Mukesh Ambani has made IPL free on Jio cinema. You must be very excited to see that it is free and you don’t have to take any subscription. Before this, you used to watch on Hotstar.You had to take a subscription in that. But here it is 100% free. Then how is Mukesh Ambani going to earn money? Well, the case study that you are going to get today is going to be very fun. In fact, you will understand how such big amounts are collected.

See the biggest thing is 23,758,000 crores. So add 7, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7. This money has been spent. It has been done, it does not have to be given atone. It also has a time, there are installments. But yes, 23,758,000 crores have been given in the name of broadcasting rights. And that too not of TV, digital rights. TV is bought by Star Sports. So only and only digitally IPL will be shown. Money will be given for the next5 years.

From 2023 to 2027, the rights are with Reliance. Now if you understand the master plan of Reliance, then you are really going to be excited. Because the way you understand how to do business of Muktesh Amani, you will understand that you are doing the next level business. Butte biggest question that comes to people here is that it is free.

No money is given. So how will the money be collected? How will these 23,758,000 crores be collected? Well, it is said that if you are not giving money for any product, then you are the product. Now you understand that you have to give money. Now you must be thinking how to give it to me.

Let’s understand how you have to give. Now number one is free here. What is the most important thing that Jiu does? Jiu finishes its competitors. We saw that he completely finished Vodafone. Vodafone became a mixture of ideas, it became merger, but despite that, it does not stand anywhere in today’s rate.

Now there is Airtel in the competition, but you are understanding that in any field, if Muktesh Amani goes, then he pays the most attention to this that I will become the only player. I will do something so that all the people come to me because in business, you will have to understand one more thing that attention is money.

Now I am going to explain that to you. Soothe biggest focus of Jio is to finish its competition that there is no competition ahead of us. If there is no competition, then the biggest question will come. We can do whatever we want, then it will be free.

So now it is free. It does not mean that it is always free. Brother, you have taken the right decision. Today you are watching for free. Is it written that next year money will not be taken or next year money will not be taken? You have to make money. Business comes very well from you and me.

So if they are doing it free today, do you remember that Jio was free? The internet was free, there was no money, but after that, you give money today, you get it recharged today. So it was free then, it does not mean that itis free today.

Similarly, today Jio cinema is free, it does not mean that it is freeing the future. Now you are seeing big stars, MS Dhoni is coming and promoting that becoming to Jio cinema, you watch IPL.This time Tata IPL on Jio cinema. On any screen, that too free. Now Digital India will watch Digital Tata IPL only on Jio cinema.

I will give you an example of yesterday. I was coming back from Goa. So a Sirdar was watching IPL in Punjabi. I liked it very much. I saw that he is watching on Jio. Now if a person is watching cricket at the airport on Jio, then it is understood that digital penetration is increasing. Now Jio has a very big competition with Star sport. What is the reason?

Even today it is said that the users in the digital space who are consuming IPL and cricket at today’s rate are about 40crore people. More than40 crores people like to watch cricket on the internet. They like to watch cricket digitally. But if we talk about TV, then its penetration is even more. More than 90 crores people are still attached to TV.

But will the game be the same in 5years? You see how fast the penetration of the internet is increasing. At today’s rate, if you have a TV at home, what do you do? You can watch cricket by playing Jio cinema. So if you are watching on Through the internet, then it will not go on TV, it will go to digital media. So who will have the rights?

Jio has the rights and Jio knows that at today’s rate, people have started reducing the subscriptions of Setup box, Dish TV and Tata Sky. And people simply install Wi-Fi at home. Now which Wi-Fi do they install? Now Jio Fiber has come. This is also Jio. So what do you do with Jio Fiber? You buy unlimited internet.

You get unlimited internet and you see that there is no need for TV. So from here, Reliance is understanding that gradually users will be less and will increase here. See this has happened for the first time in the history of IPL that digital rights and TV rights are sold separately. First it was of Hot star. If you watch on TV, you will watch Hot star.

If you watch on mobile, you will watch Hot star. But what has happened this time, more than23,000 crores, 758 crores were spent on digital rights and 23,575 crores have been given by Star Sports for TV rights. Now how will the money recover here? Let’s talk about it directly. So now you are understanding Jio’s game plan. I will take you to a bigger game plan. The first thing I told you that it is free today. T

oday it is free. It does not mean that itis always free. It is free for the next 5 years. You have to understand this. The second thing is that it can be from the next year or from the next year. You have to pay a subscription amount. Today Jio’s main focus is on bringing users.

I told you that attention is money. So if today’s download is increasing, you know that as soon as IPL rights were taken by Muktesh Amani, 10 crore downloads increased immediately on Jio Cinema.

I will explain to you what 10CR downloads mean. You see what companies do. They give money to bring downloads. You bring a user, refer 100 rupees, 150 rupees, 200 rupees. There is an acquisition cost to bring any user. So if you multiply 10 crores by 100, then 1000 crores of advertisement are spent for the user to be brought.

And here genuine users without anything, you will see only Jio Cinema IPL. Because of this, 10 crore downloads have increased suddenly. I hope you are understanding that it is difficult to bring downloads and here 10CR downloads have increased. So understand the game of valuation. Now I will take you to the next level. Okay, you are understanding that there is an advertisement. Okay, money will come from the ad.

You know that the ad you see, which you see during IPL, even if it is onia Cinema, how much is the money for an ad of 10 seconds? Approximately20 lakh rupees and it can be more in prime time.

If there is an important match, if there is a big match, for example, your match is Chennai vs Bangalore, so it will come in the category of more prime matches. Its money can be more and as it moves forward, semifinals, finals, all these rates are completely different.

So I am talking about general matches. You will have to spend 20 lakh rupees for an ad of 10 seconds. Now you will think that someone will arrange 20 lakhs. I also have 20 lakh rupees, but your work will not work for only20 lakhs. They will not make any contract with you for an ad of 10 seconds. They will ask how many times you have to show.

You will say that you have to show 10 times. So you have to give 2 crore rupees. If you give 2 crore rupees, then you will make a contract and only after that you will be able to show your ad. So you are not alone here. In today’s rate, you are seeing that hundreds of advertisers have come who have to advertise.

Now, especially the fantasy sports people, they give a lot of ads. Why do they give? Because here Isa different revenue model. If you want a full case study on fantasy sports, comment below. I will also tell you that you think it is so easy.

Think about the second price. If it is 1 crore, then what will be the first price and what will happen? Will you get it or not? What are the chances of that? And you will have to understand. I am not commenting on it today. If you say, then we will make a complete case study. Then we will tell you everything. We will open the whole poll.

We will do everything, but not today. Another blog for that. So there is so much money given that they are expected from the advertisement to be a very good revenue. Now how much? See 23758 crores if am not wrong. This money has been given by Reliance to show on Jio Cinema for digital rights. So if we are saying this money for 5 years, then how much is it for 1 year?

It has become 4751 crores. So4751 crores have to be collected in 1 year. Mahesh Amani does not have a plan to collect this money in 1 year. But still, his estimation is that about2500 crores will come from our advertisement. Now there are some prime sponsors, which you must have heard about sponsorships, which give good money for sponsorships.

There are sponsors in every event, so how will there be no sponsors in IPL? At today’s rate, Jio has 21 sponsors already. So sponsorship gives bulk money at once. You must be thinking that we know this, but now I will tell you something more interesting, which you may not know.

Today we’re showing in 4k, we are showing you that you can see in different languages, you can see from different angles, but now one important aspect is that If you sit to watch the whole match and watch in good quality, you can watch in 4K, then that the data you are getting is free.

You get 1 GB free daily. You will have to do 3 GB, and 2 GB extra recharges. Now you will say that it is not only on Jio, that Jio users also free, Airtel user is also free, Vodafone user is also free, but here Jio’s branding is also increasing and the Jio users will also get extra recharges. Again extra revenue, but this is what I am talking about, which most people do not know about. Reliance is also planning a separate IPO.

So if you are already connected in the share market, you are learning, if you want to learn the share market in detail, we have made a complete course for you for free. You will see the playlist on the I button. Learn for free.

You have been taught step by step about the share market. Now IPO, I hope you know, itis initial public offering. People take money from people. So today Muktesh Amani has spent23700 something crores.

But if this IPO comes to 1 lakh crores, then you do not be surprised about it. Why not? This can be a separate IPO and till then Jio’sbrand value is increasing so fast. Users are increasing, revenue will also increase.

If everything is increasing, then here a very different way to portray Jio, I hope in the future will be tried. So if such an IPO comes, then the money that is being spent today can be recovered.

Now competition, first of all, understand what I told you that if the competition is over, there is no one in the competition and you are the only player, then you can do whatever you want. You can take money, so money can be earned later. So in IPL, T20 is going on, so here Muktesh Amani is playing a test match. First tire the opponent.

You think, you spent23700 crores, who else in India has so much money? Who will spend it? Who will get into the competition? And as they are leveling up, there will be no competition in the coming time.

Reliance can be the only player, so they can run their own monopoly. And thespian game can prove to be a game changer because the company will get so much money directly from here that they have not spent.

So today you feel that everything is free, but nothing is free. There are no free lunches in the world. You have to take care of this.

So definitely you are watching ads, you are watching ads, you are seeing ads and in the name of this, people are taking money from advertisers, they will indirectly take money from you. We have to pay the money; you have to pay the money. Nothings free, just take care of this.