Millions of people don’t know how to earn this much So I don’t know how interested you all must be But I am going to talk about doubling your money every 4 years don’t know how to double my money every year .

So I will talk about what I know One thing I would like to say is that why is it necessary to learn to double in 4 years And then decide whether you want to learn it or notify I play a game with you all Out of 100 people 99 will die And 1 will become a millionaire Who will play that game? You won’t play right? So when the data of the whole world says that 95-99% traders are in loss So everyone should think that I will be in that 1%

Whereas I am young, I am inexperienced, I am just starting tolerant am not going to lose my money am going to earn it Whereas I am young, I am inexperienced, I am just starting to learn Is this logical? We will not take this risk in life in COVID-19, 2% out of 100 people died Death rate was 2% mortality We were still saving ourselves from COVID-19We were saving ourselves right? So why are you behind such a COVID-19In which 99 out of 100 people die Now we know that money doubles in 4 years Which can be done in reality

How to do that? Look, there are 1% people who definitely earn a lot of money from trading But there are 1% people who win lotteries Who become millionaires from casinos We don’t do all that We do things that an average person can do Not an extremely intelligent person So first of all we have to believe that we are an average person And we need a method that an average person can earn money from Not a genius person.

Now, if most people can earn money from trading So in such a situation, machines You all want to see patterns right? So patterns identify Whatever patterns are told to you Patterns identify that a machine can do better than a human

Any pattern, I don’t know what kind of patterns are there But if money is made from patterns Then you can’t make money If money is not made from patterns, then you can make money But if money is made from patterns Then you can’t make money, then a machine will make money Which has the most expensive supercomputer Which will identify the pattern the fastest And will use that pattern to make money the fastest

If money is made from patterns, then you can’t make money Then what do you think? The world’s hedge funds, quant funds, investment banks Will let that pattern remain for you? For all of you? Why will they let it remain? They will hire the world’s best technical analysts In a package of crores Will buy the world’s best software

And will take advantage of all the patterns They won’t leave it for you So understanding these truths is very important You are young When we are young Most of us are middle classify we see a way to quickly solve the problems of our family We become over enthusiastic We become excited But that leads to a mistake, trust me make a promise here today

Do whatever you want to do And whatever I am going to tell you in the next 5 minutes You either do that If anyone wants to record this Record it For the next 5 years Same date can almost guarantee you That the way I am telling you after 5 years Its return will be equal Or it will be close Or it will be more It won’t be very less In any other way that you have learned can guarantee you one more thing

That what I am telling you In that, the effort will be 10 times less And the returns will be almost equal2%We define almost less2% up and down Either it will be equal Or 2% more or 2% less If it is more than this Trust me, I will shut down Phenology will shut down my YouTube channel Because I know Nothing else is going to work Okay

Now in the next 5 minutes We will understand what we have to dowel have to do such a simple thing And I will also tell you why these people don’t say Because I will tell you such a simple thing See, go to the doctor And you are feeling very sick from inside Very sick And you go to the doctor And the doctor tells you   Kadar Veda, drink soup, go home Take Paracetamol pill What do we people say? What kind of doctor is he? He didn’t take us seriously And that same doctor Writes 4 antibiotics Spits 2 injections

So you think OH man, he is a serious doctor He listened to me properly So most experts Give you complicated advice To sound like experts If they say simple things You people don’t value them OH man, he is saying simple thing she doesn’t know anything So that’s why As an expert

If I want a lot of popularity Or as an expert If I want to sound very smart have to say complicated things Otherwise I won’t be respected So it becomes the experts’ helplessness To say complicated things Simple things don’t have respect Now what I am telling you Is very simple It is going to be the simplest thing for the day And trust me, returns Either 2% more or 2% lessor equal But the effort Is going to be 10 times less

Right now In the next 5 minutes will make your stock market portfolio Which is most probably Not guaranteed in the stock market But equal to the market Will perform better than the market or around the market Right now we will make that portfolio Let’s talk about it Throughout the day From the beginning What toothpaste do you use after waking up? How many people are from Colgate? How many people are from Peps dent? Oh man, that’s not listed, sorry Those from Colgate Buy from Colgate Those from PepsodentBuy from Holist one doneSoapWhich soap? Dettol Dettol is not listed and?

Lifebuoy Lux So buy from Lux and Lifebuoy from HUL Next Buy from Pears and Heater that Which shampoo? Clinic Plumy hair is falling off from Clinic Plus But okay, Clinic Plus So till now We have put 2 companies in our portfolio And you don’t have to buy this portfolio know, you won’t believe in easy things You can make a dummy portfolio of this The shares in Money Control Make a dummy portfolio of that Apart from that

Do whatever you want After 5 years The trading you did And the portfolio I made now We will compare the results of the blogs After 5 years, if there is a difference of more than 2%I will delete everything will go away from this space If I am teaching the wrong thing You should stop its I will stop it If it doesn’t work2 shares done

Third At home People use detergent or soap to wash utensils Vim Again HULHUL is coming again Okay Where do you buy clothes from? From which store? Yes, From the cart Pan Hussain Aditya Birla Fashion Okay don’t know this Is it listed? Jokey and Zodio, no one goes there? Westside, Zooid ZodioIt is from Westside

Trent Okay Trent, yes So the next third share Aditya Birla or Trent Fourth After thisBankWhere is the bank account? HDFCI heard it from ICICI Okay HDFC Whoever has a bank account Leave the government bank Private bank4 shares done Next T

After this Shoes Shoes and slippers Which brand? Bata Relax Relax and Bata2 more6Am I deaf? Caustics problem What are you saying? Okay. So whoever is saying whatever, that’s Shera. After that…Yes, good question. Home paint. Which paint is homemade? Asian paints? Did you paint it with Favicon? Yes. Yes. Piddleite Asian paint. Okay, stocks. Kitchen.

Cooker, etc. Which one? Kitchen. Yes. What else? What else? I can’t hear you. What else? What else? What else?  What else? What else? What else? Which brand is there without a cooker? You must have never seen it. Prestige. Hawkins, Prestige.Okay? The kitchen has two stocks. Ten. Yes, Favicon should be there. Favicon is good, should be there.

Tires. Bike. Which bike do you have? Or which one do you want to buy? Pulsar.  Apache. Bajaj.  There are four. There are four. There are four. There are 4. And? Seven.Seven. Brownie. Brownie. Okay. There are four. There are five. There are three. Tata and others have reached 12 stocks. We have 2 minutes left. How many stocks do you need for the portfolio?15 to 20 stocks? You have reached 12. It’s not 10, it’s too concentrated. You will take loans too.

Correct? Correct?  Yes.Insurance? You must be taking insurance too. Life insurance? Which brand of health insurance? Policy Bazaar? Smart? And where do you order food from? Do you pay UPI too? So, man, give me an answer. I really have a lot of problems with you all. You do all the things in the world.

Why don’t you buy the shares of the product you are giving yourself? Get the whole world to do the work from you. And I really have a lot of problems. I have been on YouTube for 5 years. I talk about every day, but you don’t understand. It’s very simple, brother. The product you are giving money to, buy the share of that product and that money will come in yourpocket.

So, the portfolio of 15 shares is made. Now we will meet after 5 years. Sure. Whatever you have learned, it will be more profitable than that. Was it simple? It’s so simple that you won’t do it, right? This is very simple.