Our Indian market is open for 6 hours and 15 minutes. If you want to trade in Nifty, then you are getting 6 hours and 15 minutes. But you must have heard about SGX Nifty many times that SGX Nifty is open for 21 hours. So where trading is happening for 6 hours and where trading is happening for 21 hours, then you cannot miss out on SGX Nifty. There is a lot of price action in it, which can provide you very important data. Especially if you trade in options, then today you are going to learn how to track SGX Nifty in unique way and that is going to be taught to you by one and only. Arora Sheth.

Sir, so today I am very excited, my audience is also very excitedto learn from you thatwhat is this unique way, which people did not know until now and if they can benefit from it, then definitely do it. Sure, definitely.

So in SGX Nifty, people wake up many times, if someone’s position is up, then people wake up at night and see what is happening in SGX Nifty. Wake up in the morning and see. The first thing that any trader will see is how much SGX Nifty is trading at a level. That gives them an idea of ​​the market, that what will happen if Nifty opens at what level.

So many people do not know that, as you said, trading is done for 21 hours, so our Nifty is only open for 6.25 hours, 375 minutes, whereas SGX Nifty is traded fora very long time and the bogies, big institutions, big investors, they trade on SGX Nifty.

So what is happening ins Nifty and the price level, support, resistance, etc. you get, with that you can find trades in the market, you can identify trades, you can find support resistance. So it can be very helpful for an intraday trader.

So in today’s blog, we will see this. Alright, please continue sir. So first of all, we will see what exactly SGX Nifty is, what is the timing of trading in SGX Nifty and then we will see it on charts how we can track SGX Nifty uniquely.

So SGX Nifty is nothing but a derivative contractor Nifty Futures. So the Indian Nifty Futures, Nifty Futures is a futures contract of that which is being traded in Singapore Exchange. So it gives the traders a fair estimate of how our markets could open.

And Indians are not allowed to trade in foreign derivatives markets. So only foreigners trade and big investors, only those people can do trading in Singapore Exchange. So now the timing of this, it is divided into two sessions.

One is called the T session, which is opened at 9 am in Singapore time for trading and it is open till 6.10 pm. So if you see according to Indian time, it is open from 6.30 am to3.40 pm. Then there is T plus 1 session which opens at 6.40 panda closes at 5.15 pm Singapore time. And in Indian markets, it is open from 4.10 pm to 2.45pm.

So SGX trades a total of 21 hours and Indian markets only trade for 6 hours and 15minutes. So there is a lot of action that you miss out on. So intraday traders miss out on a lot of action and what is happening in the whole period, like SGX Nifty is trading for21 hours, so where are the spikes, where are the supports, where is the resistance, only SGX Nifty can tell you.

So we will see this through the charts. So let’s go to the trading view charts and see a different way to track SGX Nifty. So we have come to the trading view terminal. Here I have put SGX Nifty. So the code on the trading view fogs Nifty is IN1! So I have put a 15-minute chart here. So the first thing we will do here is that when you got the indicators and type SGX Nifty, then here in the community scripts, you will get this script in my name,

SGX Nifty Movement during Indian market hours. So you have to click on this and it will be plotted like green and white bars at the back. So these green bars are basically the time when Indian markets are open. So you have to compare this movement with the Indian markets. So what we will do is, we will go to the plus add symbol icon here and Nifty Futures and we have plotted it on the new panel. So now it is coming in orange.

Now what we will do is, we will go tithe settings and make a candlestick chart. So now the trading that is happening above is the trading of SGX Nifty. So this white band, this white portion is the portion when the Indian markets were closed but SGX Nifty was on. So there are a lot of actions that you miss.

What you do is, at night you will see once what SGX Nifty is trading and in the morning you will see once. But during the day there are a lot of movements that come toe very good level in SGX Nifty support and resistance which can help you identify. So like if you are a common technical trader, then you can easily identify support and resistance. So we also do the same, we plot support and resistance.

So I have taken a horizontal line. So you have got a support range. The resistance was here and now it is doing support. Now if you go to the Indian markets, you will not be able to see this easily. You can see it very easily here’s we can see the scale in dollar percentage terms. We will change it to regular so that it is easy for you to see the levels.

As we can see here, there was a previous resistance at 18100. You got this resistance during the Indian market hours. So you got the same resistance in the Indian market.

But after this period, SGX Nifty took resistance twice at 18100and then it went down. So if you see this in the Indian markets, then you may not be able to see this strong resistance that you can see by looking at the SGX Nifty chart. So this is one very interesting feature that I feel can be very useful for traders. So there are many people who may not be able to track this one day-to-day basis or do not have much time, so they do not need to worry.

We do this analysis on Saco every day and put it in the feeds so that it helps the traders and the trading community. Sowed support, resistances or whatever our view is, we give it again by looking at the Signify chart.

Now, let me explain this strategy once. What is the first important thing here? Sir has given you a wonderful indicator, which is in his name. So if you look at SGX, SGX Nifty session, you just have to types Nifty, you will get 2-3 indicators in it. So you have to use the one that you are getting in the name of Apoorv Sir.

So basically what is this indicator showing? What happened in the Indian market open? Now you see that when the Indian market was open, it fell from top to bottom, but after that when it was not open, there is a big gap. In that gap, SGX Nifty jumped.

Now when we come in the next morning and see, we find out in the morning that there are chances that the market will open up. Now similarly, if you see here, then the market closed today, went up, then came down and then it was seen to you, it closed while consolidating, but after that you are seeing a breakout here.

Now what is important here is that Sir has mentioned support and resistance. You know a simple thing about theory support and resistance, although I use pivots here, so if you want, you can use pivot points.

Now here you will be able to understand one thing again and again that the price in the international market where it is reacting, those are important levels and those levels may not be found in the Indian market. So if you see those levels once, you will be able to increase your trading accuracy.

Absolutely, and finally, do not keep this blog only to yourself. The information that you are getting, if you find this information useful, then share it with everyone wherever you are on social media.