If any of your friends or family members want to start a business, you can also share this blog, so that these powerful business ideas can reach them. So the first business idea I have for you all is that it is very simple, a mobile and laptop repair shop. Now what I said, some people may think why I am saying this mobile and laptop repair shop.

See, if you see in any community where people are living, in any society, you will definitely see a shop. If there is no shop, then there will be a need for it. If your phone breaks down today, it gets damaged, it is not working, then you take it immediately and go to the mobile repair shop because it has important data. Your girlfriend will leave you, it will not be so sad.

If you do not run WhatsApp for 2 days, then you will be worried because you are addicted and the world is addicted. So mobile is a very big thing for people. People cannot live without a mobile. As I said, they can live without a girlfriend, but they cannot live without a mobile. So if there is something that people consider very valuable, they spend money for it. If you do a good mobile repairing or laptop repairing course from a good place and if you do that course, then with very little cost, you can open a shop in a good society.

There is a very basic investment, your shop will open and you will see that people come there and give good money. Now if you open this shop, how much can you earn? You can easily earn 50000 to 100000 every month. If you do not believe this, then in your surrounding society, you go to any shop and ask that man that you are running this shop, how much do you earn per month and you will be shocked that engineers do not get a job 30,000 to 40,000 in our country.

There, people running such shops are earning more than 100000 per month. So this was Avery simple thing that you can start. It is a small business idea. I will give you another business idea. These business ideas that I am telling you, the online businesses do not have much effect on them because as soon as our phone breaks, it breaks. As Isai, you will take it and go to a shop immediately.

You will think after a long time that will repair it online. It will take 2 days, 3 days, so this is a very small thing and you will say that there are service centers. People do not like to go to service centers immediately. If there is a major fault, then they will go to the service center. If there is a small fault, then they will like to go to the nearby shop.

The second thing we come to, I said that the online businesses that are growing, it will not affect them. It will not affect e-commerce. So it is a very impressive business idea, which we call day care centers. Now what are these day care centers? I would like to explain to you. What has happened in today’s date care is that both men and women are working.

Once upon a time, only men went to work. Women used to take care of children at home, but now the world is going from shoulder to shoulder. So girls are also educated. Earlier, they were not allowed to study. Now because girls have studied, they get good jobs. Both boys and girls get it and people are living in nuclear family. What used to happen before, grandparents used to take care of children but today people have left their village and come to the city. Now the husband is also working. Wife is also working. Children have become.

So who will take care of those children? If the wife has to go to her office and that office is open till6 in the evening, then who will take care of the child? Who will take care of it here, a new business is created, which is called day care centers. In today’s date, the day care centers in the cities charge about 500 rupees to take care of one child for a day. Now understand the business from here. We are charging 500 rupees for one day from one child.

We say that child will staying day care for 20 days. So if you multiply it by 20, then you will get a figure of one child for 10,000. If there are 50 children in that day care center, then you multiply it by 50. You will see that a day care center can generate revenue up to 500,000 with only 50 children.

Now for these day care centers, you do not need some very lavish things. If you have space and you think that you love children, what do children want in day care centers? They keep playing, keep learning something, keep studying, they get to eat and drink and there you can hire some people to take care of them.

So definitely some expense will be yours, but if you have space, then you can start day care centers. It does not cost much, but if the publicity is correct, then you will have to do publicity for any business. No business is for everyone. It is not that I am telling you this business for you. The business idea that I will tell you after the thesis for you, but you will have to see what suits your personality.

So choose the business accordingly and Theni said that there is no business for everyone. Some people cannot believe that they do entrepreneurship. They need a fix. Everyone’s aptitude is different, personality is different, the way of working is different, the choices are different, so you can choose accordingly.

I will tell you in the third. So I am starting with a small scale business idea, but many people are sitting at home today, earning money, there is no need to go to the job, from day trading. Now what is day trading? See, these are such business ideas that can actually earn you lot of money. If you want to earn 10,000 to 20,000 a month from day trading, it is not a big deal. If you want to earn 50,000, it is not a big deal. Depending on your capital, you can earn good money but in day trading, you need a lot of discipline.

People think that trading is a risk in such things. Definitely, there is a lot of risk if you do not follow the system, but if you keep a systematic approach, learn first. There is a lot of money in the share market. There is so much money that if you understand it once and your strategies start working, then you will not need to do any other work, but again it is not for everyone, but if you think that yes, I want to earn some money while sitting at home, then you can also consider day trading. For this, you need a simple Demat.com trading account.

After that, you will dive in the sea. So what are the steps in this? If you want to do day trading, number one, you need to learn.You can go and learn and after that, as I said, the first step is learning. The second is if you trade, before that, you do paper trade for some time. Why am I telling your paper trade? You can also do this paper trade on Sensible.

So what is virtual trade or paper trade? You do not trade with real money. Now you have learned. You can see on the chart that trade is made, but you do not trade with real money. You do paper trade for at least month. If your profits are being generated well in paper trading, then you can do real trading by investing some capital and you can see that in real trading, how are you making profits, losses, manage and keep discipline.

Now you will see that you can make money from this business continuously. As your capital is made, you will increase your trade capital according to your capital and your profits will also increase and then you may not have to work for anyone else. So again, this is your own business and the income generated by this, if you file income tax, then it also goes to business income.

So it is your business income that you can generate by day trading. So you do not need to pay any money. Your account will open for free. So let’s talk about the next business idea and that is Optical Shop. See, we are again sharing small business ideas with you.

What can a common man do? At today’s rate, people have a lot of problems with eyesight. This is for my glasses. There is no number on it. I use it for Blu-ray protection, but again it is useful for me. So many people need glasses. People have numbers on them. If the glasses break, they have to make a new one immediately and even now people do not use technology so much that they will order online.

They see in their surrounding society that there is a shop of glasses, there is an optical shop and we go there and order something. Now I will explain the margin to you. Listen carefully, you go to any optical shop. At today’s rate, less than 500 rupees of glasses are not made. As far as I know, in any good city, I am saying 500 rupees very little, people make glasses of 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000.Do you know what is the wholesale rate of glasses?

The wholesale rate of glasses wholesale rate you will understand that you will start getting is 500 rupees. Frames from 40 to 50 rupees and you get it for 100 rupees and you get it for 200 rupees on the quality, but if you understand the frame of 200 rupees, then you can do 10x. If itis a 200 rupees thing, then it will be sold for 2000 rupees in the shop. If it is a 50 rupees thing, then it will be sold for 500 rupees. The shopkeeper tells you, which range should show you, so I am explaining that range to you.

There is a lot of margin in this. If you talk to any wholesale distributor, then you will understand that the retailers are sitting to earn margin, so what are you going to do? You are going to become a retailer, so if you work on decent margin, then you understand that the margin of 5 is not going anywhere on the frame.

Now let’s talk about the lens, the lens that are attached, in which the numbers are there, how much is it made? Now the shopkeepers can charge anything, some are doing 1000, some are doing 500, some are doing 2000, some are doing 5000, but am telling you the wholesale rate.

You can also do anti-glare, the coating you see on it, blue color, red color, green color, you can also do that. You can get it for 300 rupees. For example, there are many brands in the market. If you pay for the brand, then the money becomes more, but if you look at it item wise, then you will get the goods locally in most optical shops.

Yes, there are companies that have launched their own brands. You can learn that, but the thing am telling you, it does not take a lot of investment and people need it. So if you open an optical shop, you can easily earn 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees every month and itis not very expensive.

You do not need a lot of space and infect if you want to make your own glasses, then what to do, frames are made and the lens inside it has to fit according to the frame, so you have to do cutting. So you basically need cutting machine, so there is not much investment in it and an eye testing machine comes, you know that is also cheap. So this is the basic infrastructure that you can start and youkan open your optical shop.

Now what is it, if we talk about big cities, then it is okay, there are many lavish shops open, but even today in the villages, if you look inside the different towns, then such shops are needed and there is a lot of demand for it. So I hope you like the idea.

Finally, I will give you one more idea that you will like a lot, that is dance institute. Now, whether you call it a dance institute or a dance center, I will explain to you. There are many such females in today’s date who have a hobby of dancing since childhood and they know very good dance, they also learn to do it, but they always have a shame.

What should we do? I am telling you genuinely, get a board outside your house, write Zumba class on it, put any time from 5 to 6, put Zumba, aerobics, dance, put different timings. I am telling you a basic thing, if you have any ladies of the month, then you can charge them for example, you charge 1500 for a month.

Now how many classes do you give in a month is totally up to you, but most people will not refuse for this thing because you do not have to go out of the house. Even if you have children, you have a responsibility, then you can take out an hour. If you have 10 members, then you earn 15000 per month according to 1500 rupees. A very simple calculation. Now if your husband is earning 30,000, 40,000,50,000 and you contribute 15000, just by taking out an hour, then according to me, it is knotless.

Now if you can take these 4 batches, so you can make like60,000 a month. Is it bad or depending on which area you are in, then instead of 1500, it can be 2500, it can be 3000, so it is a very small scale idea, but it can earn you from 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees, in which a lady does not have to go out of her house? So you can sit at home and run your own dance center.

You can teach some children, you can teach some ladies and youkan charge a fee for that and after taking that fee, you are running your own business. You are the owner of your own will, so this is a very small scale idea, but many people will like it. So I will revise it once. We talked about a dance center, we talked about an optical shop, we talked about day trading here.

In fact, if you are interested in investing in the share market, you need Demat account for that too. So when you get a Demat account, you can buy shares of your favorite company.

In the same way, I told you about daycare centers that the demand for daycare centers is increasing. You can open a daycare center in your area. You just have to do a little publicity and if your daycare center gets hit, then after this will tell you the final thing, whether it is a mobile repair shop, that business means to make a system that you do not have to work yourself. So what should be your focus after a while that I don’t work, you hire some employees and they work for you and then these things can have branches.

For example, if your mobile shop or daycare center gets hit, then you can give its franchisees tomorrow. So always think big, we are starting small. No work is smaller big, but every business can be made big.

If you simply look at the work of scrap, then people are earning crores of rupees by doing scrap work. It is all about how you see the business. If there are good margins in it, the business is good, then you should definitely focus and if you feel like doing something, then take this decision today to do something. Nothing will happen by sitting idle. If you do something, then something will happen.