to our risk. Scenario number4, in these scenarios, you will see that the call side is stable. There we had kept the put side stable and in the third, we had shown the put side in the movie. Here, the call side is stable and the put side is heavily increasing. Means the open interest of the put side, that is, the strike price is moving up. It is increasing, increasing, increasing.

In such cases, the call side will break out. There will be buying from the bottom in the market. You have to buy. The market will go above the strike price. It will break the strike price. It will jump to the next strike price. Then we will start seeing the something in the next strike price. Next case, scenario number 5.

In scenario number 5, the put side is stable. The call side is heavily decreasing. Now the call writers are running. In such cases, the market will slowly jump up and will not fall down. Because the put side is stable, the call side is heavily decreasing.

Thecal writers are decreasing, decreasing. They must be shifting ahead. That scenario would have become weak towards the top and the market is trying to move towards the top. In this case, we will start buying from the bottom.

We will start buying. But whenever the chart of accuracy is 2.0, we will not give priority to the chart of accuracy above 1.0. Remember this. We will take the direction chart of accuracy from 1.0. If we are stuck somewhere in the trade, then we will buy the 2.0 chart. Keep seeing this all day. Then they forget 1.0. We don’t have to do this by mistake.

Scenario number 6. Here, the open interest of put side is increasing heavily and the call side is decreasing heavily. This is a very good scenario of bullish market. The market is scenario. I hear some people, they see 2.0 once a day, so they going to fly. Just like it was going to be bearish here, it is the opposite scenario where the market is going to be specific bullish.

You start buying from every bottom and keep buying. Until this open interests increasing and until the market is in its trap, until it does not go out of the strike price zone to the next strike price, you are buying it. Let the market go to the next strike price zone.

Then it will reach the next strike price zone, then start seeing its open interest. Many times you will see that the open interest of put side is increasing continuously till the next three strike prices. And in such cases, what will happen? The market will keep going up.

Now let’s come to scenario number 7. In scenario number 7, the open interest of put side is decreasing heavily and the open interest of call side is unstable. In such cases, you can sell the market from the top. The market will fall down. And what we will do at the bottom? This will break down at the bottom.

So, we will not buy. Let’s sell from the top. The market will keep falling down. There will be no long fall because it is stable and it is not putting a lot of pressure on the call side. You will see this in the daily morning.

Morning means when build-ups are happening. Early morning call side is also increasing heavily, put side is also increasing heavily. Both are increasing. What will happen to the market? It will keep moving from one particular point to the other side. This is called a morning race.

And wherever it stops on one side, the market will go tithe other side. So, those who have to track the market in the morning, those who are waiting for the call side to stop, those who are waiting, suppose the put side stops, then start buying put immediately because the market will break.

And if the call sidesteps, then start buying call. The market will fly. And what is the most dangerous scenario? This is the one. In the evening, except on Thursday, Thursday also comes. In the evening, after 3.15, after 3.10, it will come.

When both the call side and put side are open. When the intraday writers exit, then the upper traders of both start falling heavily. This market is not for buyers. Buyers should stay away from such markets because during this time, you will not be able to predict the market because to predict, your eyes should be more open.

You will need a lot of practice. How will it be predicted? I will tell you. Then we have to see which is decreasing less and which is decreasing more. Because intraday writers are leaving, positional writers are there. Then your eyes will be completely open and it will take you years to become that. If you have started watching Option Chain forth first time, then it will take years to reach there.

You will have to work a lot. You will have to see a lot of specific things. So this is the chart of Ingressive 2.0 in Option Chain and this 2.0 will make you capable of knowing when the market is going to jump after the range bound at any place. You will know this move here before that movement comes.

And as soon as you know this move, because it is an option buyer, it is a game of Kabaddi, you have to go to touch in Kabaddi and I said that I will tell you at the end. I said in the second episode that I will tell you at the end that when we will know that the movies coming, then the chart of Ingressive 2.0 will tell you that the move is coming. When this happens, start trading. Now the move is coming, you take the trade. So I think the arrows in Sir’s Tara ash have given you that much and you will keep them carefully.

So the chart of Ingressive 2.0, Sir told you that the screenshot of 1.0, keep it carefully and first see it, then see 2.0. You have understood 9 scenarios here in 2.0 and 9 scenarios were told in 1.0. So a total of 18 scenarios have been explained to you. A lot has gone into your mind. If you have not practiced, you will forget everything. If you have not made notes, you will forget everything. So let the subconscious mind go.

Make sure you make notes and finally how did you like this series because it was the final blog of this series. You must definitely give feedback in the comments about what you liked the most in this whole series and you have to like it and share this whole playlist with as many people as possible because you can see how much effort Sir has made for this series. Yes, standing up has taken a lot of time.

Standing up has taken a lot of time and specifically coming by flight, taking out time, giving knowledge for free, you understand what is the purpose. The purpose is to minimize your loss and maximize your profits.

So I request all of you that the market is technical. Don’t trade on the trust of anyone in the market. Whatever you have to build trust on yourself and trust yourself. Never come under any trap. Never come under anyone’s specific talks that we will give you so much return. We will do this and that. If someone tells you that you will get 100% profit, it is sure shot, then nothing like that happens.

You have To be careful and be careful. You have to work hard, you have to work hard and only then you can move forward in the market. Okay, this happens many times.

People get a call on WhatsApp that we will give you tips and Sir, your results will come with 100% accuracy. So, someone came to my office, he said one thing, where are you working? He said, no, this is our job. He said, your job is very good, but you must be earning 20-25 thousand. He said, if you have so much trust in your tips, then you can put it. You will earn 25 lakhs from 25 thousand. If you have so much trust in your tips, then you can put it. How are such people? I count such people in that count, who try to fraud us on the phone call or through any app.

And their category, this is not a stock market tipper, paper, or any advisor or any technical charts reader. These are the people in their category who are simply trying that someone will get trapped, who will be greedy, and as soon as we get greedy, we get trapped.