Today’s blog will blow your mind The biggest reason is that you are not only going to hear about chat gpt You have already understood how chatbot works But today you will understand how to earn money from chat Gpt. I am very impressed with chat GPT  still remember When I bought a computer for the first time, there was a Chabot named Eliza It is possible that many people have used it

The kids of the 90s must have used it Because technology has changed very fast after that So people used to hear about chat gate used to play cricket on The internet was very slow So all these things were in the 90sBut this is the generation of 2000The blog we are making today is in 2023If you are born in 2000, then you are 23 years old We have experienced things that you have not experienced People have not experienced things that I have not experienced .

But what we are experiencing now is a revolution This is something that is changing the game And it has started doing it The thing is whether your game will change or not So let’s start How to earn money from chat gets you have heard a lot about full form Generative pre-trained transformer is the full form of upthrow does this Chabot work You have heard that it shows you the information available from September 2021

And through that, it produces responses for you But if you search chat gpt on google This website will come You have heard that it started in 2015Sam Altman did it Along with Elon Musk Then Elon Musk got busy with Telethon he made donations At that time, open AI was being made It was made for non-profit But now it has become for profit Elon Musk is spitting You have seen a lot of tweets That it can be a dangerous technology And you have heard a lot of things on the internet.

We want our work How to earn money from it How does this Chabot work When you search something on google If you search anything on google For example, I search How to earn from YouTube search this It will give me different links of different websites And it will tell you to read it You can find the article or anything If you want to search videos You can search videos

You will get videos It works like a search engine But the chat gpt is different Why it is different Because it will talk to you And it will interact with you Like a human being But now we will come to How to earn money So I will ask chat upthrow to earn from YouTube will ask a simple question And I clicked it

Now it will tell you There are many ways It gives you an advertisement You have to cross 1000 subscribers You have to have a watch time of 4000 hours In 12 months And it will tell you many things It is giving you a direct answer Google does not give you a direct answer It is giving you Links of different websites Or articles It is giving you links But here it has given you a direct answer

Now you will say What is the magic If you Give a command It will follow your command For example, you want to be a you tuber And you Tell it that I want to make a YouTube video want its script And for example, your title is How to earn money from YouTube Now it gave you can use it But you can tell it Write a script will change it Write a scrip form YouTube Video on How to Earn money From YouTube have written Specific instruction Boom

This thing is very useful See this It is giving you Opening shot speaker is in front of the camera It is telling you How to start the video Let it complete Then I will tell you What is it If you want to Stop chat gpt Click on stop generating Now this is Amazing information Till now, people were showing you this

But now what I am showing This is for aspiring you tuber sit is very useful Because for you don’t have to think about content You don’t have to Imagine What to do It is giving you a shot In the future The movie is being made It will write the script People’s taste It will write the script For the movie am starting from here in this blog, I will give you Lot of information You will earn money by using chat gpt

See Here It is giving you the opening shot Speaker is sitting in front of the camera It is saying Hello and welcome to my channeling today’s video am going to show you how to earn money from YouTube Now you will say What is this can explain everything But I am going to do something else You will enjoy this It is telling you to show Cut to screen showing YouTube analytics dashboard It is telling you to show this And then say this But you will say that I make content in Hindi

If I make content in Hindi will need a script in Hindi So I am going to write a script in Hindi For my blog Same command Now see Hello friends In this video, I will tell you How to earn money from YouTube After that It is telling you the cut And Theni will move the cameras we can read

First You have to make a YouTube channel Which fulfills the requirements of monetization In this1000 subscribers and 4000 hours Watch time in past 12 months Is necessary Everything is in Hindi And here it is telling you the cut To screen show other ways to earn money on YouTube Here it is telling you the cut Showing the importance of engagement And consistency Everything is telling you

Now you will say that this is a generalized topic want some current affair You say There were riots in Bengal on Ram Navami If there are riots, I want to make a video on it want content for it Either I read articles on internet Understand everything and then make a video Let’s make it work So On Bengal Roads On Ram Navami

Now you see It has given us the script in Hindi Hello friends In this video we will talk about The riots in Bengal on Ram Navami Now you think Everything is telling you Show the cut What is being told here The importance of peaceful celebrations Everything is telling you It is also giving the Closing shot of the speaker hope you found this video informative So It has given you everything word to word

Now you know that Online It is good if you work hard You can do text to speech In fact, there are tools available For freeing fact, there are paid tools With which you can get the text You will get the voice over After voice over, you can do video editing For that, there are tools will make a blog on that Now I am showing you the power of chat gpt You can search anything You can do it here The first thing we have understood

Now we will talk about multiple ways to earn money From chat goth first thing I am telling you You can earn money from YouTube You have to see what topic you want to make a video on People have a problem They don’t get the script What to write The most important thing is that it is unique It will be written for youths thing is not available on the internet In the blog You can upload it on the blog will start from here Ways of earning money

The first thing I have to tell you You will get blogs directly from here You can make your website You can make your website We will talk about this too You already know that You can make your website You can make your website We will talk about that too You can make your website You can upload some vlogs You can upload some images

And what will you do You can monetize your website You can monetize your website Here also you can earn through Googles understand one thing You had to write vlogs yourself Now you are writing a chat GPTI am telling you the truth, all the bloggers must have stopped You know that you can’t earn through Ad Sense working Because they used to work hard and write blogs

And this work is done in a snap Chat GPT for you On any topic You think a latest phone is coming need information on that You want to make your You want to make a technical channeling that you want to talk about gadgets Or you want to do reviews So example want to write blog On Upcoming iPhone Okays the latest iPhone is coming, I want a vlog on it Boom And this is your Started from here The release of the new iPhone always creates a buzz among Apple fans

And if you want this in Hindi Let’s try something new We will try this in Marathi Okay Write a vlog in Marathi Now I don’t know Marathi at all But I will try Will he be able to do it? OH my goodness So I don’t know what he is writing Because I don’t know Marathi but he is writing this You people who know Marathi Tell me whether he is writing it right or wronging fact You will say why should I write in Marathi Ad revenue can be very good in Spanish can get it very good in Japanese

So I will write in Japanese Will he be able to write in Japanese for you? Now see I don’t know Japanese and we are assuming that he also makes mistakes Okays we can correct the mistakes of Hindi and English am stopping Those who know Marathi, please tell me whether he wrote it righter wrong Otherwise, Google will translate it Now I will be saying Japanese Okays write it in Japanese OH my good my god He will see it but do you know the problem?

You people will not work hard Understand what I am telling you Viewers are all over the world You have to see where the revenue comes from You know that in Japan You will get more money in AdSense Because you will get more money You can use these vlogs And put it on a website You have to post some images You will understand when you will say it in English So you already know what to post in English So you can earn money by writing vlogs And now we are on YouTube

So I am definitely going to talk about YouTube Let’s complete This is not stopping don’t know what is being written in Japanese will stop it Now do you know what people were doing till now? They were doing some homework Solving some questions

They were writing something Write a poem on Pushcart Raj Thakur Now he will write a poem about me So Fast So people were doing all this but you do something useful will not get money from this Who will I get money from?

You will get money from someone have to write some content will do some research on internet will read some articles and if I get an article through catgut Then I will use this and brilliant ideas are That it is telling the cuts and it is useful for my editor He will also understand what to show You are getting me right?

So this was about chat  GPT Next we talked about How to make YouTube videos So I have told you something dangerous Seriously If you don’t take any action You won’t be able to make money ChatGPT is doing the job for you will tell you some other ways

My blogss can be long , I don’t care Because I write blogs for those who genuinely want to learn So it can take a little bit of time But I will tell you everything Which I know With which you can earn money So we saw another way You can make YouTube videos And for this, script And everything Who is giving you? ChatGPT, I am writing this blog How to earn money through ChatGPT have seen ads on Facebook People are using ads to earn money and they are telling you What I am telling you don’t know why Do you understand?

People are taking money to tell this If you have seen those ads, please comment Because they are very popular But I don’t want to take anyone’s name Let’s continue Let’s explore the third way will show youths is quite impressive So what you do You have to do a little bit

For example, I came to Fiverr You can register yourself as a freelancer This is not a single website There are many websites So you can google it Or you can ask catgut Let’s ask catgut That Best Freelancing Websites In India

So we asked him He said He will write the whole article He gave an example of a freelancer You can register here I had opened Fiverr Guru is here He is telling you in a minute So you can ask him more than me But his database is old We give you latest videos Anyways

So he made you8 websites say go to 8 of 8And you can register yourself Why you can register? For example, you are a website designer You do coding don’t know coding There are many people who know coding It takes time to do coding It is a time taking process ChatGPT will code for you will give you an example You will understand more from example

For example, I want to write an HTML code don’t know you code in python Or any other language So I want a code Write a code in HTML For red triangle For red triangle For red triangle Boom You can do more work with this But this is just How fast it is Coding for you So if you were doing coding And you had to do coding You had to write the codes it will not take time to write It will write the code for you That too super-fast

So if you are a website designer And you think it is taking time So do work with this List all the things He is saying make a website in 6900He makes it in 7000He makes it in 8000He makes it in 39000He makes it in 14000He makes it in 16000If you Do coding in website designing If you need coding has made it easy for you You can reduce your money You can make it in 15000If you want to make it in 5000

But you have reduced 5000You will get more work But you can deliver fast Many people are saying Developers will lose their jobs Or content writers Content writers will lose their jobs Content writing is doing Basically people will never stop trusting humans think so It can have some effect But here content writer Is charging 1700He is charging 3400He is charging 4000So you can take any example will open 3400He is saying will write 500 unique words And I will charge 3400You can see he is charging 1700He is ranking above everyone You can charge 1000You have to write a script

You can ask On which topic He will say After effects Wait a second After effects is a software If you are giving an example You needier will write how to do animation On after affects You don’t have knowledge on it You have to do research and then write Boom He will write a professional article Now you have to write 500 words You have to charge 1000And here We will count the words We will count the words

So let’s assume You don’t have knowledge on this topic don’t have knowledge But chart gpt is working for you And giving you a professional write up Now I will show you how it works So till the time We will do one thing We will put word counts we will do word count have put something here have removed stoke wrote Wait a secondi have put it here So he has written On Adobe After Effects will copy it

And we will also count How many words he has written Wait a second Wait a second Alright He has written 372 words You think he has written less So now you know what command you can give him You can write it in 5000 words Now your 5000 words contract is done So it started writing So the way I am showing you If you are a freelancer

If you leave 300 and 500You can use chat Jupiter And you can catch work fasting low rate and fast delivery So if you are a coder If you are a content writer You will get a lot of help through chat Jupiter If you want to know more ways will tell you one more thing Go to chat Jupiter And ask from chat Jupiter will write a script

You will get a blog Write a script on how to earn money from chat Jupiter But I will not show you what it will write The reason is want you to try it yourself Some people go for paid version They go for plus feature In which they charge $20 a month If you think chat Jupiter is useful It is 3.5 technology But if you need it, you can use it will not promote it For now will show you one more thing This is again artificial intelligence You were watching chatGPT

This is Delhi You know more about it If you have studied pronunciation This is also an impressive platform Let’s try it And I will tell you what it is Basically It will help a lot of people Who basically You can say They need pictures Ideas Creatives It will help a lot You can give it words It will make an image It is an image generator For example Let’s do something funny

How will Amitabh Bacchant look while playing basketball will write Amitabh Bacchant Playing Basketball Okay I have searched Now you will search It is written that Server is currently overloaded

You may get this message many times Don’t do anything It will come It will come But you have to search will show you how to search So it has searched How does Amitabh Bacchan look while playing basketball It has given Good or bad But the point is What you are seeing

For example like this photo You will not find this on internet It has made it have searched Sachin Tendulkar playing basketball It has shown how Sachin will look while playing basketball You can search anything With your imagination

This is what you can do You think you should have a picture with someone You can search This is also done by A You can download images You can download For example You can download and use it Now If you are making something for YouTube You want clips, clip art, unique It will develop it for you .