Insurance Mis-Selling Exposed | Get Extra Profits on Life Insurance Policy | Best Term Insurance

At 16, the allure of financial independence beckoned, prompting a visit to the IDBI Bank in Parsi to open a savings account. However, a surprising hurdle surfaced—a hefty 25,000 rupees were demanded to initiate the account. A fortuitous discovery awaited at Lakshmi Vilas Bank, advertised as requiring zero deposits. Seizing this opportunity, I redirected my […]

F.I.R.E- Financial Independence Retire Early | All Types of FIRE Explained

Retirement planning often perplexes individuals with the daunting question of how much money is needed to lead a comfortable life post-retirement. Fortunately, we aim to explain the process through a step-by-step guide, leveraging the simplicity of a retirement calculator. Picture this: you’re 25 years old, contemplating retirement. The first piece of the puzzle is your […]

How to Buy Your Dream Home | Financial Planning for House | Real Estate Investment | Property

Today, let’s look into the journey of a common man, someone like Rahul, hailing from a middle-class background. Homeownership is a universal dream, a significant life decision that requires careful financial planning. In our financial transformation series, we’ve journeyed with Rahul from the inception of his mindset, exploring avenues to make money, initiating a business, […]

Rent पर रहें या अपना घर ख़रीदें? | Renting Vs Buying Home | End of Debate

In the realm of financial decisions, one often finds themselves at a crossroads, especially when it comes to the age-old debate of renting versus buying a home. Take Rahul, for instance, who hails from a middle-class family and is caught in the whirlwind of conflicting advice. Rahul stumbled upon my blog advocating for thoughtful house […]

#Surprise Meet Our New Family Member #Grace

Hello everyone! Today marks a joyous occasion as we welcome a new member into our family. As we step into our hospital room, we’re thrilled to reveal that our newest addition is a beautiful little girl. The anticipation builds as we prepare to introduce her to the world. In this hospital room, where the magic […]