Well, it is very important for you to read this blog today because this blog will save you a lot of money, directly and indirectly, today I am going to tell you one by one what scams are going on the internet at the moment, you will feel that this is absolutely real, there is nothing wrong in this, still it will be wrong with you, that’s why I will tell you about these scams, you have to stay away from them.

Number one, email phishing has become very common in today’s date and now I will tell you with the latest example that how emails are being sent, which email id is being sent and as I said, you will not even know, but still it will be wrong, then I will show you with proof, I will show you everything. So what is this email phishing, I will explain it to you first, we are talking about email phishing, so email phishing is an online scam in which people are sent emails in which there are some links that are encrypted,

if you click on those links, then your phone or laptop can be hacked, I will give you a latest example of this, in today’s date, many YouTubers are getting emails from this email id in the YouTube community, now you will see that no reply at the rate youtube.com, so this is the original email id of YouTube, it was confirmed, YouTube, your managers, like any YouTuber, they have YouTube managers, it was confirmed that this email was from YouTube and YouTube told that this is an email phishing, this is an online scam in which the name of YouTube is being taken and YouTube people are also not able to do anything,

basically what was therein it, there was a link of the video that you had to see, now as soon as you click on the link and you feel that it is 100% ok, but even after that it can be wrong with you, by clicking on that link, your phone or laptop can be hacked and all the accounts in it can be locked, all their security can be breached, so this is an example of email phishing, in the same way, if you think that there is a link from an unknown mobile number or there is a mail on which there is a link and on which you feel suspicious, then you do not click,

in fact, your mobile phone has your bank accounts and what happens is that a screen recording can also run inside your phone that what activities are you doing, who are you sending messages to, when are you opening your bank, are you putting your ID and password in Net banking, everything can be tracked and this can cause you a loss, so you have Tobe careful, what happens is when in fact your phone is hacked, you will not even know, but if there is any suspicious activity, it will be in the evening or at night when you are sleeping, especially after1 o’clock, so after 1 o’clock you will not even know that your phone’s data can be leaked, in fact, such activities can happen, now in fact, in the creator community,

a person has suffered a huge loss with email phishing, I will tell you, so what happened, their Facebook page was monetized, so just like money comes from YouTube, money also comes from Facebook, now money from Facebook stopped for a few months, so a month or two months passed, so the creator saw that I am not getting money from Facebook, what is the problem, when you go to identify the problem, then you will know that your Facebook page has a page role in which if you have given someone a role, someone has been made an editor on the page, then it is visible,

so he saw that a name is visible, which he does not even know what is, he has no idea at all that on which link he clicked, so this kind of activity can happen and the page of their Facebook was changed in one way, so everything was going well, just money was not coming, now it is possible that the money has gone to that person’s account or what he did, but it is important to tell you, second, there is a latest which is happening with us, so I will share my personal incident, on Instagram, many people have made fake accounts in my name, in fact, in the name of my wife, now you see this fake account and this is a real account,

there is not much difference, hereto a decent number of followers are visible, but now I tell you how to catch you, which account is real and which is fake, if you get a request from anyone, a request from any page, then you have to check there that how frequently these posts have been posted, that means there are many posts on Instagram, there are reels, there are posts, you will see if many are being posted in one day or many posts are being posted in a few days, that means something is suspicious, second thing is that name and also search on Instagram that there is another account, now what happens, I tell you, using the name of my wife’s account, what are these scammers doing,

I would like to show you, people are being sent messages that if you have lost money in trading, then give us money, we will recover you, in the name of investing and trading, I or any of our team or any of my family will never take rupee from you in life and I tell you, leave me, no big creator will never take money from you, what is the need of your ten, twenty, fifty thousand, one lakh rupees, you think what are they doing here, they will take money from you and you feel that you are giving money in the name of a genuine person, but all these scams are happening and we report this page as much as we want,

they become new every day, it has become like a virus, people are understanding that we will get five to ten thousand rupees from someone and we make a page because it does not take time, you know that followers can also be bought, we regularly block such posts that write that so many followers should be bought in this much money and those followers are bought in this way and shown to people that a pages made or a profile is made and then messages are made, some people understand, some people are innocent who do not understand and they are harmed and thesis happening a lot on telegram too,

I told you specially that many groups are running on my name on telegram too, we close them, they become new and what is said there, you will get a recommendation, we do not give any recommendation, we do not give any tip, no, we take money from you and it is very important for you to understand this because it may be happening in my name today, tomorrow it may be 50 people, it may start happening in other names and you feel that this is absolutely real, but you may be harmed, so you have to be careful.

Now let’s come to what is going on after this, so I told you that this is happening especially on Instar and FB, this profile is made of such people who you know, in the same way, one more thing is happening in its addition, this has also happened, so I tell you that Facebook profile is also made and messages are made to people, in fact, the example of phishing can also hack your WhatsApp, so if someone’s WhatsApp is hacked or in fact Facebook profile is hacked, a copy of Facebook profile can also be done, so now I gave the example of copy,

now I am giving you the example of hack in this, suppose a friend of yours has hacked a Facebook profile, now you get a message from your friend’s profile on Messenger, you think that this is my friend, you know and you know what message he will do, I am telling you exactly what messages are coming, messages come, my friend has become hospitalized and he has to pay through UPI, my UPI was not working, he needs10,000 or 20,000 rupees, will he do UPI, now I tell you that scammers do not believe here either, someone gives him 20,000 rupees, then he starts asking for more money, that money has been taken from him, more money should be taken, you people think,

people are coming in the clutches of these scammers in such a way that they give them money, they do not even try to call once that this Facebook profile can be hacked, if money has been asked from it and you have to give money to your friend, then call once and ask, brother, do you have to send money on the number you have given, he will say, no, I have not sent any message, then it will be found out that his profile has been hacked and many people’s profiles are being hacked in the same way,

if someone’s profile has been hacked from your circle or there Isa fake Instagram, Facebook account, Telegram account has been made and money has been asked from someone, then you must share your experience in the comment box because people will also find out how scammers are finding new ways and trying to cheat money, after this we will move on, after this you must have seen in the YouTube comments,

you will see such comments that are basically of foreigners and now they are trying to be so smart that they will message in Indian name and you will see that they are thanking someone, thankyou this this this, there will be a foreign name outside, you will think that someone’s name is David, someone’s name is Smith, someone’s name is Thomas, they are thanking him, they are thanking a girl that because of this I am making a lot of money from bitcoin or from bitcoin and then after that there will be multiple chatting, so in the comments you can watch any popular creator’s video, such comments are coming regularly in which they will say thank you to some page or some person,

then they will say that I have benefited and then they will also say that you can also talk to us, plus there is an addition in this, this is someone who is going to thank someone, plus you will see in the YouTube comments that in YouTube videos, the person who has uploaded the video, for example, I have uploaded the video, Pushkar Raj Thakur has uploaded the video, then you will see that someone has put my photo in the comment and has said that brother talk to us on this WhatsApp number or connect here on telegram with us, so all that is fake, you have to check that whatever the comment is doing on the YouTube channel, whether there is Bluetooth or not,

in fact, if you find it suspicious, then why do you have to message or why do you have to call, if you find anything suspicious anywhere, then avoid it. These YouTube comments are coming a lot on every channel at today’s rate, you block them, new ones come every day and YouTube is not able to do anything for it. In fact, YouTube is helpless, so in this blog, the popular scams on the internet are going on, they are going on very vigorously, I have tried to tell you about them today,

you have to stay away from them, if anyone asks you for money, then you have to pay attention to what you are giving money for, you are not coming in greed, someone is telling you to invest money today, in 2 days, in 3 days, in 5 days, so many returns will come, the money will double, then you are not getting trapped and if someone asks you for money, then you are not getting trapped. That what are you giving money for, to double the money overnight.