Are you an aspiring creator looking for guidance to grow your audience? Are you a business that wants to grow its reach on social media platforms? Are you having trouble managing your wealth and money most efficiently? Do you want to learn how to engage the audience with your social media content? Don’t know how to attract sponsors? Don’t know how to approach prospects for collaboration? To address these questions and more, the biggest creators’ event is happening in New Delhi.

Social Media Growth Conclave is the biggest, awaited event of 2022, where more than 200 YouTubers, creators, influencers, and prominent people in the digital marketing arena will share their growth hacks, tools, struggles and learnings in the process of becoming a successful influencer. This is a golden opportunity for budding creators to extract useful information and utilise it in building the foundation of their creator journey.

Among a plethora of creators, the famous financial influencer Pushkar Raj Thakur and everyone’s favourite Roadie RannvijaySingha will be present to impart their perspicuity to the audience. Learn growth hacks to build a massive social media following and gain more subscribers and followers on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Pushkar Raj Thakur is an entrepreneur, influencer and YouTuber, famous for his content on financial literacy, business development, and more. He has always been an avid learner, driven, ambitious and diligent in his career pursuits. Pushkar is a self-made man empowering youngsters to #GoSelfMade and become financially independent. From a young age, he set upon his entrepreneurial journey and has been flourishing ever since. Pushkar elevates the growth of businesses by acting as a business coach and consultant. His ventures focus on a holistic approach to inspiring people by analysing the market, practices, and more.

Pushkaris geared up for the Social Media Growth Conclave to share his knowledge, insights, and secrets to enable aspiring creators, businesses and audiences to elevate their digital marketing game and boost their overall social media presence and engagement. To gain first-hand information and knowledge from the business, financial, and marketing whiz is an opportunity not to miss.

Social Media Growth Conclave is the biggest creators’ event happening in 2022 at Talkatora Stadium from 29th May, 10 a.m. onwards. If you are running a business or are an aspiring creator looking for exposure and guidance, this event is for you.