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There are several books that Pushkar Raj Thakur has written in the short span of his ever-evolving career. But the two books that stand out from the lot are –
1. The Last Book For Your Best Life
2. Redesign Your Life in 15 Days

Get A New Turn In Your Life

The Last Book For Your Best Life

This book necessitates everything you need to know about how to live your best life! Marvelous is the word that we use to describe the book. According to Pushkar, there are 8-X factors on which our lives depend, and combining all those eight factors that act as success principles; one can achieve anything in life and be wherever they want to be in a game-changing manner.
Once you start implementing what’s written in the book, you will feel a sense of progress going in your life. A-Class performer who is already in you can come out in real terms if you take out time to read this book. Many positive and impactful changes can occur if you deep dive into this book, such as – a change in your belief system, regaining control over your health, bringing out more productivity, creating lasting wealth, building affectionate relationships, and all the other aspects that bring out the best in you.
Compiling the wisdom of Gallant Ancient Kings from over 10,000 years and Modern Fortune 500 CEOs, this book is a masterpiece on How To Live Your Best Life.

Caution: Witness your life change and the best of you brought in front of you if you have not yet read this book.

Redesign Your Life in 15 Days

The book “Redesign Your Life in 15 Days” written by a Life Coach and Motivational speaker, Pushkar Raj Thakur gives such kind of education from its first day, which is not available anywhere. This is Financial Education, which is most important today. The biggest question in front of the youth who are studying or have completed their studies, is that of career. But they don’t find the right guidance. In lacking of proper guidance, youth looses their self-confidence and confusion arises in the mind. In such condition, they don’t take right decision. This book flows self-confidence in youth and introduce them with their powers and abilities, so that they could try in right direction to move forward in life.
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