Do you know that if a traffic policeman stops you and after stopping you, asks for your driving license, asks for your car registration certificate, asks for your car pollution certificate or asks for your car insurance and you do not have any of these four THINGS? Everything is kept at home. Even then, the traffic policeman will not deduct your fine. If you know what I am going to tell you now, you must be thinking that sir, we will not deduct on the spot there, then we will make a fine of the court. You as a driver, it is very important for you to know your rights, but let me tell you that if you argue with the police, you fight, then you know how many rights the police have.

Within more than 100 offenses, that is, they can do 100 plus types of fine. You may not even know what you are being fined for. You must be thinking that I have RC, license, pollution certificate, insurance, everything have, despite that, my fine is being deducted. You will not understand how much fine can be deducted. You have not worn shoes, there is a fine for this thing. There is no wiper on your car, there is a fine for that thing. There are no side mirrors on your car, there is a fine for that thing. You do not know how many types of fine are there. So I told you that there are fines of more than 100 ways, but generally most police officers do not know all these fines.

But yes, they know some fines that are not in your mind that you have been offended. That’s why we have to follow all the rules. I am not saying that you should violate the traffic rules after you know your rights. I am not even telling you to argue with any policeman. Look, they are doing their duty and you have to talk politely on duty. But what do you have to talk about and what do you need to knows that your fine will not be deducted, understand that. Look, understand the matter very carefully. Then I will tell you one thing in depth. When the police stop you, after stopping you, they ask you to show this, show this, show this, show this, but think why they stopped you.

They stopped you because if you have done any visual offence, now visual offence, understand this, means what you are seeing, suppose you are driving a car, you are not wearing a seatbelt, you are over speeding, if you do something that is visible, you are doing plane switching lot, it is visible, it is a visual offence, then you will be stopped after stopping because you do not know what kind of fine is there. Any fine will be stopped, they will not send you empty, you will go with a fine. If you have done visual offences, then the most important thing is that we do not do visual offences, you are going on a bike without a helmet, itis a visual offence, you will stop and someone will become your fine, you will not know what is my fine.

So first of all, we have to stop visual offenses, red light jump, it is clearly visible that you are doing visual offense, so stop visual offenses and if you stop visual offenses, then do you know what is the biggest benefit of it, our society has tithe accidents are more due to visual offenses. What are the other offenses, there is no pollution of the car, how will the traffic policeman know when he will stop your car, you have not been insured, but how will he know, he will know when he will stop you, but I am not saying that if it has not happened, then it is a very good thing, it is a very bad thing, it is very important to happen, but if there is anything like that, you have not renewed it, the time has passed, then it will happen only when you are STOPPED? So first of all, you control the visual offences.

Now I told you that you do not have DL, you do not have RC, you do not have pollution, you do not have insurance, you do not have anything, everything is at home and I am saying that the police will not cut your challan, how can this happen, it can happen. See, when the Government of India started the Digital India Initiative, they have launched some apps about which you may not be aware, so now I will show you something.

If you go to your Google, then go to the App store and write Locker there, I will show you the website, here you will see DG Locker, this website will come, this is the website of the Government of India, you are seeing, the website of the Government of India, you download their application, download the app, after that when you signing there, you will put your Aadhar number there, the Aadhar card will come automatically, you will put the DL number, it will come automatically, so the documents that the police asks you, those documents will be uploaded on your DG Locker, everything from your insurance and if you do not carry anything, sometimes we keep the DL in our wallet, we keep the Ricin our wallet and we did not carry the wallet,

we forgot it one day, then we start panicking, the police will stop us, what will we say, he will not say anything. If you have DG Locker and your documents are there in it, then you just show that, and if you show that, then the police will not cut your challan, neither will it cut there, nor will it make a challan of the court? This is 100% approved. Nowhere are two things here, there can be some documents that are not in DG Locker, see youkan not only put your DL, RC, pollution, and insurance, but you can also put all this, apart from this, you will see a lot of things in your mark sheet, your degree, which is of the Government of India and those documents will be verified and uploaded and there will be written, verified by DG Locker.

So if Daglocked verifies it, it means that the Government of India has verified it, the police cannot challenge it. But now if a police officer argues with you, then you should know some such things, you should know your rights. So if the police officer argues, I will be seeing real, I do not believe what you are showing in the phone, then you tell him a very simple thing. Sir, on 17th December 2018, the notification of the Government of India has come that if any document in DG Locker, any driver will show, then it will be valid. As soon as you say this, he will say that educated man, we do not want to argue with him. This will be an advocate; we do not want to argue.

So he will not argue with you and let you go. Here are these small things that you do not know that you can keep your documents in your Locker. Similarly, there is another application of the Government of India, M Parivahan. So you can download M Parivahan from the App Store. There are many benefits in this. Earlier, what used to happen in this, just put the car number, all the details used to come. Whose car is on whose name, what is it, everything used to come.

Now what is there, now let’s hide it a little here. You will get stars in between that you will not be able to read the document. But anyway, you can keep your documents here too. You can show it and if you are showing documents in both places, then it is valid. The Government of India is verifying it, so no one will challenge. You need to know your rights. Apart from this, there are some other important things that I would like to tell you. You will understand this very carefully. See, if someone stops you, a policeman, then you know that in India corruption is increasing a lot.

People stop you in the name of the police, but do you know who can challenge you and who cannot. Your challenge can be done by a traffic policeman. The normal police cannot challenge you. Now you should also know that the person in the traffic police, the person of a small post from the sub-inspector cannot challenge you. If someone is below the sub-inspector, then he cannot challenge you. You also need to know this. You also need to know that the police that is patrolling, you must have seen that the car number 100 is patrolling, it stops, it says, show this, show that, and nothing happens after you. You get scared. It says that the challenge of 1000 will be deducted, the challenge of 2000 will be deducted.

Then you try to bribe them that Sir, takers. 100, take Rest. 200, take Rest. 500 and then after taking the bribe, they leave you. You understand very carefully. The first thing is that you should not offer a bribe. If there is an honest police officer, he can put you in jail. Bribing can put you behind bars. Bribing is a big offense and taking a bribe is a bigger offense. If a policeman is taking bribe from someone, I am telling you this thing. You made video of him and put complaint on him. He will come to your house, holding hands, taking sweets.

He will not only lose his job, but he will also be insulted by the police. If someone leaves 100 rupees, you put a coin of one rupee, I am talking about one rupee, you put a coin of one rupee in the police officer’s pocket and he kept it. You have to understand this very carefully. Because of this one rupee, his job will go. The one who has filed complaint, he will request by holding hands, take the complaint back, save my wife and children. He can have been jail for one rupee. 100 rupees and 1000 rupees and above that is a very far thing. Just take one rupee now.

When he will go in front of the magistrate that I have taken bribe of one rupee, the magistrate will not listen that you took a bribe of one rupee. You took a bribe; you are a scoundrel. You are a complete traitor, you come out and after the penalty that will be imposed on him, you cannot think. Nowadays, the police have become very intelligent about this. They do not take bribe directly from you. You must have seen in the movies that the police officer is cutting the bet here. He will say that I do not take it here. Now the pawned is sitting here, go and give it to him.

He will settle the account in the evening with the pawned. People have understood this here. If our video is made here, then the job is gone. What will be the defamation from above, that is a big thing and here a person’s defamations not there. The whole department is defamed. So the first thing is that you do not have to give bribe and you made the video. Hands. So it is important for you to know your rights. In addition, it is also important for you to know that the policeman tells you to show your DL. So what do we do? As soon as we are stopped, show DL, we give DL in our hands and he takes it and goes away and then you leave the car helplessly and then you go back and forth and I said that there are more than 100 types of violations.

Anyone will put it on you and your fine will be am telling you, that policeman will come to you with folded reduced. Even if you have everything, you know that if you refuse to give DL, then thesis not an offence. You have to show DL. You have to show driving license. Look, I have driving license. It is your own choice to give or not to give. The policeman cannot force you to show medal. Do you know that he cannot force you to come out of the car? People say, get out of the car. They cannot force you. Do you know that the policeman cannot take out theca key?

It is an offence to take out the key. He cannot takeout the car key, but you see, sometimes he stops and puts the key first because you can’t go anywhere. But taking out the key is also an offence. So this offence is forth policeman that he cannot do this. So you need to know a lot of things. In addition, you can talk to the policeman anytime. Look, the police are also people who are doing their duty. They also target driving. There are many things, but you have to be polite and the policeman also has to be polite. If the policeman harasses a person, you can file a legal complaint against him.

You can go to the police station. Nowadays, all the emails up to DIG are available on the internet. You can type the email with the name of the person. You can talk to him on his job if he harassed you. So these days, the police have become intelligent. They talk very politely, but where they don’t do it, you should know your rights. The police cannot argue with you, or harass you. They will tell you very easily that you have done this offence and for this your fine is being deducted and when your fine is deducted, then keep in mind that the fine will not be deducted from the same and if it is deducted, then they will give you a proper receipt. Either it will come out of the machine or they will have a proper bill book.

Sometimes what happens is that the person of the junior rank brings the bill book of the senior. So you see that the fine that is being deducted and the person according to whose name the bill book is issued, both the persons are the same. In fact, you should also know your rights when the policeman is asking for documents from you. Show DL, shock, show everything and you are doubting. It has happened many times that people just stop and stop in the uniform of the police to earn money. Youkan actually ask for their ID proof. Show your ID. If the policeman forbids you to show your ID, then you can legally forbid him. Sir, I will not show you RC or DL because you did not show your ID.

If the policeman forbids you to show your ID, then you do not show anything. You will not be penalized here. If he did not show his ID, then it is very important to show your ID. Now finally, these are some very basic things. As I told you, keep all the things in the digital locker. Apart from this, do not make any visual offense that you see in front. Because after that, I told you that any fine will be deducted within100 plus sections. You will not know what your fine is. Be polite. If you are being offended, see if you argue, then your fine will be deducted of100 rupees. The police can make a fine of 2000 to 5000 that he did this and he did that. So don’t argue. If you have genuinely offended, then you can pay him.

You see, the money is coming. If you are getting a receipt, then it is going to your government. Well, if the government loses 100 rupees, it feels bad. You go to a restaurant for 500rupees and eat, that is not a problem. But if you lose 100 rupees, it feels bad. I understand that. But see, the first thing is that you do not have to make any offense. Keep all the documents complete. Be very nice to the police and it is important for you to understand your rights.