People want to go to Canada and the US, too. We love our nation, but Canadians and Americans desire to travel the world. So how? Because this is a real question, especially in Punjab and Delhi, where many people desire to go but don’t know how. How can someone visit Canada for business or pleasure? You marry first. Get married in Canada or the US. It’s quickest and easiest. Attending is crucial. It’s not business-related, but you’ll notice that the one who married my wife in India came to Canada. Canadian certification. You may get married one way, and many do, but there’s no other way.

What now? I love India, but others will believe we’re married. What should we do? The second method is that Canada says we don’t have enough physicians, laborers, or farmers, so they apply that category and make it easier to come. Lawyers, physicians, farmers, and workers, too. Canada has less than 40 million people. Canada’s big. Its population is smaller than Delhi’s and Mumbai’s.

So there are certain professions for them, which say that if you are in this profession, then we need you and you come and apply in it and there is appoint system in i.e. just want to say that if you do anything like this, a Canadian immigration lawyer, who is also in India, must help you because he has a point system and checks the education system. However, the occupations I mentioned are simpler and easier to enter.

Canada and even the US. Third, investors. Investor/business category. In business, a million dollars represents 7.5 crore in America and 6 crore rupees in Canada. So if you have so much money and you buy real estate there or open a business in which you invest, bring money, then it comes in the investor category and you go there and open your business and there are certain categories in it that you will have to hire a couple of people as a business, that brother employees, brother is giving at least employment to a country, this man will come, he will help this country grow further.

When that money comes, business will come, and if not, you purchase real estate. You can join its category. However, you cannot sell real estate after investing for a certain period. Yeah, yeah, and there are many locations like you are a doctor, so in Canada, if you have this province, there are two major cities, but mainly two, Toronto and Vancouver. There are physicians up north, but they don’t want to come here. If you’re in such group, say in Winnipeg or New Brunswick, what do you do? Google it—you’re cities. These cities are not major metropolises

. They need physicians, therefore Canada states that if you come and reside in that city, you receive your visa fairly fast and have to spend 5 years as a doctor before you may go elsewhere in Canada. India has many farmers, too. Yeah, I gave you an example of a doctor. We need these people in this region, so you will go to that area, it will be very fast, many people will say we have to go to Toronto, so the second thing I told you is that you have to put a girl or boy.

If it’s a girl, more boys are interested—you’ll see. My channel stats show that dudes are watched more than girls. Last but not least, it has become very fashionable these days for students to come from here, we have a lot of students here, I personally know that they come from India, they study, then they start doing their job there, then they get experience there, then they apply for permanent residence, that we have studied here, we got this job here and want to stay here’s it becomes even easier, the young children, girls or boys, who are studying in college or university, they In India, real estate is developing quickly, notably in Delhi and Mumbai and the main metropolitan areas, and prices are rising.

And Canada? In Covid, in two years, there was a boom, which no one can say that boom happened, boom happened, boom happened, like your boom happened here, so it happened, especially the major cities are Canada, United States, India, anywhere, boom happened and the main purposes why the boom happened in Canada, if some people, four years ago I gave a seminar on the course of real estate,

in that I told one thing that the interest rate is less than3% in some places, so when this corona came, they reduced the interest rate to 2.5%, at2.5% you can take a 5 or 10 year mortgage, which is like free money, free money, it’s like free money, and in that, the inflation is less than that, so inflation is more than that, so 2.5%, so you are getting it for free,

so what happened is that the government reduced the mortgage a lot and locked everyone, like here it was locked, when it was opened, everyone started buying, because what happened is that the same house, which was earlier of a million dollar, now it is of 1.5 million, so monthly payments are almost the same, because the interest rate is so low that people started buying.

So, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, the other main cities in Canada, what happened in that is that there was a lot of boom, and there are many cities where there is not so much boom, like here also, in India also, there was a lot of booming top tier cities, recently went to Ahmedabad in Gujarat, there it has increased, but itis increasing slowly,

so in Canada also, there are cities which neither go up fast nor go down fast, they go slowly, if they agree, they will go down a little, so there are such cities, so there is one city where there is more appreciation, which is the major cities in Canada, and the other city is that the cash flow is very important, there is not much price in that,

I will give you an example, we have a member, a member of Prime Investment Club, a lady, she said that I don’t have money, you said that you can do no money down, so I can’t believe that you can still do i.e. have taught him how to find a mortgage-based seller, how to negotiate below market value and how to no money down. He acquired a $50,000 three-bedroom detached home. Detached signifies independent. 6-7 months ago. Since the seller needed to sell, he acquired it for 50,000 instead of 70–80 lakhs. He paid 50,000 and spent 10,000 to repair it. He spent $60,000 renovating. What’s $60,000? 30 lakhs? 30 lakhs?35 lakh. Thus, he informed us. We paid him 100%. Take our word. Take our word. We’ll collaborate. His actions? He completed it.

Negotiated, repaired, saw renter, managing. Month-to-month revenue. We banked him. He did not need to authorize, travel to a bank, or pay. He’s capable there. Why? He pays $1400-1500 per month for a $60,000 house. Thus, a cash cow. Like a printer. He acquired a $60,000 home and rents it for $1400. It’s insane. It’s insane. Yes. Money disappears after 4-5 years. I told him to hold it for 10 years and everything will be done. We’ll partner. He realized that no money down doesn’t indicate you don’t desire money. No money down indicates money will come from somewhere other than you. Even without, you can accomplish many real estate tasks. That’s correct.

The basic goal is to go to the bank and have them say “put 20%” and give us 80%. We loaned 100% and repaired. You gave but partnered. You join. You may collaborate in India. You can. Why not? Work together. You can. We have realized that occasionally we locate property and our staff fixes it when we arrive here. Then investors say, “We are not coming to Canada, but we want to convert our rupees to Canadian or American dollars and grow it,” and they invest and earn that return without working. Canada and America have a distinct difference from India. The builder says place deposit, then put 20% or 10%. Canada and the US do not provide builders deposit money.

Lawyer interest accounts receive it. That’s the difference. In India, you pay the builder directly for flats and apartments. However, if you buy a flat in Canada, the lawyer gets paid. In India, Canada, the US, or here. Then the lawyer will pay. The lawyer will provide. However, if the builder goes bankrupt tomorrow or doesn’t deliver, the lawyer keeps the money. The builder and lawyer are in the middle with your money. If the builder disappears tomorrow, he gets nothing. Your money returns.

That’s significant. The lawyer cannot utilize that money either. It’s an interest account, not his. The builder pays the lawyer for an interest account. So, if the builder walks away, he has handed the money to lawyer, and by law, the lawyer, the interest lawyer, must give money back to each buyer. Albright’s safety point protects Canadians, Indians, and Americans. It’s great. No builder claims 100%. Nobody says that. No, no, no. It’s not said? Okay. He builds his apartment slowly. He adds they provide affordable monthly EMI or 10-year EMI programs. Okay. I have bought here in Canada and India, so put this amount first, then this much in the first slab, then this much in the second.

The slab, yeah. Thus, Canada lacks that. Okay. If he says 10% or 20%, that’s it. In delivery. Yes. The builder invests the remainder. Yes. He can borrow and invest. He can invest it. The builder would want 20 lakhs for a 1 crore home. 20 lakhs will also say, good, give me 2 lakhs in 5 months. He deposited 2 lakhs into the interest account after 10 months. He went in 10 months. After that, no loans until he’s 2. till ownership. Yes. It’s significant. Robert. Our viewers will ponder, “Can we take a house outside?” Can Indians take it outside? It is. Can we accept it in America? Because Canadians often ask: Are we allowed? You can.

You can, however many Indians don’t receive visas. The US denied Modi’s visa. Once. It’s true. Right. Right. After the crash, we invested in over 1000 unseen residences. Team was there. Team was there. Like us, they never travelled to the US. They bought the crash. Yes. The US and Canada may tumble. Thus, bring cash. Prepare money. India will have it. If that happens, India will feel it. That’s correct. However, some think I should diversify. I’ll do some in America and India.

Our viewers should be like this. What’s a few years in the US, 5-7 in Canada, 30-40 in India? You can apply for a Canadian visa if you own a home. Very simple. Going there. Visitor here. My act. That’s my house. It simplifies. 100% easier. Many folks ask how we can make bucks. Earning cash. In Canada and America, you take a house and put a reputable management firm in it. The management business will deposit renters straight into your account. If the tenant has a problem, he won’t contact India.

He’ll call management. They charge 7-8-9% of gross rent every month. Gross rent. If a 1000-dollar rent is coming, they will take 70-80 dollars each month. Put it in when you compute monthly income. It’s impossible from there. From India, it’s tricky. It’s simple. If you have a reliable source, you have met a buddy. The management organization manages it globally. Listen, in India, I don’t know how it is worldwide. The landownership proportion is declining. Its meaning? Most individuals are losing property.

They lose land ownership. India has about 140 crore people. However, a few people own 70–80% of the land. Owner proportion is low. The impoverished lose their assets first when they become destitute. He went home, rented, and they couldn’t get it back. You know the mentality and variables. Canada, then? Who owns the land? See, a small clique controls the world’s land and money. Right. Yes, sir. But…How? Canada has lots of land. Canadians and Americans have easier access to riches. Even with double or triple the population, we have enough of land.

We don’t. We must fly. Flats, apartments, and condominiums are popular in big cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Toronto, and New York are prominent cities affected. Los Angeles will follow suit. The access system prioritizes safety. Safety buying. Like a home, it has a dirty title. Not that several individuals buy the same house. I’ve rented here for two years, a renter says. My home now. That’s unmatched. Lease it. Your home. The lease allows it. Any 11-month agreement? Minimums apply.

Minimum. for residential. The agreement is renewed every 11 months. Yes. It’s different there. For 5 years, if we wish. No problem. For 11 months. When can we?Minimum 11 months. Minimum. Like minimal. No 11-month contract. All desire. Someone giving his property does not leave it after 2 months. Right. I’ve rented for 11 months. Minimum agreement is 11 months. You can do it whenever you want. Okay. 1 year, 1-2 years, 5 years. It’s a little methodical. You sit here and tell the management business I want this. Management firms vary. The truth. A system exists. System exists.

System exists. Compliance is methodical. Compliance exists. Be careful, common folks know this is his property. Bad landlords and tenants are widespread. No doubt. Dubai, Europe, India, and Canada buy from Canada and the US. Why? Because diversity. Diversify in US dollars. Today 75 rupees from American dollars, tomorrow 100 or such. to diversify. You gain. You gain. We believe that during India’s shutdown, people grasped the house’s significance. People knew we had to stay home a lot. People who didn’t care about the house previously merely used it in the morning, evening, and night.

After the lockdown, people wanted more greenery and open space. There should be more space. After the lockdown was lifted, individuals bought and home prices rose. As you say, Canada’s first people have vegetation and no air pollution. What was the major reason behind the real estate boom? A journal. People lived at home in India, and no one believed they lived in a better area. Canada is different. Two primary causes. The bank gave nearly free money. First, the bank gives free money. If you’re in India, sir, the free money type started in 2008, following the crash. No crash yet.

Thus the response. The crash response occurred here. The accident may save it. Government initiatives abound. Opened programs? First, they explained that for the next six months, you have a mortgage, so you don’t have to pay the bank. Also, something was attempted. So give if you desire. If not, phone the bank and demand them to accumulate the interest. It will be saved and supplied later. It must be paid for. No freebies. Again, you had to eliminate the load for six months. This one. Second, they have a plan to give every citizen $2,000 for free. All right. Our couple has two children.

They now make $8000. Since they weren’t making much, the government gave them money. The interest rate has dropped, making money free. Opened now. They contributed monthly. Per month. $8000 and 60 Canadian rupees. Sir, $480,000 is free bread and butter. You had to punch it online to visit the JMMA mansion the next day.

Sir, I think the money granted will swiftly raise inflation. It is growing. That may have affected real estate values. People have money, too. See, this is our story—ladies left. Some left. Where? Left work. You did. Quit for free money. They say we used to send them a little over $2,000, and since we have children at home, we have to teach them online.

Work, come home, cook, teach online. They claim I won’t receive free home sitting. Alright, free money. Our employers had some issues. We had to pay extra to hire workers. Raise pay. Yes. Sir, half of India’s salaries have been cut. Yes, yes, I know that. And so you are asking why it has increased there. One is that people have money for free. When was the interest rate set? Yes, if the money comes to that family for 6 months, then it will be a big 30 lakh rupees,28 lakh rupees. I started after 6 months.

I started after 6 months. After that, they had extended it. Sometimes they had to pay for a year and a half. But I will say that you do not get motivated by this. How much does the Canadian government do? Our government is not doing. I tell you that whatever money the government is giving, what are you thinking? Politicians are giving from their pockets. Where are you giving from? We will give at the end of the day. At the end of the day, either it will go through taxes or the government will take the debt.

So if the debt increases on the government, then the overall problem for the country is like you have with Greece, you have with Venezuela. So don’t ask for free money. No. That is wrong. That is wrong overall. Okay, it was helped for some time. It was necessary that people do not have jobs. But otherwise do not ask anything free from the government. This is what I am saying you right now. But it increased because people got money, they made them stat home, they were not spending money, they were not able to go out. Yes, yes, how much will be spent on food, nothing will happen.

And kept saving money. Yes, yes, okay. And some, some, majority of the time, even six months, you have closed your mortgage. Now you do not have to pay the mortgage. Now you are not going to travel. And you are not working, you are sitting at home. So the money is being saved. Absolutely. So after six months, after a few months, I opened it and then said that you will reduce the interest rate too. So people said, man, we have to buy its then the bidding war started that we also have to buy it, so the prices increased. And one thing came in front of everyone, that we have to work from home. Work from home. Work from home.

Work from home was that I live in a condo, I have no place, there are some utensils in the house, sometimes this is happening, the sound is coming, I am the third. I need a house where I have a small room where I can make an office. Absolutely. So this trend started like this. Then what is this, small house, he took it big. But when he was selling the small house and going to the bygone, it did not make any difference to him. Why? The interest rate of every month was so low that the monthly payment was almost the same as that of the small one.

And people had money too. So then he increased the value of these 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms,5 bedroom houses. Then his value increased, so the value of these small ones also increased. This is how it happened.