Everyone thinks that if they get a setup, they can make crores in a day. Or they think that they can make a lot of money in a day. If you want to make a big profit, you have to work hard for it. Now, hold your nerves.

Okay? Hold your nerves. I will show you the hair on the 1st, now we will go to the 2nd. This is the 2nd, you won’t like it. Now, this is 3rd. We will grow slowly. We have put a half-century mark. If we put a half-century mark in the last test, we might have saved the test. Let’s see if we can get a red candle.No, not yet. The red candle has turned green. Now, it is going on. Is the heartbeat increasing or not? Heartbeat is increasing?

Okay, it has become 1 million.You are the only ones who are in 1 million.Keep one thing in mind.If you make money, Now, understand two things here.What mistake you make is that if your account is of 50,000, If you make 50,000, There will be many more in this.How many people have their accounts doubled or tripled?After that, it is over.Now, what mistake you made?You did it once, that is fine.But if your accounts tripled, What you did is, you are taking a risk on the whole.

You are not doing this, that the 50,000 which we started,I should take this 1 lakh out first,There will be a bad day.Look, you have less trade.If you trade with less quantity, then the loss will be less.

You are trading big, that 3 to 6, 6 to 9,I tell you, I give examples everywhere.

When I used to give training, I went to Hyderabad.There I met a sir, who made 3 lakhs into 16 lakhs.He made 3 lakhs into 16 lakhs in one month.And he gave 16 lakhs and gave 3 lakhs more in the next 3 days.That means, he could not handle the whole month.Money should know how to handle. Money is gone, who will handle it? You have to handle it.

Take it home, don’t you like it?Give it to your wife, she will handle it.You go to 50,000 and then handle it.Tell her, how to close the terminal.I have made a profit of 5,000, you close the terminal.I don’t want to give the laptop all day.She will not give you the laptop.

But you know, till the time, There are many people who take the trade at 3.29.Maybe tomorrow it will go up, I will keep it.Today’s loss will be recovered.Today’s trade is going on.It doesn’t stop.I am having a problem, When the market is going to run till 11.30, Then the divorce will be done in half.I have a doubt, lawyers have increased.The lawyers who came, their fees have increased by 4 months.They will be divorced in half.

So, understand these things.Till you motivate yourself,I can’t motivate you.No one can motivate you.The most important motivation is your struggle.That motivates you.The more you struggle,I say it again and again,The better the trade, the better the money.The more you struggle in your life,The more success you will get.

I have seen a lot of struggles.I have seen a lot of negative things.I have seen people who are far from their loved ones.The good people have gone away.But those people come back.I am the same.I haven’t changed.But the money has changed.People started liking me.I was not money. I was bad. The most important thing is money.

People say that you can’t buy anything with money.You can buy everything with money.Everything is available with money.Life is nothing without money.Don’t ask about your money.After a while,The parents who give birth to us,They also hope that they will earn some money and give it tous.Do something for them.Struggle.Learn in life.If you don’t learn, you can’t do anything.

I teach you things.I will tell you a little bit about this.I am a genuine person.I have nothing that I have not told you.I have some things that I have told you.I have not told you on YouTube.I have not told you on any platform.I am telling you here.I am telling you.Learn it.But nothing will happen if you tell.Until you control it.You have to control it.I will come to your house to control it.

I am also saying that I have to buy it one day.One day, you will have to stop it.Maybe in the first 10 minutes,Your trade will be spoiled.You have to stop it and leave.But the problem is that the market is open till 9.30.The market is open till 3.30.How can I stop it at 9.30?You have decided that I have to buy 2 or 3 trades.If you have 2 or 3 trades,Stop it here.

I am telling you a little thing.Things are very simple.You will understand it easily.But you will trade for 2 days.I am telling you to trade for 100 days.After 100 days, if PushkarOrganizes another event, I will come.I will come here whether I go or not.So, you trade for 100 days.After 100 days, I will come and ask youWhat you did.He will do something.He made this world record.Now he will make another world record.He has something in his DNA.

So,What is this?So, these things will happen to you.I will come here and meet you.I will come to his show.And I will ask you if you have bought 100 trades.I say this every time.I say this in every blog.I am very sad.I am sad becauseNo matter how much people shout and tell you.People don’t listen to them.People keep crying that I sold the land.I sold this land.People are coming here to gamble.

I am not telling you to gamble.I am telling you to learn.You don’t need a lot of money to learn.You learn with small money.You will trade with big money.So, you don’t learn.You are here to trade.Don’t trade.Learn first.Give 100 trades 100 days before.I say this with guarantee.Don’t look at the chart.This chart tells me.This chart tells me to buy.It doesn’t tell me to sell.I force myself to sell.I get stuck.I get out.This is my favorite.These things I tell you are my favourite.

I tell you.I mostly look at the price.I don’t look at anything else.I follow the price action.I look at the price and go.I get something to keep the mouse.Understand one thing.We are looking at the last 2 o’clock.We have to look at things after 2 o’clock.We have to find that after the last 2 o’clock.After the last 2 o’clock.After the last 2 o’clock.The market should fall 100 points.Minimum 100 points.If it happens.Some people will say that it didn’t fall.I am not telling you to take a trade.

Sit quietly.People will say that it didn’t fall.I will wash it in my hands.It will fall.I am telling you in what condition.If the market falls more than 100 points.What does the market mean to me?What does the market mean?That’s all you have to understand.The market means bank nifty.I am a focused man.I do it with focus.If I am doing bank nifty,I am a bull.I put a stick on the bull.I told him to keep moving in this field.I am a bull.I will tell you.So what will happen there?

The market should fall 100 points.If I can’t tell you the time.I am telling you.The market should fall at least 100 points.Bank nifty should fall 100 points.From where?Any level from where it can fall 100 points.Now you will understand.After 2 o’clock.Before 2 o’clock I don’t want to know.What did bank nifty do?We don’t want to see it.If you don’t want to see it, then don’t add anything.If I know the time of trading.I know how to trade at 9.30.I told you that.I know how to trade in the afternoon.How will I trade?Bank nifty should fall at least 100 points.

After falling 100 points.We apply Fibonacci retracement.What do we apply?You have to apply Fibonacci retracement.You can find it from anywhere.You can find it from anywhere.You can find Fibonacci retracement here.You can find Fibonacci retracement here.See, there are some things.Which support you.Retracement suits me.You have to keep in mind.What suits you.Fibonacci retracement suits me.That’s why I use it everywhere.I use it in intraday.I use it on daily chart.

What will I do here?I have applied it here.I will change some settings here.I will change settings here.You can see the settings here.I will remove all these things.I don’t have to take anything from the default.I will follow only 33.I have removed all other things.My target will be 0.88.I don’t have any big targets.I don’t tell you this.I say this in every blog.

What suits others.I don’t care.What suits me.I never set targets.I never say 1×2, 1×3, 1×5, 1×10.I don’t suit it.I don’t understand those things.I trade momentum.I am an option buyer.My momentum is 200 points.I will sit till 200 points.My momentum is ending at 30 points.My target is 0.88.I don’t have any targets.I have SL.I know how much I have to give.I leave the amount in the market.If I decide to give,I will leave with 1 lakh.The market was ready to give me 20 lakhs.What I will want is 50 lakhs or 50,000 ads,or 100,000 or 200,000 as it is described in a high-grade taboomark to sell someone’s asset.

Remember, I will do this only after the market bank nifty isover 2.It may come between 2 to 2.25, 2 to 2.5, 2.5 to 3.But my entry should be before 3.5.If it is after 3.5, I will not enter this trade.You have to remember this.If I get my entry after 3.5, I will not enter.And I will tell you one more thing, you may not have heard it.At that time, the premium will increase the fastest if the market takes direction.

If the market gives a directional move of 100 points,whether it is up or down, the premium will increase the fastest.Because the next day’s premium adjustment is done.Many people cover their position.Many people will start covering their position if the marketgoes in that direction.Here, the premium increases the fastest.Look, the premium increases in two places.One is at 9.30 or 9.00 in the morning. If the market opens at10.00 or 9.00,then the premium will increase very fast if it goes in the directionof 10.30.

After that, the premium starts to go down.It starts to go down slowly.Then, once it goes down, it will increase in the evening.If the market is directional, I will repeat it again.If the market is directional, if we get a movement of 100 points,then the market is directional.If you get a movement of 100 points on the day of expiry,then at least your premium will increase by 120 points.It will not increase by 100 points, but by 120 points.

It will increase very fast.But, if it goes in the opposite direction, how far will it go?This is our SL.Point 0.00 is my SL.This line is my SL.Here, I have got a 33 SL.What is my target here?The first target is double 8.I have got a target of 0.55.The first target.My second target is 1.27, which will be somewhere up.Now, the market has to close.So, you have to decide that I have to go.Where the momentum is breaking, remember that I have put a candle of 1 minute.

I am telling you all these things on a candle of 1 minute.I am telling you to scalp, but even on scalp,you get a movement of 50 to 60 points, 70 points, 80 points atthe end.Now, you go and track it.Leave it for a month or a month and a half.What you do is, the problem is,you will go and test the back side.If you test the back side, your money will not increase.Test the front side.Tomorrow is the day.

Day after tomorrow is Thursday, Wednesday, and Wednesday.Now, test it by investing money.If you test it by writing on paper, then the money will not increase.Everything is made. So, you will go here.When you are looking at the paper, you will go here, at this place.Here. And by going here, this candle that is made,this candle will increase your BP by 50%.You will go in the 40, 40 and 30 that will come suddenly.No one will stop more than this.Always remember, target and stop loss.

What is the meaning of target?Here, the specific target is 0.88.Brother, at least take more than your SL.Remember, the SL you are giving,if the market tells you to go less than that,then take a better SL.Decide it.If the market is giving less than what you are giving,then I will choose to take SL.I will take SL by myself.But the market does not do this.It will give you this directional move 9 out of 10 times.Whenever these things will be made,you will get this directional move 9 out of 10 times.At least 100 to 120 points.It is fixed.Test the back side and front side.

Test the front side.Invest money and see.Don’t go back.If you go back, then it will be the same.Oh, it is very good.Oh, it is very good.Oh, it is very good.And yesterday itself, he gave SL.He is mad. He must be doing something different.He told something different again.He made us do a lot of work.He showed us the back side.This is consistency.If you continue,I said, if you do 100 trades,only then you will see the profit.You will not see profit in 2 trades.You did 2 trades,and you said, I don’t have profit.You told me, 2 SL.Maybe 8 will be good.

If the next 2 are good,if it continues, then?But, I say it again and again,if you are taking 100 trades,only then you think that I am trading.You are trading for a day,you finish the money today,then you will get the salary,then you will take it and do it.Then you are not a trader.Invest this much money,that you take it for a month.Manage the risk reward in it.Do risk management in such a way,that you run 22 trading sessions in a month.Even if you have invested Rs. 20,000.Do it in such a way that you run 22 trading sessions.

Even if they are not in the option.Then you have to go to the stock.If you want to come in the option,then you should have at least Rs. 50,000.To trade.If you have this money,it feels good.Even if one trade is bad,then you go to the next trade.Now, how do you trade?You have invested Rs. 1 lakh,Rs. 30,000,finished.Now, trade for Rs. 70,000.How will it recover?It will not recover.If you have Rs. 1 lakh,you have traded for Rs. 20,000.You have lost Rs. 20,000.I have Rs. 80,000.I have taken Rs. 20,000 from there.The loss is over. I have completed Rs. 20,000.I have traded again.

This can recover.But what do you do?You finish the capital first.You come to recover the interest.Then you go to God and pray in the temple.Oh God,I will leave trading.I will leave trading.God says,I will not leave you.I will trap you in this.Then you will not be able to leave.So, be careful.What to do?Every time after 2.30 pm,whenever I am in the market,I will go to the market.I will go to the market.I say, Dad.Take a Rs. 10,000 loan.

Yes,sell it in like that.So, if the market closes at 2 in the morning,you got to withdraw Rs. 10,000.Only then only it can close.By the time,when you get back the money at 3-4,it will collapse brown.Scope to earn,IRS charge you,or rupture your income.But don’t worry,your currency will becomeexactly as it was at the time of financing.the market.And if you have not seen, you will see these things.We get used to doing these things.If we haven’t found here, we will leave it.There is no problem.Where it is not made, there is no problem.Do not forcibly trade there.Look at where it is made.What happens is, where it is not made, there is more interest.Look here.We have found those things again after 3 pm.

It is a 100 point move.You will not see.I know.I do it every day.I know where it is.The market makes this condition for 9 days out of 10.After 3 pm, a big position comes.Something is covered.People take some new positions.If they do not have it, then they will not get it.If we get a move of 100 points, if the market comes out above33, we get a 100 point movement.Eighty to one hundred points, very comfortably.And most of the time, I am a master in catching the move of eightyto one hundred points.And I will do the same in which I am a master.I will not do it after seeing the other, that I will catch 300points, I will catch thenext moving.I will do what I know.I will not do it by looking at others.I will not do it by looking at 300 points.If I am going to the next one, I will catch it.I will do what I know.I will do what I know.Okay?If you like the things, then keep blessing yourself.I will keep doing things with you.If I will get the chance again, I will definitely keep doingit.Okay.Thank you.