Well, today’s blog is highly important for you all because in this blog , you will be planning your financial plan. In fact, we will also talk about what middle class parents teach their children, which makes their future generations middle class. Okay, it is written here middle class. I think it is a fancy word because it doesn’t sound good to say poor. Now, some people may think what am I saying. But yes, what does middle class mean? You are in the middle, that is, you are in the middle of the poor and the rich. This is the middle class. Why is a person called middle class? I will tell you who come in the middle class. In the middle class, typically those people come whose income is either equal to their expenses or sometimes the expenses are also more than the income. Now you will say that expenses will be more than income, but the person is poor. So I told you that this is a fancy word, middle class.

A person is earning one lakh rupees a month and a person is earning one and a half lakh rupees a month. Now I will ask you who is rich, you will say that the one who is earning one and a half lakh is rich. Maybe you are saying wrong because you do not know the situation of both of them. The person who is earning one lakh, he runs his house for only twenty thousand and adds eighty thousand. And a person is earning one and a half lakh rupees a month, but he has a loan of fifty thousand, a loan of thirty thousand, a loan of twenty thousand for the school and the remaining money is spent on himself and his shock watch. And he has nothing left in one and a half lakh.

So who is rich? Here the comparative income will be seen, the person who is earning one lakh is rich. We always see absolute income that a person is earning five lakhs and a person is earning twenty thousand. So the person with twenty thousand has become poor. Now here the absolute income is not wrong because twenty thousand rupees is very less in front of five lakhs. But if the person who is earning five lakhs spends all, then in fact that person will become poor and you can put him in the middle class category. Now you will say that the middle class category has not been defined yet. Brother, I ask you a question, there is a person who has a cycle at home and his family is fine, children go to school, go to private school, but that person only drives a cycle. Now you will call him poor or middle class. Now you will say that I can call him poor or middle class. Now I say that person has taken a bike, now he does not have a cycle, but a bike.

You will say that you are middle class, you will say middle class. Okay, if that person has a car now, then what will you say, the car is middle class, the car is poor or the car is rich. Now you will say that it has already become rich, but maybe it will be called middle class. So there is no particular definition. The definition here is clearly that you have to understand two things here, one is income, the second thing is assets. It is also important for us to understand assets because it is not necessary that a person is getting a good income every month, but he has property attached to it, so if he has more assets, then that person will go in the category of rich. But now the problem is that as soon as I write assets here, I will put all those people in the middle class who do not have assets. So just having income does not mean anything, my brother.

You have your own house, this is a good thing, you have two properties other than your house, which gives you rental income, you are not middle class, you have become rich because you have assets. But if a person says that I have three cars and I am living in my house, you have three cars, but cars are not assets. If you have read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, then he explains very simply that anything which brings you money is an asset. Anything that brings you money is an asset and anything that takes money from your pocket is your liability. So if someone has three cars, then he has liabilities because he is not getting money from it. So today you have to understand who you are, where you are today, is your income more than your expenses today and if it is more, then how much is it, because now we will talk about how much should be.

 The second thing is how many assets do you have today, you can say that assets are of two types, one is physical assets, the other is paper assets. What can physical assets be? Physical assets can be gold, silver, the jewelry you have is your physical asset. Today you have your house or you have any real estate, you have a shop from which you get rent, all this has become your physical asset. The second asset is paper assets, paper assets can be stocks, bonds, investment in mutual funds, all this comes in which category, it comes in paper assets, both are assets. Assets are something which brings you money, such things that bring you money, the prices of stocks will increase, the valuation of assets is increasing, but middle class families typically do not have assets or they are very less and their expenses and liabilities are more, now the problem starts from here. And now the most important word that you must have missed in the starting of this blog , I have written trap.

Trap is that thing, you say a cage, a cage, a cage from which people are not able to come out. You see a rat gets stuck in a cage, it is not able to come out, I am telling you genuinely, people are stuck in a rat race and they will not be able to come out of the middle class trap. If they, what I am telling you now, you are listening from me, it is a very good thing, but somewhere or the other, to get out of this trap, you will have to do the financial planning, we are going to do it for you now. So, I hope you have started getting clarity up to this point, that where does the problem start, the problem starts from two things, either the income is less or the assets are less and what is the other side, either your expenses are too much or your liabilities are too much.

Now what we have to do, this side, the side of income and assets, it will have to be increased by doing something. And this side, expenses and liabilities, it will have to be reduced. And if in today’s date there are many people who do not want to cut down their expenses, then they will have to increase their income and assets. Now how will it increase, let’s understand. From here, we are talking about financial planning. So, someone thinks that I will become rich overnight, not possible. Nothing will change in one night. You know, in front of God, most of the people, you can say, who ask for the most from God, middle class families ask a lot and they ask for very unrealistic things. What does unrealistic ask for, that God do this, give this, give that, you will not get a treasure buried overnight.

You will get it from God only when you are going to make some efforts. Because you are responsible for your finances. You cannot blame God. First of all, stop playing the blame game. What will you get in the middle class families, the biggest thing is that they blame a lot. I could not do this because of him. My friend did this to me, my family did this to me, my father did not give me anything, I did not get anything. You will see this blame game the most, my brother did this to me, my sister did this to me. When you hear this, this is a blame game in life. That I could not do this because of him.

You will have to take control yourself, because even if you say this, what will happen, what will change. Nothing will change in your life. So you are just consoling yourself that I could not do it because of him, that is why my life is like this, but no, you have to change from today, what to change, let’s understand from this. So do not blame the game and from here we will do the further planning. Now see if someone has income, today we will do realistic planning, today someone’s income is let’s say income of rupees per month. Now the problem is that there is nothing in the income of. Income of , can be a good income or income of , can be a very low income, depending on what, what are the expenses of the other person.

If today you have to get out of the middle class trap, then what point will have to be understood, today your income, sir, whatever it is, your expenses cannot exceed of your income. This is your ceiling, you understand that the ceiling of the expense is that if my income is  lakh rupees, then I cannot spend more than I cannot afford it. If your income is,, you cannot spend more than , in a month, you cannot do it. Now if I tell you today that you have to buy a car worth  crore, you will say that I cannot buy it. Just like you said suddenly that I cannot buy it, you have to say that it cannot be done, not possible.

Until it does not increase, you cannot increase the expenses there, but this does not happen. In today’s rate, a man is running his house, he has two children, one wife, the child insists that I need a phone, I need a mobile phone and he says that I need a phone worth ,that man is earning , he had a ceiling of , that I will not spend more than. Now the child insisted, you gave him a phone worth ,if you gave him a phone worth , then you spent ,now you will say that where did , come from, either it went from the previous savings and if you did not have that extra , then a trap starts from here, let’s understand this trap that as soon as the expenses are exceeded, they are above % of the income, so either you have disturbed the savings that you had done earlier, but most middle class families do not have savings. I am telling you all the facts, most middle class families do not have savings and if they have, then very little.

So a small thing comes from here, you go to the mobile phone shop, you had , extra, you will say that I will do this only, I will do this only, I will do this only, I will do this only, you will say that what difference does it make from – I am earning , what difference does it make from , because at that time you are not calculating the remaining expenses. you say, I have given it, what difference does it make? But such expenses keep coming to you in your life. What are the expenses in a middle-class family that keep them worried all their lives?

Let me tell you. This EMI is starting. And your Rs. – is also an installment of the month, so The major life events that you have, like you have someone’s wedding at home, so generally what happens is that there is not much money. And for your pride, for inviting people, for spending on clothes, nowadays on social media you see so many lavish weddings are happening, so we also have to do very well. So what do people do? They spend a lot on weddings and if there is no money, then what will they do? They will take a loan from someone again.

They will take a loan. So here a very large amount, I cannot define, someone takes lakhs, someone takes  lakhs, someone takes  lakhs, someone takes  lakhs and they take a very big loan for the wedding. You know, it takes them many years to pay off the wedding loan. It takes many years. It has become a trend in middle-class families these days. If this has happened to anyone in your house, then please comment and tell. In the past, the expenses of the people were very low. They lived in the village, spent a limited amount, there was no show life. So they used to give their children property in will, they used to give them land, there was land, but at today’s rate, it has become a trend in middle-class families that people give loans in will.

That loan does not end as soon as you live, the child has to pay that loan. If this has happened to anyone, then please comment and tell because people think that this is not the reality, but whatever I am talking about, this is all reality, reason. I have seen everything very carefully. I did not speak middle-class, I started when I did it, I did it with minus. So I will tell you that we did not have money. I have seen all the situations, all the circumstances, the fight at home, the fight between brothers and sisters for money, the wife is telling her husband for money, the child is telling his father that I have been asking for a phone for two years, I have been asking for a cycle for two years, you have not given me. So all these things, I have seen that and after seeing those things, I am able to guide you today. So this is a very important blog .

Again I am saying that there may be nothing called entertainment in this, but your planning is related to it. So what happens here is that they have taken a loan. The child has to be sent to college, has to study. This thing is clear in middle-class families that the child has to study. Because if you want to become rich, then the way is to study. Now we will talk about it, it is very important. So what will we do? A loan will be taken in the name of education. Now the loan is not given by the bank here. What happens here is that you have to take money on interest from someone. People put committees.

So these are the typical words that I am saying, these are the words that are basically going on in people’s lives. Now someone in the name of education, in the name of marriage, and there is another big disaster, which is a medical emergency. So brothers have to help middle-class families. Because they don’t have anything called savings and health insurance is very less. And if it happens, it is of very less amount. What is the problem? We are not prepared. We don’t think like this. If someone has an accident on the bike and the doctor suddenly said, brother, you have to invest  lakhs or  lakhs, then you will have to ask for money because there is no money. First we did not pay attention to this income expense.

No one said, no one told, so we did not pay attention. No one asked for medical insurance and said, so we did not pay attention. And if we have given, then we have taken very small medical insurance. So if there is no medical insurance, then these are some events in life that will destroy you. Why will it destroy? At that time, you will have to bring money from anywhere at any percentage of interest. You will have to swipe a credit card. We have not even reached the credit card yet. We are talking about those people who may not even have a credit card. So they will ask for money and bring it. And the expenses of that, they will have to bear for many years. So these medical expenses are not prepared for this. There is no medical insurance. Now all this is done.

If you are reading this blog  today, I will talk about a very connected thing. Because I understand, I understand what you mean. Something or the other is going on in someone’s life. Some loan must be going on, some EMI must be going on, some expense must be there, which must be unbearable, but it has to be done. So what happens when it has to be done? When your expenses were over and you had taken any kind of EMI or you took any money on loan, now you have to repay this debt and which cannot be done because we are not able to reduce expenses.

If you have put the habit of putting the children in the AC once, then you cannot turn off the AC, because that habit has increased. Now I am not saying that it is right or wrong. The problem is how much money we have. If you have put the habit of putting your child in the AC that every year I will buy you shoes or clothes, then every year you will have to buy them. If you can afford it or not, and no one pays attention to increasing income. So now we are talking about this. So now let’s talk about the straightaway solution. I understood this. You said okay sir, I understood this, this is my situation. But now what is the solution to get out of this?

Now let’s understand this, we will understand it here. Now let’s assume that someone has a debt, someone has to pay money every month. Now a lot of money goes to repay this debt, so what will you do? I will say one thing clearly, there are only two ways. So if there is an income of , and I assume that you have to pay debt every month. For example, you have to pay , rupees in debt every month. And there is no expense left, what will you have to do? You will have to cut down your lifestyle for now. You will have to cut down your expenses. Sir, there is a clear cut formula here. If you have to get out of debt, then you have to save . And after saving this, you have to put it in the repayment of debt. You will say that I was only going for . I will say give me , If you have taken a personal loan today, then today is May . If you give,it will end soon. Because we have to get out of this trap soon.

The sooner you give, the less time you have to give interest. So if you say that it will be a big problem if you are earning , and we have expenses of . And you are saying that you have to bring expenses of. This is very difficult. Sir, if it seems difficult, then this is still an easy way. Because it will be impossible for you to get out.  Because until you finish this debt, some big expense is waiting for you. And if that expense is waiting, then there will be a problem. So take this small problem today. Today, take out % of your income and finish the debt immediately. As soon as possible.

The sooner you can be mentally free. And mental freedom is very important. Financial freedom will come later. First you need mental freedom. And the person who is mentally free can do a lot in life. Because as soon as this mental freedom comes, you have put yourself in a habit. Whatever I earn today, I will not spend more than % of it. And I will save %. Sir, who will stop you from becoming rich? Because I told you that the rich is the one who is earning ,. But if he is able to add ,, then he is rich. And the person who is earning  lakh and his expenses of  lakh are poor.

So here you have to give yourself a minimalistic lifestyle. And % is an example of. If someone earns,then run the house for. If someone says that I earn , then you have to increase your income. Because now you can’t run the house for less than . That is not a possibility. So how can I talk about something that is not possible? Then I will tell you straight away that you have to increase your income. Now you will say that you have to increase your income.

Now the real problem starts from here. I will give you some real-life examples that I have seen in my life. People are doing a typical business. And they think that this is a business. Basically, they think that they are self-employed. So in middle-class families, self-employed people are considered to be in this business. Suppose a person works. And what does he do? Let’s take any example. He goes to the shop and sits. Or he does the work of a carpenter. So what will he say? I am doing my own business. I am not doing a job. But what happened to that person? He became self-employed. What is self-employed? The more time you give, the less money you earn. What is the difference in business?

In business, people work under you. If you go to the shop and sit yourself and then your shop runs, then you are self-employed. But suppose you have a restaurant. still going on. Then you are doing business. There is such a small difference. Now what is the problem? People in middle class families do not upgrade themselves. For example, I will give an example. I know a person who used You don’t even sit. Cashier is kept, people are kept and it is to have a TV trolley at home at one time. Earlier there were not LED televisions, there were big televisions. So everyone had a trolley at home, wooden trolleys, and the TV used to fit inside it and you kept things up and down. So that person was self-employed and he used to make trolleys of TV in his own house.

Now he used to make trolleys of TV, a very good business was going on at that time, according to him, that money is coming. He used to make it himself, there was some labor, it was going on with work. But what did he do? He did not upgrade himself. TV started getting smaller and smaller and at one time it started sticking to the wall. But what did he keep making? He kept making trolley of TV. And what happened at one time when he kept making trolley of TV? Business collapsed, it was ruined. Now he did not understand that we have to upgrade and because he did not upgrade, we know how to make this, we will make this. What happened because of this?

At today’s rate, he has taken a loan, expenses are not being fulfilled, children are in trouble, family is also in trouble. Because he did not do anything now. You will see that middle class families are resistant to change. If a business is collapsing, one work will not work, then it is necessary to pay attention to other work. Now look at any big businessman, he always thinks about diversification. If a business is running today and if it feels that the scope is less tomorrow or the margins are less, then he will think at the same time what can be done new. And if this is not adapted, then there will be a big problem. Second thing, suppose today a person does a job, it is not necessary that everyone will be self-employed. So it comes to skill. Today you are doing a job that is earning you.

Sir, do not feel bad if you are getting rupees a month today, it means you do not have a good skill. You may be feeling bad about me, but I would like to tell you. The higher the skill level, the more you can charge and earn. A person does open heart surgery, so how big is the skill of open heart surgery? Not everyone has it, so that person can charge in lakhs. But suppose a person works in a very simple office, does data entry work or does some small work in which there is no need for a very expert skill.

So you will get very little money. Suppose you have seen that there are maids in someone’s house, and many people can do the work of a maid, many people can do the work of helping, many people can become the cook of the house, many people can become the driver of the car. So all this will have a limited pay scale. You understand, you say that driving a car is a skill, it is definitely a skill, but that skill is with many people.

So if you have such a skill that many people have, then you will never be able to increase it significantly. So you will have to learn something for which you can get good money. And if you do not feel bad at all, suppose you feel that I am resistant to learn such a skill, which will earn me a lot of money, then come here on your children. The middle class families teach their children a lot, they will never compromise on education. A person says that even if I have to sell my blood, I will get my children educated in a good school. Why will I get them educated?

Because tomorrow he will get a good job. If he gets a good job, he will get a good girl. Our life will be good. And a middle class father fully trusts his child that he will do a lot for me in life. But that child does not appreciate him. He says that what he has done for me. He did not get me a car, he did not get me a good bike, he did not do anything. Although that father knows what he has done, but that child does not appreciate him. And he thinks that he will do a lot for us. He will say that I will earn so much that I can do for myself and my wife. And parents struggle a lot in life because they do not have savings. Everything is on the child. This is all reality. So what to do?

Today, do not pay attention to your child like traditional education. Think like a businessman. How does a businessman think? I will tell you. A businessman thinks according to ROI. I have given someone Rs. lakhs as an example. And I have to get something done with it. If I am investing in a project, let’s say I am investing in a real estate. I feel that I will make a builder’s floor. So I took so much land, I started making so many crores. How much will it come? So we think about ROI. But when we educate our children, We think about ROI while educating for an hour. What did you do in education? I will tell you. You studied till th in a good school. You pay Rs. every month. After that, the child went to college. In college, first you asked for a donation. The marks are not very good. You will get admission by donating. You said that I will teach private, there is no problem. You donated. And after donating, you found out that there is more fees here. So for example, in bachelors, you did a BBA from a good private college. And while doing this BBA, for example, you spent certain  lakhs. Then you said that I will get an MBA from a better college. Now you thought of getting an MBA. And while getting an MBA, you spent more. I am saying very limited. There are many colleges that charge more than this. So I am showing you the reality. This was spent in education. See very carefully. We went to the bank and got FD done. You get % interest on FD. You will get yearly interest. We have told you such platforms where you will get % interest. Instead of interest is also mentioned. Go and see it on the I button. % interest will be of the year. Someone will do FD, someone may do PP lending. Take an average of %. If someone does FD or does anything, for example, if we take % then we will get Rs.  lakhs. And when will the child go and do a job of That is a different thing. Many people will say that in  years, his salary will also increase. I agree that the salary will increase. But when the child thinks that he will start earning in will he give you the money first or will he spend it on himself? Even if he gets a salary he will give you a break up. He will be going to the office, for example, Rs.  for transportation. After that, he will get an EMI for a good phone, like iPhone. He is giving Rs. ,-, for EMI. Then he will like a girl there. There will be expenses in that too. In today’s rate, people go for social interactions. So there will be expenses in that too. In total, if he saves then that is also a big thing. And after saving this, what do you think? Will he give it to you? Your ROI is nothing. But it is necessary to educate the child. Now, we have taken this ROI in that case when it is Rs.  lakhs.

If it is more, then calculate it yourself. Now I will show you a shocking thing. You will open your eyes. And it is necessary to open your eyes. See, maybe some people will say that Rs.  lakhs is also costing in  years. I say, let’s put Rs.  lakhs immediately. Now look here. If you have made a lump sum investment of Rs.  lakhs. And as I told you, you are getting a yearly return on your money. So how much money are you investing in education? How much is it increasing? You have to check this ROI. And if you don’t invest more than that anywhere, then it will increase. But you will think that you have taught the children.

Look, sir, we have studied from Delhi University. And what was the benefit of studying from Delhi University? That there is very low fee of government colleges. So if the child is really intelligent, try to get him to study in a government college. But if you are getting him to study only because he will become something. See what I wrote. I wrote skills. We had talked that skills will have to be increased. Check this. You have to understand your child. Is this child really a studying child? Is this child doing BBA, MBA, BTECH, doing any course? I am spending money on this. But you have to see that child. Is he really interested? Or am I just doing it for reputation in the market? That if a girl gets a proposal, she has done BBA, MBA, BTECH, MTECH, MBBS. That’s why I am getting him to study. Is he really interested?

Because if there is interest, then the child will go ahead from anywhere. But if there is no interest, then your money is a waste, sir. At today’s rate, India produces the most engineers. and they are not getting jobs even after doing engineering. Civil engineers, you see, are getting tired and not getting jobs. And what do they know, what skills are very important, are those colleges able to give them those skills with which they will be able to earn more money than once. So according to today, skills will have to be seen. I am telling you genuinely, sir, now listen carefully here. What to do? Today when I told you to check ROI, people don’t check ROI. Today you are getting your child to do BBA MBA, you took an example that the expense is coming in rupees  lakhs.

You see here, this expense of rupees lakhs is coming and after that, you say that a job of will be given and I am also agreeing with you, sir. But if you make that child do an animation course for example today, or you will have to search, maybe the child is also interested in this, but you wanted him to do BBA MBA, but the child was saying, sir, dad, make me do an animation course, I want to learn D animation. Sir, after doing a diploma of  year of D animation, after doing a diploma of just  year, he can easily get a job of and he was also interested in it, but no, in middle class families, it will be seen that the child has done B.Tech, M.Tech, someone has done PhD, he is of no use. What does he know? If he knows D animation, then he will easily get a job of .

If you make him do a good course of digital marketing and he becomes a digital marketer in a good company, as an SEO optimizer, then he will get a job of – there itself. He will get money in content writing. Keep him focused on such things from where he will genuinely be able to earn money. People are doing many courses from today’s date, there is no interest in it, they are investing money also.

Sir, you are investing your parents’ money, I am telling you also, you are also investing your parents’ money and you have to check whether it is worth it or not. Because parents will bring money from anywhere to teach you, because middle class families do not compromise in studies, but you will have to bear the cost of it, your family will have to bear it, if you do not have interest. So this animation course of one year, it is possible that you will rupees. So whatever can be inrupees and the thing of can earn you rupees, it is better to focus on it according to me. What skill is there that will earn more money? This is important.

And then after this, when you learn a skill, see I have seen this real-life example, a man did an animation course in the same way, he did an animation course, did a job for animation, learned the work by doing the job, after learning the work, he became a team leader, when he became a team leader, he was earning rupees in that company, incentives are also available, overtime is also available, he was earning rupees as a team leader, he learned the work, after that he thought that I will add some money, he worked continuously for – years, added some money and started his own business, put animators under him, now what he did, there are simple websites, you go to Fiverr, you have to do animation there, you get money for projects, he linked his profile on Fiverr, after linking the profile, once I also had to do animation, I went to Fiverr.

 I got in contact with that person, and after getting in contact, I found out that he has grown in this way, and today a team of  animators is working under him, more than , and he is earning in crores, so sir, this is the way to grow in life, learn a skill, focus that I have to do something in life that I do not have to work, if you ask yourself a question, then you can definitely come out of the middle class trap, and that is whatever you are doing, how this can be done without me, how can this work be done without me, if you are driving a car today, you get stuck in the traffic jam every day for  hours, and your productivity is hampered, your sleep is hampered, then you can think that who can drive this car except me, how can a car run without me, it can run with a driver, today you think that I cannot give to the driver, no problem, because today you are not doing such a thing that you can give , but the day you can give, you will have time, now this is another important concept, understand the concept of money and time, all the rich people focus that they have more time, a middle class family washes their car themselves, keeps the cleaning in their house themselves, they do a lot of work themselves, but a rich person knows that someone else can wash my car.

Someone else can drive my car, someone else can open the office, for that there is one thing that is its most valuable and profitable activity, when you focus on the most valuable and profitable activities, I call it MVP, then you will be able to do it, now it is going a little advanced, you do not need it today, because it is enough to do it up to here, so what have we learned today, as we understand, first of all we talked that whatever you are earning, you have to save of it, if you have a loan on you, then you will invest this money towards the end of the loan, if you do not have a loan today, then you will invest this money, now many people will ask where to invest, I suggest you to start SIP, it is called systematic investment planning, for this you just need a Demat account, you will get the link of the free Demat account in the description comment box, go and open your Demat account for free, when you open the Demat account, I suggest you some good mutual funds, I suggest you some ETFs, in which you can invest money, over the years you will see your money increasing, for example, you invest money in the index fund of Nifty , now you can see the index fund of Nifty on the screen, when you invest money in the index fund of Nifty , then your money will be invested in the top  companies of India, India will grow, your money will grow, secondly I suggest that you invest money in the top  companies of the US, for this also you can invest through mutual funds, like you can see Kotak here, so you will search for Kotak, you will get the mutual fund of Nasdaq.

In this you can invest money, these are index funds, and index means one stock can fall, the whole market can never finish your money, so the market is big, the index is made so that the money increases, so if you invest money in them continuously, then what happens, I will show you, see here on the screen, so I am simply showing you a calculation, it was for example, how will you become rich, you were earning you were saving first you finished your loan, now you have examples have started to remain, I told you that how can you earn more than for that you will have to upgrade, the better your skills, the more money you will earn, here we have come to the SIP calculator, I will show you, if your , starts to remain, then it can be magic in your life, maybe you are not believing, so this is , rupees, for example, you get a decent return from the market, if you see the index funds, in the last few years, they gave a return of around , and here, whatever the investment period, you say that I am investing for my children, today you say that my children are very small.

 I am investing for years, so sir, after years, magic will happen, how will it happen, what do you think, if you add, rupees every month for years, then what will happen, calculate and see the magic, so much money has come that it took time, crores, this will become crores, you must have invested lakhs,  lakhs rupees you have invested in years, slowly slowly slowly, and it became. crores, if you will also adjust the inflation here, what does it mean to adjust the inflation, that after years it will be? crores, so how much will be today, if you have to spend according to today, then how much will it be, if you adjust the inflation, then here it will be crores, your money was not made in, rupees at once, you were giving, rupees every month, but after years, your family will have, rupees inflation adjusted, that means its value will be according to, rupees at that time, and today, rupees is how much value according to you, you tell yourself, if someone can add more, it is a good thing.

I am showing you a simple figure here because it feels good to hear the amount that it has become. crores, if you keep reading this money, you will say that after years we have adjusted, now I need an example only after years, increase it for years, you have increased it for years, what do you think, how much will be. crores rupees, see the magic, if you increase it, it will be. crores, almost, you see, the money has doubled in the next years, this is the magic of compounding, and middle-class families never understand the magic of this compounding, in the next years, if we talk after years, you talk about your retirement, you will have almost crores rupees, and if you adjust the inflation, then also inflation adjusted today will be almost crores rupees.

So my job was to tell you in this blog how you can get out of a middle class trap. Finally, there are some things that middle class families teach their children. Try not to teach this in your family from today. First thing, we are always told that if you want to be rich, then study more. Get very good marks. We don’t pay attention to skills. Don’t make your child a kid who only rubs. He says you are making a red-to-pink parrot. If he gets good marks in the exam, he will be successful. It is not like that. What does he know? What is his talent? What are his skills? Pay attention to this. Second thing, it is always said that job is better than business. Not everyone is made for business.

Not everyone is made for a job. You see according to the child. What is his aptitude? If he has such a skill, such a fire, you see that he can become an entrepreneur. So it is not necessary to force that you have to do only the job. Yes, if he has to serve the country, he has to go to government services, I will not refuse at all. But it is not written anywhere that the job will always be better than business. It is taught in middle class families. The child has to do according to him. What does he have to do? Finally, it is said to think very limited. The more the sheet, the more the feet are stuck. Don’t think big, think limited. It doesn’t happen. You will not become Tata Mani. It is not written anywhere that he cannot become. Do you understand? Sachin Tendulkar was not Sachin Tendulkar on the first day. And Dhirubhai Mani was not Dhirubhai Mani on the first day. But the point here is that if Sachin Tendulkar was told, you sing a song. You will become like Lata Mangeshkar. Then she would not be able to become Lata Mangeshkar. And if Lata Mangeshkar was told, you play cricket, then she would not be able to become Lata Mangeshkar.

According to the talent of the child, force him to think big. Force him to think big. Tell the child to think big. And also achieve according to that in life. So I hope this blog  can be very valuable. You must have liked it for many people. If you liked it, you can like it. If you have any questions, you can comment. Finally, share this blog  on the WhatsApp groups that are present. The blog  can definitely be a little lengthy. But we try to give you complete information. And in the same way, you will keep getting informative blog s on the channel. Subscribe, click on the bell icon. If you want to start your SIP, you can open a free Demat account. You will get the link in the description and comment box. I will see you in the next blog . Till then, go Self-made and Jai Hind.