Namaskar. Jai Shri Ram.Jai Shri Ram.How are you all? So, today, we are talking all day. And I was listening with great interest to what Pushkarji was saying. Then I listened to Anandji’s options and strategies very carefully. So, today, everyone will talk about something interesting. I have come to talk about something boring. So, what I am going to say may seem boring to you. But, after two years, three years, four years, when you lookback, that we attended Pushcart Raj Thakur’s event in Delhi, there was one thing that was in my ear that is still coming tom mind. So, I am going to talk about that boring thing.

 So, how many of you want to hear boring things? Tell me honestly, how many of you have joined the market afterCOVID? How many of you are actually earning money from the share market? Tell me honestly, there is no income tax officer here’s, tell me honestly, how many people are earning? Now, I will ask the question in reverse, I don’t know from this. How many of you are not earning? How many of you are not earning from the share market despite watching YouTube videos? This is the reality. How many of you are not earning? So, those who are not earning and those who are earning, there is one very important thing that I want to say, it is a matter of heart. I have more experience than you all.

 Because most of you are younger than media am assuming this. Yes, it is possible that my heart age is less than yours. But your biological age is less than mine. So, one thing that is very important for you to know is that India is changing very fast. Many times we get stuck in small things and miss big pictures. It is very important to see big pictures and today I am going to show you that big picture. So, understand one thing that there was a time when to move forward, there was a need for three Esther first E was English language. So, it was believed that if you don’t know English, then you can’t do anything in life. So, to be successful in life, the first E that was needed was English. But today that concept has been completely removed. How many people believe that to move forward, you need English? How many people believe that to move forward, you need English in life? There are very few people, there is no one who believes this.

The second E that was needed was exam. That means, if you have passed some exam, then only you can move forward in life. Whether it is IIT exam, UPSC exam, or any other exam that you have given, then only you will be successful in life. The third E was exit. If you are working in another country after leaving the country, then you are considered successful. But the E of today’s era is equity, which means our own sharemarket. And remember that whoever participates in equity, will be successful in the future. People will talk about it. How many people believe that the future is of Indian share market? So you all believe it.

 Those who are not believing it today, will believe it after 5years.Because there is a big revolution in Indian share market. And we will understand this revolution through charts. How can you be a part of it? We will talk about it. But before that, I want to tell you one thing. There will be sunshine in the journey. I will say it again. At least say it. There will be sunshine in the journey. If you can walk, then walk. There will be sunshine in the journey. If you can walk, then walk. For someone, the paths don’t change. If you can change yourself, then walk. So you have to change yourself. The market will not change for you. If you think that the market will change for you, then it iswrong. You have to walk with the market.

 So I will tell you some boring things. But before that, I will try to put a chart in front of you. So here is your chart. And this is Dow Jones chart. Like we have Nifty, in the US we have Dow Jones. And this is the yearly chart. Yearly chart means one candle is equal to one year. It is a very long chart. This chart started in 1900.And today it is 2023.So this is the data of 125 years in front of you.125 years of history. In this 125 years of history, you will see. Look at this chart carefully. If you want, you can frame this chart. And hang it on the wall in the room where you trade. So the chart thought that you are going to hang it on the wall. So it may have disappeared but came back. Now look at this chart carefully. This is the history of Dow Jones for 125 years. Now if you look at this carefully. In this, the series of 4 candles was made only once. The series of 4 red candles was made only once. Between 1929 to 1933.In 1929, there was a great crash in the US.

There was such a terrible crash that people repented from thestock market. After that, America went into depression. Depression lasted for 3 years. There was a huge financial crisis and people repented from ion the stock market. People said that this crisis has come because the stock market had increased. And after that day, a whole generation came to the US. Who did not take any interest in the stock market. For many years, the stock market kept going sideways like this. And after that came the breakout. And after that breakout, the generation that came into power.

Like today your generation is coming into power. Are you coming or not? Are you feeling the power? So the economic power, the financial power that will come to your generation. You will not have the baggage of Arshad Mehta. Similarly, this generation that came to America in the 50s did not have the baggage of Great Depression. At the same time, investors like Warren Buffet came to the fore. Who gave their entire share market and the share market gave them a lot of returns. If you see the history of the US market from here. You will never see a series of 4 red candles.4 red candles together. After 1933, it is not seen on this chart. That is, even if there is a fall, then 1 or 2 red candles weremade. More candles were made green.

 Unbelievable wealth Investors in US who trusted in share market invested those who were scared of share market who were hesitating who were considering it as gambling and you see the result of it they could not participate in this wealth they could not become Warren Buffets if you believe that India is also on the path of Sand here also you will see the same growth which you have seen in US whereas I believe here growth will be seen at a faster rate than Show many people believe that growth in India will be better than Using next 10 years so if you believe that India will give better return than Using next 10 years then you should keep this chart in minnow let’s see the yearly chart of Nifty so after Dow Jones

 let’s see the yearly chart of Nifty will repeat it once those of you who are in 15-5 minute queue may bayou could not understand the timing of chart that this chart is yearly means one candle is equal to one year and compared to-do Jones age Nifty’s age is very less Nifty is growing here you can see Nifty was born in 1990today is 2023so there are only 33 candles on this chart only 33 yearly candles whereas we have seen 125 candles on Dow Jones here there are only33 candles and in this 33 candles there are only 8 red candlesonly8 red candles the fall that shook us all was fall of 2008and the candle of 2008

you can see fall of 2008andcandle of 2008this candle you can seethes big red candle this is candle of 2008apart from this if you see the history of Indian market for last 33 years the market is going up continuously the number of green candles and red candles are many times different if you still remain in doubt  that I will buy and market will fall should I invest in marketer notify you have this kind of doubt then you will miss the chance the coming time will ask you that you went to Tyagaraj stadium and there was a huge   were interested in share market and you were getting share of this then why you didn’t buy ?

you have to answer this questions today if you go from here and understand one thing that share market opportunity is unbelievable and India is following the footsteps of US the way there was uptrend same way uptrend is coming here and still you couldn’t earn even after knowing this much then you should really ask yourself a question how many people are there who are investing everyone is doing trade how many people are investing raise your hand how many people are there who are investing

 so see today remember this thing whether you do something or not whether you do trade or not investing is very important for you see Warren Buffet has earned so much money does anyone have any idea can anyone tell what is net worth how much money Warren Buffet has earned does anyone have any idea any ideas10 billion dollar20 billion dollar30 billion dollar85 billion dollarmoresee100 billion dollar plus he earned from share markets

see there is no limit to how much you can make but why Warren Buffet is earning and why others are not earning, do you know that today Warren Buffet’s aegis 90 plus and he still wants to make long term investments long term investments at the age of 90he wants to invest for long term think about your age and your investment horizon think about it if you do the difficult work then you will make money if you do the work that everyone is doing then you will not make money this is my life learnings think about doing the difficult work investing for long term is difficult and boring but it takes you from somewhere to somewhere and this work is not as difficult as you think will give a small formula

 And end my talkie will give a small formulate everyone long term investments, medium term investments to make savings so let’s change let’s change a little so see this is trading view everyone is aware of this how many people see charts everyone see everyone see wonderful see go to this trading view and there is an indicator whose name is comparative RSIcomparative relative strength of a stock if you have a paper or pen then note it if you are used to taking pictures then you can take pictures so comparative relative strength of a stock choose this indicator and put it on the screen like this this is not RSI which you are aware ofthis is a little different

 now see this dotted line you can see because we are comparing it with Nifty this indicator comparative relative strength means it is useful for comparative analysis and in medium term investment there is no indicator bigger than this so if you want to invest then check your share on this indicator take the name of any share can hear Yes Bank are you saying Yes Bank are you saying Yes Bank come let’s see Yes Bank let’s sees this is the indicator in front of you on top is the chart of Yes Bank which you can seagoing in the bottom and you can see the indicator which I have put down there are two lines one is comparative Rind second is 100 period average now you see this indicator carefully make a rule for yourself that you will take the share where comparative RSI is above 100 period average just make this rule and you will see that you will get the natural shares and the shares which are going down and underperforming will go away from your hands

 so this is Yes Bank let’s see ICICI Banks you can see that the difference between the two is huge in ICICI Bank comparative RSI is above its average and in Yes Bank comparative RSI is below its average if you look at this thing carefully if you trade and invest in Yes Bank then the choice of shares will not be wrong if the choice of shares is right then you will win more than half of the game the timing does not make a big difference it is less than what we think the biggest thing is stock selection let’s see a share of Adan and I will end the talkies there anyone who is affected by Adani here? Let’s go So, this is the chart of Adani port.

If you look at this chart carefully, you can see that there was a time when it was outperforming the moving average. That is, the comparative RSI was above its 100 period average. In that period, Adani port became faster. Then you saw a time when this indicator went down, that is, Adan port started underperforming Nifty. And after that time, you saw that the whole trend reversed. So, do look at this indicator when you invest. Whether you do something or not, do invest. For a long period from medium to long, make a great portfolio. And this portfolio will fulfill all your desires. This is my belief. So, with this thought, I conclude my talk. Thank you so much.