Well, this is yesterday’s thing. My wife and my plan is that we will go to see a movie. Well, we watch very few movies, so we planned that we will watch KGF 2. Now, by chance, my wife had not seen KGF 1. I had seen it. So what did we do? We put KGF 1 on Amazon Prime at home. Now we watch very few movies, so it became a career occasion. We are celebrating that too.

So my wife said, if you are watching a movie, then let’s order something to eat from outside. I said, very good, today will be my cheat day. I will tell the trainer; he will make me exercise a little more. So he also selected online food. Now after selecting, he asked me, you know when you order online food, then there are many offers of cards, many offers of banks.

He asked, do you have this card of this bank? I said, I don’t have this one. So if I don’t have it, then what did I do? I will tell you exactly. I keep exploring things a little bit, so I will show you too. You will also have a lot of fun. In fact, I also turn on the screen recording of my phone fort, so that you can see exactly what I want to show. So what did I do exactly, I will tell you.

60% off was coming on its I simply, there is an application called Gromo. I went tithe Gromo application and clicked on the accounts here. Here I saw that it is the account of Jupiter Money. Now when I clicked on the account of Jupiter Money, it came here that I will get 600 rupees, it does not matter. There is also 60% off. Now you will say, sir, do you talk about crores here?

Here you are saving 600 and 60% off. Look, we are Indians, if money is saved, then we save it. I went here and sent the link to my wife. Now for that I had to stop the movie. I will tell you why I had to stop it. Because when I was going to share the link here, then a video will play here. You have to watch this video completely and it is amazing that when the video plays here and you watch this video, then you get a chance to earn money here too.

Here you will get some MCQs, you will get money in them too. So you get money for that too. Anyway, let’s see at home, we will stop it. Finally, I tell youth amazing thing, which I found very interesting. My wife applied for a while and her account was also opened here. I also got a discount because it was very fast to open an account on Jupiter Money.

It was super easy and it was fast, but now in this process, when her account was opened, I also earned some money here. My wife also got 60% off. She told me one thing, the thing is not that I got off here. Now Jupiter Money is running a promotion offer, so I will get a discount in other places. Keep the benefit of it, you will get a discount everywhere and here the account is open for free, no money is being charged, so it is100% digital, open it.

Now here I am not promoting Jupiter Money, I am telling you an example that it was going on. So this is what I exactly did. Now here earned some money. Before this, I have talked about Gromo, you had some questions too. So I thought I would give the answer to that too because I had the Gromo app. Now what is Gromo, first let’s understand what is Gromo, so a saving account opens on Jupiter Money, that is a different thing.

You get interest and benefits, that is a different thing. Weill talk about it in detail. So first understand what is Gromo, Gromo is basically an online platform If you think that there is an offer coming tomorrow, then you can come to Grimond check that the offer of any bank or card is available here or not, because it will be double benefit. I will explain it to you.

Here you get a lot of financial products. You can earn money by recommending these financial products. For example, we go to the credit card. Now you see on the credit card that if I offer someone the credit card of the Indus Ind bank or recommend, Then I will get 1500 rupees. Now what you have to do to get 1500 rupees, all the benefits here, who can you sell, there is a video on training.

There Is a training video of every product, it is very good. This means people need training, they are teaching step by step here, you can see how it will work. You can see the terms and conditions. So when you read this, if you recommend anyone, you can make a lead here. Then you can track your lead whether it has been converted or not. Now I will tell you one more thing. I showed you that I got 600 rupees on Jupiter money. Wrong, I actually got700 rupees because here when you do your first sale, you get 100 rupees extra.

So what do you have to do with all this, I will tell you in detail. Look, there are different segments here. There are credit cards, crypto, saving account, demit account, there are many things. So we suggest many things to people around us in daily life. And now let’s talk about earning money online because our topic today is this. So I did not only recommend my wife to earn money, I also recommended to save money. So this is also a pearl of wisdom.

Now let’s understand what we have done here and what we are doing. You do affiliate marketing on Gromo. What is the concept of affiliate marketing? I will tell you this in short. If you want me to make blog on affiliate marketing in detail, then you can comment. I am telling you, if you comment, we will try to make blogs on your comments. When you are asking again and again how to earn money online, how to earn money without investing money, how to earn money from the phone, today you will get the answer.

Because everyone wants to earn money online, but which is a trusted and reliable platform that will genuinely give you money? So on us, you can say that the responsibility increases. That’s why the actual platform will reward you properly. We recommend you about it and one of that platform is Gromo. So now Gromo is offering you that you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? What does every company want? They want customers. So the company wants to reach the customer. For that, the company spends money on marketing, ads and then reaches the customer. If an affiliate comes in between and does marketing on its own, then the company is ready to give money to the affiliate. So the company will not tell you directly that you will not get so many companies in one place.

So in one place you are getting a lot of companies. You are getting it in Gromo. On Gromo, you can sell and recommend different financial products. Now what are these financial products? I have shown you in detail. Financial products can be as simple as saving account. Now everyone needs a saving account. There are many people at home.

It is not necessary that someone will keep only one saving account. He can also keep multiple and in today’s date, the new banks or new financial institutions are providing different types of offerings to their customers.

So if someone has one bank account, then you have also recommended another bank account. There, for example, I took the example of Jupiter money. You can promote, you can promote AU, you can promote saving bank account, you can promote Kotak. These are all big names. So if you have promoted someone, for example, Jupiter and he opened his 100% digital saving account on Jupiter money, then you will get 600 rupees here.

The person who is spending on his debit card will get 1% differentand here you can readthe credit card. Now here you went to the credit card for example. I talked about Indus Ind bank here. So Indus bank is offering 1500 rupees. Now if you can get 1500 rupees for one person, now suppose you have 5 friends and you have recommended5 people, 5 people have made a card, then you have earned 7500 rupees.

Now to earn this, you think if the other person really needed a credit card and you recommended, then you are earning money. At least you can see here, there are so many financial products that you can sell at least one product. If you can sell even one product on it, you can easily make leads here. There is training on every product. So here you are learning a lot.

For example, in crypto, if you recommend someone’s account on Madras, then you can earn800 rupees. Now to recommend800 rupees to a person, there are many people who may be interested in crypto. You can just recommend and earn. You can create a funnel for it. I have recommended an example in my house. So you can also recommend at home.

Like you tell your wife to open an account, so she opened her account. She orders a lot of groceries online, does online shopping, so she will get discounts from her too. So the other person’s benefit was that I recommended, I earned money, very good. The benefit of that is again very good. In addition to this, there is a very special offer on Gromo for you, with which you can earn unlimited income by selling not only financial products.

Well, you must have heard of Refer and earn many times, but Gromo’s Refer and earn is a little unique. I will tell you that too. When you go to Refer and earn here, what you are going to see here is that you get 5% lifetime on Refer and earn. Now, what is this 5%? Let’s understand this. See, if you refer anyone on Gromo, then what is going to happen? It is very important to understand this concept. You referred, you said a friend, his name is Sahel.

You recommended Rohit, you recommended Rahul, you recommended your three friends. Now after recommending three friends, Sahil earns 10,000 on Gromo every month. Here Rohit earns 50,000every month. Here Rahul earns 30,000. So he did this earning. Who recommended? You did. So from their earnings, you will get 5% additional. For example, you recommended four people. You also recommended Ankit. Ankit also earned 10,000 more from here.

Now what is their total? It is 1lakh. What is the 5% of 1 lakh? Without doing anything, you earned 5000. Know how long will you get this 5000? You will get this 5000 lifetime. It can be more than5000. If these people earn more money, it can be less. So it can fluctuate. But if you recommend a lot of people to Gromo, here we took the example of four people.

Let’s assume they are 400. Now you will say how can they be 400? Very easy, you check it yourself. and their people have been recommended Gromo. Now if people are recommending Gromit people, you think, so I felt that those people are not earning themselves. They are recommending so many people. I don’t also explore it.

Many people have made videos on Gromo on YouTube say that videos get views in lakhs, only 2000 views come and not more than 2000 views, only 50 people go to Gromo and start earning. Here we took the example of 4 people. If 50 people start earning, this income can be more. So telling you something that you earn regular income, I like it very much. Not only this is on Gromo, you also get regular training. You get multiple webinars.

You attend webinars and knowledge is improved. You will improve your knowledge. How you have to do marketing on social media, if you are doing online sales, then social media will be very less. Here you also get the tool to make your personal website. You also get content to post on social media. So you are getting content from here. You can make your personal website. You are getting training. So you are getting a lot of things on Gromo.

Now let’s understand the simple steps that what you have to do, how you will get money step by step. After signing up, you think that you have to promote this product to promote any financial product. Suppose it is a savings account, so you choose a saving account or you choose a credit card. You choose anyone and you must read its terms and conditions. After that, you have to watch their videos. You will see videos in MCAQ. You will earn some money anyway.

So after this, you have to generate a lead. When your lead is generated, you will get a dashboard to track the lead. So if the lead is converted, you earn money. Now, first of all, you can do at least one conversion. We can do one conversion at home. If you get one conversion, then your confidence will build up. Some money will come and you are getting 100 extra.

The second thingies that I told you the referral rate is 5%, but let me tell you that if you refer someone like I am referring you now, then here is a very good offer you will earn 350 yourself, and the person you referred can also earn 350.

Now you will get the details of this on the Gromo app. So you can earn 350 in short if you are recommending someone and you are giving the opportunity to the other person that he will get 350 additional. So you will get the details of this on the Gromo app. So now we were understanding step by step what we have to do.

We registered on Gromo, we chose financial product, we watched the video, we answered MCAQ, then we generated a lead, then the lead was converted, our confidence was built up. After that, we can make videos on YouTube on Gromo. We can tell people about Gromo. What is going to happen with it?

Wean refer a lot of people, we will get 5% additional from them and the other person will also get 350 to earn. You can do this. Number one, number two, wherever you are on social media, you are on Telegram, you are on Instagram, what can you do there? You can put regular posts there. Where will the content come from? You get content on Gromo only. So you have this additional benefit here and in your circle, you can make lists by recommending.

So multiple things you Cando, but the very first thing is that after signing up, you should do the first sale, at least, so that your confidence builds up. Confidence will build up, money will come, it will look good. So I hope you got away from this blog that how you can earn money online genuinely by simply affiliate marketing and how Gromo is helping you in that.