Many people have a question in their mind that how to start earning money after school or after college. Because before this, when you are in school, you are forbidden to talk about money. You are told at home, don’t talk about money. You are told at school, don’t talk about money. But when you leave school, now you have to go to the world. You have studied college for example.

Now what? Now you are told to go and find a job. You have to earn money, take responsibility of the house. Orin tell you that you have to get a little bit of wisdom. Why did you get the wisdom? Because this is the reality. If you are a boy, because there is no compulsion for girls. Itis the choice of girls. They can work if they want, or not. But boys know that the responsibility of the house is To be taken by the house. We have an Indian culture of a way.

So you have to earn money. And if you get the wisdom soon, it is a very good thing. I also got it that ultimately you have to earn money in life and the sooner you start understanding about it, the better. Because it is not wrong to earn money. It is not wrong to talk about money. Those who have told youths, I think it is wrong. I mean, my personal experience is that children are told not to talk about money.

But children should learn to talk about money. They should learn money management. The sooner they understand this thing, the more chances they will have to become rich, to earn more money and to be free soon. Because money not only buys you lot of things, it also gives you freedom. And as I said, aim not very old to talk about all this. In a few years in front of you, we have grown very well. I started my business at the age of 17.

So what I will tell you today, I will tell you from my experience. At the age of 17, I had only passed 12th. So what I did afterschool, what I understood, what you need to understand, you will find out in this blog. So number one, there Isa difference between skills and degree. I tell you a reality. I definitely graduated from Delhi University after school, but I have not gone to take a degree yet.

I do not know where my degree is because no one has asked me for my degree yet. I did not get my degree. By the time people got that degree, I was settled in my life. By the time people complete their graduation, I was getting so much money that I did not need to do any job. I did not need to think about what to do in life. I had done it. I said that I had come a little earlier. But what is important is that degree, today I want to study, anyone can study.

Today I study a lot in the day. I still study for4 to 5 hours a day. So after studying for 4 to 5 hours, I can do 10 to 12 PhDs. But I think can do it. I do not need it. What do I need? Skills. How big is your degree does not matter in today’s date? What matters is what you know. What you know matters a lot. Today when a person comes to my office, shows me his CV. It is written in the Chee has studied from hereto here. I do not need to see. I never select on the basis of that.

If I am sitting in an interview, I just have to talk for 5 minutes and I can measure person from top to bottom. In just 5 minutes, you will know what is the skill set in him. What he knows, you will find out in his confidence. You have to understand one thing that if today you are being told to focus on the degree, it definitely matters. Somewhere it feels good that if you have studied from IIT or IIM, you have a PhD, it feels good. But what you know matters a lot.

Because companies will hire you on the basis of your degree, but you will get promotion on your skills. And if you hire on the basis of your degree and you do not have those skills, then they will fire you. In today’s date, what are the skills that earn money and give it, understand that. You think that I will do Beach. India Isa mine to produce engineers, but most of our engineers are not employable. They cannot be given a job. What do they know, if you ask them this, they do not have an answer? A simple digital marketing course, a simple VFX animation course, more than an engineer, can provide you a salary in Indian today’s date.

So why do you have to take a loan for education? Why put a burden on your parents? First you, like I did, I had a science in 11thand 12th, so I told my parents that I will go to IIT and why do I have to go there? Because have heard that if you study well and you have done Beach from IIT, then your salary package looks very good. I had to earn money. So I told my parents that I have to prepare for IIT in 11th and12th. I have to prepare for the entrance exam of IIT.

So to prepare for that, I have to join an institute. In fact, not only at that time, I had a PC, that is, I had physics, chemistry, math’s, I also had biology. I mean, I had not only prepared for IIT, I had all the options open. So at that time there was DMT, it was caliper-medical test. So I prepared for this too that I can go to AMC. All options should be open, but it was wrong. Why was it wrong? Because why did I have to do all this? Did have to become a doctor? No, I didn’t have to become a doctor.

So why did I open the option for it? Because have to earn money in life, we will do something from somewhere. So I opened all the options for this. I studied and also spent the money of my parents, but knew that I did not want to do it. So that money was also wasted somewhere and I got to know a little early. I had done the introspection earlier that maybe I cannot become the best engineer in the world, but what can I do well, my mentor told me this. So there is a story about it. Maybe it will guide you. That’s why I am telling you all these stories.

So I used to go to an institute for my public speaking skills. So when we were coming in the evening, he asked me question that what do you want to be when you grow up? So I searched lot. So I said that I have to go to IIT or I have to do bioinformatics engineering. So I told him that I do not know that you will stand in the laboratory tomorrow and work as a scientist or engineer.

I do not know how good you will be an engineer. He said, but I know that the day your comet college, you will set fire. So I do not know that he saw something in me. So he showed way that you can move forward in this field. I did not have big role model to follow. I did not have people to guide me, but I found out that maybe this field is not for me. So you have to decide. Today you cross the school, you cross the college. You have to understand that the field you are moving forward in, whether you have an actual interest or you are moving forward for the sake of a crowd. For the government services in India, how many people are crazy. You think about it.

Whatever happens, the government job will be done. Why? Money will come and to earn money, you have Togo to the government job. So you are not going to do anything. You are going to be a corrupt officer because you have come to earn money. You have not come to serve the country. So you will be a part of corruption there and you will not do anything. It is better to be a businessman. Genuinely earn money, give tax to the country. I say a very small thing.

I also guide people that you should have skills in you. You become a self-made and I motivate people that you can do this. At one time I was running Active. I mean, my father got me that too. So you think that time, there are a lot of differences today. So why did he come? There is a very big factor in it that what do you know? What are you good at? Which skill do you have to focus on? If you do this introspection, which degree do I have to take?

You will be completely different from the rest of the people. You will start seeing something different in this world. If you will focus on, because every person has a different skill. My public speaking skills are good. Someone may have a very good art, someone has a very good animation, someone knows photography very well. There is money in every field. But what is your skill? You have just done a course of photography and you will become good photographer. The answers no.

What you know is important and the field in which a person has an interest, if he does well in it, suppose you are interested in dance, then who said that you cannot make career in dance. Just don’t go to dance India dance. You know dance, you can teach dance. Become self-employed. You can open one institute; youkan opens four institutes. You know how to play the guitar.

Who said you cannot earn money? You can charge 500to 1000 rupees per session. If you give three sessions a day, you earn 3000 rupees a day. You earn 90,000 rupees a month. Is there any guarantee that after Beach, you will get 90,000rupees? You think about it yourself. This is highly important. So I always guide that you focus on your skills. Degree looks good. I am poor at home. It looks very good, but it doesn’t matter.

What matters is what a person knows. His real status is from his skills, not from his degree. So if you want, take 100 degrees, but if you don’t know anything, your career is nowhere. Your future is nowhere. So your future will be with skills. This is number one. Number two, start small but start now. Even if you want to start small, but you have to start. I feel very bad to see.

There are many people in India who do nothing. They do nothing. They stay at home. They do nothing. They run the phone. They play games on the phone. They do nothing. They do not do any work. Theydon not contribute in their home. They say that they are sitting and breaking bread. They actually do the same work. One-person has taken the responsibility. Maybe he is your brother. Maybe he is your father, but you are not doing anything. It is very wrong.

You want to start small, but do it’d anything. No work is small or big. But you have to work, not sit idle. Today, if there is not only unemployment in India, people do not even want to do it. If you get such a job, then you will do it. If you get such a job, then you will do it. I mean, if you get married to Katrina Kaia, then it’s okay, otherwise I will not get married. This is not a point. The point is that you have to do something. I give you an example again.

I am talking about myself at the age of 17, I was asking myself what I can do. So I asked myself, so it came from inside that can teach children at this time. So I thought I will teach. Then I think a little big, so I have written small here. Then I said, can you do anything above this? So I said that yes, you can do it, you can open an institute. So I may not be able to teach all the subjects, but I can bring people with me who have their own teachers in other subjects. And there is not much capital involved in opening an institute.

So this work can be done. I thought, did, tried, did it once, twice, the first day the result did not come, the first day no child came, it took time, a few months, a few years, after one, two, after two, four institutes opened. I did the work slowly. It is very important to start. Well, thesis for you. It is not necessary that everyone will do this. I will tell you a very small thing.

You can do affiliate marketing. You can go to Amazon and make your affiliate account. The world buys things from Amazon. You can promote people. Youkan put your links in your blogs. You can get some money from there. Can you earn money by referring? You can earn. For example, you can go to upshot and open your Demit account for free. You can invest if you want.

It is a very good thing and you can tell people about upshot. Can you earn money? You earn 500 rupees for example of one person. If you promote 10 people, you earn 5000 rupees. For example, your family income is 15000 rupees. You contribute one third of it, 5000 rupees. If you have learned digital marketing, you have learned the skill of social media, everyone can be learned for free on the internet.

Instead of watching useless videos from YouTube, useful videos can be seen. You have promoted 100 people in a month. You have earned 50,000 rupees. How many people of your age are earning 50,000rupees a month? You think, we are talking about those people. You may be older. Those who are in school or college or have passed on, then 50,000 rupees, which is the child who is earning 50,000 rupees by passing on from school in India today. Very less.

So if you become one of them, why not start it. If you do something today, some money will come. We will invest in some more skills. We will learn something new and we will do something big. But do not sit empty. It is very important not to sit empty. Do anything. Earn money by affiliating. Earn money by referring. Even if you are small, if you know something, learn someone and earn money. If you are a girl, you know how to apply henna, then youkan also learns to apply henna.

Money can be earned from everything, but yes, skill. You know how to apply henna; you know how to cook food. If you know, then what can be done with it. Think about it. Do not sit empty. Now number three, this is important. Thesis important that you have to network. There are many such children who are introverts, do not talk, do not know how to speak, do not network because it has been taught since childhood. Do not talk to strangers. It has been said since childhood.

It is said wrongly because if you want to move forward in your life, then you will get everything from strangers. Everything. If you do business tomorrow, you have to deal with strangers. You go to the shop; you have to deal with strangers. You know who will be your wife tomorrow, who will be your husband. You do not know; he will be a stranger for you. If you do not know how to deal with them, very bad. So you cannot just be an introvert.

You have to go; you have to be brave. We cannot stay inside. Network and I have written here, network with people with an entrepreneurial mindset. What is entrepreneurial? Because some people have passion. You can see inside the school; these kids think differently. These are only a few people, they will not be in the whole class or maybe there will be three or four people in different sections, but you have to network with them. What do we do?

We network with people who are a little behind, who have no future plan. They will think. I saw a meme somewhere that what do you have to do when you grow up. They will think, but have not thought. I mean, I have not thought of it immediately, but I will think. So there will be a lot of people who will be very clear that we have to do this. There will be a spirit in them. In today’s Redmond India, there Isa wave of start-ups. The childish thinking inside himself that what can I do big, but they are not many people.

They are very limited people. If you go in their circle, you will go in their group, then what will happen, they will inspire you. You will see their actions; you will be motivated because there is a saying in English that you are the average of five people you spend your time with. So it is very important for you to network with such people and here comes my final point. You have to level up. What does this level up mean? One is said that do not want to talk to strangers.

Children are told to be friends with the children of the same age group. Do not talk to older people than you, do not live with them. Why? Because parents think that the boy is big, if you are small, he will give you a cigarette, he will put you in the habit of something wrong.

Understand what mean. Tomorrow you have to earn money. You are young, your age is less, so you are older than you, who have seen a little more life than you, who are successful, who are going to work, earning money, doing business. Do not interact with them.

By making friends with older people than you, you get their experience for free. I am repeating, by making friends with older people than you, you get their experience for free. I am only27 years old here, but there are people in my friend circle who are 55 years old. Businessman of 55 years who has seen a lot of the world from me, has done international business, has traveled more countries than me and has more money than me.

So what he will teach me, I am getting his experience for free. So why should I not be friends with that person? Friendship can be with anyone. You understand, friendship can be with anyone, but if you have been told since childhood that you do not want to be friends with older people than you, that Isa wrong belief. You have to level up. If you are in the 10thclass above your level, then what will the 12th class kids think, their mentality will change and if you do not want to go towards the wrong things, then it is inside you. This is inside you.

You think, I say this, it is not a big thing. I have not had a drink in my life, nor will I ever smoke. No one has been born who can make me drink. This is different thing. If someone has given it unknowingly, then I will remove it. It is an example because it is from my inside. No one told me that I do not want to drink. No one said that you do not do this work. Why? Because it is self-realization from inside. If you have self-realization, no one can spoil you. You are intelligent yourself. It is veryimportant. If you knowwhat is right for you, what is wrong, wow, what else do you wanting life.

You should know what is right and what is wrong. So you level up with yourself. Interact with people above you. Take their experience. And remember one thing, a lot of people after school and college, it feels good to tell a lot of things about yourself. When you meet someone who is above you in money, experience, skills, business, you have to listen to him in silence. Just ask questions and let the other person speak. Because if you keep talking to him and did not give him time to speak, then you will miss it. So learn from other people.

There are so many people. The world is very big and you have to do a lot. So if you are in school, if you are in college, way to go. But you have to level up. Second, I told you that you have to network with people with an entrepreneurial mindset. They can be with you. They are older than you. You have to network with them. They will inspire you. So we have to make India self-reliant. So we need entrepreneurs. Here I said that start small but do it. I just told you about Upson. But what will happen? You will contribute to it.

It is very important to earn something. Many people are already earning. I keep tagging you on Instagram many times. People who are doing well because many people get inspiration from it that they should also do it. So you can start. There is nothing. Your account is made by following simple steps. You need a PAN card and Andhra card and link your bank account and your Demit account is made. Now you can open it yourself. You can open a Demit account of everyone in your house.

That is also case and what will be the benefit that you will earn some money. It will be very good for you. So now, for example, Upson Referral is giving 500 rupees. Sometimes it gives more, sometimes it gives 1200 rupees. So it is a benefit for you. If you recommend examples of 10 people, then you have earned12000 rupees and IPL is going on. So there is an official sponsoring IPL, Upson. So you can say that you get a chance to participate in different contests. So you can earn good money.