That is when you are a student, you are dependent on pocket money. Now everyone has a different account. Everyone has a different background. Someone may get pocket money of 100 rupees and someone may get pocket money of 10,000 rupees. Let’s take an average. You are earning money by doing this and that as a student and you are also adding it and you start investing. I take an example of two and a half thousand rupees. You are able to add two and a half thousand rupees every month. You are investing two and a half thousand rupees every month with your pocket money, by reducing your expenses. So you know the impact of this.

Now you are talking about investing in crypto. So now we will talk about it. Before that, I tell you that if you are taking the decision to invest today, then what will be the result of it. What is going to happen with this? First see this, we will definitely talk about crypto because before that I have to explain one more additional point. So you see that if you invest two and a half thousand rupees every month, now you already know that you can get very good returns on crypto.

So you can expect a very good amount of returns. So you have a lot of options that you can invest in the stock market. If you choose crypto, then you already know that having10 times money is not a big deal, but I take an average, I taken example if you are adding two and a half thousand rupees every month and were not talking about what will happen in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years.

We are talking about10 years. If you are a student, you are 15, 16 years old, then after 10 years, when you are 25,26 years old, then what will happen to you. What will happen with that two and a half thousand rupees, I will just tell you and we are not talking about crypto that money will be 10 times, 20 times, 50 times.

It happens, but we are talking about that you are getting only 25% returns. Now25% returns is a decent amount of returns. If you talk about any market, but the game of the crypto market is different. So if you are investing here, according to 2500, you are investing 3 lakh rupees in 10 years and you will have 13lakh rupees. When you are25 years old with that 13 lakh rupees, you can start a new business. You can help your family at that time and one more thing I will tell you. Herein have taken an example of crypto because the crypto market, you know it is a very volatile market.

So a lot of money can increase, but sometimes you lose, sometimes you make profit. So we took an average of 25%. Now I was telling you one thing, I said that have to discuss the concept before crypto and that is the concept of risk. Now I will tell you why to discuss the concept of risk. We already know that crypto is a volatile market. The age of taking risk of risk also matters. Why? A person is on his retirement. He is already 65 years old. Today, if the person has any capital, any money left, he cannot take risk on it because he cannot earn again. He does not have time.

If he ever needs money for an emergency and at that time the market becomes volatile, sometimes the money becomes less, then he cannot bear it’s if a person is at the age of retirement, he cannot take more risk, then he is also suggested to take such investments that you are risk-free, you invest, even if you earn less returns, but you will have safe money.

The second thingies when a person is in his adult age, then he can take the risk, but he also has the responsibilities of the family. So how do you have to take the risk and responsibilities? There is a wedding, there are children, there are school fees, and he has to see a lot, but when you are a student, you are free, then youkan takes the maximum risk here because if the risk is so much, the rewards are also so much, then if you ask me that as a student, should I investing crypto?

See, if you believe in crypto, first of all, there are two types of people who believe in crypto that it is backed by technology and this is the future and some people say that there is nothing wrong with it. So first of all, strengthen your belief system, what do you believe in, but if you believe in crypto, then I said it is a volatile market, you already know, but the capability to take risk is most in a young age,

so if you are taking risk at this age, then nothing is wrong, but you do not invest all your money, if you have, Isai that 5,000 rupees a month is left, then invest 2,500, you are taking a maximum amount of 50% risk, but what can happen to it, now I will show you, so here because many students are new and do not know much about the cryptocurrency market, investing market, I will take some case studies, which will give you a lot to learn, I will come to the Condic application,

so I will just show you, as soon as you comet its homepage, I will take example of few coins, I will take you an example of some coins, let’s say I take an example of Cardan for you, here welcome to Cardan, here you see its price, now I do not talk much here, I talk about only year ago, if we go to January, then in January, the Cardan, the ADA coin of ours, it was 20 rupees, 19, 20rupees, at this time it is running at 170 and the high it has hit in a year, it has hit a lot, it means that 10 times the money has been made in year, if we talk about it, someone invested a year ago, according to 19, 20 rupees and it is 170, so you see9, 10 times the return on investment, if 10 times the money is being made,

it is good, but it does not happen in all, the thing is that as the cryptocurrency increases, it also falls, and it is on demand and supply, so you are taking risk, it should be clear but I am giving you an example, let’s take another example for you, we come here for example, we take the example of, let’s take the example of Polygonmatic, here also the rate of 100 rupees is running, but if I talk about a year ago, then a year ago, the year has not even ended, we are talking about January,

then you can see the rate around 2 rupees and last year it was 1 rupee something when we are talking about October, then from 1rupee to 100 rupees, it is a 100 times return, now you are getting 100 times return, definitely risk is involved, but in this age, because you have less responsibilities, yes you can invest in crypto and take the risk, because if you have invested10,000 rupees and itis multiplied by 100 times, then it is a very good return on investment,

so the return is very good, but again, keep in mind that you have to invest money so much that we do not have to worry, and you are getting a return on investment, so because you have taken the risk, then you have to keep in mind that you have taken the risk, that is why you are getting return, again you can take any other example, we take the example of Doge, now it is running at 18 rupees something, you already know it went up to 50, but a year ago, if we talk about just a year ago, so Doge was nothing, 0.19, 0.20, so itis 20 rupees from 20 rupees, so we talked about this example in front of you, I gave examples, it is important to know the case studies.