Pushkar Raj Thakur: ‘Social Media Growth Conclave 2022’ is being organized on 29 May 2022. Eminent Businessmen, Motivational Speakers, Marketing Gurus, Financial Influencers and Personality Development Coach ‘Pushkar Raj Thakur’ will also participate in this conclave.
Social Media Growth Conclave 2022: Today we talk about social media, for a common man it starts with just likes, comments and shares and ends on tags. Now the point is to understand that we have to think beyond ‘Eating Golgappa with Ninety Nine and Others’. If you want to think, then think that this social media has become such a chicken today from which we can get a golden egg every day.

To be held on 29th May 2022

How can today’s youth use the growth of social media to make their dreams come true, give a new direction to their business, achieve their financial goals in less time? With some similar objectives, ‘Social Media Growth Conclave 2022’ is being organized on 29th May 2022 at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.

Most sought after personality

Make this historic event a wing of your dreams with a team of renowned Businessmen, Motivational Speakers, Marketing Gurus, Financial Influencers, Personality Development Coach ‘Pushkar Raj Thakur’ and other social media experts from across the country. Will do ‘Pushkar Raj Thakur’ is constantly giving a new direction to the marketing business with its innovative ideas, new technology and best use of social media platforms. Pushkar Raj Thakur has made every impossible possible in his life. Today, he is giving perfect tips to grow business by using his smart vision, his awareness of financial facts, his commitment towards sales and marketing and the psychology of the public. ‘Pushkar Raj Thakur’ has become the most sought after personality of the country as a businessman today. The ‘Social Media Growth Conclave 2022’ is a golden opportunity to take advantage of this prowess.

May be financial training

‘Pushkar Raj Thakur’ is looking at social media growth as a financial training and business growth in today’s era. Today is a golden opportunity to learn from him about Marketing Strategy, Financial Upliftment, Business Scaling. They believe that instead of spreading their hands in front of ‘Shark Tank’, today is the time to make themselves ‘Shark of the Sea’, not ‘Shark of the Tank’. Today, ‘Pushkar Raj Thakur’ has 5 million subscribers on social media like YouTube, which is increasing continuously. ‘Pushkar Raj Thakur’ is heartily keen to share his talent with the people through this event. This event will not only help people increase your followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, but they will also get an opportunity for business development through this. This ‘Social Media Growth Conclave 2022’ can also have a definite opportunity to win smart phones, watches and other attractive prizes.