Whatever I have learned from this market in these 14 years, I will try to share it with your viewers. Thank you so much. Sir, let’s move ahead and talk about BTSC. In fact, I was listening to you on Zee Business today. And you called on Zee Business to buy MCX. And I saw the share of MCX today. You said to buy at 1620.It hit a high of 1650.So in just one day, this move that has come,3.88% is showing me today’s move.

This is an amazing move, sir. And how did you give it today? On what basis did you give it? Tell us and then we will move on to BTSC. Thank you so much, Pushkarji. You made my day today. Sir, you made people’s day. You made the day. I understand what you are saying, sir. You gave a good trade and it was profitable.

That’s why we are connected today and we are guiding people. So you made the day. So I want to know on what basis you gave the trade. I want to share my screen. I need your permission first. Yes, sir. See, this morning we gave a call on the channel, G-Business. Why did we give MCX? Let me explain the logic. We gave a buy recommendation on the basis of charts. See, the previous swing high was 1620.

As soon as the counter gave a breakout of 1620, we immediately made a buy position and gave targets up to 1650.The stock has almost achieved those targets. And see how the high was seen to be 1650.So the exact thing that came out on the charts, it was seen Tobe happening. On this basis, I will share a concept, a perfect concept with you today. On what basis we generate buy today, sell tomorrow, BTST .

Sir, I have seen such calls, you keep giving them. So not only is it BTSC, but there are also same internet trades. Yes, absolutely. See, we have a premium telegram channel, where we share all kinds of calls. Positional trade, intraday trade, BTSC option calls. We share all those calls in our group, in the premium telegram channel. So definitely today I will show you live how we give calls tour premium clients on what basis.

See, today’s concept is BTSC, buy today, sell tomorrow. On what basis we have to make a position, where to make a position, at what time to make a position and when to exit. All these things we are going to discuss in this blog today. Absolutely sir, start. See, I share my screen. We are discussing a very simple concept, buy today, sell tomorrow, BTSC. What is this BTSC? What is the actual meaning of it?

We will discuss all these things today and the perfect conception which we identify the stocks, we will discuss. Sure sir. See, what is BTSC? BTSC is buy today, sell tomorrow. Today we will buy and sell the stock tomorrow. We call it BTSC. Another concept is that we assume that overnight there can bea development in the stock on which the price action can be seen in the stock tomorrow morning. So on that basis we try to make BTST.

There is one more line here, which has a complete PPT relation. BTSC is emotionless trading. Remember this line and at the end of the PPT we will discuss what does this line mean. BTSC is emotionless trading. When we discuss BTSC, many questions come to our mind, how to-do it, when to do it, what to buy, what to sell. See, it’s a simple thing, product of BTSC, where can we do BTSC?

See, our priority is to do BTSC in the cash segment, in the cash stocks. This is our priority. After this, we can do BTSC in the affluent stocks. Here we are advising to do BTSC on affluent stocks. We are not talking about future trade; we are not talking about any option. We are not advising to do BTSC in that.

We can do BTSC on future stocks and cash stocks. Now how to identify BTSC trade? How to identify BTSC trades? The thing we said that our priority is to do BTSC in the cash segment stocks. So first point, first identify the stock that has the circuit limit of 20%. That means we have to identify those stocks where there is circuit limit of 20%.

Second point, stock must be in uptrend with good volume. See, these points that we are discussing are all filters. The software that we use, if we put filters in that software, then we can reach the BTSC point.

So we put the first filter, the stock must have a circuit limit of 20%. The second filter is that the stock must be in uptrend, where there is activity with good volume. The most important is to trade in selected highly liquid stocks. That means we will do BTSC in the stocks where there is high liquidity.

Mr Pushkar, if we put these three filters in the software, then I am sure the universe of the stocks will be very small. When it is easy to identify BTSC in this small universe, then when you put these three filters, you will be able to reach the stock till the end. After doing all this, we do candlestick analysis at the start of 15 minutes.

So I understood that first take such stocks where the circuit limit is 20%. Stock is already in uptrend and the volume is good. Liquidity is good. Now when the criteria of these three filters are matching, then the stocks that are coming out, I have to come to the 15-minutechart. I have to do candlestick analysis.

Now here comes the analysis part. When our stocks come after filtering, then the particular stocks that will be left, there we have to do 15-minute candlestick analysis. When you are seeing this PPT, you can see that the candlestick charts are coming on the screen. There are similar candlestick charts.

Nothing is tough for us here. We are discussing very simple things. What analysis do we have to do on 15-minute charts? Track the volume from 2 pm to 3 pm. The volume from 2 to 3 pm, if you want to see on 15-minute charts, then 4 candlesticks will come from 2 to 2.15, 2.15 to 2.30, 2.30to 2.45 and 2.45 to 3 pm.

These are the volumes of 4 candlesticks. We have to analyze them. Now see, if we know how to read charts, then it is a very good thing. In order to get a stronger entry point, we get more confirmation there when we get Marabou, Engulfing, Dodi or Hammer. If you understand this, then it is a good thing. Otherwise, even if you don’t know, then there is no problem. What I am telling you, what to do on 15-minute charts, you have to track the volume from 2 to 3 pm.

Those people who I would like to tell here that if you don’t know about candlesticks, what is Engulfing, what is Dodi, what is Hammer, then we have made a playlist on candlesticks. You can go and watch it by clicking the I button. You can learn for free. Continue sir. See, after that, when we tracked the volume from 2 to 3 pm, we calculated the average of that volume. Average volume break-up.

We have calculated that. Now, the execution part. Listen to this slide carefully. Watch it carefully. Because after this, almost PPT is over. We didn’t discuss anything big. But we have discussed the perfect concept. So what we did, we filtered our stocks. Cash stocks should be there and we can do it in F&O stocks. Along with that, the stock should have a 20% circuit limit. Secondly, the stock is in good volume

. You can see the activity in the stock and the stock is in uptrend. We analyzed the 15-minute charts of that. We analyzed the volume from 2 to 3 pain we have taken out the average volume break-out. Now the important part. It’s 3 p.m. haven’t executed yet. But we execute the thumb in BTSD only after 3 pm. Entry.

The volume that we calculated, the average volume. Between 3 to 3.15 pass soon as it breaks out in the stock with the average volume, we are talking about volume, we will make the position of average volume breakout right and you will take the stock you will see the breakout, the average volume breakout exactly,

this means we have taken the entry on the basis of volume suppose we talk about a stock, let’s talk about sun pharma in sun pharma, the average volume that came out from 2 to 3came out of 3 lakh shares as soon as it will give a breakout of 3 lakh shares in the 15minute candle we will make the buyer position right we made the buyer position the market is over after the market is over,

you can sleep peacefully am saying this clearly because this is a perfect concept sometimes we make BTC in a hurry we keep looking at the Dow Jones, European markets we keep tracking SGX, Nifty you stay on this concept,

you will sleep peacefully because tomorrow we will see the position exiting in profit now the entry is made, the market is closed the next day came many times we see that the next day the stock opens up so it is good, let’s exit and if it opens down, then we carry the position and keep going for 1-2 days, that the stock is up trending, it will show fast but BTSD means next day between 9.15 to 9.30herewe have done BTSD and we have to exit its between 9.15 to 9.30

we have to exit BTSD yes Pushkarji, I had reminded you of a line on the first slidethat was emotionless tradingwe go to our home, to the trader and investor’s home when we go home with the money in price, there is action but in the whole PPT, I have not talked about price whenever we talk about price,

our emotions are added that’s why we took the entry on the basis of volume and on the basis of time, we exited we have not put the concept of price anywhere that’s why we call BTSD as emotionless trading yes sir and now I will show you how we recommend our premium clients on this concept there is one more slide here when to avoid BTSD when should we avoid BTSD

sometimes, when a stock is getting results or when we see more volatility in the market more volatility means when there was a war between Russia and Ukraine we didn’t know what the market would be like the next days when there is a geopolitical tension we avoid Tudor when there is a news in a stock we avoid BTSD in those stocks otherwise, we will use this concept everyday and on the basis of this concept,

I am so sure that the losses you are making will be minimized and the profits you are making will be maximized now I will show you our telegram channel what kind of services we give to our clients we give techno fundi calls, short term positional calls technical, intraday calls Monday to Friday callsM2F calls this is not yet covered by any brokerage house

we will recommend you a call on Monday and we will get that position on FridayM2F calls, BTSD calls we have them in cash stocks, F&O stocks we recommend them as well daily technical view podcast till 7 am everyday you will have 2 stocks support resistance in the market and in which sectors you will see buying and selling we post this podcast till 7 am free webinars we share these webinars with our premium clients

now in this premium channel we have given an additional feature to our premium clients we have started giving stock options calls so I want your permission to show that on the premium channel sure, no problems we have discussed on what basis we give calls to our clients will take today’s example KTK bank, Karnataka bank we have recommended our clients B-sides we said, after 3 there will be an average volume breakout and we recommend buy call after that, in KTK bank at 3.06

power have recommended this calla 160-170and we have given target of 174and you can see today in intraday after 3.06 power have seen 165-170 highs in the stock more than 3% profit we have seen in intraday this was the callas we have told we give positional calls to our premium clients IRB Infra has recommended at 289,

we have seen 310 targets LIC housing finance this was the intraday call where we have seen targets Infosys option was recommended we have booked profit the relic partial profit Infosys call we have carried Reliance option call where we have booked profiting yesterday’s session we have recommended a stock BTSD Jyoti Lab Jyoti Laboratories BTSD was recommended at 213.50which is booked at 216.40in today’s session now I will share the concept will show you live on what basis we have explained the concept and on that basis how we have identified the stock today we have recommended our clients as KTK Bank and BTSD the concept which we have shared with you

I will show you here this stock is in uptrend there should be 20% limit in the stock it is fulfilling the criteria will say one more thing if there is no 20% limit in the stock and the stock is looking good then you can identify the stock at 10% limit we have identified KTK Bank the concept is

we have to analyze the 15 minute charts you see with metal 2.15we have worked in 85000 share still 2.30we have worked in 50000 shares which means 1.30 lakh shares then till 2.45we have worked in 70000 shares1.30 and 702 lakh shares and then from 2.45 to 3.00till 3.00we have worked in 11.50 lakh shares2 lakh and 11.50 lakh almost 13-14 lakh shares if we take the average of these 4 candles then 3.50 lakh volume is there till 3.00

we have taken the average volume3.50 lakhs and then we saw from 3.00 to 3.15as soon as we see the breakout of 3.50 lakhs on the volume and we will initiate the buy position and we saw on the charts from 3.00 to 3.1532,00,0001500 quantity work has been done and our criteria has been fulfilled and we have made the buy position at 3.06at Rest. 161.70and then you see what we saw in the stock till 3.30the stock was at Rest. 165.85and till

now the position is intact am sure in tomorrow’s session the stock will be exiting in profits on this basis we keep giving calls to our clients and they are enjoying a lot and enjoying the profitability yes Pushkar ji100%.