If you’ve ever received a mysterious set of black boxes that turn out not to be gifts, but credit card packages, you might wonder what’s inside. It’s not just about the cards themselves, but the incredible benefits that come with them.

Let’s start with the first one; it’s the IndusInd Bank’s Vistara credit card, specifically the Club Vistara variant. We’ll discuss a total of four of these cards, and why they’re worth it.

The highlight of these cards is the fantastic travel benefits they offer. The most impressive perk is the opportunity to receive not just five but seven complimentary business-class ticket vouchers. Imagine the savings! If you consider that a domestic business class ticket typically costs around ₹25,000-₹30,000, these vouchers add up to over ₹2,00,000 in potential benefits.

Now, let’s look into how you can actually utilize these vouchers. To demonstrate, let’s have a look at one of my own Vistara accounts, which I’ve been using since March 2019. I currently have a balance of ₹13,000 and some CV points. But what’s more interesting is the flight I booked for my wife. The best part? I didn’t pay a dime for it. How? With the vouchers. When you book an economy class ticket, you can use these vouchers to upgrade to premium economy or even to business class, depending on your original booking class.

Moreover, the card comes with additional advantages like complimentary gold membership and birthday vouchers, enhancing your travel experience even further. To redeem the vouchers, it’s as simple as generating a voucher code and selecting your destination, travel dates, and cabin class.

You might be wondering why one would decide to apply for these cards for an entire family. The answer is simple: the benefits are too good to pass up, especially if you love to travel or plan to travel frequently. These cards are tailored for travelers and offer substantial savings on airfare.

Of course, credit cards aren’t for everyone, and they should be used responsibly. If you’re not interested in credit cards, that’s perfectly fine. However, if you’re intrigued by the potential rewards they can offer when used wisely, consider this Vistara credit card as a fantastic option for travel enthusiasts.

In today’s world, managing expenses is an integral part of our lives. From essential bills like electricity and insurance to obligations such as income tax and DDS payments, we are constantly handling financial matters. The question arises: how do we choose to make these payments? Do we opt for our debit cards, UPI transfers, or do we leverage the power of credit cards?

Personally, the answer is clear – I prefer to channel all my expenses through credit cards. But why, you may wonder? The reason lies in the multitude of benefits that credit cards offer. Whether it’s for personal expenditures or business transactions, credit cards provide a wide range of advantages. Today, we like to shine a spotlight on a specific credit card – the IndusInd Bank’s Vistara Club Vistara credit card – and elucidate why it merits your consideration.

To start, when applied for this credit card, I received an instant complimentary business class ticket. However, that’s just the beginning of the perks. I also received a free stay at an Oberoi hotel. But here’s the catch – this card is not free. There’s an initial joining fee of ₹40,000, plus applicable taxes. You might be wondering why I’m suggesting what appears to be an expensive credit card.

Let’s break it down: the joining fee is ₹40,000, and when you factor in taxes, it totals around ₹48,000. You might think, “Who would spend this much to acquire a credit card?” Well, it all hinges on the benefits. By paying this fee, you gain access to a complimentary business class ticket, which can easily cost ₹30,000 or more. Additionally, you receive a free stay at an Oberoi hotel, often priced at ₹60,000 for just one night. But there’s more – if you don’t intend to use the hotel stay, you have the option to choose a gift voucher worth ₹25,000, redeemable at various locations.

In essence, you’re receiving rewards worth ₹60,000 for an initial expenditure of ₹48,000. If this equation seems favorable to you, it’s definitely worth considering. However, credit cards aren’t one-size-fits-all, and whether this card is suitable for you depends on your specific needs and spending habits.

Each year, upon paying the annual fee of ₹10,000, you receive an additional complimentary business class ticket. Considering the annual fee and taxes amount to around ₹11,800, this ticket essentially costs you ₹11,800. That’s a fantastic deal for a business-class flight.

The more you spend, the more you earn. If you use this card for your expenses, you can qualify for milestone benefits. For instance, if your annual spending exceeds ₹3,00,000, you’ll receive a business class ticket. This ticket can be quite valuable, and if your annual expenses justify it, it’s an excellent bonus.

Here’s how the milestones work: for every ₹3,00,000 spent in a year, you earn a milestone business class ticket. Keep in mind that your expenses should exceed ₹3,00,000 annually to take advantage of this benefit.

But that’s not all. What truly sets this card apart is the Club Vistara points system. For every ₹200 spent using your IndusInd Bank’s Vistara Club Vistara credit card, you earn Club Vistara points. The rate at which you accumulate points varies – you receive 8 Club Vistara points for every ₹200 spent on Vistara bookings, 6 points for hotel expenses, and 2 points for other transactions. On average, let’s consider you earn 3 points for every ₹200 spent.

Now, let’s calculate the potential points you could accumulate. Suppose you spend ₹15 lakhs in a year using your credit card. Multiply ₹15 lakhs by 12 to account for the annual spend, and then divide it by 200. This results in a whopping 22,500 Club Vistara points.

The beauty of these points lies in their redemption. Using the award calculator, you can determine what you can get with your points. For instance, if you have 13,000 points, you can get a business class ticket for just 6,000 points or an economy class ticket for 10,000 points. You can even book tickets for your family members or nominees.

Considering the value of business class tickets and the flexibility of redeeming points, this credit card offers exceptional benefits. While the initial joining fee may seem steep, the ongoing rewards more than justify the expense.

In today’s bustling world of credit cards, choices abound, each promising a unique set of perks. For frequent travelers and savvy spenders, selecting the right credit card can significantly enhance their financial experience. In this comprehensive blog, we delve into the intricacies of credit card options, spotlighting their exclusive advantages and showcasing the numbers that make all the difference.

Let’s discuss a remarkable feature: concierge service. Imagine arriving at the airport, holding an economy-class ticket, and being greeted by a dedicated concierge. They whisk you away to the realm of business class, regardless of your ticket class. This seamless transition allows you to board your flight promptly, avoiding the typical airport hassle.

Moreover, the allure of exclusive lounges cannot be overstated. Travelers understand the frustration of foreign currency markup fees when venturing abroad. Conventional debit cards impose a steep 4% fee on foreign transactions. Picture this: you spend 1 lakh rupees, only to discover that you’re billed an additional 4,000 rupees. With the right credit card, these fees vanish. Spend 1 lakh and only 1 lakh is debited from your account, ensuring that your international expenditures remain transparent and cost-effective.

Among the plethora of choices, the IndusInd card emerges as a beacon of luxury and benefits. As the most premium card on the market, it offers a treasure trove of perks, including business class tickets, hotel and gift vouchers, and 8 Club Vistara points. The card provides access to 4 domestic lounges and an impressive 16 international lounges, a boon for frequent flyers.

Dining enthusiasts will appreciate the restaurant benefit – spend 3,000 rupees at a restaurant, and your entire bill is waived. Even if you indulge a bit more at 3,500 rupees, you’ll only pay an extra 500. This benefit can be utilized twice a year, making fine dining an affordable luxury.

The IndusInd card goes the extra mile with a 2.5 crore rupee personal air accident insurance policy and assistance with lost baggage, delayed baggage, and lost passports.

For those seeking alternatives, the Access Vistara Infinite card offers a compelling option at a lower annual fee. At just 10,000 rupees, you receive a complimentary business class ticket and gold membership. Although it offers fewer Club Vistara points and lacks restaurant benefits, it remains a solid choice for frequent travelers.

Operating on a more budget-friendly scale, the Air Vistara card stands out. For a minimal fee plus taxes, cardholders receive a free ticket along with additional benefits.

Not everyone requires a card solely for travel purposes. The Access Bank Magnus Credit Card offers a versatile solution. It features domestic flight vouchers worth 10,000 rupees and eight complimentary airport concierge services, making travel hassle-free. What truly sets this card apart is the ability to have the annual fee waived by spending 15,00,000 rupees.

The reward program is equally enticing, offering 25,000 points on spending 1,00,000 rupees, equivalent to a 5,000 rupee cashback—a remarkable 5% cashback rate. For golf enthusiasts and those seeking additional perks, this card is an ideal choice.

With numerous credit cards looking for attention, the key lies in matching your choice with your specific needs and spending habits. Credit card eligibility hinges on income and salary criteria, so choose a card that aligns with your financial circumstances.