Well, a lot of people lose their money in the stock market every day. It is possible that you have also lost money in the stock market many times, but you did not understand why did I lose money. If your stop loss was hit, then who made the stop loss hit. In fact, the secret you will know today, by using this secret, you will not only save your loss, you will also earn money in the stock market. And for that, I will tell you a software, but you understand what you have to know.

You must have heard this, in fact, you must have seen that 90%people lose their money in the stock market. And if you have not seen, then today I will show you how they are losing their money. 90% people are losing their money, so 10%people are making profit. Now one thing is clear, if you trade, then someone’s profits lost. If 90% people are losing, then this money is going to10% people’s pockets, who are making profit. Now you have to make profit, so what do you have to know first? If you are thinking of trading today, then what do you have to know first?

You have to knowing which category you are. If you know the category that I am going to trade in the 90%category, then today I am going to lose money. So you will not trade. In fact, in which category you will trade? In the category of 10%, now you will think what am saying. I will explain to you, but you should have such a clear logic that 90% people lose, 10% people make profit and we have to go in this category of 10% because these people will earn money.

Now why did I say this, I will give you some logics and facts omit. See, when you trade in the stock market, most people trade in options because in options you can make money by investing very little capital. Now what happens in options, it is very simple. Now I will explain a simple game to you that if you think people buy options more because the margin requirement is lessen buy, it means it increases cheaply. Now if you buy options, you feel that the market will increase, you buy the call option, you feel that the market will fall, then you buy the call option.

You are understanding this much. If you are understanding this, well and good. Now you have to understand one more thing, when you are buying options, then someone is selling, definitely selling, someone is selling. So there are two types of people, one is sellers and one is buyers. Now I said that buyers have to be cheap. For example, if you trade in a lot and that lot costs you 10,000, then if the option seller will sell, then he has to give lakhs of rupees there.

Your margin requirement may be only₹ 10,000, but the seller has to pay many times more money. So you have to understand one more thing, he will lose his lakhs of rupees. Is this persona fool? No, he wants to earn your 10,000 by investing his lakhs of rupees. The option you have bought by giving₹ 10,000, he is saying that I should get the premium of this option.

And you know these basic things that as time passes, theta decays, you also know that if the market moves opposite, then what will be your maximum loss, your premium. So this maximum loss, this max loss of yours can be the max profit for the other person.

Maybe you are not understanding my words at once. So you understood that the seller is trading by investing more money and the buyer is trading by investing less money. And the seller wants to get the money of the buyer because if money goes from someone’s pocket, then someone will get it. So ultimately what is it that the sellers going to win, but the seller, now here comes the second concept. The seller icon both sides. The seller is for call options and the seller is for put options.

Means people are selling the call option and people are selling the put option at the same time. Means many people think that the market will increase, many people think that the market will fall, but where will the market go? The market will go where there is more money invested. Now understand this concept too. You have 1 crore, I have 10,000, I have₹ 10,000, if I buy stock of 10,000, then what will it move? But if you buy stock of 1 crore, then it can be strong inside it.

The price of that stock can go up there. I am giving you a very simple idea. So whoever has money, he also has the power to move the market and the one who has invested more money will also win. Now how will you know this, what we are saying is because first of all I told you, what you have to know is that which category I am trading in. Now I will show you exactly how you can identify it in second. Many people open the market in the morning and start trading.

After today, you have to see your category first, which category I am going to trade in, then only you have to trade. So for now will show you a software, the name of the software is Auto Trend. Why am I telling you about Auto Trend? Because I am making regular money from this software. I don’t want to show you a big game, I will tell you a simple thing. Money is made from this software and if you want, you can also make it. So I will show you exactly how this software works.

Now when you go to its home screen, you simply click on the derivative here. Now you will see a lot of options here, but first we will start with Nifty. So what we will see in Nifty, this is highly important. You can see here, it is written Nifty call options and Nifty put options. So in call options, at what strike price, how much open interest is there and what is the change in open interest in front of you.

And similarly in put options, at what strike price, what is the open interest and what is the change in open interest, you have to see. Here we have to see the change in open interest in just one look. Now what are you seeing here, you are seeing that the change in open interesting Nifty call options is above 2 crores 33 lakhs and here input options, what is the change in open interest? Approximately 79 lakhs. So understand simple thing from here.79 lakhs shares have been bought by people in put options and in call options, 2 crores33 lakhs shares have been bought by people.

As an option writer or if we talk from the seller point of view, then the one who has sold these options, he will not let his money loose and in the market, definitely those who have more capital, they are going to move the market. So what I am seeing in the first impression that today their money is going to be lost. You have to take a very simple impression. These people who have bought 2crores 33 lakhs shares in the call option, they will have a loss. Now see one more thing in loss.

At what strike price is the most open interest? So call option of 17500, people think that the market will increase from here, so they have bought the call option of 17500.Here see this 54 lakhs 37400 open interest is standing here and its last price is 62.45here. Now understand one thing here. The thing to understand here is that this money will not increase. This money will be lost by the time the sellers take it. And because you have seen the ratio, then what is the put and call ratio here, now come down a little.

Now here you are getting the signal. Now look carefully here, the indicator is for you. You have clearly written here that the option signal is sell sell. Every option signal is saying here to sell. Now what do you have to see to sell? First of all, I said PCR put call ratio, so put call ratio is 0.40 means the call is bought a lot and in comparison to that, the put options are bought less. Suit is 0.40 PCR. Whence is below 1, it means you have to see there simply that the signal of your cell is coming here and when it is above 1 or above 1.5, then you will see the buy option there.

Nowhere you are seeing the signal of the cell, you are seeing the option signal, you are seeing the signal cell, so now what does it mean? It means that definitely you have seeps here. After seeing PCR, there is one important thing heredity is written here that you use this indicator only after 10.30. Some people open the marketing the morning, at 9.15, then they start trading.

It is clearly written here that for its accurate result, you use this indicator only after 10.30 and I will tell you a little bit more from my experience. Yousef it after 10.30. In fact, as time passes, its accuracy will increase.

If you want to trade before the market closes, for example, let’s take a trade around 2 o’clock, then the accuracy of this software is very high. Now with this accuracy, because we have also traded, I will show you now. So here you see a very important thing, which is VWAP. VWAP means Volume Weighted Average Price. What is Volume Weighted Average Price? Now we are talking about Nifty. If you are interested in Bank Nifty, then we will simply click on Bank Nifty.

We will come to Bank Nifty now, but first let’s understand Nifty. So you can submit above 5 minutes. Data is refreshed every 3 minutes. Snow what you have to understand is that here you see. Buying then more people will be at loss that means people are still buying calls but if more people are now understand VWAP, VWAP is saying here that VWAP is now 12.50minutes

you can see 12.53 is happening so the data of 12.50 minutes has been refreshed here this data is according to 15 minutes, we have opened 5 minutes here, if you want you can submit it on 15 minutes you can see the 15 minutes’ data as well, if you want more accurate then submit it on 5 minutes depending on how long you are trading, so here you can see now PCR ratio is 0.34 and when we saw the time frame difference of 15 minutes so it is 0.40 only so it doesn’t matter but what matters is, understand that VWAP is running on 17.277, now let’s see how much Nifty is running see here,

Nifty is running on 17.155, means the VWAP of this, VWAP will be seen in futures will show you here, so if I come to future, waits I will take you to futures and I will put VWAP here in indicators VWAP line is seen very high, now VWAP line is volume weighted average price what does it mean, software is telling you that if you go to VWAP and when this price is 17.197it is around 12.50, if you can see then price is running around17.179so it has been reduced a little more, so what does it mean,

if you will sell on VWAP then you will get maximum profit, what does it mean, if the prices around VWAP means at the time when here, if you can see the signal of sell from mornings from morning only the signal of sell is seen and if you would have sold at this point of time at this point of time you can see some more things, I will tollhouse now we are simply, what are we doing here, we are doing analysis by looking at the data so now we have not seen any price action,

now here you can see very good M chart patterns how I have traded M chart pattern I will show you that also, but here we are understanding Vapid you would have sold around VWAP then you would have seen boom, how much profit you could have got so you can definitely calculate that, but definitely I have taken the benefit of this so I will show you about this also, so first of all you have to understand that whenever you trade, the price is around VWAP, it is very good for you now here you have understood that you have to sell,

but now we have to trade in Nifty or Bank Nifty, come down a little bit, so when we will come down little bits we will see a very good chart of Nifty and Bank Nifty here now when you are seeing the chart, you can see Nifty is falling, Bank Nifty is also falling now here Nifty is falling and Bank Nifty is also falling, now in which we are trading, we can trade according to PCR ratios here according to 15 minutes, the PCR ratio was 0.40, now we will see Bank Nifty now when we have Bank Nifty, it is 0.60, so definitely if we will see Nifty, then Nifty is better option to trade today now here again when you are trading

, here also in the call option and put option of Bank Nifty you will see change in open interest, now when you see change in open interest, then here it is around 40 lakhs and here it is around 86 lakhs, so people have bought 86 lakhs shares, people have bought 40 lakhs shares in put option means where more people have bought, market will go opposite to that, so here call option is bought

so market will not go up or down, so here people will benefiting put option of Bank Nifty so here you can see that the option signal was definitely of sell, in between VWAP has given signal of buy but one thing you have to pay attention to is that what is the price around Vaped definitely you have to apply stop loss here and you have to carry a target in your mind now we come to what we have traded today, so I will show you, in fact you will understands here as I said you were seeing a very good M shape pattern,

so call it M or double tops here a trade is made on double top, you saw once top was made, after that a neckline was made neckline was a strong support as well, because many times price has reacted here before so I drew a horizontal line from here, a neckline was made, after neckline price went up again and when it came down, when a candle breaks it, after breaking you can trade with stop loss of that candle and when neckline breaks, it means that market will fall from here, which happened in front of you now I will show you that we have also traded following the same software we have bought put option here,

we have bought only one lot of Nifty, 17200 and average price is 152now it is around 218 and we have bought 3 lots of 17250 put option, average price is 176 and it is 241so till now my position is open because the software which is showing me here, you can see Nifty so software is showing sell, so till now my position is open, till I don’t see any strong trend reversal pattern till I don’t see on the chart, till then my position will be open and whatever profit we are booking we will book that profit,

so now when we can trade so accurately with this software in fact I have shown you the price action, we have seen that price action was double top and I felt that we should trade from there, so we did trade-in this way you can also trade daily with this software and this software gives very accurate results specially I have told you that as time goes by, around 2 o’clock very good results come in fact if you will see on expiry, every time on expiry software has worked for merest how results come for you,

you must tell now you have seen clearly that if you trade in the market where there are more people you will make money, so the first category we have to identify is that are we not in the category of more people, as soon as you identify that after that one thing I have explained to you very clearly VWAP,VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price which you have understood my point, keep that in mind, what you have to keep in mind that you have to take trade when the price is around VWAP,

because see generally what happens if you do regular trade then you will see that the price comes near VWAP once in a day the price comes to test the level of VWAP, so entering near Vapes beneficial for you, why it is beneficial, understand one more thing, if you are trading far from VWAP then your stop loss will increase and your stop loss should not increase,

now you must be seeing here we are trading by looking at the data, so it comes to mind what should be the stop loss around VWAP you can take a stop loss of 30 to 35 points and if you see according to the reward ratio then if you are taking a stop loss of 30 points then you can take a target of 60 points and if you use trailing stop loss then your stop loss as you feel that the price is going up then your stop loss will also increase, so your profit will be more, now here is one more important thing,

what you have learned today, you have seen that today the signal was of1.5M, you have seen that the put call ratio is around 0.3 to0.4, you have understood this, that means three times people have traded in today’s date in call options and put options people have traded less, the day there will be more people input option, that day your PCR will be 1+, suppose you see 2.4 PCR ratio,

now what I am going to do after seeing thick ratio, what do you think where will the market go, perfect, the market will go up because more people have traded in put, so you have understood it right up to here that if 1 is going up then the market will go up, if you see 1.8 then what will happen, correct the market will go up and if you see 0.6 then what will happen, the market will go down, so today you understood to sell, one more thing,

we saw that when the price will come around VWAP, so we will sell from there, you will think that there will be some new people in your mind, they must have thought that I was showing sell, but sir what did you do, you bought put, yes definitely, when you think that the market will fall, there is a signal of sell from here, then it is beneficial to buy put option, why is it beneficial to buy put option, because if the market falls, then our put option, the price of PE, the price of put European increases, one more thing,

if you think that the market will increase, if you think that the market will increase, then you will come close to VWAP and buy thecal option, now we are talking about option buying, if we were talking about selling, then what we would do, then we would sell the call option below, we would sell the call option here, we would sell CE if we felt that the market will fall and we would buy put and here we would sell put, so you can use this software for both buying and selling.

Now see one more thing, this software is inexpensive, it does not have a very high cost, 3500plus GST is your costing for 3 months and you understand this thing, the one month which is around 1000, this is nothing, because if you make a lot of loss and you do not know this basic concept, then you will not be able to sell.is more depending on how much capital is being traded.

So if you see a basic data and after seeing the data, you trade, then you will be able to trade accurately. So I simply showed you by trading in 4 lots. Today we did not show a very big quantity. I don’t want to impress you that I have shown you a profit of Rest. 100,000. See, profit is made. I traded with the quantity with which you generally trade and profit is made in that too. We made approximately30% plus profit.

So this profit is not to impress. This is to show how the market works and how you can make money and if you make a loss, then why do you make loss. You can sign up today and when you trade, after seeing the PCR ratio, what the data is saying, what is the signal, then you can trade. Definitely your profits will be made and when your profits are made, then you can tag me on Instagram. I really like it when you make money and you tag media will also reshape your stories. So I like it that people are getting benefit from my information