Well, after reading this blog today, you will have a lot of fun because you will get such information that you can search on the whole internet. You will not find it anywhere because whatever I am teaching you here, I am teaching you from my experiences. Now those experiences are invaluable because you have to give time, you have to gain experience, then you will learn.

See, I am not saying that I know everything because I also learn every day. I am a student of the market and you people will also keep learning. Now what we do in school and college is that we study first and then we give tests. Now when we study first and then we give tests, then our results come.

But what happens in the stock market, we get the results first and we learn from those results that which results were good, why did those good results come and why did the bad results come. So here we will continue Brahmastra. The blog I made before this, it gave you great intraday strategy with which you can make money from the market continuously by following the trend and the big money in the market is made by following the trend.

So here we will tell you the same trend following strategy which I call Brahmastra, I call it triple confirmation strategy. I will continue from there and we will increase its accuracy. We told you that it is 70% accuracy but how much money to invest in it, how much can be made, there are many scenarios, we will discuss that too.

Now those people who did not learn Brahmastra in detail, the blog is there. In fact, you will get it on the end screen so that you can go and continue Brahmastra.

You can see the whole thing that we blog wrote for you. Now today we take a scenario that was today’s market. What is for you, whenever you are reading these blogs, the market will be changing every day.

I am telling you that in the market, the level of bank nifty, the level of nifty, when you see it, it may be different. I have written the blogs before, you may be watching them after a week, you may be watching these blogs after a year, so your timing may be different, but the concept will remain the same.

So let’s discuss today’s concept that what happened. So first of all, we understand Brahmastra. Look here, a beautiful Brahmastra was made. Now look here, Super Trend told me that we can take entry from here. Super Trend has changed here. You can also see the arrow of Super Trend here. Green clock arrow has come.

A few candles before that, I can also see the crossover of MACD. So the crossover has come. This is a positive scenario. MACD is positive. What I see is that Super Trend is positive. I have got two confirmations. Is this entry near VWAP? The answer is yes; this entry is near VWAP. So will this be called Brahmastra?

The answer is yes; this will be called Brahmastra. Now what happens is how much money you have to allocate here is important. Now we are seeing that the market has gone up. Money must have been made by many people who must have followed Brahmastra.

Now those who did not follow Brahmastra, in fact, if you want to follow Brahmastra, then you understand the important concept that how much money you have to invest. Now I will assume for example, it may be different for everyone. You see yours. Suppose you have one lakh rupees. Now will you trade Brahmastra with one lakh rupees? There are two scenarios to trade Brahmastra. We will discuss both. Now we will discuss scenario number A, which was today, which was a very good positive scenario.

In fact, scenario number 2has also come today. So I will tell you scenario number 2. So here are two scenarios. Let’s take scenario A and scenario B. Scenario A and Scenario B. So now what I have to discuss in scenario A, understand that.

Here we are saying that Brahmastra is being made here and I have one lakh rupees. So understand according to scenario A. I will write again. Remember that the scenario that will be A, in this we will maximum whatever capital we have, suppose I have one lakh rupees100% capital.

So I will put maximum 50% capital in scenario and trade. I will not put more than this. I will not do 51 out of 50. Means if I have one lakh rupees, then I can trade with 51,000. I will not trade with 51,000 and if scenario B is made, then you will tell yourself that I will not trade with more than 25% capital.

Means if you have one lakh rupees, then you will not put more than 25,000. The reason is that there can be stop loss in Brahmastra also. Now remember this first. I hope you are making notes because whatever I am telling is highly important.

You will not get it on the net. What you are learning will be fun and when you use it practically, it will be more fun. So there are two scenarios, scenario and scenario B. In scenario A, 50% capital, in scenario B,25% capital. You can do less than this. If you feel that I will trade with 25% then you can take 25%. Here you feel that if you trade with 25%, then I will trade with 10%. It will work, but this maximum is told.

Do not put more than this. Why? Now we understand why Isai that you do not put more than this because stop loss is also hit in Brahmastra. For example, look here in Bank Nifty, you can see that the price has gone up from here, but if the confirmation of the super train came, the confirmation of the MACD came, then it could also happen that the price goes down from here. If it goes down, then as soon as the line of our super train breaks, then our stop loss hits. So stop loss can also be hit.

Now we have already discussed this that suppose your stop loss can hit three times out of ten and if you make a profit seven times, then it can be a very good profit. Stop loss is very small and the profit can be very good. Your capital can also be double. So now we continue from here. Now, in this Brahmastra, we have understood the Brahmastra strategy. From here you will have a requirement of software, which is a great software.

If you trade according to this software, then you will understand both scenarios. Scenario and Scenario B. The name of this software is auto render. I have told you many times that this is a great software and you should also use it.

It will be very useful for you. You should definitely take this software. Now let’s continue from here. What to do continue? What you will see in auto render software, for example, I have come to Bank Nifty. Look here, it is Bank Nifty. Now whenever your Brahmastra will be made, it will have some timing. If you understand here, when this Brahmastra was made, then its timing was 9.20 minutes. Now when Brahmastra is made, I tell you that if Brahmastra is made, then it is not to be left.

Good profit will be made in Brahmastra. So when this Brahmastra was made, we have to make an entry, but how much capital do we have to invest? Do we have to invest more capital or less capital? So when you become a Brahmastra, you can take an entry. Now I give my example. I took an entry here, but I have not increased the quantity too much. When did I increase the quantity? Increased the quantity by going to this candle. You will say that the price has come up a lot. It doesn’t matter.

Why did I increase the quantity by going to this candle? Because it was 9.30 and at 9.30, if you see, then I said that the software updates PCR. What have to see is that is PCR in my favor or against me. If Isere that the PCR is 1.45and the buy signal is coming here, means PCR is positive. Vapes also giving me a buy signal. Means here my confirmation is instead of triple, I am getting confirmation in four ways.

My triple confirmation is going and my PCR is positive. So if I go here and taken entry, I took an entry here, but I increased the quantity here because my confidence increased because if you understood what I explained to you. Scenario Airs that your Brahmastra is making, and PCR is also supportive with it, then what willyou do? You will trade with 50% quantity, but if Brahmastra is making, then we willnot leave Brahmastra.

Even ifPCR is negative, if it is against PCR, it is also negative, then we will not leave it, but we will trade with only 25% quantity. Means my quantity is going to be less if Pucras not in my favor. Now why did I not leave it? Because I have explained to you what happens if you understand the option chain.

According to the option chain, your PCR is being made, put call ratio is being made, how much open interest is on the put side, and what do we talk about here? It is not just about open interest. Whenever you go to the auto-return software, then understand here that PCR is taken out from the change in open interest, which I do not see from the NSE website and there is a relevant strike price here.

I do not need a price. Whatever is at the money here, a little above and a little below the strike, you can see that the change in PCR is being calculated6 strikes above and 6strikes below. Now I have seen that PCR is of 1.45, I have also increased my quantity. Now what happened, after that the move started.

Now as soon as the move started, look PCR is changing and if it is going in my favor, then my confidence is increasing more that I will make a trade. The first thing is how long will I make a trade? I told you that we will book 50% quantity when we see the crossover of MACD.

Most people do not stop till the end. Why can’t they stop? Because the buyer is afraid that if the price falls from here or if there is a sideways movement in this way, then nothing will happen. Then my money will not be made much, so it goes away.

But what we want is that as long as our trend is going, we will remain in it. So we book 50% profit in the crossover of MACD. Now here my PCR was positive, it was with me and what I saw that after this, according to the 15minute time frame, you can change it here. You can also do it according to 5 minutes.

As soon as you go according to 5 minutes, then what happened in the next 5 minutes, I have to track this too, then from 1.45, the PCR was 1.57. It increased. As soon as it increased, my confidence increased more.

Then in the next5 minutes, I will go to the1.80 in the first 5 minutes and in the next 5 minutes it became4.45 means PCR was extremely bullish I will sustain in this trade and while sustaining I will make profit because Brahmastra is in my favor, PCR is in my favor, today money will be made from the market. You understand and in the same way, the people who followed this strategy made money.

Now let’s discuss number B, we have discussed A, see what happened here, is this Brahmastra? First of all, the timing is out, I say that after 3 o’clock, the market can have lot of volatility, but still we discuss only Brahmastra, we avoid the timing.

Now you see here 3.10, it is 15.10, this candle is made and what this candle shows are that our trend has changed from here, the down trend has started and sell here and at the same point of time MACD tells me to sell it. I will show you, I will enlarge it a little more so that you can see. So see here, the candle said to sell, MACD also said at the same point of time that you sell it.

Now I told you that in the scenario of selling, if VWAP is down, then there is nothing better than that. So here my double confirmation has happened that Vapes also down here. MACD has a crossover, Super trend has a crossover, so is this Brahmastra?

The answer is yes, it is Brahmastra, but now I will go at this time, what was there at 3.10, here you seat 3.10, I come to the 5-minute time frame, at 3.10, the Craws extremely bullish 5.29. Now in this scenario, I am going to trade against the PCR. Now am showing you this for example, it is possible that instead of 3.10, it would have been made at 12.10 and at that time you saw that the PCR is against, so should I trader not, at that time you will trade,

but what will you do, you know what your stop losses, your stop loss is super trend, but you will not keep your maximum allocation of capital open by 25% because PCR is not in your favor. Now what will happen with this, your accuracy will increase.

Where we are taking aggressive trades in favor of PCR, we are making fat money. If PCR is against it, it is possible that if PCR comes in favor and this price goes down very quickly, then we will make money because we have not left Brahmastra, but the most important thing is that if Brahmastra is made, then there is no need to leave

i.e. are not leaving Brahma strain both scenarios, scenario A and scenario B, we are not leaving it in both scenarios, we are making money in both scenarios, but we are doing our capital allocation according to PCR.

We are making our trades more successful, so this again, what I am telling you, as Isai, you will not get it anywhere, because you can say that this is my theory, I work on it and it is giving me results. You do not blindly believe me because I will tell you that today you are learning and I am learning. It is not that I am teaching you, so I know lot.

Yes, it’s just a little time and I am also learning continuously. I am learning very fast. You are also learning, so it is possible that you discover more things, but enjoy sharing with you the things that are giving me results.

See if I am getting benefit from this and it is getting benefit continuously, then I am teaching you those things. You are getting free of cost information, but I am telling you genuinely that you can take a lot of time, you can take a lot of training, despite that, you may not get what I am telling you to learn because these are my own experiences, but you will get a lot of benefit from them.

So if you want, do virtual trade, but you use them and see, you will have a lot of fun. Now, in fact, the super trend strategies that I am telling you, trend following strategies, I told you that money is made by following the trend. Whether you trade in Bank Nifty or you trade in Nifty, money is made by you when you follow the trend. Now, similarly, if you look herein Nifty, then what happened here at this place, this candle said that Brahmastra has made a crossover, there is a crossover of MACD, that sell it.

Now, what do you see at that time, what was the PCR of Nifty at that time, now this is also about 3.10 minutes, so in 3.10 minutes, Nifty’s PCR was also highly bullish, it was5.62, so here also my capital allocation will be less. This is a matter of timing, I said it was made at 3 o’clock, it was made at 1 o’clock, it was made at 12 o’clock, you check the PCR according to the time, you will get more benefit from this. So now I hope the concept is clear, it is important to be clear about the concept, the clarity of the concept will be very much fun.

Now there is one more thing, you remember that, we have taken the default setting of the super trend that you get here, but I have suggested that you use the setting of 20 and2, how will this happen, there will be two things, you will see that the line of the super trend has come closer, so your stop loss has come a little closer, in fact, there-entries that you will get will be according to this.