Now see we are talking about 13% returns. Knowhow does it work? There will be a lot of new people. Let me explain the concept a little bit. You know about the rule of 72. I am assuming that. The rule of 72 is a very simple rule that says how much time your money will double. You will find out like this. Take 13 here. I have written 13. For example, you are getting12% returns on your money. So whatever return you are getting, you will divide it by 72. So if you divide 72 by 12, then the answer will be 6.

That means your money will double in 6 years. Now if you have1 crore, then 1 crore will become 2 crores. If you have 1 lakh, then 1 lakh will become2 lakh. If you have 10,000, then 10,000 will become 20,000. Depending on how much capital you want to answer in the comments, if I divide 72 by 13, then what answer will come? How much time will the money double? You have to answer in the comments.

Now if we understand this multiplication game, then it is not just about 6 years. For example, we are talking about 1 to 2. In 6 years, 1 lakh will become 2 lakhs, 1 crore will become 2 crores or10 lakhs will become 20 lakhs. This will happen in 6 years. Burin the next 6 years, what will happen to 2? 4 will be 4, 8 will be 8 and 16 will be16. The cycle of reaching1 to 16 is the same, but you have to start later. Now what is the concept?

How does your money multiply? First I show you what investment I have made, how I am getting 13% return and how you will also get a return of almost 13%. So I show you my phone first and I turn on the screen recording so that you can see exactly what I want to show you. So we have simply come to Moby.

I hope many people use MobiQ.If not, then it is okay. Here you will see an extra feature. On this extra you are seeing that my 10 lakhs, 7000,500 something rupees, you are seeing my value. I have turned on interest of 7000 something. Now I am getting money according to 12%. If I want to withdraw it, then see the withdraw button will come here.

If I want to withdraw this, then I want to do the example full amount, if I want to withdraw, then I can do the full amount. If I wantonly 7500, then I will withdraw it. This is a very simple process. How is this 12% getting? I will tell you now. What is more important than this? I am getting this. My wife is getting 13%, almost 13%. So I show you how. This was my phone; I have turned off the screen recording.

Now I take you to my wife’s phone. So I turn on the screen recording. I have entered the password. Now let’s use the wife’s phone less. So I have come here again extra. Now if you look here, then my wife’s interest is 10,000 on 10 lakhs. Now why is this interest more? I will tell you, we had put money at almost the same time.

The suit can be something in the future, I do not remember exactly. So here you will see that 12.99% per annum is getting. I am getting 12%, here it is getting almost 13%. Why is it getting? I will give you the answer. How is it getting? I will give you the answer. And here now if I want to withdraw the money, then we will click here on 10 lakh rupees.

Now see if I withdraw, then what is the wonder here that the interest I have got, it will be only according to 8%. Now why is it that it is showing here and I am getting 8, now many of your questions welcome. So now I will give you the answer to those questions, understand that. So now we are not withdrawing it.

Let it be, let the money be compounded. Let it be on work. Basically, if you do not get interest on interest, then you will have to take care. There is compound interest, there is no compound interest. What is simple interest? This formula that we were showing, this formula is basically on compound interest that the interest will also be reinvested.

There is an option in this, I will explain that to you. So you will have to understand everything. Now first of all you saw that I had invested 10 lakh rupees and I am getting a return of 12% on it. So what is this, why is the return coming? Howls it coming? You will have to understand.

So here there is peer-to-peer lending. Now this peer-to-peer lending is done by many NBFCs, there are RBI registered NBFCs, so peer-to-peer lending is done through them. Now my 10 lakh rupees have not gone to one person. This money has gone to many people on loan. So for example, this money would have given 5000 rupees to many people, it would have given 1000 rupees to someone, so the risk is very low that your money will be lost or there will be no returns on money.

Suppose someone has defaulted, there is a default probability. Suppose someone has defaulted, then it will be a default of 10 lakh rupees, but if other people are giving interest, then almost a stagnant interests kept getting. We have already talked about this on peer-to-peer lending and it is comparatively safe because I have been using it for a long time.

So the return on money is getting 12%according to me. You check, by the way, no comparison should be done, but if you check elsewhere, then if there is money in your bank or you put it somewhere else, then the return of 12% does not come. So the return of 12% is a very good return. The biggest thing is that you do not have a lock-in period here if you invest according to 12%, but in my wife, what you saw, it is 13%, it is showing 12.99%, but when am going to withdraw money,

then why is it coming out according to 8% because there is lock-in period here. Here you will have to see that the lock-in period that is coming in it, if you withdraw money before that, then you are getting it according to 8%, but if you do not need money immediately like I do not need immediate, I have put money in my wife’s account,

I have put it in the extra, this is extra plus, so this was extra, this is extra plus, I will write, this is the extra feature of them, this is extra plus, so what is the benefit of extra plus, that here according to 12.99%, but there is a lock-in in it,

if you do not need immediate money, then you can put it in it, but if you need immediate money, Theni tried both. The most important thing is that if I am telling anything to my users, then the most important thing is that I have tried it myself and it is amazing that there is no paid promotion, I liked it, so I am sharing it with you that there are such platforms in the market that are providing you interest according to 12.99%

and if your money is increasing, then you should try it because I am trying this, so I take you back to my phone wherein am getting 12%, so this option gives and I explain to you what is its lock-in period, so that you can see exactly, the lock-in period is 3 months, so here the minimum lock-in periodic 3 months, no deposit fees are charged and you can earn up to 12.99% per annum,

so here I took interest according to 12% according to extra and I also showed you here according to extra plus from wife that how you get more money, now many people will say that I have invested 10 lakh rupees, you can invest 1000, 5000, 10,000, totally up to you, it is not that I have to give you any interest, it is your own money, I want to tell you that for example, your salary comes, it may be 30,000 rupees, now if you keep it with you, it will not increase much, you do not need it immediately,

you have invested money and you have started getting some interesting it, now what I told you, like this is extra, it has simple interest, so you can take out whatever interest you are getting, you can withdraw it daily from here, whatever interest you are getting, now daily interest is being withdrawn, there is nothing better than this,

you can understand this instrument and if you like it, then you can share this blog, , you can go directly and take advantage of the extra and extra plus feature and as I said there is no minimum in it, so you can invest the amount you want and see,

first if you want, if you are building less trust on it, then you read it first, you can see terms and conditions in it, you can see facts in it, frequently answered questions, so if you have any questions, you will get answers to them, go and checkout, if you feel it is right, then only invest, there is nothing in it that I have to tell you and you have to invest, so this is the thing that I am investing myself, so I told you.