So Riyansh is a very simple, sophisticated person. Riyadh is trading regularly. You can go to his channel and seen YouTube that he talks about strategies continuously, he talks about market analysis. And today, Riyadh is going to teach you the most important topic that every trader wants to learn and that is chart reading. Now we are starting with chart reading and as I said that we will go to beginner to advanced level. So Riyadh, welcome and let’s start. So what has happened till now is that I have made a lot of videos, a lot of strategies videos, beginner level videos but there is no playlist. If a new person comes to me, he doesn’t know where to start from.

He watches the main video which has strategies, he watches it directly and applies it. Whereas he was new, he didn’t learn anything, he just saw a profit, saw back testing and applied it. In this series, what we can do is that I am going to teach them from zero. Here we will teach chart reading, how to create strategies, how to play in intraday, directionally, non-directionally, calendars. We will learn all this in a line, one by one and in detail. Itis not that we will take it out quickly. So today’s topic is chart reading. This is considered to be the first topic of the beginner level.

What are we going to learn in chart reading today? What is multi-timeframe analysis? A pro trader does analysis in multi-time frame. He never trades small break out of 5 minutes. He always looks at what is going on in the weekly level and daily level in the market. This is very important. So multi-time frame analysis is very important. After that, we will see what we need in the weekly level. You can use multi-time frame analysis in the weekly level and daily level. And I will tell you how to use charts in intraday level. You must be watching on YouTube that people put daily analysis in many places.

Here we will learn how to make your own daily analysis even if you are a new trader. So let’s start the diet. Absolutely. So this is the chart of our trading view of Bank Nifty. How simulate-time frame here? Multi-time frame means that we will analyze the chart on every level of monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, 15 minutes, 5 minutes,3 minutes. So going from big time frame to the lower time frame means multi-timeframe. We will start from weekly because monthly is not useful right now.

Monthly is useful when you are trading in cash and you have to invest at that time. Otherwise, if you want to become a trader, you can start from weekly. So this is the weekly chart of Bank Nifty. In weekly chart, we will learn how to put support and resistance. We will do the same thing in daily chart and then we will decide when to take trade in short time frame. Whenever you see about a stock, where did buying and selling come from? These are very important points. Buying and selling are not created by a normal retailer. The money of the institution is involved in that place.

Thetis why big candles are made. So big candles are very important in our trading whether it is weekly, daily or 15 minutes. So we are going to give importance to the place from where the market is moving right now. So in weekly, we will put our support and resistance in the place where there are swings. So I am stopping here for a minute and telling you that what Riyansh Sir wants to explain to you is that this is on weekly time frame. And on weekly time frame, he just talked about swing.

Swing means where did the market reverse. Market was going down and started rising from there. So that is swing. If the market was going up and started going down from there, then that is swing. What you are finding out from this swing is that the support from where the market bounced back, where buyers took action, that is an important zone. So identifying support and where the market fell, where resistance was found, that is an important zone. And now you will understand that.

And one more important thing, he is going to tell you right now. So listen carefully. Like Pushcart said that zone, zone word is very important in trading. Because what happens is that we hear in many places that there is support in the market at 18,100. There is nothing like that. It will go to 18,090, it will go to 80 and the person thinks that the support has broken. So because of this, we will create zones. We are not going to draw lines at all, in which we will see that support is at 38,500.

Now will create zones. We will take rectangles. We will take rectangles directly. Otherwise, the person gets confused. He thinks that the support has broken. So we look at swings. This is a weekly chart. We will go simple like this. We always look at the chart like this. You can never look at the chart like this because you can’t create the next one in your mind. So you need old data to analyze. We will read like Urdu. We will read like Urdu. Simple. So here you will see where the swings are.

If I ask you where the recent swing has turned from, the market has reversed from this place. And you don’t see any other swing at this place. So what will this area be called? This area is simply going to be called that buyers have come here. Bull. What does the bear do? It pushes down. So here the bulls have come and they have pulled the market and in 6 weeks, they will take the market up and reach the all-time high. So this is a swing. We will use it as a support. So we are going to draw a zone at this place. Here is the zone. Now we are simple. Now we are only seeing this.

We don’t know what is ahead of it. If you go back here, you will see the same process happened at this place. The market came down from here and boom. So if we are coming in front of this zone, we will drag this zone and we can mix them all. Similar thing happened here. The market went down from here. Similar thing happened here’s you will see that this whole area comes under the same zone. So we will drag this zone from here to here. What will happen with this?

Our whole support level will be formed. See. So the support level that we have drawn, where is it coming? It is most probably at 39000.The market is currently at 43600-4700.So now if I ask someone that you want to do trading, the trading person doesn’t need to know the support below this. Because it is a very important support zone. Yes, the market is above 4000 points from here. When the market comes below 4000 points, you will get more support. So if I say that there is a support here, here is the support, that this is also a support, pull the swing from here, this is also a support.

What is the need here?32000 is not going to come now. It is not like the market opened at night and it is 32000 inthe morning. It will come slowly. So we will make the chart as dirty as it is useful. This is also a process of making the chart dirty. So we will not pull here so that the person is confused. We have pulled this support. Now we need resistance in weekly. Now resistance means from where the market came reverse. So to come reverse, you can see that this is the area from where the market reversed. So we will pull a zone of the same type here also. Here it is.

Now if we go back, we do not see anything. Because the market is already at all-time high. So we do not have any area to direct its we will use only this resistance. And on a weekly basis, now we do not need to draw any lines or zones in the chart. Now the second level of the money time frame comes. We are going to go straight from weekly to daily. Now let’s change it directly to daily in the market. Now the support and resistance we have plotted will remain on the chart. Even if you change the time frame, it is still an important support and resistance level. That’s why we are telling you.

Now we have changed it to the daily time frame. Correct. We have drawn support and resistance in weekly. Weekly means that you are thinking at least for the next 10 to15 days. So you are thinking for 10 to 15 days, which means these towlines will be useful for you. Correct. If the market goes above this, then its value is finished. So delete the one below. You do not have to keep the chart dirty. Because the cleaner the chart, the better your trading will be. Till the time it is in use, we will keep it. Right. What will happen after coming to daily? You have to come here again and find swings.

How is it going? See. You can see very easily that the market has been pulled down from these two zones. And that too very fast. These are 4000, 3000 points. This means that there has been a lot of selling here’s it is visible in the daily time frame. We could not see it in the weekly. That’s why multi-time frame is important. Otherwise, we will say in the weekly that this is our support and resistance. Similarly, what will we make these places in daily? Support at this time. Why am I saying support at this time? Because the market is going above it. Right. Correct. Done. So see this.

It also remains that if you have made support resistance at this time, then support resistance would have been somewhere in the last time. So history repeats. It is said that it was here. Here I will tell you one more thing. Like now we are taking support for us. But there it worked for resistance. And it happens. When resistance breaks once, it becomes a support for you forth next time. Correct. So it is important for you to understand this. As a beginner we are going because there may be one point in your mind. So I left two points and you caught it. No, no, it is the same thing.

I mean, the beginner will have a lot of questions in his mind. Correct. Otherwise, you are covering something and something will happen to mesa this we drew in the daily at this time. This was resistance here. There was resistance here. Now all this was support here in this whole area. It fell down again. Now it is resistance again. Here you do not see any support down. I do not see in daily because I do not see any swing. There is resistance up. There is resistance here and here’s, if the market goes above this, then we don’t have to pull them daily. We have already covered them weekly.

Correct? So, we will get rid of daily diet. Now, let’s go straight to the hourly chart. This is a bit slow because when a beginner sees all these things in the market, But the market has crossed both of them. He sometimes misses things. So, if someone didn’t understand the video, then you have to watch it again. Or if you watch it in slow mode, you will understand more. We are going to use these things daily. And these videos are available for you for free. So, you can watch it as many times as you want. You can also make notes. Continue. So, this is our hourly time frame. In the hourly time frame, you can see a short-term swing in many places. Like here, you can see a swing three times.

One area has gone up. One area has gone up. And this is the other area. You can see four supports in the hourly time frame. It is very important to pull this. Why? Because the hourly support supports you a lot in intraday trading. Because in intraday, the breakouts in 5 minutes and 15 minutes can be confirmed by hourly. Hourly is a big time frame for intraday trading. What is the use of weekly? There is no use of weekly and daily in intraday trading. So, we will draw all these four parts of hourly here and use it in intraday. Done. So, this is the main part of our multi-time frame. It is over here.

Weekly, daily, hourly. Now, because the 15 minutes and 5 minutes that come after this, are not included in our multi-time frame. Because we are going to do it daily in intraday. As I told you in the beginning, we are going to prepare here that you will not need to watch any video of anyone if you are continuing it. Even I put this thing daily, what is the analysis of tomorrow. You can create it yourself. You don’t need it, now let’s reach the simple intraday time frame. This is the 15-minute time frame. Here. Now, this chart will look very clean to you. You are getting i.e. will tell you directly that where is a good support at this time. Simply, a person can say that the next support is at 43,200.

And if I say resistance, then simply, where will the next resistance reach? At 44,000. He got a broad view in intraday that I have to see trading between 43,200 to 44,000. If the market is in between, then it is possible that there are two types of traders. One is directional and the other is non-directional. A non-directional person has got a very good trade. He knows that the market can be stuck between 44,000 and 43,200because it is a support and resistance.

A directional person can get stuck here. Because he won’t have a clear view. Because the support resistance in the market is a small range. There is nothing for 700-point magnitude. So, it is very tough for a directional person to get a good trade here.

Correct? So, we can also judge this. If the market is stuck around 44,000 and is breaking, then a directional person will get a good trade because there is no resistance above. But if you have support and resistance both and the market is in between, then you can judge what trading you have to do today. Right. Okay. Now, we can draw these things in 15 minutes. Now, in recent, you can see that there is no swing here. No swing. No swing. That means, in 15 minutes, you have this. I can’t draw this here that there is support here and there. It is only here’s, this means that this is that support. If this breaks, then the people who are bullish in intraday trading will lose here.

And if the bullish people in intraday trading lose, then the bears will start increasing their quantity gradually. And when that quantity increases, then the bears will be in a mood to bring down the market. So, you can understand that the bulls are winning as long as the market is above this. Right. So, what we should do is we should not take more bullish trades. That means, you are going to take 5 trades. Take 4 bullish and 1 bearish. Right. If the price action is confusing you, then. We know this thing because of the 1-hour time frame analysis. Right. Because this is support in 1 hour

.Clear. After that, if we see here, the support is somewhere below 15 minutes. This is also the same swing that the 1-hour analysis covered. Right. So, we can understand that these two were support. If we talk about resistance, it is nowhere below 15 minutes. Okay. It is nowhere. So, let’s take the next time frame because we covered 15 minutes in 1 hour. Right.

This is the last time frame. The multi-time frame analysis will end here. Right. After that, we will discuss how to execute the trades and how the people in intraday trading will use this. Right. I can see one thing from 5 minutes. The market has made a breakout. It has done this in the last. In the last, when I was trading, I could not catch this because I did not see the chart in the last. But the market has made a break here. See, this was a support. The market has passed time here and has made a break. It was resistance. Yes.

So, this will work as a support. So, this is the only thing left with us which we can pull in 5 minutes. Now, here, I am not pulling the zone. I am drawing a line normally so that our chart is not confused. Right. Correct. I will make this red that it is visible to the eyes and it looks like a support. . Correct. This is our complete analysis at this point. Right. The person has everything now.

The person is ready to do what tomorrow. Okay. Tomorrow’s plan. Now, as I told you, how will you make tomorrow’s plan? Now, that is the next thing that we will learn here. Yes. Because the person has very little, I mean, you can understand, it has come to the public that people like intraday trading a lot. And it is good too. You can earn good money in it. But you need a lot of skill in it. You need discipline.

Everything is very important. Hamm’s, how will you create your analysis daily? Now, that is the next part. So, let’s start that too. Now, look, in the daily time frame analysis, the big zones above are weak. They have no special use. But we cannot erase them. Why? Because they support us for the conviction in trade and execution. Right. For daily, whenever you have to make your next day’s plan, what will you do always? You will make it on a 15-minute chart. A 5-minute chart is important only for trading, not for analysis. Hmm. We will always take the trade in 5 minutes.

And after that, we can open our chart in 15 minutes and see. Or you can set an alarm, it depends on you, how much you are a trader. Okay. Now, look, in 15 minutes, you can see a 5-minute support here. Okay. You just have to see that the range in the market today, you don’t have to see anything else. In today’s market, I will tell you in raw language for a while, after the time pass, the market has made these big three candles. Right. So, in the end, who will come? Buyers.

Buyers. And if it is a big candle, it means someone has trapped more money. And if someone has trapped more money, if the market comes below this level, then all the rich people will be trapped. And if they are trapped, then they will have to quickly reverse their positions. And as soon as they will take out, the selling pressure will increase and people will panic. These small candles cannot handle this panic. Hmm. So, first of all, we got that if the market comes below this level after opening flat or even gap down, then you can get a good short trade. Right. Correct?

So, this is our red line, this is our area, under which the market is bearish. We are talking straight, our support broke, so we are bearish. Yes, we are bearish. Now, it happens many times that it breaks after opening flat. Many times it happens that it breaks directly from the gap down. In both the situations, we are bearish here. Hmm. Okay. Because if it opens flat and then breaks, then it is a good thing because it made a price action and then it breaks. If the gap comes down, then panic will be created. Right. Because their profit of lakhs and lakhs has become zero or minus.

So, they will get scared and will cut and leave.So, in both the situations, what will happen tomorrow?We are bearish in both flat and down.We will take bearish trade.Now, what happens?Support is here on the downside.Now, many people ask that we have taken the trade.What is our take profit?Where can we cut the trade?Of course, this is a very good support of one hour.

If you are trading in intraday,if I ask you what is the average move?What is the average move of Bank Nifty?According to me,if you see the average move,it is 300 points, 280 points.If you trade at this place,that is basically 43,400.So, if you take a trade from here and the market goes to 43,150,you will get 250 points.Absolutely.

Now, what are you thinking?Do you want 500 points in a day?No, sir.So, simply you can take profit at this place.Easily.I am telling for new traders.The pro traders who have been in this market for a long time,they trail their trade.I don’t want to confuse you by saying trail.I will tell you how to make a simple view.Okay?So, this is our bearish part.If the market goes up flat,if it goes up from where the red candle is,then we are bullish again.Why are we bullish?Because all the time frames in the market are bullish.Right.So, that is why we are taking bullish trades.Keep taking bullish trades till the market is there.Until the market changes its price actionand makes a lower low,we cannot be bearish.

And the lower low will be made only when the market breaks aswing.Right.Which the market has not done till now.Almost, you can say,since one and a half months.Hmm.Clear?Okay.If we talk about the target,the target is nothing at the moment.It is open.But you can try to book your trade at 250 to 300 points.Hmm.Clear?So, the view created yesterday,the market opened flat,went down,we will take bearish and bearish trades.The gap opened,we will take bearish and bearish trades.

The market opened flat and went up,we will take bullish trades.That’s it.The market view of yesterday is over.Now, if I make this thing daily,you will get the same thing from me.I don’t do anything different.I want to teach you what I do daily.Right.Because I cannot tell you that.It is not a scripted thing.We can only tell you what we do.Right.

And the other person can only relate it and learn.Hmm.Correct?So, our second part is also over here.How we will make a daily view.Hmm.Now, many times,a normal person,according to me,a new person comes to do trading.Many times, people don’t have more than lakhs.So, it is very important to learn this thing here.If we want to go from beginner to advanced in option selling,then you should always understand thatif someone tells you thatI will start doing option selling in 1.5 lakhs from tomorrow,this is a tough thing.You will not be able to succeed in return.

So, you should have a minimum amount of 3 lakhs.So, we have cleared this thing too.When you do option selling with minimum 3 lakhs,you can get a good result.So, there will be many people here who will say,For those who are not sellers, who are buying, would you liketo tell them what is the capital load?If you are a buyer, you have learned so much on YouTube thatyou should not buy out of the money.There is a reason for that too, theta decay.

So out of the money comes in less money.So you have to buy at least at the money or in the money.I will tell you the logical reason for this.What is the price of at the money? At least around 200 rupees.If you take one lot, it will cost you around 10,000 rupees.If you go in the money, you bought something around 400 rupees,this is also around 20,000.So in 20 to 25,000, your trade will be put, but that full capitalshould not be yours.You should always have a third part of your capital in any trade.So according to this, you should have at least 1 lakh rupees,then you can put a trade of 1 to 2 lot.So this has made you clear here that if you are trading in 1to 2 lot,then also you should have a minimum of 80,000 to 1 lakh rupees.And if you are going to sell, then you should have at least 3lakh rupees.If you think that I have only 5 to 10 thousand rupees and I willbecome a trader,see it is possible that you do well for that time, but if youwant to sustain it,you need a little bit of money because see it is a business foryou.

Now in business, some money will be required if you want to makemoney.What is in the market, people do not see it as a business.Money came after seeing a little profit.When you remove that thing from your psychology, then you willbe able to become a trader.If we are working hard here to teach everyone,then I would also like everyone to treat it as a business.When you will see it seriously and learn it seriously, then onlyyou can get that thing.There is no loss in business. People do not wait for 5 to 6 yearsin business.

Who is getting profit from the first day?Similarly, you have to treat it that you will not get profitfrom the first day, but you need to try.You give operational cost after putting the business,when that operational cost is 6 months, similarly you watch allthese videos here,you watch all these 10 videos and keep trying.You cannot just watch the video and sit that trading will notcome automatically.You have to try, do it with one lot daily.I always say that keep trying with one lot, keep putting trade,you will learn something.