Impact of Elections on Stock Market & Your Opinion

In recent times, a remarkable phenomenon has emerged in India where politicians have begun to actively share their predictions about the stock market. This intersection of political insight and financial speculation has generated considerable buzz among investors and the general public alike. For instance, prominent political figures such as Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, and Nirmala […]

How to Earn Big Money from Share Market by SIP Investment | Stock Market Compounding Income

Investing in the stock market has long been a pathway to significant wealth creation. Many people are fascinated by how individuals can turn modest investments into millions of rupees over time. The key lies in understanding the fundamental principles of investing and leveraging strategies like Systematic Investment Planning (SIP). This blog aims to demystify the […]

Swing Trading Live Demo | Find Best Stocks Using Fundamental & Technical Analysis

A crucial aspect of stock evaluation lies in technical analysis, which involves scrutinizing price movements over different time frames. The chart provides a visual narrative of a stock’s journey, offering insights into potential buying or selling opportunities. When we zoom into Bajaj Holdings and Investment, for instance, the chart reveals a decline in recent days. […]

Election Trading Strategy | Long Straddle Option Buying Back Testing | Share Market

During election periods, the financial markets often experience heightened volatility, which tempts many traders to employ strategies they believe will guarantee profits. One such strategy frequently touted across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube involves creating a straddle by purchasing both call and put options. The idea behind this approach is that the […]