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Social Media Growth Conclave 2022

The Eminent Proceedings

A grand and magnanimous event that created a new record for the most number of people been imparted knowledge on social media and digital marketing forefront that also got its name and mine too registered in the Guinness Book Of World Records 2022 for being the largest social media event till date across the globe. The event of Social Media Growth Conclave 2022 happened on 29th May 2022, at the Talkatora Stadium of New Delhi, where influencers and creators of various fields came together to share their experiences and reveal to the audience how to leverage the power of social media platforms to grow their business. Social Media Growth Conclave 2022, powered by GroMo and Cosmofeed, had Rannvijay Singha as the chief guest, along with other influencers like Pranjal Kamra, Himeesh Madan, Zeeshan Shaikh, Arvind Arora, Akshat Shrivastava, and Anant Ladha being a core part of the event.

The Way I Contributed

I also contributed in every possible way that I could, being a Financial Influencer, a YouTuber, and a Business Coach. Sharing experiences is always an awesome feeling and imparting knowledge is ever so beautiful. As a YouTuber, I could ascertain the best possible ways to leverage your content marketing practices and comprehensively use digital media. My duty as a Business Coach was to examine the potential threats one’s business might face by looking at the current trends. Information needed to be recounted in terms of current business opportunities and strategies that might be used for a business to run successfully. Talks of other aspects of establishing a business were also discussed, and thoughts on conglomeration were shared.

Overall this event was highly successful, and precious talks and discussions happened that will definitely form the foundation of a distinguished India.
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