Well, a few days ago, I get a phone call from a relative of mine and on the phone he asks me that Pushcart, how do you invest in the stock market? I also have to invest some money. How to invest money? So my first question to him was that why do you have to invest money in the stock market? Well, definitely I guided him.

But my question was very important. It is possible that you are also new today and I will guide you in such a way that you do not know anything about the stock market. It is very important to guide you from the very beginning. So I will definitely guide you. I will also tell you how you will make profits from the stock market continuously.

So when I got a call from my relative and the question was why do you have to investing the stock market? Because I wanted to know what did he see, what did he hear through which he was attracted to the stock market.

Did he see that someone bought shares of accompany from here and the shares increased a lot and he made profit, so he also hastes invest money? Which shares to invest next time, he is also going to ask me. And after that, his expectation is that if someone’s money is doubled, tripled or quadrupled, then something like this will happen to us. It is important to know. It is also important to know that if you want to invest in the stock market, you want to take a step that your money is doubled, tripled or quadrupled.

Alright, nothing wrong. After that, it is possible that you have seen someone trading. Now on Facebook, on Instagram, we see a lot of such videos, we see such posts where we see people’s profits that someone has a profit of 4 lakhs, someone has a profit of 40 lakhs, someone has a profit of 50 lakhs. Now we are suddenly attracted. Now what people want is that we will become millionaire overnight from the stock market. So that’s why we want to take a step in the stock market.

Or you have told a sensible person, why am I saying sensible, now I will tell you the reason fort. It is not that crores of rupees do not become from the stock market. It is not that money is not doubled, tripled, quadrupled. It happens. I will tell you about it. But what I am saying is sensible, that your main objective in the stock market, what should it be, a sensible person has guided you in detail, like we are going to do in this blog. So that’s why you are going to take a step in the stock market.

There can be different reasons. Now here we will start with this, that if you have heard that someone has invested money in someone’s shares and the money has multiplied, it is true. But there is my second question, how much time did it double, how much time did it triple? Time is very important. The second thing you saw someone in the trade that he earned lot of money.

So the questions, is he earning continuously or earning one day? And the second thing, how much money did you invest that you made so much profit? You saw a profit of 50 lakhs. How much did he invest? Did he invest 10,000 rupees and earn 50 lakhs? Visit possible? You will say that we did not pay attention to this. So if you did not pay attention, then by being attracted, will you also get that much profit? Now what is the sensible way? Let’s understand from the starting.

See, the stock market, people think that money is a printing machine. There is a lot of money in the stock market. We have heard such dialogues that the stock market can quench the thirst of the whole of India. How can it quench the thirst of the whole country? Let’s understand this. See what happens when you have money in your hand. You have money, so money loses its purchasing power continuously. Today if you compare, whatever you buy, in any field, five years ago the rate would have been different.

Today the rate has changed, whether it is fruit or vegetable, whether you see the rate of petrol, whether you want to buy a motorcycle, whether you want to buy clothes, whether you want to buy a mobile phone, the price of everything increases and the purchasing power of money decreases. This concept is called inflation. Now you have to understand one thing that to beat inflation, you do not have to keep the money together. So saving is not right. Investing is right.

You should invest money. Where should you invest? You should always invest in assets. The definition of an asset is that an asset is something which makes you money, which brings money. Stocks are an asset for you. When you invest in the stock market, you invest in assets. You must have heard that the owner of the company was once owned by Steve Jobs. Apple company was started by Steve Jobs and the company’s owner was fired one day.

The owner of the company, that is, someone started the company, was fired. How can this happen? This can happen because the real owner is not a director, not a founder, but a shareholder. So whoever has shares, he is the owner. So if you buy shares in company, then you buy ownership right in it. Now the more shares you have, the more you have the right over that company.

Now what does shares mean? If you have bought the ownership of the company, then if the company will earn profit in the future, then you will benefit from that profit. How will it happen?

The company’s valuation increases, the company’s market cap increases. You must have heard about the market cap. The more money the company is earning, the more the company is growing, the more its market capes increasing. If the market cap is increasing, then shares, see market cap is nothing. How many shares of the company and how much is the value of that share?

For example, the company has 100,000 shares and the value of those 100,000 shares is for example, the value of one share is 100 rupees. So if the company has 100,000 shares and the value is 100 rupees, then the company’s market cap will be of 1 crore. Similarly, if the share is of 1000rupees, then the company’s value is of 10 crores. If there are10 lakh shares and the share is of 1000, then the company’s value is of 100 crores. In the same way, you have seen that the company’s value increases if the company grows.

So one is that the price of your shares increases. If the price of shares increases, then your money doubles in the company, but its concept is very simple. Your money will double when the company doubles. The company’s growth will double, the company’s profit will double, the company’s revenue will double. So the more the company grows, the more your money will grow. Now how dowel believe that companies will grow. You consume many products in daily use. You eat Domino’s pizza.

You use Tata salt at home. You use a lot of Tata products. You go to Reliance Trends and shop. You get petrol. Let’s say you get petrol from Hindustan Petroleum. In the same way, you use Airtel’s connection for daily use. You are using the internet of Airtel. In the same way, you use many things in daily use. We have to see that what we’re using and if we are satisfied with the service of a product or a company, then is that company Ltd. Is it a limited company? Can we buy its shares?

If you want to investing shares, then your main concept should be that we have to beat inflation and our money should grow. So here comes the topic of investment. You can invest. In the beginning, you can invest in those companies that are fundamentally strong. In fact, if you want to start an investment and you are new, then you need a Demit account for it. Demat means paperless, DE metalized through which you will buy stocks. Earlier people used to buy on paper.

Now everything has been DE metalized. You can buy stocks online. If you want to open a Demat account, then you can open it on Angeline. So first of all, open your Demat account. When the Demat account opens, then invest in some fundamentally strong companies. Now if you are saying that I will invest in fundamentally strong companies. I don’t know if I am buying more or less. I am new. Let’s say you have identified five companies. Anything can happen. You have done example Reliance.

You have done Asian Paints. You have seen Ultratech Cement. Cements very good. I investing this share. You have seen that I apply coconut oil. Marico company makes coconut oil. I invest in it. You thought Nestle is a very good company. It is growing. I investing it. Now you are investing. I will tell you one thing that you should invest. Don’t think too much. Why? Whatever you want to invest, it is not big amount in the starting, but you invest a good amount. You have invested.

What will happen with this? When your money is spent, your psychology changes. As long as you were looking at the stock market from distance, you were outside, you will not understand anything. When your money is spent, you will start reading about it. You will also start knowing. If the price goes up, you will understand why the prices going up. It will come down.

I am assuming right now. You don’t know anything, but according to you, I am not saying too much, but a good amount of you has been invested in shares. You have invested. You have paid more; you have paid less. What is going on now, what is not going on, you don’t know anything. You are new, I am agreeing, but still you will see everything increasing and decreasing. After that, your learning will start.

So what is the first step? The first step is that if I am investing in the share market, then I understand that am investing for growth. I have not reached trading yet, I will reach. So I am investing for growth, to grow my money and for that, because I want to learn, so if I want to learn swimming, then I cannot learn swimming with money. Into the water, I have just invested in some companies’ shares for which you can open a Demas account. I have suggested you to open an account on Angel one.

So this is your first step. Now what to do after this? The second step is learning. Can’t invest in it. You have to get into the water. So to get Now some people will say that you should learn when you have not invested and after learning you will invest. Now the first investment I made you was because your interest was made. Now you will open it and see.

You will see that the investments going up and down. What are the candlestick patterns? Gradually you will understand lot. What is fundamental analysis? I have told you before that, I have suggested you to invest some money because your learning will be strong.

As you learn, you will invest more money yourself because you earn every month. When you earn every month, then do we have to invest once? Wean do it every month. So now what does it mean to say that you have to learn? What to learn? It is very confusing for people that what to learn in the stock market and where to learn from.

You will see complete learning playlist for the share market in which I have guided you step by step. What is Nifty? What is Bank Nifty? What is Fundamental Analysis? What is PE ratio? It seems very confusing. But even a child can understand. There is a playlist made for you in this language. So your learning will be strong. Youkan go and see that playlist. So now as your learning will be strong, your investing will also be good accordingly. Okay, here some people will have a question.

What are these mutual funds? What is SIP? Everything you will see in that playlist, but you will have to give time. So what is the next step along with learning? Daily time. You want to grow your money continuously. You want to grow only once. If you want to grow continuously, then you have to give daily time to your learning. Whether you take half an hour a day or45 minutes a day. My suggestions that you take out 45 minutes of daily and learn something new and learn to grow money.

This is a very good topic. So you have to learn and give daily time. In the stock market, nothing will happen in a day, two days, one week, one month. You will see the price going up and down a little bit. Nothing will happen. When you are investing, it is a game of compounding. When you are investing, compounding works. Compounding means that even if you are investing5000 or 2000 per month, it can also become crores. How will it be? You will understand it after giving some time.

How will it become crores? What is compounding? You will understand it, but it can happen, but nothing can happen overnight. If you have come to the stock market, you want to earn money. I have not talked about trading yet because will talk about it later. You can earn money by trading. It is not necessary that we have to do only investment. If you want, you can choose trading to earn money, but what is important here is learning. Now trading is also a skill. You can learn it.

Everyone comes here and learns. So today, whether itis Warren Buffet or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, everyone has learned in this world. If you also have start today, then you can also earn a lot of money. It can be learned, but remember that nothing will happen overnight. It is important to sticking the stock market. Idol not suggest trading to people at the beginning. I say that you should invest first. You should learn first. After that, when you feel confident, then you can start trading with a small amount of money, not a lot of money. In fact, you can trade paper before that because there is a trick in trading.

It works like an addiction because sometimes you earn a lot of money even by investing very little money, but you have to trade. There are many things in trade. You can do intraday, you can do swing trading, you can trade-in futures and options. What you have to do is very important and you have to learn for it, but nothing will happen in day or two. In fact, I tell you that nothing will happen in year ,the time you will give to trade will also count.

So in the first year, in fact, I will say that the first two years should have a motive. I have to learn. If there is a loss, then it Isa cost because in the stock market, you earn money, it feels good, but when you lose money, there is no hearing. Every mistake is a punishment and the punishment is that there will be a loss in real. Money will go. Every time you make a mistake, your money will go and every time you have taken the right trade, money will come.

But when money comes, there is a lot of happiness, but when it goes, it does not feel good, but it will go in the beginning. So I am telling you clearly that it may take 1 to 2 years for you to learn and start taking experiences. Some people will say that there is a lot of time, but you think when you want to make something your profession.

A person wants to become an engineer, how many years does he study, he wants to become a doctor, how many years does he study, he also takes experience after that by going to the field, but as soon as you come from the stock market, you want to earn lakhs of rupees and are not ready to give time. I am telling you first that this stock markets not for you. In fact, you can leave by investing, you can forget, your money will increase. These are the basic things, but when you want to trade and earn money, you have to give time and finally, now I will recommend you one thing which is very important.

There is no hurry in the stock market. If you are thinking that everything will be great in the stock market, then it is not like that. The stock markets a game of patience. If you are investing your money, you still need patience. If you are trading, you still need patience. If you do not have patience, you think I am not a patient person, then do not look at the stock market.

There are many such people, but due respect, they do not trade-in stocks, they trade in crypto because they think that the movement is very fast. In crypto, the price increases very quickly, it falls, there Isa lot of volatility, youkan trade. In the stock market, you need patience to make money. If you do not have patience, then do not look at the stock market. There are many other applications in which you can earn money by betting.

There are such apps in the market, so you can try it. I am telling you clearly because this is not a betting market. Thesis a stock market, itis a share market. So there is a difference between a share market and a betting market. Many people have made the share market a betting market, which is not right. So your mindset should be clear that money is made by taking time, but money is not made in haste. So if you are new, what did I guide you, I will tell you. First of all, this is a game of patience.

If you have patience, then enter or do not enter. The second thing I guided you here is that it will take time in trading. If you want to earn money by trading, then it may take 1 to 2 years in the market. If you are taking money, then you will understand that this was my learning fee. You can lose some money in the beginning and it will happen. Until you get experience, it will happen, but you have to assume that this is my feet learn. The third thing I told you is that you have to give time, you have to learn regularly for learning.

Whether you want to trade or want to invest, you have to learn. In fact, some people say that when we are investing, then what is the need to learn so much. What do you think Warren Buffet invests in so many companies throughout the year? Did he invest without learning? Did he invest without doing his research? You have to give time. I told you that you should pay attention to continuous learning. You learn the stock market. Youkan invest some money first because swimming is learned when it is in the water and for that I have recommended a playlist. You can learn for free.

finally I told you that to grow money and to beat inflation, you have to understand the stock market first and you have to invest. I have recommended you to open your Demat account, with which you can make some investment in the starting and you see how you invest. Your interest will be made. You will start learning in abettor way. So these were the starting points.