The name of this lady is Dr. Ruja Ignatova. This lady was from Bulgaria and what she did, I am going to tell you step by step. Well, the information you will get today, you will also get an awareness from it. What is going on in the market? What things do you have to be careful about that no one can do wrong with you? So understand very carefully what she did. She launched a cryptocurrency at the end of2014, whose name she named One coin. You can make your token.

People canals invest in that token and if people invest, then you know the demand and supply, how the price can increase. Hershel said that One coin is backed by block chain technology. There was nothing like this. Aim telling you. Ultimately, what happens is that when mining happens, when block chain technology is behind, demand and supply are there, then people take the price up and down. When there is a lot of buying, the price increases. When selling comes, the price falls.

But what did she do? She started keeping a predefined price on her side that we will keep this price and will not let the price fall, so that people can continue to invest. People will see that the price is going up and up. Now, in late 2014, she launched One coin and in 3 years, more than 3 million people invested in One coin. What did she show people? I will tell you that first, but what did she do for that? Now we will understand the model. What waste scheme in the market? The scheme was that we have a One coin.

Remember, in the same way, people are working at today’s rate, so you have to understand, you have to identify things. See, people do not know about block chain technology. Cryptocurrency is a very new word now. All over the world, when the recession came in 2008, after that, when people lost their trusting the bank, then cryptocurrency has reached new heights from there. And you have heard in India that what happened with the ES bank and in many banks, people’s money is stuck, so people’s trust in the banking system has been shaken to great extent.

After that, many people took advantage of this sentiment in cryptocurrency. Now I am explaining the scheme to you, then I will tell you what happened with people. And as I told you that people do not understand block chain technology, so if you want to know about block chain and cryptocurrency, then increase your knowledge first. After that, invest. So now what was their scheme? Understand the scheme. The scheme was that we have one coin now. Now we will connect it with the pyramid model.

Now you already know this pyramid model that you will join, after that you join two people, they will join four and in this way this chain will continue. People will keep joining below and money will keep coming tithe top when people will be recruited. So when money comes up by investing people’s trust, plus one coin. Now see, in cryptocurrency, we know that prices can increase very quickly. If people invest so much, then the price can increase in actual also, but this was a fake crypto. This was a fake coin. It was said from behind that itis backed up by block chain technology, but it was on the whole SQL servers.

So now because it was a fake coin, what did they do? Here they said that you come and invest. Now where are people’s investments coming from? Just think what people are getting in return. They said to people that we are giving packages, you will get an auto mining system in it. Mining will happen automatically. You are investing money here. The rate of one coin will increase. After that, because it is an MLM model, it is a pyramid model, you will keep recruiting people. After that, you will get so much money, so much money will come. Just invest once. The most important word, I am repeating again, just invest once, money will keep coming.

Remember this word, write it in the comment below because you have to be safe from this sentence. In the world, not only in cryptocurrency, if anyone tells you in the world that brother, invest once, money will keep coming, then understand the scheme and with it, plus gold will be there. Invest once, money will keep coming. The first thing is that we have to be alert there that there may be a scam going on here and after that you have to see that it is not being said that now you have to tell only two people about it. Then those two people will come and tell two more people and then two people will come and tell two more people. Now after that, you will keep getting more money.

So when money will keep coming without doing anything, then it is a high alert zone for you. So we have to remember this. This was done exactly with people. What was the scheme? Dr. Ruja told people that I have done law from Oxford. So in front of the name, the doctor came. People thought that okay, he is a doctor, he has done a PhD, so we can trust him. In today’s date, you know that if people put a doctor in front of the name, then people create trust, a brand value, okay, he created that. Then what did he do? After this, he did his paid promotions in big magazines. He also did paid promotions in Forbes and said that Dr. Ruja has been published on the front page by Forbes magazine.

Then it was published in other big magazines. Now this happened, let’s do branding. Now what was done after branding? Let’s understand the model of branding. In the MLM industry, people were working with big companies, who were networkers at a very good level, under whom there was a team of millions of people or there was a downline. Those people were called for an event that Dr. Ruja wants to meet you. So you assume that if 100 people would have been called and branding would have been shown like this, then how many people would have reached there?

You will say that a lot of people will reach there. Definitely, a lot of people reached there. Now money started coming to him. If money starts coming, then money can be given to these people. If asked, it can be bought. So they were offered big amount that we will give you so many lakhs, so many crores, depending on how much team size we will give.

You come and work with your downline here in the MLM model. No was soon as this happened, kick start happened from here. An event was held here and after that, these people left their companies and started promoting One Coin, and when One Coin was promoted like this. I am presenting the next speaker.

Now this speaker is the reason why we are all here. This is the masterpiece of this event, actually of every single day. This is the creator, the mastermind, the founder of cryptocurrency, of One Coin. Let’s give a warm applause for our creator, our founder, our lovely Dr. Ruja, my sister these days. One, two, three, applause please. It is really a pleasure for me to be here, one and a half years after we launched our cryptocurrency One Coin. I think today we spoke a lot about the network, the vision for the network, how big we want to be, but as always I want us to remember what this network is about.

This network was created to become and to fuel the growth of One Coin, which I strongly believe will be the number one cryptocurrency in the world. And the reason why I believe it is because I see all of you here. One coin is easy to use, one coin is for everyone, make payments one cryptocurrency worldwide. Everywhere, everyone, globally. And this is who we are, global citizens of a small world wanting to make a change. So in the last two years, I have been called a lot of things and probably the best thing that the press called me was one coin who is supposed to be the Bitcoin killer.

So the beginning of one coin was from Lady Bulgaria. She established a company in the UK. After that, South Africa, China, India, everywhere, one-coin spread like fire. You have seen seminars happening in MLM, events are happening, big events are happening finagle, they are all taking off.

There were such big-level events, such glamorous events, people thought that we should definitely be a part of One Coin because they created a FOMO. FOMO was created, it was said that One Coin is a Bitcoin killer. It will destroy Bitcoin. People were shown that you have invested in Bitcoin starting. You didn’t, how much did you get now? In today’s date, you say that it is worth 40 lakhs.

So people were shown that if you do it for 40 lakhs, then you are a fool. Now what can you do? You invest in One Coin, thesis a new coin, you will invest here, then after some time, when this coin will increase, you will get a lot of profit. So people directly compared One Coin with Bitcoin, started investing money here and now believe that the craziest scheme was made by Indians and Chinese. The Chinese invested more than 3000 crores in just 6 months.

You know that the Chinese were very ahead, after that India was not behind. In 2017, it is the year April 2017, in Mumbai, an event was going to take place of One Coin, so there too, in the same way, people were going to be charged money in One Coin. So there the police arrested people and found that a few times before their arrest, they sent 11 million dollars out of India. Where to invest? To invest in One Coin. People’s money was charged. After that, see, things are getting bigger and bigger.

On a very large scale, there was a hype that One Coin, One Coin, One Coin, everyone started talking about One Coin. One Coin, One Life, One Coin, One Life, big events happened. What happened later on, it is important to understand.

In October 2017, an event was organized in Portugal because when people were arrested in India, questions from all over the world began to arise about One Coin. Is it fake? Is there really block chain technology behind it? Ultimately, all the issues had to be solved in this event in Portugal. The event was organized, but Dr. Ruja did not reach there. Her colleagues were very shocked to see this because Dr. Ruja had behaved in a wrong way wither.

If anyone was late for a meeting for a minute, she would say that I am canceling the meeting. I will not do the meeting. Take time again and organize the meeting again. If anyone was late fora minute, she would cancel the meeting and she did not reach such a big event. Why did this happen? People started calling and found out that thecal was not getting. And then people, see people manipulate a lot. What did people do? They did not say that they ran away. They said that One Coin is a decentralized system. Actually, it was nutlike that. What was this system?

The whole Dr. Ruja was controlling. It was said that big banks have kidnapped them. They have kidnapped them, so they have disappeared. And after that, her brother started leading One Coin. She runaway, but in 2019, her brother was arrested by the FBI from Los Angeles when he was taking a flight to Bulgaria. And itis also known that this event was in October 2017. Exactly two weeks after that, Dr. Runaways in Greece. She took a flight to Athens. So last she was in Greece.

After that, where did she go? No one knows anything. Her brother was definitely arrested by the FBI and charges were charged for money laundering. Now what do you have to understand here? What to learn? People’s money is gone. People are ruined. Because they have invested money thinking that our money will increase so much, it will double, it will increase overnight. People want to become rich overnight in India. But there is nothing like that. And the second thing I told you if someone is saying that once you invest money, the money will keep coming and he is not educating you how it will come.

So understand that there is a high alert zone for you. How it will come is very important and then if you get MLM with crypto in combination, then it is not good. Now you have to understand something. For example, if I talk about Condic, then Condic says one thing very clearly, I would like to tell you that the crypto market is not a one-time money-making plan. If someone is telling you that once you invest money, the money will keep coming, it is wrong. This is what Coin DCX saying clearly. Similarly, whatever crypts you get here, they are properly quality checked. It is seen that they are running with blockchain technology. Who is leading them?

And here they have designed a 7M model so that people get aware and people understand the risk, people understand the fundamentals, people understand the technology. Ultimately, an investor should get awareness, so that his risk is minimum and the investments secure. See, there is no law on cryptocurrency in India yet. So buying, selling, holding and trading in cryptocurrency is legal as of now. Along with this, KYC verifications also very fast and easy. The first question is whether my funds are secure. The answer is yes; your funds are secure because no single person has access to all the crypto assets in the world See, if someone says to invest money in MLM models, that is not right.

You have a belief in Bitcoin. You think it is okay, I have to invest money in crypto. So invest your money wisely and invest on a platform where you think you can withdraw your funds24x7 and you can deposit. Like Condic, you can deposit your money from 100 and youkan trade from 10. So here Condic does not tell you that invest this much money, this much will come.

If some other platform says, then you have to understand that itis wrong. Here you have transparent transactions, there are no hidden charges. Condic is anise certified company and follows all necessary compliances and regulations, including Cycad AML procedures. You can deposit 24×7 funds here, you can withdraw. Along with this, you also get multiple security features here, such as two-factor authentication and withdrawal password. The deposit of digital assets is free. Credit card, debit card, 2% charges on net banking. You get 24×7 support and the simplest buy-and-sell experience is here.

And here you also get a price alert. Now if you have set the price that brother, go to this price, I get an alert, then you get a notification there, an email comes, then here you also get the price alert feature. But its condition is that you have to do KYC, it is mandatory. Second, even if your transaction is of 10, it is important to have a minimum transaction. Now, the biggest takeaway I had to give you from this blog was that you have to beware of such a scheme where you are told that you should invest and if you have invested, then your seven generations will sit and eat.

You will have to understand what is the model behind it and if there you are told by mistake that you are investing too much money then…in crypto, we have farms money, plus people in India were told that you are investing in China, you give us an investment of 1 Bitcoin, we will give you 1.8 Bitcoin in return. How will they give, because there are farms in China, there is mining going on, the mining concept was explained, people invested, no verification was done and then remember my thing, invest once, money will keep coming?

You have to be safe from such a scheme and if we have to invest money, we have to invest it with our own understanding. If we have belief, then we will invest money. If we do not have belief, we will not invest money. There are two types of people in the crypto market, one is those who do not believe in crypto, they think that crypto is not a good investment.

So if you are in that category, it is okay. You have your own belief system, what you believe fine. There are some people who generally think that crypto is the future, that is also okay, but there are people in the third category who want to become a millionaire overnight and that is wrong