So if you were still looking for a practical step-by-step guide to invest in the stock market or to trade, then today your search is over. Because today will not only tell you step by step, there will be no theory class. You will see how you place orders in the stock market, how you can trade, how money is made. I will show you things.

Today I have chosen the application of 5 paisa. Maybe your DEMAT account is with some other leading broker. Maybe you are on stocks, maybe you are on Angel1, but today I have chosen5 paisa because I can tell you everything step by step very clearly. The second thing you guys commented that you want a demo of 5 paisa, so today you are getting a demo.

If you feel that after this blog, the step-by-step process that will follow in this, you can follow the same process on Upstox, you can follow it on Angel1, if you have an account with any other leading broker, then you can follow it on tattoo, but if you still feel that you want a separate dedicated blog  on Upstox or Angel1, then you will definitely comment.

We will try to create a blog for you, but today my effort will be that all your concepts will be clear and the process you are following here, you can do the same process in your Demit account. Now when we log in to 5 paisa, first of all you have to log in. Now here you go to the left hand side of my phone, which you are seeing at the top, Nifty 50 and Sensex is written. I am assuming that you are new in the stock market. I will tell you all the things. You will have to spend some time. So here when we are talking about Nifty 50, so what is Nifty 50, you already know, but still I will tell you. There are two exchanges on which the stock market is found. Stocks are found, which two exchanges do we have? We have Baseband NSE.

National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. National Stock Exchange Hasan index of 50 top companies. We call Nifty 50. So Nifty 50 is an index. How will you know if the market is going up or down? You can tell by looking at Nifty. Similarly, the index made by the top 30 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange is called Sensex. Alright, so today you are seeing that Nifty has fallen, but Sensex has increased. What is this? I will tell you. The 5 paisa gives you an additional benefit. Because of that, I have chosen 5 paisa here. What is the additional benefit? I will tell you.

On the first Saturday of every month, you get a feature from the exchanges, as I said from the NSE, that youkan does a demo. You are getting a demo of one day that if you want to trade, you want to invest, then you can choose the day of Saturday, the first Saturday of the month. So today as we are recording this blog in December, so today is Saturday. Similarly, you will see a Saturday on January 1st. So what will be the benefit on Saturday? This does not happen with all brokers, but this feature is available on 5 paisa that you can trade whatever you want all day today.

You invest. Your demo is running. Let’s say I show you here that I have 40,000 rupees available here. Now if I have loss of 10,000 by trading today, then here it will show for a minute that my funds have been used and a loss of₹ 10,000 has happened, but when the trading session will be over, the money will come back at the end of the day, then there will be no loss. Similarly, if there is a profit of 10,000, then 50,000 will go, then 10,000 will go, and there will be only 40,000. So there will be no profit or loss. So in a way you are doing a demo today and the stock market runs according to a demo in the same way.

The suit is not the real thing that is happening now, but yes, on Monday you will see everything real. So I have also told you this. Now as soon as you open here, you will see my stocks here, so the stocks that you will invest in, it will see you here. If you open an account from 5 paisa, you will get a gift if you get a stock for free. So the gift stock is seen here, so in a way you are seeing that thing here. Again, after this, let’s come to Nifty50. Now I said that Nifty 50 has 50 companies. Which 50 companies are there?

Already a watch list has been made for you. All the companies are seen here. So here you can see the name of the company. Let’s say you can see ITC here. You can also sea mini graph of it. You can also see its price. So here you can see everything in one place. Now let’s say you want to trade in this stock. So let’s take another example of any other stock. Let’s take the example of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. So I open the stock of BPCL here. Now I see chart here.

If I want to enlarge this chart, then you can see button here. You can see square icon here. Click on it. So your complete chart will open here. You can select the timing according to you. So 1 minute, 5 minutes, whichever you are interested in the timeline, you can choose. You can see the volume below. So you can see the whole chart here. Now here would like to show you that they have given you an option of buy sell. Here you can see green color arrow and a red color arrow. When you click on these arrows, you click on buy. So now you have got a mini version from here that youkan buys from here.

And similarly, if I go to sell, then you will get a mini version from here. You can also place your sell order from here. Now I come back. Here again you are getting a quick view that you want to buy sell, you want to do it in intraday, you want to do it in delivery, you can do that. But as soon as you click on this square shaped icon again, this window will open completely for you. Now here you can place different types of orders. So about them, I will tell you that you will have to give a little time and patience to understand this. Because once you understand it, it will help you a lot for the future.

See how orders are placed. Now if you want to buy a share of BPCL, here you are seeing that the market price is running of 362. You will get this share of₹ 336 at today’s rate if you want to buy one. But if you want to buy 100, then what is the benefit here? Different brokers provide you a margin. So here you see that 5 paisa have given you a margin. How will you see the margin? As soon as you refresh here, you will see that there is a share of₹ 7,000. So how much will be 100 shares? It will be 76,200. But you have a requirement of only 7,000, 7.25 thousand. You have a requirement of 7,250 here.

If you want to buy it, then this is called a margin. If you do not have ₹32,000, then you can buy it. Say exposure, say leverage, say margin, it is the same thing. Disclose quantity, how much quantity do you want to disclose? Suppose there is a person who is buying 1 lakh quantity, but he wants to show that I have bought only 10,000 quantities at once. So all your information is publicly available. So here your order will not look like you bought 1 lakh at once, you will see that you bought 10,000, but ordinary people have nothing to do with it, so let’s remove it.

Alright, so you were buying 100 shares here and you had a requirement of 7,250for it. Now here if you simply click on buy and confirm, then here a limit order is being placed at the price of 362, but you say that I will buy it at 360, not at 362, so you will write 360. Are you understanding? Alright, now you are thinking what is the market price below. What is this market price? If you choose the market price, then whatever the market price is running now, your order will be executed on it. Now it is 362, 365or 360. Okay, so far you are understanding how to buy shares. Now let’s move forward.

You must have heard that there is a stop loss. Now what is stop loss? First, I will explain to you a little about stop loss. After that, we will move forward. When we talk about stop loss, it means that you are simply, as its name is, you must be understanding that we are stopping the loss. So if you bought a share at 360, but why did you buy that share? Because you thought that it will go to 400, it will increase, but it did not increase, it decreased. It came to 350. Now you think that do not want to take more loss. I am losing 10 on one share. How much did I buy? I bought100 shares.

So my loss will be 1000. Now I will not take a loss above 1000.So you place your stop loss order. You will place your trigger price at 350. So as soon as you click on the stop loss, it will ask you what is your trigger price. So you will write here that my trigger price is 350. I do not want to take my loss below that. So you will put my trigger at 350. So here your order will be executed. Your loss will be booked according to 10. You can avoid big losses. That’s why people put stop loss. Nowhere I am explaining another concept to you. Trailing stop loss. Now what is this? It is very important to understand trailing stop loss.

You must have heard from many people that always put trailing stop loss, so that your loss is less and your profit is more. So by putting trailing stop loss, you can reduce your chances of profit. Loss of 10. Now what is this 10 trailing stop loss? I will explain to you. You put10, put 1, put 5, you can put anything. This means that I bought a share for 360. The stop loss that I had put, the trigger that I had put, I put it at 350. That price has increases. Now how does it work? Suppose I put a trailing stop become 370. Now Aim asking you a question. The price has become 370, that means₹ 10 has increased.

Trailing stop loss, I had put it at 10. What does trailing mean? That stop loss will come up to 10. So where will the stop loss, the trailing stop loss come now? Right, it will come at 360. What does this mean? If the share price reaches 370 once, then stop loss, because I had put a trailing stop loss of 10, as soon as there is a difference in the price, my trailing stop loss also rose by 10 points. This means that if my loss goes below 360, then it will be sold before that. My loss will not happen. Why? I bought it at 360, it was sold at 360. Now if it reaches 400, very good, which was our expectation that it will reach up to 400. So with every10 points, our trailing stop loss was also going up by 10 points.

So now our stop loss will come at 390.What does this mean? This means that we bought it at 360, sold it at 390, so per share we will have a profit of 30. If we had bought 100 shares, then we will have a profit of 3000. If we use trailing stop loss, then this is trailing stop loss. With this, you get one more feature here, add stop loss and target price. As soon as you put a target price, let’s say your target price was 400. So as soon as this share reaches 400, your order will be executed automatically.

You need not to do anything. Did you understand far? Well, if you understand, because I will move ahead now. A few things are going to be more advanced, that is also necessary to understand. You were buying here; you can sell here. When you sell, you have to place an intraday order. Intraday means buying the same day and selling the same day. When you are buying, you have the option. When you are buying, you have the option that you want to take intraday or you want to take delivery. You definitely have the option. I will show you again. So we will go here.

So you can see you can select delivery or you can select intraday. Her ewe can use the quantity of orders in this way, but as soon as you go to sell, you can only place intraday orders. Alright, now why will you sell a stock? Now let’s understand selling once. We also call it short selling. What do we mean by short selling? Today we are looking at the price at ₹360, but now what is our view about this? That this share will fall. You feel that it will come at 300. So you have not bought this share, but you can still sell it. How can you sell it? When you execute the order of sale here, then you say that I want to sell it at a rate of 370.When it comes to 370, then that limit price is yours.

So we call it a limit order when you set your price. If you say that you have to execute it on the market, then whatever price is being sold, your share will be sold. After that, when it falls, then it will be your profit. There will be a loss in increasing. So if there is a loss in increasing, then what will you do to stop the loss? You will definitely put atop loss. So you are buying at 360 for example. Now you say that if it increases, if it reaches 370, Then I will have a loss.

So what will you put for 370? You will put a stop loss here. This is your trigger price of 370. Let’s also understand the trailing stop loss here. Let’s assume that you put a trailing stop loss of 10. Now the price was running at₹ 360. Now from 360, you saw that the price started to go down. It came to 350, so your profit started to happen.

Now as soon as 350 came, then because of your trailing stop loss, because it was 10, then your stop loss will comet 360. As soon as you come close to 300, then if the price of 300 comes, then your trailing stop loss will come to 290. So what does 290 mean? Again, you have profit of 300 here’s if you have a profit of 30, you bought 100 shares, then you will have a profit of₹ 3000, even if you see that the price is falling. So now you have understood how to place a stop loss order. If you want to put a target order here, you can actually add the target. You can also add your target price from here.

If you want to sell, then you are taking a target of 300. Your trigger price is 370 and your trailing stop loss is₹ 10. Alright, you have understood this too. Well and good. Now let’s understand little more things. Now I want to add this BPCL to my watch list. I will click here. Now I want to add it to watch list 1. I will add to watch list. You can see by backing. As soon as I refresh in the watch list, my BPCL comes in my watch list. Similarly, now rename this watch list. This is my equity watch list. So I write the name equity heretic want to make my second watch list.

I trade in commodity, so I make the second watch list of commodity. And I want to make the third watch list of currency. So I write the currency name and save it. So now I have made three different watch lists here. I told you how to add watch lists. If you want to remove any share from the watch list, for example, you want to remove ITC from here, then as soon as you select it, you can tick it here and delete it. It will be removed from the watch list. So your script will be removed from there. So this is the basic information. Now I will tell you some advanced things. Let’s say we come to Nifty 50. You are interested in Asian brands, then click on Asian brands.

You will see the chart here. You will also find the market depth here. If you click on the view more, you will find up to 20 orders that are placed in Asian brands. Along with this, you can see the details here. You can also see the signal that this share is increasing now. The signals that are available here are based on SWOT analysis.

So when you click on SWOT analysis, you will also find out what are the strengths of this company at the moment, what is the weakness of this company, what are the opportunities and threats, on what basis they have given the rating and on what basis they are telling that the signal is4 to rise and 12 to fall. So you are also getting signals here.

You are getting the details that what was the open price, what was the high, what was the low and what was the previous close. What is the high of 52 weeks, what is the low of 52 weeks, what is the market cap of this share and after this you can also see the DPR here? Now here youkan sees the volume, you are getting 5 times the exposure in intraday and delivery. Thetis also written here and you can see here 1 month, 3 months, you can see the change here that how much change has come. So in 1 month, this shares 1.90 times, if I talk about the percent, then you can see almost 1.90% has fallen and in 3 months, 6.84% has fallen. In 6 months, it has increased to 5.94%. Similarly, youkan see the news related to this below.

So what will be the benefit of this, you can take your buying and selling decision in a better way and it goes for every share. So here you have information in all the shares. Again, like we were on BPCL, so here you have all the information. They have added one more information. Here you see Super Investor is written. Super Investor means who has taken the most holding in this. The President of India has taken a holding in this. 52.98% whose value in today’s date is more than 44,000 crores. So here you can see everything clearly. Again, for example, I come to Titan. So in Nifty 50, you will see Titan company. Here you can see Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in Super Investor. So it has a holding of 3.8%, whose value is of about 8000 crores in today’s date. So you can see all these things.

You can also see the signals that you do not want to buy. There is a neutral signal here. There is a bullish and a bearish. So you can see that in which you are seeing bullish signals and then you can invest in that share particular script. You can be investing that. So now whatever orders you place here, you will be seeing your books. If you have an order, like the timing of the market has gone, I tried to execute the order for you, so it did not happen, but all your open orders will be there or closed, you will see in the positions. The positions you have made will be seen in the positions.

If you have placed an order, I said it is valid for 1 year, you will see it here. If you want to do SIP in the stock, let’s say you particularly like a stock, it could be any stock. So for example, you can choose that stock for you. Here are the recommendations also coming. So if you want to invest in Britannia, you can see here, you can choose multiple stocks.

So there are many stocks in which you want to start your investment. So if you say that I want to investing Britannia every month, my salary comes on 1st every month and I want to buy Britannia shares every month on 5th. You can choose how many shares you want to buy. You say that will buy 1 share every month, so you already know the value of the share above 3000. Sphere is some information for you.

What is the information? How many returns did Britannia give in a month, how much did it give in 3 months, how much did it give in 6 months, how much did it give in 6 years, how much did it give in 3 years and how much did it given 5 years. Now if you invest for 5 years and you can choose here, you want to take monthly quantity and if you want to increase it, you can increase it. It will tell you how much amount will be used approximately. So around 3500 amount You can do it weekly or daily. It is your choice. So if you calculate here that the will be used.

Amount you are investing, so you are investing an amount of about can see here that after 5 years, the 3500 rupees you are investing3500 monthly, then you monthly, so your invested value will be 2,10,000 rupees, but the value you will get according to that will be 3.44 lakhs, 1.3 lakh rupees will be your benefit.

So you have to calculate the returns according to 18% per annum, which you have got in 5 years. So if you want to start here, you can definitely do SIP. So here are the recommended ETFs, shot stocks are also telling you, in which you want to start investing, so you can start. So this is for SIP. Whatever your holdings will be, you will see here.