What was the opportunity? I will tell you. The opportunity was that Upson was giving you an opportunity to go and see the ICC World Cup in Dubai. If you are fond of playing cricket there, then go there and Dubai International Stadium. Upson had booked for you guys. There was the full arrangement of ICC. You guys were getting an opportunity to go to the World Cup and play cricket there. You were getting an opportunity to travel to Dubai.

From your flight expenses to hotel booking, from traveling, from eating and drinking, all expenses were taken by Upson. But why is it looking bad? I will tell you. I was also selected for that trip. I went there. When I went there, I will tell you about its experience. But talked to the coach there who selected people to play there. He selected 22 people. A team of 11 people was formed. I asked him, Sir, Upson has lakhs of customers. How did you select us? Because some were from Delhi, some were from Bombay, some were from Chennai, some were from Andhra, and some were from Rajasthan. People were from different places.

Now people came from every place, but I still felt that there is great talent in India. Crickets a very good player than other people. But why didn’t you go there? When I asked him, he told me that Pushkar, we had 962 entries. I was shocked to hear that 962 entries had come. I said that more than a lakh people have seen my video. So at least 3000-4000 people should have applied through me and 962 entries have come. He is the coach of Rajasthan Royals and he said that I have seen all the videos. 962 entries had come; I have seen all. Now, first I was shocked to see that Upson has lakhs of customers. So people saw why they did not apply. It was free to apply.

Upstox was not asking for money. You people did not apply and the people who sent videos, I said that if you want to play cricket there, you have to send your videos. You people have sent videos that are recorded in the room and sent. They did not make any effort and they said that the people who had made videos in the room, in the house, they clearly rejected them. We just had to see the skill that batting is good, bowling is good, wicket keeping is good. Just show what you know well. People did not do that properly and then 962 entries came, we selected the best ones.

But I still felt that the people who reached there, all well, all people goat fair opportunity, but the people who reached there were playing well. It was a good match. I will tell you about the match too, but despite that, there is great talent in India. Upstox account, what do you think, those who play Ranji Trophy, they will not have Upstox account. What do you think, our national players, there are many people in the Indian cricket team who are not selected? Will they not have Upstox account? It will be, but they did not believe. They did not apply.

In fact, you people did not believe that your entire expense will be bear by a company. You must have felt that companies do it for promotion and no one takes it. That is why 962 entries have come. So why am I feeling bad today? Because you people have missed an opportunity. Now we have been to Dubai. I am going to show you the whole experience that when we went to the stadium, what waste feel of the stadium and I will tell you my entire tour experience. So first you watch this video that how was the feel of Dubai International Stadium. So here we go. Hello everyone, we are in Dubai right now.

You can see Dubai International Stadium behind me. So I have a friend with me. He is in my team only and heist from Andhra Pradesh. Snow we will go inside. Actually, I am going to make you feel that exactly when players enter, how they feel, what is the atmosphere of the dressing room and I will show you everything. So we are entering from A7 gate. Alright, actually my shoes are a little spiked. I will have a little issue until I come to the soft floor. So we just entered from here.

Now Aim going to take you straight to the dressing room. So this is our team dressing room. Sowed are going to enter from here. So you can see welcome to Dubai International Stadium dressing room and this is our team’s name Roaring Bulls. So here is New Zealand, India, Australia. So this is the dressing room here. You can see that there is a little peace in the dressing room. So you can sit here and change. They have given you lockers here as well and there are a lot of arrangements inside.

There is a whole environment here. So if you want to change, take a massage, take a steam, so the shower roomies here. There is a lot of towels here. So little arrangement is here for the refreshments and I will show you. Look in front, all the brandings of the World Cup T20 are here’s in 2007, you can see India Pakistan, England, West Indies, Sri Lanka, West Indies again. Now I will take you straight to the stadium. Are you excited? Hey, come on, come on, come on.

Now let’s talk about what is for you people. You understand this thing. What you have missed, you have missed it. But in the coming time, what is the strategy of Upstox? See there I met the senior management of Upstox. I met those people who are leading in Upstox. They are leading the marketing. In the coming time, what I found out, I am going to tell you those things.

First thing, you understand that you have just seen the World Cup. You saw the IPL. There you saw that Upstox is the official sponsor. Upstox the official sponsor not only for last year, but for this year. In the coming two years, you are going to see that Upstox is the official sponsoring the IPL and in the World Cup.

So where is the next World Cup going to be? The next World Cup is going Tobe in Australia. So now what happened, what happened, we will regret it, then it is no use. Now let’s prepare for what is going to happen. So now Upstox doing its amazing marketing. Now I will tell you one more thing that the company over-delivered. I told you how our tour will be. We will go on 14th, we will go to Dubai on 15th, we have a match on 16th, we will come back on 17th. I told you this and this was the itinerary. In fact, my return ticket was also for 17th. But what happened, I will tell you there.

The management felt that this time is not enough to visit Dubai. They took consent from us that we cancel your ticket on 17th and book your return on 19th. We increase the hotel stays and we also sponsor your trip to Dubai from our side. I mean, you see which company is not ready. The first thing is to take you to Dubai. Then bookman international stadium in Dubai. For ordinary people, there were such people who had opened an account on Upstox for some time. In fact, the captain of my team was not a frequent user of Upstox. Sometime she used it for stock trading or stock investing.

Now what did he know that he is working in Dubai and he will be taken to Dubai and he will play cricket Now, the amazing thing here is that in the coming time, Upstoxthere.is going to bring many more contests in this way, in which they give opportunities to ordinary people. See what is the benefit of the company. Today I am telling you that the company is being marketed. You will go there. Suppose you have not gone to Dubai, you may get a chance to go to Australia. You may win a lot of money in the new contest that is going to come. So will you tell people in your home, in the circle? Definitely tell. The company has organic marketing.

Now, the organic marketing of the company is nothing more than this. See, the company has done so much, has done 5 star arrangements there. I can’t tell you in words, you will have to experience it, but I feel that the company does so much because there is a very strong name behind the company and that name is Rattan Tata. Rattan Tata has funded the company. You understand that Rattan Tata has backed a company. So how is the company going to perform? We already know about Tata Group that it is such group that is not only for its members, but also for its associated people.

In the same way, there is a referral earn on Upstox. I told you about the referral earn, but I am feeling now that when 962 entries will go for such an opportunity, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity, then most of you have not even believed in the referral earn. I told you that people are earning money from it. I told you that you are earning money.

We also reshare your stories on Instagram, so that people are a little more excited. You earn money without investing, without investing a rupee, you open your account on Upstox and you know that this does not happen all the time.

The account is paid on Upstox most of the time, but now it is free for limited time. So you are opening your account for free, after that you are sharing Upstox only with your friend. You are sharing your link and you are getting money for it. Your friend will open an account for free and you are getting money. Sometimes you get 500, sometimes you get 600, sometimes you get 1000, up to 1200 rupees.

Upstox is giving 1200 rupees to share with one person, but I feel that you will not believe in it. That is why you may not have opened an account on Upstox yet and may not have referred anyone yet, so you have not earned money, but there are many people who are earning money.

There are many people who are winning contests regularly from Upstox and the people I am telling you, I have met the common people. I have seen in Dubai, who were new to Upstox and they gave equal opportunity to Upstox. It was not that the person who was trading a lot, they took him.

Anybody, a genuine opportunity to give, the company gave it. So now it is your chance. You can earn money by referring. When you make an account on Upstox, you will get regular mails. The contest that is going to come in it, will get the mails. This time the contest that took place and took Dubai, took all the boys. So the men’s world cup was a little bit, many females complained. There was a little feminist side here. No wall the girls who had this complaint, I tell them that the next world cup that is going to happen is going to be a women’s world cup.

So in the women’s world cup, there will be different arrangements. And I am telling you that our next world cup is in Australia. Come on, you missed the match of Dubai. In Dubai, you missed the final of the world, you missed playing. If there is a match in Sydney, then would you like to miss it? Seethe company is not only taking the expenses; the company is also giving the visa. So if you have a hobby, you have a hobby of traveling, you have Togo to Australia, definitely you need to have an Upstox account. See this time the opportunity was missed. Now some people will say that we do not have a hobby of traveling.

Many people say that they do not have a hobby of traveling, but they have hobby of earning money. By opening an account on Upstox, you can earn through referring to the Upstox account. Now if you do not have a hobby, then itis your choice. But the third and biggest thing is what is the benefit of an Upstox account.

If you want to invest in shares, which you should do, you want to invest in mutual funds, which you should do. If you want to trade, you need to have a DEMAT account and that is being made on Upstox easily. So just go and apply for it if you do not have it yet.

So that any contest coming, any opportunity that could come in your hand, do not miss it. So see my job is to give you the right information. After that, even after the last video, I understood one thing that you people do not trust things so soon. But I am telling you one thing that if I am sharing something with you today, people are already benefiting.

That’s why I am telling you. So already a lot of people are benefiting. It is your decision on you. See today I am saying that for a limited time, an account is being opened on Upstox for free. It may be that the account will be paid after a few days. But I also tell you that when the accounts are paid on Upstox, it is being paid, still open it. Why?

Because you are always given some kind of offer by Upstox. When the account opening is paid on Upstox, then you must have seen that digital gold is available for free. You must have seen that some stocks available for free. Many such exciting offers are given by Upstox. So Upstox, I have felt this that it is a very genuine company. A company that is genuinely working, thinking for people and finding innovative ways to help people.

It is distributing money to you, which is the name of the company. So I think I should also promote this company because genuinely people are getting help. See this time I met a lot of people in Dubai who knew me from before. Now next time if there is any such tour, if there is any such event, then you do not miss it. See you apply, what are you going for? You fill the form of Dubai; you were filling the form for free. So even if you fill the form, what happens most of the time that your selection does not happen.

But if it would have happened, then in the same way, you get an opportunity in the coming time. Just go for it. Whether it will happen or not, it is in the hands of God, but your job is to make an effort. Today your job is to open an account. It was necessary for you to have an account. If you have it, then you will keep getting exciting offers. If not, then you will keep going from there. So the choice is yours. Finally, see felt bad for this time because I was shocked to hear 962 entries. Now do not miss the opportunity.