How to earn extra income with your job? Well, this is a very serious topic because who doesn’t want money. Well, you may be already doing a job. You are going to 9 to 5 job, but the salary you are getting from going to 9 to 5 job is not sufficient because people have lot of expenses. You must be thinking that the income that is coming from me is going home, but how will the wishes be fulfilled. If I want to change my car or want to change my job, then it is very important to get extra income for its where will it come from.

Now keep in mind my statement that whatever you do from 9 to 5, your houses running. But whatever you do after the job from 5 to 9, it changes your fate. So these 4 hours are also enough, but there are many people who take a lot of time to travel. You know that they do not have complete time from 5 to 9, but can that travel time be utilized? Okay, you have come home. What do people do after coming home? Brother, let’s watch the news. Very good.

You are filling your mind with negativity. Itis not good for you. Now you watch the news. You watch your best programs on TV. You watch comedy night and go to sleep. It is your choice, but I am going to tell you something important because we have to earn money and it will not rain. You have to do something fort. There are a lot of people who have left their work. To make a fortune, from 5 to 9, it has become very popular these days. Leave your work and go to Cream11 and make your team. If you want, you can do this but will it really change your fate?

You ask yourself. The answers no. You have to do something significant in this 5 to 9. So how do we utilize this time? Today you will find out. Now we will start from the starting. As I said, we are going to do some analysis. It will be on you. So this blog is for you and now what I will tell you, one thing is very important, so keep in mind, you can note it and now the first thing, I said money will not fall from anywhere. It will not come from anywhere.

Today’s rate is very superstitious in India. People follow a lot of Baba. You believe it. There are such videos on YouTube that do this, money will rain and if you do this, then you will get a treasure. How many people got a treasure, please tell me by commenting. No one gets it. You have to do something to earn money. You have to do something to get something. You don’t have to lose it. So now the most important thing here is that we have to do something.

What to do? That’s the question because today I can’t tell you a simple thing that do this and it’s done. I will talk about you because every man is different. Every man’s talent is different. Every man’s skills are different. Every man’s interest is different. So let’s start from here. Now first of all, you have to see what you know. Let’s talk about skills. You have to write big skills in your mind because you will earn money from what you know and if you don’t know, you can learn. So the most important thing here is that you know that every man’s talent is different.

Maybe someone knows how to play football. It is his skill. Youkan earn money from this too. We will talk about it. Maybe someone knows how to play the guitar. It is his skill. Maybe someone knows how to code, software development, how to make an app. These are all skills. So if you know how to make an app, it is your skill. If you know how to play the guitar, it is your skill. If you know how to dance, it is your skill. If you know how to code, it is your skill.

So ultimately, what skills do you have inside you? We have not talked about one skill, but skills. So make a list of all the skills you have. Write it. Whether it is 5, 10, 2, 1, whatever it is, you write it. And if a person says, maybe many people have started their career. They feel that as such we do not have very solid skill. So what will you write the second thing? You will write interest. In which field of interest do you have a lot of interest? It can be anything. In which field of interest do you have interest?

You can talk about what you like. You like to cook. So write it. Now we will talk about how you will get money. If you like to travel, can you earn money from it? You can earn money from it. You write travel. What is your interest in? But you have to be a pro in that thing. It is not that if you like something, then just liking it will not bring money. So now people must be talking, must be thinking that we are talking about money. But sir, where are you going?

Where are you talking about skills, hobbies, interests? Thesis very important. Why is it important? Because people still think that the traditional ways of earning money have nothing to do with our skills, interests and hobbies. Itis the fault of our education system. But it is not like that. You can earn money in everything. I am going to prove it now. So now when you wrote this, what do you know first? And if you say that I do not have such solid skills, but I can learn it in the interest.

So what do you have to do now? You made a list of skills. There were 5, 10, 2, 1, all the skills. You can only learn one skill. You have a lot of interests. Sorry, I have to talk about skills. Talk about one skill that one thing in which I am the best. I know how to cook, I know how to play guitar, I know how to dance, I know how to make an app. But what do you do best in all this?

You wrote, suppose you are the best in website development. You make a very good website. Example, maybe you say that I am very good at video editing. Very nice. Now, whatever thing I am very good at, that one thing, I just need one thing. What is that one thing? And if you say that I am not so good at one thing that I say that I am very good, but like this thing the most, I can develop it. Suppose it is graphic designing, I like graphic designing a lot, I have a lot of interest, so I will learn it.

It is my passion. Now, why did I say that one thing and you should have the most interest in it. You know it very well. This is important because you have to identify that every person is different, every person’s skill is different, every person’s talent is different. So what is your biggest plus point? What is your quality that you will take a lot higher in the coming time? You will earn money. We will talk about monetization now, but identify one skill. After that, you have to ask a question after a skill.

When we have this skill, now my second questions that you have to ask yourself that I have found out that suppose you say that I like to play football, I will agree with you. Now you will say that you like to play, how will you get money from it, I will tell you. You said that I like this thing very much. After that, you have to ask yourself a question, if you do not get the money for this thing, will I do it? If I won’t get paid for it, even then will I do? If you do not get money for that work, will you do it?

I asked myself this question. I did the same introspection and I got a skill, public speaking. So, if I do not get money to speak in front of people, I will speak on stage even if I do not get money. My answer was obviously yes; I will do this. Many people are afraid to speak on stage. So it is not necessary that everyone cannot be weighed in the same scale. If I put only one competition that who will climb the tree first, now there is an elephant, a horse, a snake, fish, then many people will pass the monkey and the fish will fail. It will not work like this.

Our education system does the same. Everyone has their own talent. So you have to identify what is your talent, what is your interest and then ask a question that I asked you a question. If you do this work even if you do not get money, will you do it? If your interest is in football, then you say that sir, it is 2 hours, play football all day. Even if you do not get money, it is fun. Wow, because even if you do not get money, why did say this?

Because if you go to monetize any skill, any interest, then it is not necessary that you will earn money on the first day, but if you do not have that interest, you do not enjoy it, then you will get bored. Then you will feel that I am wasting time, but if after the job, for 2 hours, 3 hours, for example, you have to do coding, graphic designing or your interests in football, then you will feel that you enjoyed it. Thetis is important. This is what you should hear. This should happen before going to bed. I enjoyed it today. Wow, your day was good. You enjoyed it in something. Money will come.

Now we will talk about money. Now when you get the answer, yes, I will do this work even if do not get money. Now we come to the next step. Brother, this skill of mine, whatever skill you have, for example, graphic designing, video editing, it can be football. I will also take the example of football. How will you get money from sports? So what you have to do is you have to think about it. You have to do introspection about it. How will we monetize it? How do I monetize my skill? Monetize means how will money come from it? So you say that I like football very much.

I can play it and I can teach it. So one way is that have an academy nearby. I can go there and talk. They give me a job for 3 hours in part-time. Now they pay me anything in that job. Why? Because it does not matter in the starting. You have an interest. If you have an interest, you will do it even if you do not get money. You get a job for3 hours and they only give you 5000. Will you do it then too? Because money does not matter in the starting. Money will come. Now we are going to talk about earning a lot from sports. So you will say that I have to earn a lot from sports.

You will say that yes; I will do it then also. So you were earning anything in the starting. Let’s say you were earning 50,000 a month and you get 5000extra, but you went tithe field in which you were interested. You are giving 3 hours, you are enjoying. Now you have to think how can I monetize after this. You started teaching children, started doing drills, you gave training, after that you got a routine. You know what results come from this. Very good. You have identified that ultimately what matters is that we have to give results to people in any field. People’s problems should be solved.

If people’s problems are solved, we will get money. So at a place, at an academy where you used to train 10,20, 50 children, 50, 60 children, you should have a question, how can this be 500, 600of 50, 60? Now you will say that the person is the same. There is not so much capacity to train all these children. So what should I do? I can’t go to 10 academies and teach. What can you do? Because the more people you solve the problem, the more money you will earn.

Now I took the example of football. Let’s talk about the same. Now let’s talk about video editing. You know video editing very well. You thought that you will teach someone, but if you think that you will earn money by teaching or by working for someone, then you have to do extra work in part time. You get some money for 3 hours or 4 hours and you also get some extra. But now the thing is that I am working for one person. My questions that I work for one person, for two people, for three people. How can I do the work of300 people?

You just have to increase the number. Now I will give you an answer for both. You say that instead of 50 to 60 children, if you have to do 500, 600 children, Theni can’t do it myself. But if I don’t physically give it and give it virtually, then money can be earned. Virtually means can football be taught online? Search on the internet. People are teaching online.

They are teaching online and not just 500, but they are teaching5000 to 50,000 people. And if you take the example of teaching, before one child, he used to take 1000 rupees and started taking only 200 rupees to teach online, then you must be thinking that you have taken less money. No, here you had50 to 60 children. If there are 5000 children, then according to 5000, 200, my God, you have reached lakhs. So is it possible? Is it practical? The answer is yes, it is possible.

And similarly, awe talked about in video editing, if you were serving 1, 2 or3 clients, then how will you reach 300? You ask yourself that I was working alone before, but if I hire some freelancers with me, how can you do that? It is very easy. Go to the internet. There is Youkan contact professionals by going to many websites on the internet, even by going to LinkedIn and you can give them money. Now, assume that you give10,000 rupees per video to do a project.

You hired a freelancer who takes only 3000 rupees from you and let me tell you one thing, you are not necessary. You are sitting in India. Get Indians to work, get people from Indonesia to work, get people from Pakistan to work. There is no lack of people in the world and if you do this, then you will get people cheaper than India to work because there are many such countries where there is talent.

There are African countries and there is talent, but people there are ready to work for cheaper money than India and you can contact them on the internet and I tell you the truth, I have also done it. In the beginning, when I had to do something, let me do projects, then I hired BF freelancers for my animation projects. After freelancer, I got a company, which I found out that Biffs a metropolitan city. They are ready to work for me at a rate of less than half and they are doing a great job. So you think if you hire such people, now you were working yourself, after that you hired 5 people.

So you were working for 3 people alone. If Isai 5 people work for 3 people, you have 15 clients and definitely the money you were getting, now you have given money to these people, still you have started saving money. Let me give you an example, you were taking 10,000 rupees from3 people, you were earning30,000 rupees. Now you are taking 10,000 rupees from 15 people, you have 1.5 lakhs, you have not earned 1.5 lakhs yet. You have to give half of it.

You have to give half of it. You have also given 75,000 rupees, still how much do you have left? More than what you were working alone. Wow, now you have learned to do business. This is how we start our initial business. This is how business starts and Aim telling you the truth. Recently give one on one consultation. So one on one consultation, youkan books it on my So I was talking to a person from Pakistan. Now what did he tell me, now consultation was going on, so definitely he had to ask how to grow the business.

So there are personal questions in one on one, their strategies are made, how they will grow. Shoe told me that he has clients, but what did he do, he learned this thing that how to catchups clients. Now the clients you will get in India and in thus, what will be the difference in that, that there is a difference in giving money to clients in developing countries and developed countries.

So clients from developed countries give more money because they feel that their labor is expensive, but the person sitting in Pakistan, if he is getting dollars, then he is understanding that I am getting good money and he has hired some people with the same business model and I will say a small thing, he is earning very well. That means what you think that in a few lakhs, our income will be there, then not a few lakhs, but Avery good amount above that, he was earning by doing the something. So you can do this in part time too. It depends on the skills.

Now if you feel that don’t have the skill, I don’t know how to do video editing, learn it. Everything can be learned. One is that you can earn money by teaching online. The second example took is that you can earn money by involving people with you and it can multiply very quickly on the internet. In fact, I have also made a training program called the FastTrack Millionaire. The FastTrack Millionaire, which was a mindset in my mind to develop it, was that it is actually easy to earn money. I think it is easy. Many people also find it difficult.

Like if you know swimming, you find swimming easy. If no one knows, then it would be difficult. So if someone asks me that it is easy to earn money, I will say it is easy. He says it is easy to earn crores, I will say it is very easy. It is easy formed; it can be difficult for someone because I know those things. If you know, you will find it very easy. Now if you come to Amani and ask that it is easy to earn 100 crores, then he will say it is easy. He knows that. That is the level of mindset.

Definitely, if Amani does not have anything today, it becomes zero. Let’s assume that a man is zero and you take away everything from Amani. So you think that in the next 10 years, Amani will be there and a common man will be there. Amani will definitely reach where he has to go because he knows how to reach there. So this is the difference. So I have tried to teach you in this training course that you can quickly, in a fast track way, you all know the traditional way, but in a fast track way, by leveraging the internet, how you can run autopilot businesses, tattoo in part-time or full-time.

So if you want to join this training course, then the numbers on the screen, you can call on this number and you can definitely learn how you can start and build your autopilot business model using just the internet. So everything can be done in a fast track way. In fact, see, I am teaching you today. Where am I teaching you? I am teaching you on YouTube. So I don’t get money from YouTube. I get a lot of good money. So if you are good at something, you can teach people for free.

Like Aim teaching you for free. But now YouTube is giving me money because ads are running on videos. So ads make a lot of good money. Not normally, but a lot of good money comes. Soothe amount of luxury you think can also be fulfilled. It did not come in the starting. I still remember in my childhood when I monetized my YouTube, then for the first time, I got 4 dollars. I was so happy with that 4 dollars that I got money from YouTube. I got the trust of this thing.

After that, we definitely paid attention to YouTube and money definitely increases with your hard work and effort, but this is passive income. You have to understand this concept finally that you are earning active income in the job. You are earning money by working hard and giving your time, but you can also build passive income that even if you don’t work hard, you can earn money. For example, if a person gets rent, then does anyone work hard for rent?

No, but he has to make property once. Similarly, digital assets can be created on the internet that give you passive income and that is not one way, there are many ways. So definitely you can learn more about them. Today I have told you to try to show you a way in YouTube. What do you have to do? I will recall you from the starting. I told you that first of all, identify your skills and if you feel that there is not much skill in you, then write your interest and make a list. After that, you identify one such skill from this list, in which you are the best. Identify one skill from this list, which you want to develop well, in which you want to enhance your ability more.

Then you have to ask yourself a question that even if I don’t get money for this, I will do it. After that, you have to think about ways of monetization. You will not know many in today’s date, but you may not know the way from here to Kashmir, but if you leave the house, then you will go a little further, then you will go a little further, then you will not see the whole way at once, but as you go ahead, you will see the whole way. You can go ahead even while asking people and now you have Google Maps too. So what does it mean to say? It means that you are sitting at home today, so you will not understand anything, but when you start doing something.

Saying that we have left home, we will definitely get the destination. We have left home; we will definitely get the destination. Those who do not leave the house are going astray. So you find ways of monetization. Start doing something, whether it is small or you will find out the ways by yourself. So there is a very good big, start doing something and think that whatever I am doing, how can I help more people with this. The more you help people, the more money you are going to earn.