So today’s blog is an on demand blog. In this blog, I will tell you about 4 credit cards which are lifetime free and which you can use to take a lot of benefits.

 We have made many blogs on credit cards in which we have covered advantages and disadvantages, how to earn money from credit cards. But there was a common comment in those blogs that which credit cards are best for us.  

Second thing is that my focus in this blog is on those people who are making a first time credit card or they want good credit card. See, I want to tell you the name of the first credit card, their features, their benefits. Before that, I want to tell you an important thing. The first thing you have to understand in the credit card industry is that you must have seen in airports, malls, where the publicist coming, people are standing there with canopies and asking to get a credit card from them.

But they don’t take your focus on one thing, that is hidden fees. There are many such fees that are imposed on credit cards and the biggest thing in which is annual fees. That if you have made a credit card, now even if you don’t use it, you will have to pay annual fees every year. Today, there are many apps in the credit that detect hidden fees and tell you that there is annual fee on your credit cards if you are now understanding that you have to make a credit card, see why do people make a credit card? They feel that we will get an additional limit.

 Now rewards and benefits are very important. First of all, person feels that today my salary is 20,000, 25,000, 30,000,50,000 rupees. But God forbid, I need money suddenly. So I make a credit card, if my limit of 1 lakh or 2 lakhs comes, then I will have 2 lakh rupees for emergency. I will be able to use it for emergency. That’s why people prefer to make a credit card.

 This is the mentality of most people. And then there are many people who have to spend money. If I get some additional rewards, some benefits, some offers on it, then it is good that there is no benefit in the debit card. Nothing is available in UPI, nothing is available in Net Banking.

 So if you understand how to use a credit card, then you have to understand first that you should not cheat annual fees. Because annual fees, people depend on 3000, 5000, 10000, 20000on the credit card. Different annual fees are charged and you have to pay that fee whether you have used it or not.

Now we don’t have to give this. This is the first thing. It is not that the credit cards that are taking annual fees are all useless. It is not like that. I have many such credit cards in which I give annual fees. But know what benefit I am getting in it. It depends on how much is your usage. Now there is a common man who is going to use a credit card forth first time. So he will not be as good as the annual fees cards.

He will have to understand.  A card on which there is no fee charge. Even if you make a card today, it should not be that next year the fees will come and you have to pay 5,000. No fees should be charged. Yes, when we use it, we will pay the bill for it.

 The matter should end. So specifically I am making a blog on lifetime free cards. Now let’s start without wasting any second. On which cards I want to take your attention. See there are many credit cards in the market. There are such credit cards whose benefits and features are very good.

But common people will not get its now which credit cards I am going to tell you. The first thing is that which is lifetime free. The second thing is that you can get it. And the third thing is that the rewards and benefits are also very good.

The 4 Free credit cards:

So here comes the credit card of the Axis bank. The third credit card is My zone credit card, which is lifetime free. Now if you see here, then the first thing is that you are getting reward points. You get 4 edge rewards on every 200 spent.

 After that you get dining offers. You get 40% off if you are using apps like Swiggy.So 4 times in a month you get off here. 40% Exclusive dining is available. 15% discount is available with partner restaurants. But here if you shop, especially on Aja, then you get flat 600rupees off in the spend above 2000. Now what is fuel waiver surcharge? You get petrol filled.

Whenever you get petrol filled, there is a surcharge in it. That surcharge is removed by 1%. If you pay for your fuel with your credit card, then remember that transaction. It should be between 400 to 4000.So you get petrol or diesel above 400 and less than 4000. If you want to get more than 4000, then fill it twice. So you can use it this way. What will be the benefit of this? You get benefit in the 1% fuel surcharge you are paying.

 This card also gives you an easy EMI offer. You can easily convert the spend above 2500 in EMI.Airport lounges, if you travel, then you get one complimentary airport lounge with this card. The first thing is that it is lifetime free. In most of the lifetime free cards, you have to check whether you are getting an airport lounge or not. So here you get an airport lounge, which attracts you and the cards that give you airport lounges charge you annual fees.

So remember that if you have a flight and the flight is delayed or you are hungry, then you can go to the lounge. You can eat something; you can rest there. So these are all the features that you get in the lounge. And it will be complimentary, so you don’t have to pay anything. If you go to the lounge, if you have this card,

then you get 100% off on the second ticket, that is, one tickets free.

 So there are some basic highlights of this card, but what is important is that it is lifetime free. So if you are interested in this card, I will put the link in the description box for you.  You can simply apply. There is no need to get confused on the internet because you will not know which one is lifetime free.

Next, let’s come to the legend credit card of Induced Bank. What is the biggest thing that it is lifetime free? Second thing, if you apply for this card, then it is very easy to get it. Comparatively, if you apply for American Express or StandardChartered, then you can get it easily. The second thing here is that what are the reward points of this card.

 You get one reward point on the spend of 100 rupees in weekday sand on weekends you get two reward points when you spend on this card. Here you get a bonus reward of 4000 points if you spend 6 lakhs in a year. You have to see how much is your monthly expense. If you spend50,000 on this card for a month, then you get a bonus reward of 4000, but depending you have to check how much you spend.

Definitely if you are spending so much, then you have to understand that you get welcome benefits, you get gift vouchers of O’Brien Hotel, Mont Blanc, Lux and you get discount vouchers of multiple brands. You can read the names here. So, like Pantaloons, Bataan, Raymond’s, Hushpuppies and many more.

 And what are the movie benefits you get? Buy one movie ticket and get second one free. So you can use this card three times a month and get the benefit of buy one get one. If you go to watch movies. Now, the benefits you are getting, first of all, you are getting them at no extra cost. You understand, if you spend on a debit card, then you get some reward points in the debit card.There are different banks, but they will never be able to match the credit card.

You do it through UPI, so you are spending, but you are not getting any reward on it.But when you purchase through a credit card and you make timely payments, then I told you that it is very important to use the credit card.How you use it is totally up to you, but if you use it rightly, then the credit card is a reward earning machine.  You can get a lot of benefit from it if you learn how to use the credit card properly. Again, the legend credit card of Induced Bank, which is lifetime free, you will get the link of it in the description box.

Next, this is very attractive because nowadays you will see a lot of advertisements of it.But it is a good card of IDFC first. Here you can see the millennia credit card. The biggest thing in this is that it is lifetime free. And the offers you see here are also very attractive. First of all, you get a rail lounge in it. If you travel by train, then you get a railway lounge here. You get 4 complimentary railway lounges in a quarter. You can use 4-12 rail lounges every 3 months. Now look here, first of all, you get 10x rewards.

Spends over 20,000 per month. So you get 10x rewards. And on your birthday, you get 6x and 3x rewards.6x rewards are available on online spend. And 3x rewards are available on offline spend. Now what is the joining benefit here? If you shop for up to 15,000, in 3 months, in 90 days, since the card has been generated, then you get a voucher of 500 rupees.

This means that you are getting 500 rupees for making this card. If you shop for up to 15,000. Now here are the movie benefits that you get a 25% discount. So you can go to Pat and see. It will also tell you to apply the IDFC bank credit card couponcode.

 So you will see these options. After this, roadside assistance. Now what is this? Suppose you have a bike or car. It gets damaged on your road at any time. So you get complimentary roadside assistance here. For which you do not have to pay anything. If the car ever gets damaged, suppose it gets punctured. Or the fuel is over.

Then they go for free and fix i.e. hope you know this. After that, you are getting some offers here. You are getting offers from 300 merchants. And then here you get a personal accidental cover. Which you get an insurance of 2 lakh rupees. If you lose your credit card, you get a discount of 25%are getting complimentary with it.

 So again, it is a lifetime free card, if you like this card, you understand, then you can apply for it. You will get the link in the description box.

And finally, the you get a cover of 25000, so this is some insurance that you fourth card, I will tell you, this is AU, from the small finance bank, it is an LIT card, here you get very good reward points.

 The biggest thing is that it is a customizable credit card, you use it according to your lifestyle, here you also get a fuel surcharge waiver, here you also get milestone cashback, along with this, you also get category cashback, means you were spending 100 on this credit card, you were getting one reward point omit, but you will get additional 5% cashback on travel, dining, groceries, electronics and apparel categories.

Apart from this, you also get some memberships for free, so for 3 months you get Zee5, Amazon Prime and you also get a cult pass, you are getting live subscription. So the benefits with this card, I also tried to tell you, what is important, this is a lifetime free card and the chances of getting it are very easy, means if you see at this time, if you apply, then this card is getting maximum people, so it was necessary for me to tell you this.

 So now we told you about 4 cards, AU small finance bank LIT card, you will also get the link of this in the description box, then we told you the credit card of IDFC first bank, then we told you the legend credit card and here we told you the credit card of Axis bank, My zone credit card.

So these credit cards, I told you, this blog is specifically for those people who get lifetime credit cards. Finally, we tried our best to let you know about thosecredit cards, which are available in the market, they are also lifetime free cards and the offers and rewards on them, we have also tried to give you all the information about them.