So in this blog, I am going to tell you about 5 such stocks that have already earned crores of rupees to their investors and you can actually become very rich by investing in these stocks. These are such stocks that will make you money continuously and definitely am not going to tell you about these stocks. I will not tell you just the name.

I am actually going to explain you the complete business model, which will give you an understanding that if you are investing in any stock, then we do not have to invest in the stock, we have to understand the business and invest in the business because if the business grows, then the price of the stock also grows and definitely you must have read that you can invest 5000rupees, you can earn a lot of money from it, you can earn crores of rupees, so how will this be possible?

I am going to show you all the calculations exactly. So one by one, I will tell you about the companies, but when I tell you about the business model, you will definitely be surprised. Now the first thing, Aim going to tell you about 5 stocks. You already know these companies, but today you are going to get detailed information about them. So number one company is Apple. So now as soon as I took the name of Apple, you will say that Apple is a US company.

This is a US stock. How to invest in US stocks in India? I will definitely tell you about it. So first of all, let’s understand Apple. Let’s understand Apple’s business model and all the questions that are coming in your mind, we will try to answer them all. So what do you think of Apple’s business model? What is Apple’s business model? Does it only sell iPhones?

Or you must have seen that Apple sells Air pods and other gadgets and earns money. You know that you will be surprised that Apple is a technology company. Warren Buffett has not invested as much in any technology company as he has invested in Apple. So what did he see in Apple?

Today I will tell you about its secret business model. When you buy an iPhone, you are definitely a lot of people who are crazy about iPhones. If a new iPhone comes, the latest will come, then you have to buy it.

Because in today’s date, iPhonehas become a status symbol. So I say that only rich people do not buy iPhones. Those people buy iPhones who want to look rich. So it has become a status symbol that event look rich, a person is earning 20,000-25,000, but he will bring the latest iPhone. Okay, he brought it on EMI. So iPhone is definitely Apple’s and Applies earning money from it.

But let’s also understand a secret business model. When you got the Google Play Store and download any app, you know that Android is already Google’s. When you go to Google’s Play Store and download any app, there are in-app purchases, like you play PUBG, you pay money, there are different things for sale, so you know about all these things.

You take subscription, you take Kindle subscription, for example, a lot of things, people take subscriptions. So when you make a payment in the Play Store, then all that money, some transaction fees etc. Who gets all the money? The one who is selling, whose app it is, but when we buy something in Apple, there are in-app purchases, then in these app purchases, you will be surprised to know that Apple does not give the full money whose app it is.

This means that Apple charges a very big commission in between and that is near about 30%. If you look at this thing, there are many such applications on which you will not be able to buy anything. You will not be able to make in-app purchases. For that, you will have to buy from the website or on the Play Store, that is, you will have to buy on Google.

Because those apps have to give 30% money to Apple. In fact, Apple has become a Godfather here. People are crazy about Apple, so people are not going to change their habits. They are not taking another phone; they will take Apple. And you will see that as many as you can say that there is a cream audience, they already have Apple, which spends money. So here, those apps have to give 30% money to Apple where they are giving in-app purchases.

And Apple does not have to give, Apple takes it first and cuts it and gives money to them. This means that you think how many people buy so much from different applications, how much money they give and that is a very big volume, 30% of itis earned by Apple. So the secret business model of Apple, I told you that not only is it earning money by selling ads, but also by selling ads, very few people know that Apple has dominated because of this and this is why Apple has become the most profitable company.

Now I take you to the screen, I show you Apple’s shares, you will understand that if you or anyone had invested in Apple, then what would have happened. Here we are talking about Apple, so we come topple, we will definitely talk about the alphabet, so we have come to Apple. So now look here, it is listed in Nasdaq. If we look at the share price of Apple, it is running. In 2004-05, it was around $ 1, so if we look at 4 or 5, then you will see its price around $ 1.

No-win 2004-05, the price of Apple’s share was around $ 1, which is now above $ 170. That means if someone had invested Rest 1 lakh in 2004, then how much would he have? 1 crore70 lakhs, you are thinking wrong. You will say that it is 170times, so if someone has put 1 lakh, if the share was an example of $ 1 and it became170, then it became 170 times money. Wrong, I am saying that it has become more than 300 times. You will say how is impossible? I will tell you.

If you had invested Rest 1 lakh, thins 1 lakh is definitely you are understanding that it has increased 170 times. So if you understand Rest 1 lakh as per the dollar, then the dollar in 2004, which is now of Rest 75, then it was not of Rest 75.

If we look at the rate around 2004, the rate around 4-5, then it will be around 43-44. So the rate of Rest 43 at that time, so if you invested Rest 1 lakh, then the price of the dollar has increased according to the dollar. If the price of the dollar has increased, then the share of Apple has increased. Not only 170 times your money, your money has become 300 times.

You are understanding the concept, right? You are getting benefit in both ways. Apple’s share price is increasing. If we invest in Indian currency, if the share was of 1 rupee and it became 170, then our money would have increased170 times.

There is no doubt about it. But if it was a US stock, because our Indian currency has become weak, the dollar has become strong, then it also got an advantage that the dollar has increased, our money will show us 300 times instead of 170 times, whoever has invested.

And the same is going to happen in the future. So if Apple grows in the future, and we know that the dollar is also running, today or tomorrow the dollar will slowly increase. The dollars strong. I will pray to God that our Indian currency becomes stronger. But you know that the chances of this happening are very low, so the dollar haste go up.

So because of this, if you or any person invests in Apple, then he can get very good returns from investment in Apple. Now here I have only talked about business. You understand, I have not done technical analysis, nor have I done fundamental analysis. Wearer just talking about business. You definitely do analysis before any investment.

So here we have understood about Apple. Now let’s talk about another company and that is definitely Alphabet. So Alphabet is Google’s parent company. So you see the shares in the name of Alphabet. In Nasdaq, you understand that they are already listed. So here we understand that if you consider Google, then first you understand Google’s business model. So how many times a day do you use Google’s search engine, maybe 10 times, 15 times a day.

You search a lot of things. How will the weather be? Do we have to see someone’s share price? We have opened Google only. So we are searching everything on Google. Everything is Google. You have to go somewhere. You use Google Maps. You have to send an email. You use Gmail. Whose YouTube is it? YouTube is also Google’s.

So you are using everything from Google. You are down from Google. Now let me tell you one thing in short. You will understand this in a short time. Google has a lot of ways to earn money and it is earning. You definitely know that if you use Gmail, then you get extra storage in Gmail for free. If you want more storage, you need 100 GB, you need 200 GB, you have to pay Google every month.

So Google is also earning money from it. But for an example, your email ID, people’s email ID has become like a phone number. So like people don’t change their phone number, they don’t change their email ID. So if Google said from tomorrow, for example, that we will take 10 a month to use Gmail, then what do you think how many people will give 10a month to Google?

If you say crores of people, then I will say multiply by 10. That will be extra, extra earning of Google from the day 2. From the next day, they will start earning money. If they say that I will take 25 a month to use Google Maps, then you know that there is no Google Maps competition around you.

You don’t use Apple Maps, so if you use Google Maps, then you know that it is convenient, then there are many people around you, how many taxi drivers are there, how many people are using Google Maps, then can’t they give 25 a month? They can give. So Google can earn as much money as it wants.

Today all the information is with Google. All our data is already with Google. It knows everything about us. So I can sell anything. And he is earning. I am not saying that there are very few sources to earn after that, which he will do all this. But now for an example, now this is YouTube. Now you all know that YouTube earns a good income from AdSense.

The good thing is that Google gives us so much money that a common engineer and doctor who earns in India in whole year, a good YouTube earns that much every month. So Google gives a lot of money, but how much does it give us?45% 45% Google keeps YouTube with us. So if you think that itis giving a creator 50 lakhs month, it is giving 1 crore a month, so if it is giving 1 crore or let’s say 55 lakhs, then it is also earning 45 lakhs and here it is a matter of one-man.

Let’s say one man earned a lot. How many creators is Google earning with? How many creators is YouTube earning with? So there is no limit to its earning. There is no limit here. How much will you earn? Because it is the money of advertisement and now we will understand this in Facebook. I am going to talk about Facebook in the next company. So we are going to talk about Meta too. So Google is definitely talking about business. There is no competition.

No one can come far to clash with Google and that is why its share has been running since2004 and I think it will run further. You definitely do the analysis. So where in 2004the share price was $ 52, today it is above $ 2700. 2730 dollars and here again if anyone is investing, then not only, now you must be having a questioning your mind, I will answer it right now that brother what are you talking about $2700. If we multiply it by 75, then it will be lakhs of rupees. Who will buy a share of lakhs of rupees?

Here I want to give you a clarity that there is a difference between Indian stocks and Indian stocks. When you buy Indian stocks, you have to buy the entire stock. For example, you see the stock of MRF that it is of 75,000 rupees, then I have to give 75,000 rupees in full. I have to buy a share, but if you see the share price of Apple or you see the share of Google or anyone else and there you see that it is of$ 170, then you do not have to give the full $ 170. If you want, then buy a share of 100rupees.

You will get ashore of 100 rupees. So if you want, you can buy a share of $1 or 100 rupees. It doesn’t matter, but you can’t do this in the Indian stock market. So there is a difference between the US stock market and the Indian stock market. So Indian stocks have to buy at least one share, but this does not happen in the US. In the US stocks, you can buy in fractions and to make your clarity stronger, I will tell you about a share. Now what is the name of this company? Berkshire Hathaway.

So if we go to the share price of Berkshire Hathaway, then you will see that this share price is of 3 crore 80 lakh rupees. Here it is 5 lakh17 thousand dollars. 5 lakhs 17 thousand dollars means 3 crore80 lakh rupees. So who will buy a share of 4 crore rupees? Here people in India will sell their land and buy a share. You can buy a share of 2 crore rupees in fractions.

You can buy share of 100 rupees. Now here you see a lot of things. Look at its market cap. Here the market cap is in trillions, not billion, trillion. There the P ratio is 8.69, which is fine according to me. We are not doing fundamental analysis, but if you understand the business, the earning potential of this company is very good and for this, because the company is doing very well in the market, its share is continuously running. Its share has never stopped.

Why did it not stop? Because here one thing is understood that if the company earns profit, if the company’s business model is good, then it will earn. Now this is my second, sorry this is not my third stock. We are definitely going to talk about Meta. So here we come to Meta. Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta.

So you will know about Metaverse that for the future, Facebook is working on Metaverse. Since this has happened, you already know that there is a little softness in the stock and you know that the allegations are also in the middle.

But anyways, let’s understand about their business model. If we understand the business model, then how is Facebook earning so far? A lot of people use Facebook to tell about themselves, where they are going to travel, where they are taking flight from the airport, to tell everything, they come to Facebook to interact with their friends around them.

So you already know it, but when so many people use Facebook and watch videos on Facebook, then a feed, the feed, the feed, it does not say well that it has a good effect on your mind. It is a bad effect because your attention span is very low. But the ads that come in-between, you are giving attention to Facebook and you are going to Facebook and watching anything and the ads that come in between, how much revenue is produced by those ads, you cannot imagine.

You definitely tell in the comment below that what was the turnover, how much revenue did Facebook generate and you will be shocked for sure. So you can also read the comments of people. Let’s do a little research. No-win the coming time, Facebook is saying that I will not only work on this model, but advertisements a very big thing.

Advertisement is a very big thing in technology. I have also given you an example of Google. So Facebook also definitely gives money to its creators, but Facebook earns a lot of money and Facebook because it already earns a lot of money. Itis not about creators. It does not just apply to videos. Okay, so ads come in between.

So Facebook has to earn money and earn more money and in the coming time, because they are working on Metaverse, because it is the future. How much do you believe in Metaverse? What is your understanding on Metaverse? I will give you a basic understanding, which people do not understand Metaverse. So what was happening till now, that people are not adding block chain and technology in it. We understand Metaverse.

So Metaverse is like digital universe, a digital world. What is happening till now is that people go to shops and buy things. They go to dance class, so they go around them. Now what is the time to come, you have seen that people used to wear glasses and watch3D movies. After that, you saw that people started wearing VR, so they started watching virtual reality.

After this, what is in Metaverse, that in a way, a whole world will be made. First there will be small cities in the world. In that, you can go to any city. You have put VR in a way, I am understanding it according to VR. You have put VR and you are in virtual reality, so it is a digital universe.

You go inside it, you go to a salon, you go somewhere, you go to a disco, there is a dance going on. You go somewhere, someone is playing a guitar, you have to learn the guitar, you are learning in Metaverse. There is a man who is teaching guitar by putting VR like you, you are seeing it there and you are learning guitar in Metaverse. Think this has also started happening. In Metaverse, people are saying that jobs can also be created.

So if someone has to give a job, he will satin a digital office wearing, he is doing graphic designing for a company or he is doing content writing, then he Can do it in a way. So in a way, he is doing work from home from his home, but he is doing it in Metaverse. He is seeing the office like environment. So Facebook has started doing a lot of work on this technology, so they have also changed the name of their company that it is not just related to Facebook now, it is related to Metaverse now.

So they have named it Meta Platforms Incorporation and Facebook has performed very well so Far as I said in the middle that the name is changing and the clarity of the business model is less, so the share price has come down a little bit, but in the coming time, what do you think where will Facebook go?

On your analysis, I can only tell you that I think Facebook is doing very well. It will do well in the future, but according to what you think, you definitely plan your investment. Now here I have told you about Facebook. Now let’s talk about Tesla quickly. So now I am talking about Tesla, this is the fourth stock on which we have to talk. So Tesla, you know that it is making electric cars.

Now I have tried an electric car myself. I have Mercedes, so now we talk about the combustion engine. Okay, I drive diesel car. Now a new electric car of Mercedes has come. I tried it. Now if you like it, you can definitely take it, but when I drove the car, I will tell you in short. When I drove the car, I am telling you the truth, the performance of the electric car, that means our diesel and petrol cars are not even around. It is not there; it does not run.

The pickup, the performance, the speed at which those cars run, the combustion engine cannot run. The lag that you have when you put your foot on the accelerator, there Isa gap of about 1 second, after that the car runs. This does not happen in electric cars and electric cars run very fast. Now infrastructure is developing in India, but Tesla is definitely US company. So in the US, infrastructure is very good for electric cars and the future of electric cars is very good.

That is why its PE ratio is also very high. It is 213, so you invest after your understanding and analysis. But as accompany, Elon Musk is definitely working in cars. What is he doing in Neural ink? He is making chips; it will go into the brain. You don’t have to do anything to run the computer. You have to think. You have to turn on theca, think about it, it will be on. You have to think that the temperature will be 25, it will be on. He has just experimented with monkeys.

The monkeys playing a game, holding joystick, but the joystick is not connected. He is just thinking and playing the game. Such technologies are coming in the future. I don’t know where the future will go, but if such technology is coming, then many people are impressed with this technology. Because they are impressed, they give money and companies make money. I understand this much, so I think that Tesla is, think now, the PE ratio is very high because there is not much earning in the market.

What is the price to earnings ratio? The prices still more than the earning according to the selling, so in future people feel that Tesla can earn a lot of profit. For example, Tesla did not come in India. So when Tesla comes to India, how many people will buy Tesla, you know, many people will buy it because you already know that it Is a futuristic car.

So people are crazy about this brand, that’s why they are giving money and the share price is also running and in the coming time, if the company generates more profit, the price will run further. Now, sitting in India, I will tell you about Tesla.

I am giving you an example. Now, in today’s date, we cannot buy Tesla’s car in India, but can we buy Tesla’s share? The answer is yes. Now your question must be coming, sir, I also understood that we can buy shares in fractions. If we talk about Tesla, now in 2010, you will see that the share price was $ 3.84 and now it has gone above $ 1000, the high was above $ 1200. So this share has hit a high of $1200 and is performing continuously here.

So you must have understood that investing money can increase lot. So how much can’t increase? For example, someone had invested almost 10,000in 2010. So if you have invested 10,000 here and let’s say that the share price has increased 300 times as of today, then 10,000 would have become 30 lakhs. Am I telling the truth?

No, it would not have been 300 lakhs, it would have been more. Why? Because in 2010, the share price of USD was less. In 2010, if we see, it was 45, today it is 75. Show much would it have been So the money could have increased more, but again we come to the same question that your question is that the share price of Tesla is definitely running today. You think that Tesla will increase further, Meta will increase, you think Alphabet will increase, you think Apple will increase, so how can we buy?

In India, people have a doubt that first of all, how do you buy US stocks, I don’t know. The second thing is that if we buy US stocks, then it is possible that the commission will be very high, the brokerage will be very high. So there is absolution for this, IND money. You can use IND money very easily. I also use IND money. If you want to invest in US stocks, this is the best app because the first thing is that the US account opens for free here. If you want to buy US stocks, then you have to open your US stock account.

It opens for free, no brokerage is required, no commission is required. So everything is transparent and free. You can open your US stock account for free and you can buy shares of 500, 1000, 10,000, you can buy stocks in fractions, so you can buy them. What will be the benefit of this, I will tell you now. So here is one more thing, as I told you, a giveaway for you. Our collaboration with IND money, the benefit for you is that IND money told us that all the people who will open US stock accounts, they will get a free stock of 500 rupees from IND money. So 500 rupees, you are getting shares for free.

For your clarity, I will give you an example. You went to the IND money app and opened your US stock account. For example, you bought shares of Apple for 1000 rupees. So if you bought shares of 1000Apple, then IND money will give you 500 rupees more shares for free. So whether you buy Apple or Google, now you buy 1000, 2000, 10,000, it is up to you. But you will get free shares of 500 rupees from Apple. For that, you have to open a US stock account, you have to fundi and you have to buy shares. So this is that simple. You can go and open your US stock account.

Now here is one important thing, our last stock was left and that is Amazon. So now you know that when we talked about Tesla, Elon Musk came in the list of the richest man in the world. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, was in the headlines a while ago that he has become the richest man in the world. To become the richest man in the world, itis important that your share price runs because the shares you have will increase their value. So you will come upon the list of the richest people in the world and Jeff Bezos came up because his share price went up.

You can see the share price of Amazon. Well, the list is there from a long time ago, but if we talk about the last few years, the share price of around$ 200 in 2011 is now running above $ 3,300 and why is it running? At today’s rate, I think people have got used to ordering from Amazon. Do you order from Amazon? If you do, then comment. Definitely will tell you the truth. I do.

We use Amazon Prime. You watch videos on Prime. At today’s rate, Amazon has become the king in its field. If we talk about shopping, people buy a lot of things and not only in shopping, if you have heard the name of AWS, Amazon Web Services, so today they are far ahead of their competition. In fact, I will tell you that Jeff Bezos did not let his competition know that he is working on AWS. Today, Amazon has captured a very big market in cloud hosting and their competition will have to face a lot of struggle.

So Jeff Bezos is definitely a very good businessman and because of him, you know how this company is running and in the coming time, I think the future is very good. One important thing is that when you see that the share price has increased a lot, then people think that it has increased a lot, but the rise of shares depends on how much the business goes up. So there is no upper limit. No matter how much the share can go up, if the business grows, then you think about it yourself.

Think about it first that who is standing in the competition of Amazon worldwide, who is standing in the competition of Meta, whose standing in the competition of Google, who is standing in the competition of Apple and do you think that these companies will be able to beat their competition in the coming time and in the coming time, how these companies are going to grow. As you research about them, you will find that these companies are like this, that they have lot of things in the market.

We talk about the share market, sometimes the market goes up, sometimes it goes down, there is a correction, but these companies are very advanced in technology. They are definitely going to do something like this that their customers not going anywhere and these companies know how to get money from the customer very well.

I hope you understand my point that the business is very good, that’s why the share price will run ahead. Now if you consider investing in these five companies, then there Isa small example. I have taken an example for you that if you are investing 5000 a month, you can change it.

Youkan go to the SIP calculator. You want to invest 10,000 instead of 5000, well and good. The more time period you take, the more the amount will increase.

So I have expected an annual return of 18%. Why is it 18%? I will tell you. You must be thinking that 15% is around 16% is fine. I feel that the price of Swill also increases, so you will get double benefit from it. So I have considered the annual return of 18% and herein the investment period, you can take anything.

I wrote 50 here, so 50 means that you are investing all your life, so what will you give to your children. So for example, if someone puts the habit of investing 5000 and we are not doing any SIP.

Here it is good to go to Indie money and buy whenever you want. Sometimes buy5,000 or 5,000 US stocks. If it costs 2000, buy 2000. If it costs 100, buy 100.When you have an extra amount, now it costs 50,000, then buy 50,000 US stocks and when you feel it is right according to your analysis, then buy it. We are not talking about SIP, but still I have taken an example of SIP that you have put the habit of investing₹ 5000 a month. So in 50 years, according to 18%, what you have invested will be₹ 300,000, but your money will increase to more than 250,000. So 300,000 can be 250,000.

For example, if you take 30 years instead of 50, then it will definitely change in 30 years and you will see a big difference. It will become 7.2 crore. So the₹ 250,000 that was, will remain 7.2 crore. The longer you invest, the greater the benefit of compounding you get. You can calculate this yourself. SIP calculator is available on the internet. What is important is that you are investing.

What is important is that you are coming in this category because most people are in the category of spending. Pay attention, most people buy Apple phones. They do not care about 1 lakh. They buy a phone on EMI, but how many people buy Apple shares. Which category do you want to come in? It is very important.

Do you want to become an Apple user or do you want to become an Apple business partner? You must think about this thing. We go to Amazon and buy things, but do we want to become an Amazon user or do we want to become an Amazon business partner? Think about it and when you think about it, you are going to come in the category of people who will become rich in real life.