So in this blog, I am going to give you an intraday strategy,but this intraday strategy is also dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Because it will also make a lot of money for you. What is the logic behind making a lot of money here? Let’s understand the logic first, and we will use some data for it. So we catch the price action. I also understand that you will catch the price action and make money from it, but along with that,we are going to do one more thing. We are going to use data.

So now this strategy is not non-directional. I gave you two non-directional strategies. This is a directional strategy. Now it is a directional strategy, and we want to make a lot of money. So to make a lot of money, we need a big move. Now let’s understand how it comes. See, you will see that the market is again in the range; I am talking about the range being in the range or not, so the market was falling or the market was increasing. It doesn’t-matter.

What matters now is to understand what was happening before. I don’t know now. This is done, and we can see what was happening before. What will happen now is important. What was happening before is now visible on the chart. Now I have to trade for the future. What do I have to do for that? I am saying that we will do intraday trading. It is an intraday strategy, and the second thing is direction.

We will trade in the same direction. So when does a lot of money become big? Big money is made when you trade a big trend. In a day, you catch a big move, catch the trend, and then you make big money. If you catch the trend, it is written here: catch the big move. So that big move is a trend.

How does that trend catch on, and then which data will we use? Let’s understand this. So if you want to make money, I have given you a trading strategy that you can use, but today in this blog, let’s keep it a little simple.

People understand simple things, so today we will use a simple strategy based on simple things. Let me open the chart first. I will show you here, and you will understand it more. So maybe some people say that I did not know before,because if I knew before,then money would have been made earlier. If you were losing,then understand this strategy.

So what is the problem with the sideways market? In the sideways market, we do not make good money in the trend, but what I said is that the sideways market is a consolidation phase. Understand this: if the market is sideways at any time, like now, we can see that there is a simple range.

If I make a resistance here, if I make a support here, then it will not be wrong. Although I have used pivot points to plot support and resistance, I will remove them for the time being because you will use them later. I do not need MACD yet. So this is a plain chart with just one indicator here. I will use this indicator here.

This is a great trend indicator. You can use it by going to the indicators. So what I have done is that I have used the super trend. Now what I see—if any person sees it, I will remove it—we see a very good chart, and then I can see the price action—the price is falling.

Price is making lower highs and lower lows, so as long as this continues, a trend will continue. Now, big money is made with the trend, and before this, when we talked about how the market was in the consolidation phase, if you were considering this as a trend,then you could catch a good move here, but this is nothing.

This is nothing because if you can see here, we are talking to 140, then 18, then 27, so if someone says that I can see 120 points here, I can see 100 points, and this is nothing. If the market is trading at 100 points,then what I am considering here is nothing. We have not captured anything yet. What we have to capture is a big move, like you can see in Bank Nifty. So before this, when we talked about gaps, you can see a gap here.

This is just a gap up for you, so in the gap up, the market goes up a little bit, but there is resistance here. So I have plotted some lines. Ignore them. What is important to understand is that if I catch a big move from here, then I will make a lot of money. At the time of the event, all these event-specific strategies were going on. At the time of the event, a big move is expected in the market. This is not even a big move.

What I am telling you is that a big move is expected. Someone will say that the market went from 42,200 to 42,700, so this is a move of 500 points. I agree with you, sir. I totally agree with you, but I have seen a move in Bank Nifty. When I am making this blog and you are watching it, the data may have changed. Something else may have changed on the chart, but I am still saying that I am still seeing Nifty in the consolidation phase.

I am seeing it in a consolidation phase. Now if I want to be directional, then that is what I will do, and I will explain it now. Now I am on a 5-minute time frame because for intraday, you will use 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.

There is no logic above 15 minutes, so most people use 5 minutes, so I am on 5 minutes, and for you, I have used a simple indicator here, the super trend. What I am going to do is, at the time of the event, not miss a single trend. At the time of the event, when the super trend will tell me to buy,I will buy.

My settings are a little different, so people’s settings are different. I have a showy setting. I use 20 as a factor 2. So here the length is 20, and the factor is 2. Whatis this? See what this super trend is? The super trend runs according to an average true range. It is an ATR-based indicator, so according to the average true range, it also gives me a trailing stop loss. See, it started from here, and as it fell, it came down.

If I get a big job, it is not big for me yet. Okay, it changed here, it gave a move again, and the price fell, but I am not running after it. What I want is that you tell me where the trend is, but how I will hit the trend, I will show you.

First of all, I told you that I don’t want to leave any trend, although you will say that there will be stop losses in the sideways market. So there can be a stop loss. If you listen to my strategy, then I have told you how you can leave. You can take just one candle’s stop loss. What is one candle’s stop loss? If you take a risk, then what is one candle’s stop loss? Where I hit the entry, if it has a low break or a high break, then I will go out. That simple logic, one candle’s stop loss, but still, your stop loss can be hit frequently.

I understand that if you run according to the trend, then your stop loss will be frequently hit in the sideways market, but sometimes the market will go trending, and at the time of the big event, this is not for the whole year. Any strategy that I am telling you, I told you about BTST; I told you about long straddle before this; what I am telling you today is only for the time of events.

If you do it for the whole year, then you will keep giving stoploss. Now, at the time of the event, the market, this is our expectation that it will go in one direction, up or down, and there will be big moves. For Bank Nifty, as I said, there can be a move of 1000 points; for Bank Nifty, it can be 200, 300, or 400 points, so I have to capture that.

Now, from where this is starting, I am capturing it from the super trend, and I need data with it. Now if this data is with me, then I will make a lot of money. What is that data? That data I use PCR. So again, if you look at PCR, PCR is a put-call ratio. Simply,I have used the software here. I use this software daily. If you want, you can also do it. Auto trender is a veryamazing software. If you do internet trading, you should definitely use it.

You see, from the morning itself, you start getting data at 9.30 and you get signals here.

You get an option signal; you get a VWAP signal. If you see both cells, then the first thing you understand is that I do not want to go to the second cell, and if this data becomes poor, where poor means below 0.85, then it is all poor, it is a cell, and above 1, it is a buying signal. So from 0.85 to 0.76, it is 75.

Now it has improved a little here, but even after that, if you can see that the data is not improving significantly, then what I am seeing today is that there is a higher chance of the market breaking or being bearish.

So now, from where the market opened and where the market closed at 0.36, I am telling this purely for intraday trading. You will use it only for intraday trading; you will not use it for positional trading. So you will see from an intraday perspective what the market is saying. Now you have caught the trend that the market is falling, and you have seen that the PCR is also negative. You can enter into a paper trade.

You will get points. Now I say that the market keeps falling from here. The supertrend will go with you. It will also provide you with trailing-stop loss, plus the data is also saying that the data is negative. The data is negative,you are trading the trend, and you will make money. I am again saying that I am giving you a beginner-level strategy. I am not giving you an advanced level; this is the third strategy,which is a beginner-level strategy. Why is it at a beginner level? Because if you are new, then do this much before using it.

You will understand it; you can do paper trading before using it, but this is a good strategy. Why is it good? What is the reason for goodness? This is the consolidation phase of the market. The market is within a range. Okay, according to me, it is within a range. breaks the range.

If I see here that it has broken the range, and if I see that the data is extremely negative and the market is going down, then I will trade it until the trend I am seeing here is that the market is within a range. The market is going on.

From here, the market may reach $17800. So you can trade the trend, and in trading the trend,you will capture big points and make a lot of money. Similarly,if you trade in Bank Nifty, then if you see any trend, there is a downtrend here, but if a trend forms from here and you see data, you see PCR here. The day you trade, you see 2, 3, 4, and 5, then what will you do? If the trend is continuous and the data is positive, you will make a lot of money that day. You can capture big points that day.

So with data,you can make money by doing trend trading, and at the time of the event, you can get big trends. So that’s why this is an event-specific strategy. I said it is a beginner-level strategy,but if you want to use the strategy, you can definitely do it. How did you like this strategy? You must tell me by commenting. See, when we discuss any strategy, it has interest to reward ratios and a profitability range.

Whatever trend you trade, if the trend is captured correctly, then at the time of the event, trend trading can give you good money. I am not saying that it will give you the whole year. Understand the point. Whatever strategies I am giving you, these are time-specific strategies that you have to use. The second thing is what you have understood today; our third strategy has been completed, and we are trading at the basic level. Now we will come to intermediate and advanced level strategies, which are the two strategies left.

No, I will do one thing: I will take 5 lakh rupees from you. If you give me 5 lakh rupees,then I will explain the intermediate- to advanced-level strategies. I am not going to do this. The day my money will not be made by trading, I will ask you that day, but I do not need it now. See, if my money is being made, then I do not need to take money from you, but if I am benefiting from something, then I definitely enjoy sharing it with you.

I can’t tell you everything in one blog because there are a lot of things. You understand that there is so much that I myself learn every day. There is no better teacher than the market. If you think that Pushkar Raj Shakur is a good teacher, then I will say that my teacher is also a market, and your teacher should be a market, and you should learn from the market every day. You are learning from the market every day.

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