Maybe you are invested, maybe your friends and relatives are invested. And the biggest question is that every person invests money in crypto because they know that the market is very volatile. That its prices increase very fast but they also break very fast. If something is so risky and volatile, people still invest in crypto because you know that there is both fear and greed in the market.

So people have greed and that’s why people are invested. So I will not say anything for greed, it’s good or bad. Any financial market goes up because of greed. Whether it is the stock market, the prices of stocks or the prices of crypto. Now there is a fear, what is fear? Someone invested his hard-earned money and bought bitcoin. I have heard that people have 5 lakhs or 10 lakhs in their holding.

Now if someone invests crores of rupees or thousands of rupees, what if the price does not increase? What should we think about the situation otherwise? What if the price does not increase and the price falls? Then what will happen? There will be a big loss. So you have to understand that if your friend or relative invests in crypto and the prices fall instead of increasing. So what can be done in this scenario? Can money be earned from the falling market? And can we minimize our loss? The answer is yes. But before we move ahead to crypto, you have to understand what happens in stocks.

Then I will move ahead to crypto. Now what happens in stocks? Suppose someone is invested in Reliance. If someone is invested in Reliance, the price of Reliance will go up. But you must have seen that the mutual funds, the big hedge funds, what do they do? They keep their position secure. If they have invested money somewhere, then what do they do for security? They buy put option.

Now you already know about options. But here I am explaining that when we have to protect the downside, If the price falls, then you can buy put option and minimize the downside. Now, like you take insurance, you have to pay a premium for it. You have to pay a premium to buy put option. So if the price goes up from here, then the loss will be that the price of put option will be over. But if you buy Reliance, then you will get the benefit.

So to reduce the risk, you have to pay a premium for insurance. But if the price falls, then put option will give you the benefit and your loss will be minimized. Similarly, there are options in crypto. Many people do not even know about it. Suppose someone has bitcoin. And if you think that someone has holding and you have to protect your risk, then he can also buy put option of bitcoin. If he buys put option of bitcoin, then the downside will be protected and the risk will be minimized. Now the second thing, you must have seen that people trade in India.

Whether they have a position in Reliance or not. But what they will do is they will buy put option of Reliance and start trading. Crypto is also providing you with this opportunity. If you are interested in options, then you can also trade in crypto in call and put side. Now you know the four circumstances that are made here. You can sell the call side and buy.

So buy or sell and similarly buy and sell. But now we are understanding the options in crypto. The most unique thing in options is that you can create strategies. You can make money by falling and minimize the risk. You are already defined what will be your maximum profit and maximum loss.

What is your risk to reward ratio? Now let’s understand some differences that you trade in the normal stock market in options. And what is the difference in trading in the crypto market. The first thing is that the market in crypto is 24×7.This is the very first thing. The market is open 24 hours a day. So if someone is trading in the Indian stock market and he thinks that he has time in the evening. So you can definitely consider if you want to do tithe second thing is that you get more leverage here, especially in selling.

So in selling you get 100x leverage. And the third biggest benefit here is that because crypto Isa volatile market. So here IV is very high. Now you know that there is a big game in Vilify you want to make money by selling, then you can make money very well in crypto. Now the things I am telling you, see the first intention is that you not only understand it for trading. You understand it for loss protection. If someone has invested a lot of money, then how can you protect the downside risk there.

And yes, if there are many people who are interested in trading, they can trade in the options. So today’s blog is about the education partner of this. Its name is Delta Exchange. I would like to show you their platform. You can go to this platform and trade in crypto options if you want. So here you can see my screen. The first thing you need to understand is that when you are trading in options, the market is almost similar.

But still you need to explore this. The biggest benefit here is that if you trade in options, then you can definitely trade paper before investing money. And then when you understand, you can take the decision of investment. Now here you can see a kind of option chain.

The option chain that you see here, I will zoom in a little more. See, it is exactly the same as how much is the bid quantity here, what is the bid and ask price, how much is the ask quantity. Here you will also see open interest, strike prices. So you see an option chain here. Then if you want to execute any order, then see this side.

That you have to buy, long, short, sell, you have to put a limit order, you have to put a market order. You can do everything here and you can definitely decide the quantity. Now what is interesting here is that there are no lot sizes here. Crypto does not have lot sizes. So if you want to take the quantity here, then you can take it like this.

If you want to go according to USDT, suppose you say that my trade should be of only 10 USDT.So you can take a trade from 10 USDT here. And you can definitely place a bracket order here’s you have understood these things. There is one more interesting thing that I will tell you.

If you look carefully here, then you see expiries here. Expiries are seen in the option chain. So like I am writing a blog here, then the next expiry is of28th, then 1st, then 3rd, then you can see the expiries here’s what is important here is that the first thing you will gets daily, weekly, monthly expiries. Daily expiry is there in crypto.

So this is a good thing for sellers. If they can understand that if you know that good money is made on expiry. So here you can build a strategy according to expiry. And you can also trade in daily expiries. And if you want to understand in the upcoming expiries, then you can also go to the expiry of March 3rd or March 10th and place your trade here.

Now the question arises that if your analysis says that the price of Bitcoin can fall from here.Or the price of Ethereal can fall from here, then what can youdo?

Now look carefully here.Here the option chain, for example, you can see the add the moneyhere.23500Now this is the price of Bitcoin in dollars, I will zoom in andshow you.So now if you can see 23500 here, then we have come to the putside, all the puts are on this side.And you can see here what is the bid and ask price.Now you click here, after that you can put your limit order here.If you want to put a limit price or best offer, whatever is available now, and quantity I told you.

You can take it in both Bitcoin and USDT, then you can definitely buy here. Now where will your positions look, your positions look down here. Now this was for Bitcoin. Similarly, you can also see the option chain of Ethereal heretic will zoom in and show you a little. And here you can see Greeks apart from the price.

You can also see more data, if you want to see here, then you can do all the analysis from here. Now if you want to see the chart of Bitcoin here, then you will simply click on the chart. Here is the integration from the trading view. So here you can see different time frames, 5 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. You can see the charts here, you can also apply indicators here, you can do your analysis from here’s this is what I told you was important to tell you. After this, you can trade yourself.

Now, because there will be many people who are new, so many offers are also running on the Delta exchange. Through that link, you can sign up on the Delta exchange, I told you that you can also do paper trading. And then you can also trade with real money.

So here you will get the offers that you will get here. When you sign up, you simply have to go to offers. So by going to offers, you get all the offers from here. If you want to add funds, then it is very you want to buy USDT So if you want to deposit your amount through IMP or UPI, so it is very easy,

for example, you want to deposit 50,000 and So you can deposit or buy crypto, so you can deposit or buy crypto you want to buy Suds when you click on the buy button, you will see the transaction fees, like the fee is 9.24 and you can see the rate of Suds you will know how much USDT you are getting in your 50,000,5,000 or 1000, as soon as you click on buy, you will see a Rodeos you can scan this QR code through phone pay, Google pay, Paytm,Meme and as soon as you scan and pay, you will see the UTR number and proceed Now,

if you want to trade in options, crypto or futures, then Delta exchange is a leading player in the markets you can definitely consider if you want to hedge your position, which was the first important aspect .