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Mission & Vision 

The Igniting Spark

Setting goals upfront count a lot. I, Pushkar Raj Thakur, have come up with a mission of generating self-awareness and self-belief in everyone through my campaign #GoSelfMade. After going through hardships and challenging times, I realized my self-importance and emphasized the theory of being self-sufficient, which has now turned into a fact for me. With #GoSelfMade, I want to spread thoughts of financial independence and self-independence among everyone. My mission is to educate people about being self-confident and believing in themselves.

The means for that can be anything, my books, lectures, seminars, or events. I just want people to have faith and trust in their cognitive capabilities and want them to rule the world in every possible manner.  That day is not far when people will scream out of joy and cheer about how they managed to bring a tremendous change in their individual lives.

As an Entrepreneur and a Business Coach, I like to impart knowledge about making your business a wonderful and successful one. I just need your support and love in return to guide you through your way and make optimum use of the fruitful resources available to you. Being a Motivational Speaker, I want everyone to get past their personal challenges and be at the forefront to deal with life and live it big.

The Dream Of Togetherness

I saw a dream of becoming successful and was so adamant that the low times of my life could not get a piece of me. I had a vision of taking people along with me to become the Light of the Nation and taking India to empower the youths of other countries. It was in my blood to collaborate, and I gave my best to the unity part of building a community of intelligent people around me to bring about not just individual development but also a holistic one for the country.

I can clearly see miracles happening with my people, with my associations, who are with me on this beautiful journey and want something meaningful and priceless to occur in their lives. As a YouTuber, I look to create content that strikes well with the current professional scenario and provide life hacks that are incredibly beneficial to survive today in this competitive world. You can become a prestigious member of my events that happen around the globe, to be moved and get inspired to take yourself on a journey that’s clear as crystal and has not a single pinch of darkness whatsoever.

So if you want to have a successful career and do something that separates you from the crowd, come, embark on the journey with me that will put your ideas to the forefront and have you say WoW!

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