So now we are going to start a beautiful lesson. So today with the start of this event, I am going to give you two strategies. One is investing strategy and the other is a trading strategy. So with this, I start the official attempt of Guinness World Records from this moment. So most of you have come here to learn something that we can become better investors, better traders. Now tell me genuinely how many of you do SIP in today’s date. No, whatever you don’t do, now I want their hand raised. And there is no problem. If you are a starter, it doesn’t matter. Because we will talk something now.

How many people do not invest in SIP now? Not a problem. Now how many people earn money here every month? Alright, so the majority of people earn money. But I have seen the hands of the majority of people who do not invest in SIP at today’s rate. Okay, whatever you do, when we talk about the stock market, then multiple things come in front of us in the stock market. That we can invest in stocks, we can invest in mutual funds, through SIP we can investing mutual funds and stocks.

We can trade, we can trade short term in trading, we can trade-in options, we can trade in intraday, we can do multiple things. Alright, so those who do not invest yet, it will work till now, but listen for the future. Many people tell me that when we invest in SIP, then we will get its benefit after 10years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, which I will show you now.

So what is the use of money in old age? I tell you the biggest thing, when you invest in systematic investment planning, it means that every month you choose a date, it can be 1, it can be 5, it can be 10, it can be15, at least the money starts joining. Otherwise, genuinely tell me, how many people are there who do not have any money left?

The majority will be there, even if you do not raise your hand, I know. I want to tell you one thing, today you are from any work, today your family conditions are anything, the financial condition is anything, I am telling you genuinely, I have seen everything, now why will I be able to say this, some people will say that we are at zero, I started with a minus,

when I started my career business, whatever you say, I had loans, so it was not just mine, it was family loans, so people start from zero, I started with minus, it took me many years to pay off the loan, first the holes were dug, they were filled, then the foundation was laid and it was good, then I saw that the buildings are made like this,Burj Khalifa is also made like this.

so if you have a similar condition, then there is only one difference, there was a time when I was sitting there, I have written it on a blog, and today I am here, there is only a difference in timing between you and me, there is no difference in timing, there is only a difference in timing, so Kuna sires sitting here, Kuna sir says that timing in the market is more important than timing in the market, now say market, say business, ultimately you want to grow money, so financial education, give me that button, so that I can change the slides if you have,

otherwise it’s okay, so financial education, according to me, people say what should be studied in financial education, we say that in school and college, there is no study on financial education, so what I mean by financial education, first of all, a person should know how to earn, and the skills that are important to earn, those skills should come, so in school and college, training is not given on the skills of earning,

so if you know how to earn money, you have only learned one part of financial education, if you know how to earn money, you can’t say financially educated, because many people, how many people earn here every month, how do you earn, but now the second question comes, everyone is earning money, how many people know how to grow it, the earnings are also big, and the third thing, you will have to learn management, you will have to learn asset allocation, so it is important to stay after learning,

some people come, start earning, think of growing, but after that, when the money increases, their money goes to such places that it sinks, some people must have heard that their money has sunk, they have earned a lot,

but it has sunk, are there any such people here, so one important aspect is that whit is important to grow money, because there is something called inflation, there Isa small chart of inflation, thesis data for you people, that every year you can see how inflation ist increasing,

so here you will see the average, so the average is also above 6-7% that inflation is increasing every year, inflation is general, so it means that inflationist increasing, if you put money in your safe today, then according to this percent, its purchasing power will bless every year,

if someone has put 10 lakh rupees in a safe10 years ago, then the goods that come from 10 lakh rupees will not come today, simple logic, so if we do not grow money, so if you are keeping money in the bank, what are the options you have to grow money, so typically there are many options, so I have kept something interesting for you too, so I will tell you, so to grow money,

you have to invest money somewhere, and to invest money, the typical options we follow, we invest money in real estate, for thousands of years, the safest investment strategy is said that money came, you bought land format, very good, but now what is it that tall buildings have started to be built, in the last few times,

there has been fraud with many people, there has been a scam, people’s money has also been lost, and it is not necessary that if wept it, it will grow, only Landis such a thing, I think that if it is also in a good place, then there is no depreciation in it, in general, but otherwise real estate is still considered the safest option, that money is spent, once you invest, then I like one thing in it, I am a real estate investor myself,

I will tell you genuinely, apart from investing in the stock market, I am a real-estate investor, but I will tell you a barrier of it, the barriers that if you want to buy real estate in the stock market, then it will not come in lakhs, good real estate, you need a lot of money, so it becomes an entry barrier for most people, because most people generally have one house,

and many people do not even have a house, and if you have read rich dad poor dad, how many people have read it, so it is clearly explained that your house is not your asset, it is a liability because it does not earn, yes, its money is increasing on papers, but it does not earn you, so asset is something that earns you, but okay, many people here will consider the chartered accountants an asset, they have to put it in the asset,

so anyways, the definitions can be different, but real estate is one option, the other option is gold, we have been buying gold at different festivals in weddings for thousands of years, because we think that gold is a backup, another gives a lot of jewelry, gold, why does she give it, because it will come in bad time and it comes, but think the dialogue should be changed, because you are saying from the first day that it will come in bad time, it means bad time will come,

I mean, Bhupendra Singh is sitting here and he clearly gives very good training on these belief systems that it is necessary to change, so why do you have to attract such a thing, don’t talk about it, next, so saving accounts, there are many banks these days that give good savings, but one thing is that you keep money in the bank, it does not increase much, basically whatever interest rate the bank gives you, whether it is in the saving account or in the fixed deposit

, it will save you from inflation, just if it is giving good, but if it is giving3% and you are seeing6-7% is the average of inflation, then you are going to have loss, so you will have to learn where to invest money, then lending, what does lending mean, till now we used to give money on interest in our ask prod so,

now a lot of P2P aphthae also come, you must have seen, like I have an example here, like this is unit, 12%,I mean there is no promotion, just I am saying that here you get interest, so you must have seen from 9% to 12.99%, if you keep money in these apps, then you lend money.

If you have 1 lakh or 10 lakhs so this is typically RBI’s guidelines and on lending, whatever investment you have that if you want to invest more than 10 lakhs you have to give a net worth certificate then you can invest up to 50 lakhs but one thing to remember is higher the returns higher the risk

you’ll have to remember this so you can understand and read but yes, you can lend your money your money can beat inflation if you lend but you have to check who is lending where you are giving the money next, there are many insurance and investment schemes you can invest in them next, mutual funds have already made many blogs on mutual funds but you understand

I hope what mutual funds are next, we can invest in stocks and shares people know these options but now comes the event of today specifically we are talking about investing in stock marketer trading in stock markets the question is can share market make us rich how many of you think share market can make us rich all of you have seen scam 1992big bull, so money is made in bear market we’ll tell you with the power of shock.

Sub Ashish  ok so now the question is when we talk about share markets this is such a big market where to invests the question is where to invest and more important have written down why to invests you have understood the answer if you don’t invest money anywhere it won’t grow

if you don’t invest money anywhere it won’t grow generally suggest to beginners that you your investment first of all when you want to grow the money say double will tell you the rule of double you can start with index fund genuinely tell me how many people don’t know about index fund it’s ok if you don’t know how many people don’t know about nifty ETF 

ok so index basically what happens like we say nifty 50so nifty is our index how do we know if the market is going up or down we simply see nifty and we say nifty is going up means market is going up nifty is going down so market is going downs is on national stock exchange top 50 companies which are listens is made from that so if you invest in nifty you can’t directly buy nifty let me tell you this you can buy shares,

reliance, that but you can’t invest in nifty you have two major ways to invest in nifty one is index fund and second is Esso if you invest money in nifty so in India’s top 50you invest money in nifty so if India grows India’s top 50 companies will grows your money will grow

And the best thing about investing in nifty is if any company doesn’t perform then it gets out of nifty litany company which is at the top will only be in nifty that’s the best things in the last few years nifty gave good returns now you can see market is going sideways but you have to understand if India’s inflation increases prices of things will increases ultimately there is no chance of population decreasing in India do you all want to get married?

You look like unmarried will you have kids? Will you get them mobile phones? Will you get them clothes? Will you get them cars? Will you get them houses?

Then India will grow because ultimately if India’s population is going to increase then demand for things is going to increase the companies which are still going on people will buy houses and get them painted people will make furniture and buy fabric alls so if you buy a car you will get a tires there are multiple things which you know but now buying that same share or not buying it is a different concern for that you have to do a fundamental analysis

that is it getting on right valuation or not but my sessions not on this my session is simple if you want to grow will show you a simple conceptive money is double today someone has only 10 lakhs some people say it is only 10 lakhs and some people say it is only 10 lakhs there is no value in share market that I am telling you there is nothing if you think I will invest 10 lakhs and make Nifty move then you will move that is written below 12.8 crores

if you invest that also money will disappear in a seconds our market is very big but a simple logic today there is 10 lakhs so you see simply 10 times 2020 times 40you know this simple mathematics40 times 80, 80 times 1 crore is 60 lakhs3.2 crore, 6.412.8, it is looking good but how will it happen we will talk about its here see a simple rule of 72rule of 72 says whatever interest you are getting

example I said if you have landed and you are getting 12%interest so if you are getting 12%interest then divide it by 72so you will get to knowing how many years your money will doubles if you are getting 12% interest then if you divide it by 72 then what will be the answer6in 6 years money will double and if you got 24% from somewhere by using your brain and you can get that we will talk about more than that today

we will learn such things that we can double our money fast but this will not happen overnight will tell you those who want to become rich overnight now it is Sunday and it is expiry and we have become millionaires

so I am telling you Ghanshyam sir will not teach you this means realistic expectations should be thereof a person’s here we are talking about doublings if this happens in 6 years then it will take 6 years to become 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs it will take 12 years to become 20 to 40 lakhs now you are thinking it will take 12 years so I said there is no formula for overnight but you can do this process fast because rule of 72 says if you get more more returns on your money then you will take less time

and it can be fasts now I will show you a simple thing which I have talked about systematic investment planning because I am not promoting any mutual fund scheme,

I am just telling you a logic you understand this logic take this logic home understanding the power of compounding is very important so it is connected now I guess alright so here is a simple calculation that if you invest 100 rupees daily which is 3000 rupees per month if you invest we are talking about Sips and if you get 15% returns have told you in mutual funds that best mutual funds can be index funds for you that you can invest according to nifty index and for 10 years if you invest 3000 rupees

how many people spend more than 100 rupees per day obviously everyone does so simple logic is if you invest in Sips then the more duration you have the more money you can earn now here our SIP game if you invest only 3000 rupees and you get 15% returns then our internet will be shut means this much money will come  anyways you can calculate yourself 

finally do the Sips whatever money you are earning invest a part of it every monthdoneso money is here you will have 4.8 lakh rupees in 10 years this is not a big deal the big deal is have a rough question those people who think that in 10 years if you have made 5 lakh rupees then in 20 years you will have 10 lakh rupees how many people think this before

I calculate some people may think that in 20 years also only 10 lakh rupees will be made but now let it take time in calculation you have a lot of money he is stuck when it comes then tell mesa it will not doublet will compound and it will become 38 lakh rupees so people will think what will happen in 30 years it will doublet will become 38 lakh rupees it will double just see this magic this is the power of compounding it will become 2 crore rupees

but the point is the one who has not started investing his money sorry his will not be successful the money which is not getting deposited the money which is not getting invested how many people want to learn a trading strategy

oh my god how many people have a basic idea of option trading yes then I can give because what I am going to give you a strategy of options now I will tell you how many people know about brahmastra alright you have learned a lost you know the brahmastra so basically we told youin the beginning at beginner level for buying options now we are talking today I am going to give you a strategy brahmastra is safe .