Well, today I have a good news for you all and that good news is that for a long time you were demanding on this channel that you have to learn the stock market step by step. Well, we have made a lot of videos for you, but where to start, what to learn first, what do you need to learn as a beginner in the starting, how will you move forward step by step.

Many times you have commented, but now as I said, there is good news for you that you are going to get a crash course, a crash course in which you will start learning the stock market in just 21 days. Well, as a beginner, you need to learn things, weal want to make money, definitely I will talk about how you’re going to make money, but what is more important, I will talk about it first.

See, when I actually wanted to learn the stock market, people did not teach on the internet, videos were not available, you had to go to the offline institute and learn. Now when it comes to the offline institute, no one taught for free, everyone charged money and at that time did not have money to learn the stock market.

I wanted to invest in the stock market, trade, I wanted to do it since childhood, but if you do something without learning, then the chances of your success will increase and the chances of failure will increase. Definitely the chances of failure will increase. Now I am going to tell you the biggest thing that why I am going to provide you this training.

Take this thing out of your mind for a minute that how much money you are going to make; I have no meaning to it. You will say that we have to make a lot of money, well and good. I will tell you one thing here, my motive to provide you this course is that whenever you make money, you will make it.

Most of you will be motivated to invest in the stock market. Someone will see that someone’s money has doubled. Someone has made a profit of 5 lakhs from the stock market, 50 lakhs,5 crores.

You can be motivated by seeing a green on Instagram, Facebook and after that you will someday make a trade or invest in penny stock, but most of you are going to lose if you have not learned to step into the stock market.

So my motive is that whether you guys benefit or not, at least there should be no loss because most of the people come here to gamble and in the process of gambling, they lose what they have. Now here we are not going to talk about becoming rich overnight. We will learn fundamentals here. We will learn technical here.

Now what is going to happen, how is it going to happen and definitely when we are talking about the stock market, so today I am going to take you on journey in which you are going to learn a lot. So keep your mind open. Now let me tell you one thing, this is a crash course. As a beginner, we are going to start, but you are going to get things up to advanced level.

I said 21 days, if I need to make bonus videos, then I will make that too, but now am telling you that in 21 days I have designed such a program for you in which you are going to learn. First of all, when we talk about the stock market, then people talk about how to invest in the stock market.

What should we do by looking at the investment, how to-do fundamental analysis, what is ratio analysis, if you do not know anything about investment, stock investing, mutual fund investing and ETFs, and as I said that you do not even know to do analysis, you will learn in this crash course. One more thing I will tell you, I will tell you before, we are not going to take any charge from you for this course.

This is free of cost. I said that at one time I did not have money, but I think that many people can get help from this course. The second thing I am definitely putting on YouTube, so I will request you one thing that if you find the information valuable, then share it, which will benefit many people.

This is our mission that financial education reaches every home, so you have to help me in this and that is it. Apart from this, I do not want anything else from you. If you are new, I can promise you that as much as I know, I will try to give you.

Definitely there is a lot to learn, but as much as you need to learn as a beginner, you will get it in the simplest language. My job is to simplify complex things, so if you are studying in school today, this crash course will be very useful for you.

So you are going to get a video every day, sober prepared at 9.30 in the morning with your copy pen and if you miss the video someday, then you can see it later because it will be available on YouTube and you will get playlist of this crash course later. So what is the purpose of the playlist?

You will learn step by step, so first of all we talked about that we are going to talk about investment and then comes the favorite part of all of you that we have to learn trading. No-win trading, what do you need to learn first? Technical analysis, so technical analysis is also included in this course.

You need to learn the basic things on technical analysis. It will definitely be taught in this. What is support resistance? How to do indicator-based trading? How to-do price action-based trading? How to do momentum trading? How-to do breakout trading? How-to identify fake breakdown and fake breakouts?

You should know lot of things in volume analysis, which you should know in technical analysis. You are going to get all this in this course. After this, we are definitely going to learn chart patterns, candlestick patterns. I would like to tell you that we will move forward step by step, so you just have to be ready.

Everything will be clear step by step. If you feel that I know something, you can skip it. So totally up to you. Now what will you learn after this, this is more important. When you talk about trading, then how is intraday trading? There are some strategies that you can adopt. Such strategies that I have learned from people who are doing good work in the market, I will definitely share with you.

After that, how can you do swing trading? We will share its strategies with you. After that, when future trading comes, you will talk about future trading and you are going to learn future trading. We will also discuss its strategies and finally how to trade in your favorite options. Before trading in options, we are going to spend most of the time on options because most of the time, the loss of money is in options.

So how is option trading done in option trading? To learn option trading, you will have to understand option Greeks. So you are going to get a video on Greeks. After that, you are going to get a lot of option chain analysis and option strategies in this course.

So according to different market views, what strategies can you use and definitely I am going to tell you my favorite strategy, with which I am definitely not going to talk big things with you, but yes, you will see money being made continuously if you do things while understanding. So we are going to do all these things in one crash course.

So it is a big responsibility for me because you’re going to give your time and attention. So this is my duty that you get value. Now it is very important to discuss some things in this video. See, many of you must be making money. It is possible that you are not earning money today, but someday you will earn money. You will have money.

Now if we have money, if you have money, when we talk about financial education, what is financial education? What is the meaning of financial education? Financial education is not just a stock market. Stock market investing is important for you to understand. This is a part of financial education, but according to me, there are only three meanings of financial education.

Number one, you need to understand how to make money. After earning money, managing money and then growing money. These are the three things and if you know these three things, then you are financially educated, but if you do not know how to earn money, you do not know how to manage money, you do not know how to increase money, then you are not financially educated.

Now in India, there is a lot of need for financial education. People have to learn to earn money, learn to manage money and learn to grow money. From the first day on this channel, I am talking about financial awareness. My aim is that every person is financially aware. Give importance to money.

Now we are understanding this much because it is a crash course, so we cannot take much time. Crash means fast. Now we will try to understand fast things. See what is it? See I read in book that if you give any field only one hour a day for 5 years, then you can become an expert in that field.

Now, whoever that field is, whether it is cooking, whether itis playing cricket, whether it is dancing, whether it is playing badminton, now whether it is of the stock market, but you will say that 5 years is a very big time, then it is not necessary that you give one hour a day. If you give 2 hours a day to a field, then you can reduce your learning curve. If you give 3 hours a day, then you can reduce your learning curve.

See, I would like to tell you one thing. I am not from a finance background. I am non-finance guy, but being non-finance guy, I do not have any education in finance. I have studied in psychology, although I prepared for engineering. So I have studied. I had science in 11th and 12th, but I did not have commerce.

I would like to tell you that despite that, the three things have written behind, earning money, managing money and growing money, I feel that I know very well and I am doing this very well because I know very well. I can explain to you, Icon teach you. Now I will tell you that today you may not know anything about the stock market.

Zero knowledge, no issues. Every man starts from zero. No one comes from Cokato learn. Everyone comes here and learns. So it is 100% okay. Warren Buffet also says the same thing, who is the most successful investor in the world, that if it was complicated to understand, I would not have come for it. never be successful here.

Then I would have to go to distribute newspapers because simple things work here and the same simple things I have learned, they are working for me and they are universal principles. They will work for you too. So what is right, what is true, Indeed of Mathematics or if there was a super brain, then I would be going to share it with you and you will also benefit from it.

Now we talked that you do not have money today, that is why we have money. We have to learn to grow money. Thetis the main motive. Weave to grow money. Now I will write a word, you will find it very attractive, but we will talk about it. You have to learn to double the money. Now I will take an example here. Let’s take an example.

Let’s assume who will become a millionaire. You went to KBC and you went to KBC and won 5 crores. Now you tell me what are you going to do with this money. You know what most people will do. They will think that had to buy a house with 5 crores. I will buy a house. I had to buy a car. I had to buy two, I will buy two. After that, I will go for a tour.

I will buy this for myself. I will buy that. I will buy new phone and they will start spending this money. This is the first category that they will spend it all. Spending I say you are smart. You will say that I will not spend it. I will have 5 crores, so I will keep it with me. The question will come where? You will go to the bank and take 5 crores and keep it at home.

Aim not talking about tax right now. I am saying that you have got 5 crores. Now what are you going to do with that money? You will say that I will keep it in the bank. You have two ways to keep it in the bank. Either you will leave it in your savings account. You left it in your savings account.

You will get an interest of 3% to 6% yearly or you go to the bank and get FD, where you will get an interest of 6% to 8% yearly. These are two options, but you know one thing because you have seen so many videos of mine. There is one thing that is called inflation. What is the work of the insulator? The work of the insulator is to reduce the money.

It eats wood and makes it hollow. It finishes it. Why is inflation insulator? Because if your money is lying at home and you are not getting interest on it, then that money is losing its value. Don’t talk too much about the old. You see now. Look at the price of the property around you. What was 3years ago and what is now?

You will say that it has increased a lot in 3 years. I will say that you tell me the price of gold. What was 3 years ago and what is now? Leave that too. Mom brings vegetables. Ask your mom, Mom, how much was the vegetable 3 years ago and how much is it now? Ask threat of potatoes and tomatoes.

The rate of everything is increasing. It means that money is losing its purchasing power. If you have not understood the first concept in financial science, then it is not to let this money die. This money haste be put to work and to put it to work, it is called invest. Only one thing can kill inflation and that is investment.

No, it will not be safe from investment, it will be from right investment. So we have to do right investment. What is right investment? Because in the name of investing, you make wrong investment. I talk to a lot of people, so I know what you do.

I just met a gentleman and I asked him if he invests. He said yes, he does. I asked where does he invest? Herold me that he has bought these shares, which are penny stocks and this will double in sometime.

I asked how do you know? He said that a tip had come. Very good tip came. I met another person and he said that I have invested in unlisted companies and I will sell my investment before the IPO comes. The money will increase. Very good. Apart from that, this is a different scene. What do investment people do? Someone has taken a policy, there is investment, there is investment in ULIP.

People have investment in such real estate that is not registered. People’s investments are in different places. You will see that many people will say that have invested in crypto. A new coin has come and this new coins going to increase100 times. So money does not increase with investment. It increases with right investment. So where to invest money?

Before where to invest, one more thing becomes important that why should I invest money? Inflation is right, but to beat the number of inflation, how many returns minimum do I need? Now I started with the topic of doubling the money. I will s example of this. Here we will understand a rule and the rules rule of 72.

See, maybe I am walking a little fast. Maybe I am walking a little slow. Depending on what level you’re. If you are at an advanced level, you will feel that we know all this. Maybe you’re a beginner now. You are going very fast. I will tell you one thing, even if you are a beginner, you can watch this video many times.

It is available on the internet and if you want to learn things at an advanced level, just stay. Step by step we have to learn a lot of things in this training. So we are going to cover very big journey step by step. If you stay together, it will be a lot of fun. Now what does the rule of 72say? The rule of 72 says, see how much time your money will double.

It depends on this thing that you divide 72 by the rate of interest you get. You will find out the number of years. For example, if you get a rate of interest of 12% of 1% per month, then your money will double in 6 years and this has to be our minimum goal. Minimum we need a return of 12%.

If we are getting a return of less than 12%, then we do not know how to increase the money. We have to admit this. The minimum time period to double the money should be 6 years. Means someone had 5 crores, when will he get 10 crores. When he will get 12% interest on his money, you will say where do you get that.

For example, I will give you a very simple example. For example, I have no benefit in this. There is no promotion. Aim giving an example. Sean example is 12% club. Now if you go to 12% club, there is an initiative on India. If you have put money in it, there is a limit of 10 lakhs. So you’re getting a return of12%. This is a small example.

Now this is an example I gave you with a return of 12%. There are many such things that you may not know today, but you will definitely know. So our goal to double this money is minimum 6 years and ideally it should be 3 to 4 years. When you are not working hard yourself, then if you say, Sir3 years, how will I get return of 24% How is this possible?

So in this crash course, our motive will be that we get a return of at least 24%. If I don’t get this, then itis useless to make this course. This is useless. Absolutely. You should accept this. If my money is not doubling in the next 3 to 4 years, then what am I doing? 3 to 4 years minimum. If I get late, then6 years. It should not take 7 years. Now this is my goal.

I do not know; many people will say that it is not realistic. Just stay with me. I will try to teach you this much. So see what I know, the results I am producing, I can talk about it. Now one thing is important that we are talking about 24% returns, but think about one thing. If someone has a capital of 1 lakh, then he can expect a return of 24000 in a year. Someone has a capital of1 crore, he can expect a return of 24 lakhs.

But if you calculate every year, then it will be unfair. Why will it be unfair? Because it is a stock market. You have to see at least 3 years of returns, which is according to your 24%. Now if you are looking at 3 years, then what does it mean that we are talking about doubling your money in 3to 4 years.

Now a question will come to people that my capitalism 10000 or my capital is5000. So it can be 5000 to 10000, 10000 to 20000 in 3 years, what will we do? The thingies not what we will do today. Today you have less capital. Itis not necessary that you have less capital all your life. Capital will increase sometime or the other.

You will have so much confidence on yourself. So the first thing we talked about in financial education and that was making money. So we definitely have to learn that. Money is made from the stock market. What is important is that your money is made from your profession.

You are a doctor, if you are a doctor, then you charge, you earn money, you do a job, you earn money from your profession, you are a lawyer, you earn money from your profession, you are video editor, you earn money from your profession. Every person earns money from his profession. In the share market, what can be your profession, that is trading. Trading can be a profession with which money is made.

So there are many people who are professional traders. Now I have talked about when we are talking about professionalism, we are talking about becoming professional, we are talking about becoming an expert. So we talked that if you start giving 1 hour a day to any field for 5 years, then you can become an expert or professional trader.

Now you will say that I do not have 5 years, then you will have to reduce your learning curve. You will have to increase the time. Learn from paper. Possible. So we will definitely try to finish this crash course as soon as possible and I told you that you do not have capital today. Definitely you can earn but do not come with unrealistic expectations. No one becomes a millionaire overnight from the stock market.

You must have seen that someone has a profit of 1 crore, a profit of 50 lakhs. The first to trade and definitely to finish this crash course as soon as thing was how much was their capital and the second thing is that it is happening continuously.

This is important because it can happen in a day, it can happen in an hour, but is it happening every day? This is important. Now if it is happening every day, then how is it happening? What is the process behind it? It is also important to learn.

So what did I tell you? What is important is that you do not have unrealistic expectations. If you are thinking here that I am going to tell you something that you will do overnight, you will become millionaire, then I do not have anything like this. I have simple things, simple education that I am going to give you. There are such strategies that working the market.