Can you invest money and earn passive income? Now what is passive income? Passive income is the earning for which you do not need to work. Even if you do not work hard, your money should grow. But how does this happen? Well, you have a lot of platforms today where you can earn passive income. Now what did traditional people think? We will make a house for rent. And if we give the house on rent, we will network, but we will get rent. So it will be very good for our retirement. We will start getting passive income.

But you think if you want to buy a house at today’s rate, it will cost a lot of money. And after that you think that if you get rent, it is a long process. Many people are doing it, which is a good thing. But if you have some savings today, on which you want me to start earning something, or you have money for some time and you think that if you get some earning, it will be good. And you can use that money again anytime.

How will it be if there is no lock-in? Well, today I will tell you about a platform that I use myself. Because many people ask me that we have some savings, some money is lying, we should earn something on it. So there is a platform that I use myself. In fact, my whole house, my whole family uses it. Now on this platform, you will see here, I turn on my screen recording so that you can see exactly. We have come to 12% club.

I have told you about this before. There are many people who still ask about passive income and they do not know about this platform. So I am telling you from the starting. On 12% club, you are seeing my balance here. Itis above 10 lakhs. This is the interest of Rest. 328 per day. So what happens here, you get up to 12% interest per year and this is the daily credit.

So if you get 12% per year and if you get up to 12%, then this is 1% per month and if you have put your money here, the daily interest that will be made here will be credited here. You can withdraw. In48 hours, your money comes in the account.

If you need money, then you can withdraw it from here. Now on this platform, you will see that I have earned more than 64000 rupees as interest and if you understand 12% here, then 12% is powered by Bharatpe.

So you already know the name of Bharatpe. It is a trusted brand in the market, but now you will have question in your mind that how does this 12% club give you interest? Behind this, basically you need to understand the system. You are investing money anywhere. You should understand how that money increases. How do you get interest?

So when you add money to12% club, the biggest thing is that if you add money, you Cando it through UPI, through net banking, through debit card and there are no charges for this. There are zero charges. The second thing is that the interest you earn does not feel tedious on that interest and the money you have added here, it lands ahead of the borrower through P2P NBFCs and the interest paid is your earning.

Now, let’s say you put 100%money, I take 100% and go, so what does 12% club do here? Now, the NBFCs that are registered through RBI, they do not give 100% money to a single person. Here, suppose you have 100%money, then by 1%, it has gone to 100 people. So the probability of default and the probability of risk is very low.

So if someone is defaulted from one person, then interests coming through99 and here how your money is earning money for you. I hope you are understanding the concept. So in 12% club, you can earn daily passive income.

This is point number one. Now let’s understand further. Here you see one more concept, Refer and earn. Now, if you see the concept of Refer and earn, then you can earn up to10 lakh rupees. This is also passive income. If you are getting earnings from here, you recommend it to your friend circle, then you can read terms and conditions.

You can earn up to 10 lakh rupees by referring and earning 12% club. So many people who wanted to know a very simple platform where you can invest money and earn money and your money grows. I have told you that 12% clubs a very good platform where you are getting up to 12% interest. Here you get simple interest and there is no compound.

So whatever interest you want, you can get it. We have discussed a simple rule before, the rule of 72. So the rule of 72 works very well for compound interest. So if you are getting interest on your interest, then you already know that whatever you have, suppose you have 12% compound rate of interest, then your money is doubling in 6 years.

Nowhere you are getting a rate of interest of 12%, but if you do not get interest on interest, then I will tell you that you give every day, every 2nd, 3rd, whatever interest you have here, remove it because there is no interest on interest. Many people think that there is money lying, there is interest, you will get money on its it is not like that.

Suppose you put 1 lakh, 2 lakhs, 10 thousand, 20 thousand, 5 thousand, whatever interest will be made on it, you can withdraw it daily and it will come in your account in 48 hours and I have also told you the concept of the referendum that if you understand the concept of 12%club, here you feel that I am getting a benefit regularly and you share this benefit with your friends, so by referring you, you can earn up to 10 lakh rupees.

So just check out12% club, I will give you the link and in the same way, whatever is the latest platform that can be useful for you, we will commit on bringing a blog for you.

So share this blog so that people know how they can earn passive income by investing and I have told you about a very powerful platform that I use myself.