Dream 11, Fantasy sports, you are watching so many ads, you can watch it on any match, on star sports or on Jio cinema, you will see so many ads, think if the second prize is of 1 crore, then what will be the first prize? In my11circle , the second prize is 1 crore, so what will be the first prize?

You are told that I will get your dog, I will get your sister to tie rachis, I will take you out for a walk, you just go and make a team on Dream 11,that is, leave all the work and go and make a team on Dream 11.

So far, people have many such people who do not even know the whole concept, what does Dream 11 do, which team has to be made, here people know so much that people win money, how they win, they do not know, is it real, is it fake, I had heard that it was banned, then the Supreme Court uplifted that ban, why was it done,

even today there are many such states in India, in which Dream 11, in fact all fantasy sports are banned, like there is a ban in Telangana, there is a ban in Andhra Pradesh, there is a ban in Odisha, there is a ban in Assam, there is a ban in Sikkim, you will see that there is a ban in Nagaland, now there is a complete ban in so many states, you cannot play, totally illegal.

Yesterday I was coming from the road, coming from Punjab, so I saw a lottery shop, on that lottery shop it was written, Government Lottery Shop, means the government has opened it, Government Lottery Shop, you think, who are the people who are making money, today you’re going to get case study.

I am going to give you a complete case study, what is Dream 11, how does it work, do people really make money on it, if they make money, then what is their strategy, and why you will not be able to make a lot of money on it, why many people are getting ruined, why many people are committing suicide, we will understand all aspects on this Dream 11.

Now my manager gets a call for promotion, many sports get promoted by getting a lot of money, I will tell you how that money is being made, so we get a call that you have to promote this applaud many such apps get promotions, so I am telling you a specific incident, so you have to promote this app, you tell me how much money you want, how much money you want, means it is a blank check, you tell me how much money you want,

I will get the money, ok, same day payment happens, I will tell you this also, if you say yes, so I told my manager clearly that I do not promote betting apps, now as soon as I told my manager, the manager forwarded the same message, that man started telling us the opposite, how can you say it is betting, the Supreme Court has said that this is a game of skill, this is not gambling,

I told him that according to me, poker and rummy are also gambling, and that is according to me, but what does our law say, law says that this is a game of skill, rummy is also a game of skill, pokers also a game of skill, how can you say it is betting, so Isai no problem, we will not promote this, the matter is over, now the Supreme Court is saying that it is right or wrong, you understand, but you must have heard a very wonderful line, all the promotions that come, that fantasy sports can be addicted, play with your wisdom.

It is possible to get used to this game or it is financially risky, play with responsibility. So which is the wisdom, I will tell you that also, now let’s start the case study of Dream11, in 2008, Harsh Jain, who is a US return, he thought that let’s start a company which is based on fantasy sports and people come and invest money in it and we make money, see what everyone wants, we make money,

no one wants you to make money, so to make money itself, Dream 11 was started, no issues, it is a business model, now what is the problem, in 2008, it was thought, despite that, criminal proceedings started on it from 2017, starting from Punjab and Haryana High Court, that this is absolutely wrong, it is happening wrong with people, it is a gambling app and criminal proceedings started,

in the end, you know that the ban has been uplifted, you know all that, but where does it stand today, it is very important to know, today, according to the data, there are more than 15 crore people who use an app like Dream 11, they use it, you can say they use it to play, now what they play, how they play, we will try to understand this, now the point starts from where, I personally have no idea about Dream 11 or fantasy sports, nor am I an expert in it, nor do I have much knowledge about it,

but my attraction was built, how it was built, I would like to tell you, recently I went to see a match, you must have seen that IPL is coming, there are many sponsors, like Dream 11 is also a sponsor, I think they spent around 222crores, they spent around 222 crores on sponsorship, that is a sponsor,

similarly, there is a sponsor, Upson, we are also associated with Upson, so I got a call from Upson that you live in Delhi, there is a match in Delhi, if you want to see, youkan go there, and in fact, at the end, you will have to present an award from us, the most valuable asset that will come out of that match, you will have to give it to them,

so I gave an award to Mohammed Shami in that match, so now the point comes here that I went there, so I was not alone there, there were people from other sponsors, so those sponsors get tickets from BCCI, some tickets are given to selected people, so there I met a gentleman who was a sponsor of Dream 11, so I met him, so when I met him, we were sitting idle, the fun that you ghetto watch on TV or on mobile, cricket, that fun does not come live, what is the reason for that,

there is no commentary in live, you are watching, small players are watching, so the real fun is that you are getting on the phone or on TV, but I was not enjoying so much there personally, so what happens is that we get tickets, VIP tickets, so most of the people go there to drink alcohol, to eat non-veg, and did not let them do both, so I had a lot of time, so I met that gentleman from Dream 11,

I talked to him, so how did get introduced to him, so I said that he had worn a t-shirt from Dream 11, do you work in Dream 11, he said no, I have won 5 crores from Dream11, so his introduction was like this, so I said hi to him, he said that I have won 5crores from Dream 11, now he has won 5 crores,

so it is necessary to know from that person that how he won, I had never seen 5 crores, so tell me how did you win 5 crores, I am very interested, so Aim genuinely very curious to understand things, so I spent 1.5hours there and learned everything in detail from him, and after that the blog will be shorter, but I will try to tell you all the things that I heard from him,

understood how Dream 11works and other fantasy sports work similarly. In fact, the revenue of Dream 11 in the last financial year of 2022 crossed4000 crores, seeing this, our Indian player Ashish Grover started company, we will also make money by doing fantasy sports, I will tell you why money will be made, so he also launched on cricket, now this running is going on, ultimately, the cricketer will make money,

BCCI will make money, the company that you are watching, the advertisement company will make money, now someone will give money, money will come out of someone’s pocket, if everyone makes money, then is it coming out of your pocket,

now let’s understand from that brother that the 5 crores that he earned, he explained me the whole concept and I was listening as a beginner, as a learner, yes sir, tell me how it works,

so he gave me the introduction of Dream 11 for the first time and I had no knowledge of Dream 11 before that, so he told me that there are two teams, one team X and one team Y, I said yes, there are two teams playing cricket, there are 11 people,

now he told me that there are more than 11 people, I said yes, it is absolutely right, there are more than 11 people, but11 people are playing, so what does it mean, if you go to Dream11 and see a contest, then you will not see 11 people, you will see more than 11 people,

but when the toss happens, then the team is announced, then it is known which 11 people will play today, it is absolutely right, it was a knowledge for me, many people may not even know this basic information, so I said absolutely, you tell me,

so I asked him how did you win 5 crores, you tell me this, what was the strategy behind it, understand their strategy, he said 11 people are playing and my strategy is unique, I said tell me sir what is the unique strategy, he said what happens is that 2 out of 10 times you will see that in cricket, the score is made in such a way that the first team hit 165 runs and their 7 wickets fell,

I say yes, it happens like this, the score is made around this and 6-7 wickets and8 wickets fall, absolutely right, and then you see that the next team has made 166 runs and 1, 2 or 3 wickets fell and their wickets fell less, I said absolutely right, he said2 out of 10 times it will happen, I said absolutely right, he said, suppose we will lose 8-12,

I said ok, we will lose, let’s say, you are saying now, he said it takes almost 49 rupees to make a team, means we make a team in about 50 rupees, so he is saying that 8-12you lost, so 8 into 50,you will say that nothing happened, 8 into 50, you lost this, so you have lost 400 rupees,

now he is saying that to recover this, two matches are enough, now I said how is that, you understand this, so what was their strategy, I will tell you straight away, so he says, if you see this score, then who performed well in this score, I say obviously the one who played later performed well, so he says that we will select the player from the second team, and when will we make this team, when the toss will happen, when the toss will happen,

we will know who is playing first and who will chase, so we have to select the player from the chasing team first, then he said that maximum from one team you can select 7 people, I said absolutely right, this is also right, so now what did he say, you must have seen that in batting there are batsmen, in the end there are bowlers. Four ballers, the main ballers will have taken the wickets. Now this is their strategy. I am not telling you to follow the strategy. I have not made a team even after understanding the strategy

So if you have more wickets in the first team, then the last on dream 11. But yes, that brother, according to him, I have not seen, bathe had won 5 crores, so I had to understand how he won, so I am telling you the whole thing. So in the last, they have ballers, so they said that these ballers will have taken the wicket. What is there in this? There is a point system in this. You get points. I said how do you get it? He says that you select 11 people, so 7 people from one team,4 people from the other team, your team will be 11 people.

Now if a batsman comes and makes a run, then you will get 1 point for 1 run. I said okay, absolutely okay. He says that if the baller comes and takes the wicket, then you will get 33 runs of 1wicket.You will get 33 points, so here you will get 33 points, but if someone takes the ball and takes the wicket and someone catches it, then the baller will get 25 points and the catcher will get 8 points. This is the system.

Then someone hit 50 runs, someone hit 100, then half century full century will get some additional points. In this way, point by system, but he says that the game is not dependent on it. What is the game dependent on?

You will get double, for example, you saw from the other team that Viral Kohl is playing and you made Viral Kohl the captain of the example. He hit 100 runs and you made him the captain, then you will not get 100 points, you will get 200 points. Okay, this is the system and suppose a bowler took 2 wickets and he took the wicket for example, then this bowler took 2 wickets.

You were getting 33 points; this will be doubled. Sorry, it will be 1.5 if he was the vice-captain. He was the vice-captain; it will be 1.5. So according to this, you get points and everything works according to the point system. I said well and good. Now the team of 11 people, the one who scored the most points, for example, you had 49.5points here, he hit 200, in the same way everyone must have scored something.

So the one who has the highest points, his ranking will be the highest. Now I will take you to the Dream 11 app so that you can understand what is going on. So here you see, there is a match today of RCB vs Chennai. I will open it. Look, this is a mega contest, you can win 57 crores. Now I will show you how is the earning of Dream 11, yours will be later. You are watching 57 crores. So these 57 crores are basically pool size.

Now here 66% is written on the trophy, it means that we are distributing66%. We will keep 34%. So the clear cut earning of Dream 11 is 34%. We are distributing 66%. So the money that is coming, its 66% will be distributed. Now here you are seeing that the first prize is of 2 crores. What happens here is that you have to understand a game here.

First thing is that there is an entry from Rest 49 and you can make 20 teams. Up to 20 teams are written here. Then what is guaranteed, I will tell you. And how many spots have come, see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. So far, 1 crore 55 lakh people have invested in it. More than 1 crore 55 lakh people have invested in it. That’s why its pool size is 57 crores.

Now here you were seeing guaranteed. What is guaranteed means that in this contest, the first prize of 2 crores will be guaranteed. Now, more or less people have come in it.2 crores will get the first prize. But you also have to understand that only 66% will be distributed in it. But there are other types of contests, flexible. In flexible, you were seeing that there are not many people ins 49. Means the money will be distributed according to the number of people who will come.

So many small fantasy sports companies do not give guaranteed prizes. Why not because there are not many users on it. There is a flexible process. That we will distribute as much money as we get. So it is important for you to understand both these concepts. I have also told you this. But it is important for you to understand how many people are in your competition. Now let’s continue from here. Let’s understand the program.

Now he is saying that it is guaranteed. Now what is guaranteed? First prize is 2 crores, second prize is 40 lakhs, third prize is 10 lakhs. People only see this. People are not seeing that to win 1 crore, you have to leave1 crore 55 lakh people behind. You have to make a better team than them. They are not thinking.

So what are your chances? What are your chances of earning 2 crores? First I will tell you that then I will tell you the strategy.1 by 1.55 crores So if you write it all These are your chances. Now whatever will come of this, 0 0 0 0 or something. You comment below and tell me that your chances of winning 2crores.But I am not saying that no one can win. Now the Supreme Court is saying that it is a game of skill. Someone will win. But now understand further. It is not dependent on luck. Gambling is gambling.

So here you make a team. So suppose you know what is happening in the first 4 rupees. Because someone made an account in my team for the first time. So the first time the team is made in 4 rupees. I am not saying that you will earn 4 rupees. So now see this is the thing. What I said that 25 points of wicket and 8 points of one catch. Whatever you get in this way, then here comes the create team. You make a team.

So now players come here. You make a team. Now you have to take one wicket keeper. You have taken Dhoni for example. This is how the team is made. Then you have to take the batsman randomly. Then I will tell you the strategy of my brother. What was his strategy? Now people take it randomly. He made his team of 11 people. Now I am doing a random. What is important in this is as we said captain.

So if you make Dhoni the captain. His batting will come late. So according to the brother’s strategy Dhoni will not become the captain. But people are making him the captain. And here you can also see the percentage captain wise.

Only 1.53% people have made him the captain. So they are not making him the captain. And then vice-captain example. Let’s see someone. Here 18% people have made him the vice-captain. So you have given example of vice-captain. So you will get 1.5x points.

This is how you make a team. But the team that people made. And now what is the difference in the strategy of the brother. Now you have to understand that. So all the games change from here’s the strategy of the brother. We have made it very messy. So I will clear it a little. So that I can show you exactly. I will clear it a little. Ok. Ok. So now the strategy of the brother. The other team performed better. Means if the wicket falls in the first team.

Then the last 4 bowlers will take it’s he says that all the bowlers should take it. Now take these 4 bowlers. In your team you have taken the bowlers. Ok. You have taken 4 people from this team. And in one team you can take a maximum of 7 people. Because I just explained to you. Brother told emit can happen like this. Now here after this what did he say. What to do. You see that here 166 runs have been chased.

And the wicket fell less. Means the 4 batsmen of the starting. They have made the most runs. So now what will you do. You will see that the maximum runs were made by the starting players. So you are among these 4. Which you feel is going in the best form. In fact, you will give priority to 2 batsmen first. So you have selected both of them. For example, if you want to take the third player.

And his performance is going very well. He is going in form. His strike rate is more. So you take him. He says that it is a game of skill. I am playing with full skill. Then he says that this happens twice out of 10. You better judge. I am not saying anything. So I am trying to tell you their skills. But he says that this happens twice out of 10. You can win more in the second half. So it’s up to you. Now he said that you have taken 4 bowlers from there.

And 2 batsmen from here. Now what he says. Now there are 6 players. We need 7. So he says that the one player we need. Which order he will play. That will be a new player. When the team is announced. Then it is known. That which is the new player of today. Means. It is added for today’s match. So he says that the pitch is different every time. The stadium is different every time. And according to the team in front. The team is made.

So the captain, vice-captain, coaches. They know more than us. That today a new player. Can perform well. So he is a game changer. Take that player for sure. So when you take that player. Then your 7 people’s team will be formed. Now let’s see from that team. We need 4 players from that team. So he says that we need 4 players from this team.

Basically you see. The bowlers of that team have taken more wickets here. And they are not able to take more wickets. So we will focus on batsmen. So here the 4. On the top form. Starting order batsmen. You can take them. Or you can take the best ones. So you should focus on starting. Or you should focus on the new player. Or those whose form is going very well. So you take them.

Now who will you make as captain and vice-captain? He also told me this. He says that you are seeing here. You have taken 2 batsmen for starting. Now the one who is in better form. Whose strike rate is better. Check it. Research a little. Whenever you can hit a ball. So you take an example When I used to watch matches don’t watch cricket much now but they used to say like Shewag and Sachin are playing So we saw generally when Shewag comes who runs fast and runs fast Everybody plays very well.

Tawas Thor starts hitting the four but very few people have been able to get much. And Sachin is a ticket The same try can knock down the ball. So if Shewag is playing with a very strong strike rate and the lineup will be very good. And it is a T20 match Play very well but it is not very good. So you made Shewag the captain but feel bad about it.

Because I can’t give you the recommendation of now The way you had given purpose. So now you can see in this way Now this husky has been able to hit over. Whose strike rate is fast And you made him the captain And you made him the vice-captain And you made him the vice-captain Because maximum range is his contribution Suppose if both of them hit 50-50Then you will get very good points

Your rank is very good And you have already taken bowlers And you have also taken a new player So your chances are very high To make money in this And then what I do After this He doesn’t make a team like this And I participate in multiple contests And I invest a lot of money So I don’t know how much money he has invested To earn 5 crores Because according to me If you can make a team of 20Then I can invest 1000 rupees

Now what he must be doing He must be investing money from mobile phones Or he must be investing money on many other apse he must have made money in this way have no idea But now you think This system Specifically he is telling He works 2 out of 10 times And he is saying this with confidence don’t know how this system is How you felt about this

Now we will move ahead Point here is Government Has banned this in many states Why not ban it completely The biggest thing is If you earn 2 crores So brothers and sisters TDS will be deducted And that TDS will be30%Do you know when 30% TDS is deducted30% TDS is deducted in lottery When you win a lottery Who will be the winner

When you don’t win in any prize Start You won 1 crore So 30 lakhs TDS will be deducted Here also If you win 2 crores I told you this is your probability But if you win Then Still TDS will be deducted  You earned and gave TDS You will get tax Government gets tax

Even if you win And the income Tax is also deducted taxation is a way to earn money Here Let’s understand Few people will tell you So now on dream 11I don’t have much idea about fantasy sports have not understood will try to explain it You deposit money on it If you deposit money on it If you deposit money on it It will be blocked You can’t withdraw that money How will you withdraw money

When you will win When you will win Only then money will be withdrawn If you deposit money Money is gone Now either It is a game of skill can’t say it is gambling It is betting It is gambling can’t say it is a game of skill can’t say it is a game of skill will tell you to play on it

And after that your money will be withdrawn This is written in it This is the terms and conditions So what is happening You are seeing150 million people are participating in a contest15 crore data is being told People come and play on their app15 crore people have deposited15 crore people have deposited500 thousand rupees People have deposited a lot of money

Now it can’t be withdrawn So this deposit is lying with them won’t say much You can also do 15 into 1000You can also do 15 into 1000So this is 15 crore into 1000This is 15 thousand crore rupees And if it is lying in someone’s account And if it is lying in someone’s account And I am saying He has also done Because everyone will not withdraw Everyone will not withdraw Everyone will not give money And 33% 34%So on this The interest income If you see in FD6.5% 7%

According to yearly You will get a return in Fid 6.5%According to yearly return So you comment and tell How much is the 6.5% of 15 thousand crores Now I will tell you the data of last year Apart from all these things224 crore rupees Earned last year When the data of this year will come will tell you From interest The money in the bank The interest on it224 crore rupees People have deposited money

They can’t withdraw And how will they withdraw See every Jain has a brain Jain category So the brain of the business Is running behind You are thinking Who wins in casino Those who come to play win Casino wins most of the time And here he is saying will win This team wins that team wins You lose you go to hell You have a loss you have a profit Dream 11 or fantasy sports will make money

Now in this blog I did not say anything wrong for dream 11 Neither did I say anything wrong for fantasy sports And neither did I say anything good have told you everything All the things that I felt necessary to tell told you everything Now you decide that this is a game of skill Or this is betting Is it right or wrong?

Now after doing all this What are you going to do? Are you going to make a team on dream11You comment and tell me will give you a good suggestion If you have extra money You think I have useless money Don’t do this Why don’t you do this First thing addiction And addiction is not good for anything You go to casino Once in a year You think I am taking 10,000If it becomes zero then I will come back

This was fun for me So for fun sports online gaming fantasy sports Once in a while But it can be addictive And if it is addictive Then what is in India People dream to become rich overnight And to become rich overnight People dream that their brother will earn 2 crores have knowledge of cricket have been playing since childhood have knowledge of all the players And there are many people who are ruined am telling you If you have extra money

Then invest it You see fantasy sports ads There are many good companies If you like any other company You can buy their shares Go for dream 11 for free You think you will get good money It is your choice will suggest you First of all start investing.