NEW DELHI: Social Media Growth Conclave 2022 was a giant success flooded with talented creators, influencers, mentors, and experts in the digital marketing hub. The Talkatora Stadium of New Delhi was swarming with budding creators, marketing companies, and aspirants looking for insights into the digital marketing industry.

Business coach and marketing guru Pushkar Raj Thakur created a new Guiness World Record by bringing thousands of people under one roof, making the event the ‘largest social media marketing session’ ever. 200+ eclectic creators and influencers flourishing in their niches were present, to witness the spectacle.

Social Media Growth Conclave 2022, powered by GroMo and Cosmofeed, actor Rannvijay Singha was the chief guest. Singha also addressed the audience to motivate them to chase their passion and engaged in sessions with the creators present at the event.

For Pushkar, winning a Guinness World Record was a dream he longed for since 2012. With this event, he has turned his dream into a reality and completed a new milestone. In the acceptance speech, he said, “I have always dreamt of setting a world record. But a world record is achieved with passionate people like the ones present here. We have set this new record together. I am so grateful to all of you. It became possible to achieve, thanks to your presence and willingness to excel.”

Pushkar’s wife and family were present at the event to watch him get felicitated with the Guinness World Record. He seized this opportunity to launch his book, ‘Redesign Your Life in 15 Days’.

Pushkar’s motto and campaign #GoSelfMade became a reality for scores of people who follow him. Pranjal Kamra, Himeesh Madan, Zeeshan Shaikh, Arvind Arora, Akshat Shrivastava, Anant Ladha, and other influencers were present at this historic growth conclave.